Beauty and the Vampire by Jannika, Shades
Summary: Mai is born in Japan and her parents are from different culture. Dad Japanese and mom American. She had lived 15 years in Japan until they moved to America.
She started her first day at in new school and hopes to get new friends.
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9 "She's my baby" by Jannika
Author's Notes:
Finally I manage to continue all by myself! :)
This chapter took me 3 hours to write. I hope you all enjoy it.
At School gate

Jin: *Sees Mai with Nick kissing at the school gate.* MAI!
Mai: *Hears her father and breaks the kiss.* Dad? What are you doing here?
Jin: It’s your mother. She’s not doing well.
Mai: What’s wrong with mom? *Looks shocked*
Jin: I tell you at home. *Sighs*
Nick: I have bad feeling about this? *Says to Mai’s ear.*
Mai: *Looks at Nick.* What do you mean?
Nick: *Stands up and walks to Mai’s father.* Sir… You sure that’s it?
Jin: Mai… Who is this? *Pointed Nick for not answering him.*
Mai: Dad… This is Nick. He’s my friend.
Jin: Friend? Do you usually kiss your friends? *Looked at Mai worried.*
Mai: *Sighs* Dad stop. So what if I kissed him?
Jin: You are turning 17 soon. Can I be worried about my daughter?
Nick: *Writes something to paper and shows it to Jin.* I hope her mom is fine.
Jin: *Reads the paper and sighs.* She’s not.
Nick: *Sighs and swears ugly.*
Mai: What? *Looks at Nick.*
Jin: *Gives paper to Mai for read.*
Nick: I really think I should go with you and your dad. *Sighs*
Mai: *Gulps and looks at her father.* Let’s go then.
Nick: *Touches Mai’s arm gently and whispers.* It’s dangerous.
Mai: I don’t fuc….
Nick: *Covers her mouth to stop her talking.* Stop…
Jin: Please, Nick… I have to take her home. *Looks scared.*
Mai: *Moves Nick’s hand on her mouth.* I’m going Nick.
Nick: *Pulls her to a hug and sighs.* Then I’ll come too.
Jin: We are fine without you, Nick.
Nick: I had enough with this shit… Sir? *Looks at Jin*
Mai: Nick please don’t. *Pulls him close to her.*
Nick: *Whispers quietly to Mai.* I can sense her. And I can read your dad’s mind.
Jin: What is going on?
Nick: Mai… I have to tell him. *Sighs and gulps.*
Jin: Tell me what?
Nick: *Turns to look at Jin and sighs.* I’m vampire.

At School Backyard

Brian: So… Do you usually trust you dad’s information? *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: He’s been hunting vampires his whole life. Why would he lie?
Brian: It’s just sounds… *Try to find words*
Anna: Sounds what?
Brian: Unreal. How Mai could turn from having sex with Vampire? She’s half blood.
Anna: I’m only learning, but I trust my dad.
Brian: I never had met half-blood before until Mai.
Anna: Me either. These 2 days has been crazy. Mostly to Mai.
Brian: You know… We have old library at our home. Maybe we can find something from there about this.
Anna: Are you saying my dad is wrong?
Brian: Of course not. Just want to be sure cause… *Sighs and looks to Anna’s eyes.*
Anna: What? *Notice Brian staring to her eyes.*
Brian: *Smiles and leans to kiss her.*
Anna: *Smiles and moves back.* Brian… Cause what?
Brian: Isn’t it obvious? *Touches her hands with his and smiles.*
Anna: Oh… *Smiles*
Brian: Yeah, but… It’s risky. *Sighs and sits on bench.*
Anna: The risky that I will take. *Smiles and sit on his lap to face him.*
Brian: Anna… I could break you. *Puts his hands behind her back.*
Anna: Yeah you could. *Looks at Brian smiling.*
Brian: *Is about to say something, but feels like someone is staring at them.* Jesse? I can hear you.
Anna: *Looks to right, but doesn’t see Jesse and then turns to look left to see Jesse smiling.*
Jesse: Sorry. I didn’t want to interrupt your make out. *Smiles*
Brian: We aren’t making out. *Looks at Jesse.*
Anna: We kissed. *Whispers to Brian reminding him*
Brian: *Chuckles and nods.*
Jesse: Just wanted you to know that Nick and Mai are gone.
Anna: *Turns to look at Jesse shocked.* What? Where?
Jesse: I felt Nick’s sense and read his mind. Mai’s parents are in danger.
Brian: What kind of danger?
Jesse: *Tells Brian in his mind and lifts his eyebrows.*
Brian: Fudge! *Looks shocked.*
Anna: What? *Looks at both confused.*
Brian: *Looks at Anna worried.* It’s not good.
Anna: Please tell me. I can’t read your minds like you two.
Jesse: It’s “you know who”. *Tried to tell Anna about Candice.*
Anna: Can… *Felt Brian’s hand on her mouth.*
Brian: *Shakes his head.* No…
Jesse: Are we gonna go and… *Shows with his fingers killing signs*
Brian: *Nods and looks to Anna.* But not you.
Anna: *Looks at Brian shocked mouth open.* Why? I’m slayer! I kill…
Brian: *Puts his hand once again on her mouth.* I know, but she’s too strong for you.
Anna: *Moves his hand away.* Bullshit! I had killed her brother and he was stronger than her.
Jesse: Yeah… There’s good point, but… *Walks closer to Anna.* It almost cost your life.
Brian: Jesse is right, babe. Please stay back on this one.
Anna: No way. If Mai is there then so will I. *Stands up off Brian’s lap and started to walk.
Jesse: Damn… How you can stand her? *Looks at Brian who looked after Anna.*
Brian: I know she’s hard to handle, but she’s kind of protecting us from her dad. And I love her. *Looks at Jesse when stands up from bench.*
Jesse: Wow… You never said those words before. *Looks surprised.*
Brian: *Smiles.* I know. I might say to her when is the right time.
Jesse: By the way… *Stands next to Brian.* Nick told Mai’s father that he’s vampire.
Brian: *Looks at Jesse surprised shocked.* He did what?

At Mai’s home

Candice: *Waits with June, who is tied on chair, to Jin coming back with Mai*
June: *Looks at Candice angrily and feels her wrists feel numb*
Candice: June… I can read your mind. *Looks at June.*
June: *Only stares her.*
Candice: *Chuckles* She will come with me, June. She’s my baby.
June: *Tried to scream through the scarf that is around to cover her mouth.*
Candice: She got my blood. Kind of yours too, but after all… She’s mine. *Smiles and sits on her lap.*
June: *Tear fall to her cheek.*
Candice: Oh don’t cry, June. I will take good care of her. *Smiles and taps Junes cheek*
June: *Shakes her head away from Candice’s hand.*
Candice: *Chuckles and stand up to window.* They are here June. They brought 3rd wheel with them. Your husband didn’t do as I asked.
June: *Her eyes gets wide open from shocked.*
Candice: I can sense other vampire near. Familiar sense. *Walks to June and touches June’s hair.*
June: *Feels helpless and starts to cry more.*
Candice: Shush, June. *Stands behind her and smiles.* Enjoy the show.

Mai: *Looks at the house and sighs.* Dad… Something is wrong. I can feel it.
Jin: *Has been staying quiet since he find out that Mai has been with other vampire.*
Mai: Dad… *Looks at Jin* Dad?
Jin: *Lifts his chin up looking at Mai.* Huh?
Mai: Are you okay? *Looks at Jin worried.*
Jin: No I’m not. I’m afraid. *Looks at Mai.*
Mai: You should be. I can’t still believe that you and mom kept secret from me. *Sighs*
Jin: We so wanted to, but you started to be happy.
Mai: I was until I found out to be half vampire. *Started to be pissed.*
Jin: How should’ve we know those things are exist?
Mai: Let’s just go inside. I want to know what she wants. *Sighs and walks to front door.*
Jin: Let me go first. *Touches Mai’s shoulder.*
Mai: *Moves aside and looks around if she can see Nick anywhere, but she didn’t.*
Jin: *Opens the door and walks inside, but stops suddenly to see June on chair tied up on chair. Dead.* JUNE! No! *Walks to dead body.*
Mai: *Sees her mom dead and screams.* Mom! *Runs inside.*
Jin: Oh baby… *Cries and touches June face.*
Mai: Dad… Please say she’s not… *Cries*
Candice: She surely is, my dear. *Close the front door and stands front of it.*
Jin: *Stands up and looks at Candice angrily* You killed her! You promise to not kill her!
Candice: I didn’t kill her, Jin. You did. *Points to Jin.*
Jin: You bitch! *Shouts so loud*
Candice: Tsk tsk tsk… Jin Jin Jin… I only asked to bring Mai. No one else. *Shakes her head.*
Mai: It is only us. *Looks at Candice angry.*
Candice: Mai dear… Don’t lie. *Smiles and moves fast to against her.* I sense him. And you know who.
Mai: *Looks to Candice eyes.* He must’ve follow us. We came here alone.
Candice: *Pushes Mai against the wall with strong force* DO NOT LIE TO ME! I CAN READ YOUR DADDY’S MIND!
Jin: Candice… Don’t hurt her, please. *Begs on his knees.*
Mai: *Feels to choke.* He… will… kill… you. *Looks to Candice when tries to get her hands off her.*
Candice: *Looks at Mai and chuckles.* He had tried many times, but had failed.
Jin: Please let her go! *Cries.*
Nick: *Jumps through window to inside and moves Candice fast off Mai.* He said let her go!
Mai: *Falls on the floor and start to cough.*
Jin: Mai, sweety. *Crawls to Mai and hugs her.*
Candice: *Stops herself and Nick before going through another window.* Good to see you too, baby.
Nick: I’m not your baby! *Shouts and growls to strokes her neck.*
Candice: *Hits him away from her against the wall and throws chair after at him*
Mai: Nick! *Looks at Nick hit on the wall and is about to go to him*
Jin: Mai don’t. *Takes her hands around her.*
Nick: *Gets up and looks at Candice.* What do you want from her?
Candice: What do I want? She’s my baby. *Walks to Nick and lifts him up from throat.*
Nick: *Hits Candice as hard as he could but she doesn’t move.* She’s not…
Candice: Awwwwe… *Smiles and push him against the wall still her hand on his throat.*
Mai: Please stop, Candice! *Shouts at her.*
Jin: Mai… Let them fight. *Whispers.*
Candice: *Looks at Nick to his eyes and notice his eyes move to look at Mai.*
Nick: Mai… Go. Leave. Now! *Tries to shout*
Candice: *Start to choke Nick harder to make him stop talking* She knows very well that if she goes, dear daddy is gonna die just like her mommy.
Mai: *Stands up and pushes Jin’s hands away when he tried to stop her.* Yeah… I do know, but… I want you to let him go.
Candice: *Looks to Mai* Or what? You gonna kill me? *Chuckles*
Nick: *Looks at Mai also and shakes his head.* Mai don’t.
Mai: Let’s find out. *Looks at Candice when takes sharp wood statue from the book shelf.*
Candice: You don’t want to do this, dear. *Looks at Mai still choking Nick against the wall.*
Mai: I think I do. You have no idea how strong you had made me.
Candice: *Let’s her hand go off of Nick and looks at Mai surprised.* Wait… You turn 17 today?
Mai: *Only smiles.*
Candice: *Smirks and walks closer to Mai.* I won’t hurt you Mai. I made you. You belong to go with me.
Mai: I don’t think so. You are evil monster! *Walks backwards away from Candice.*
Candice: Monster? Your dad is the monster to let your mother die. Put the statue down, dear.
Mai: I won’t. Leave us alone.
Nick: *Walks behind Candice to hold her tight to let her not move.* Aaaargh! Do it now, Mai!
Candice: *Groans loud to get off of Nick and push him once again.*
Mai: *Runs as fast as she can to Candice to stick the sharp part of the statue on Candice, but Candice stops her hand faster.*
Candice: *Holds Mai’s hand away from her* Naughty little girl. Tsk tsk tsk…
Mai: I might be naughty, but very smart too. *Moves herself closer to Candice.*
Candice: Not very smart. *Smiles* You failed to kill me. Now I shall kill your dad.
Nick: Candice no! *Shouts on the ground*
Candice: *Moves Mai on the ground next to Nick and moves fast to Jin and start to choke him.* Say hi to June. *Snaps his neck.*
Mai: Dad! No! *Shouts and try to get up but Nick holds her tight.*
Nick: We have to go. *Pulls Mai with him to the front door.*
Mai: No! Let me go! *Tries to get off of Nick’s grip*
Candice: *Moves fast to them and pulls Nick backwards away from the front door.* No one leaves!
Mai: YOU SON OF BITCH! YOU KILLED MY PARENTS! *Shouts angrily and hits Candice hard on the face*
Candice: *Felts Mai’s hit on her face surprised and fell on the ground hard.* Aaaargh!
Mai: *Looks at Candice angrily and this time kicks her hard force through the wall.*
Candice: *Groans loud and gets up.* How this is possible!?
Mai: *Walks to room through the hole she threw Candice.* You are dead.
Candice: Mai please… They kept you away from me. *Stands back away from Mai.*
Mai: Liar! You bled your blood on me! Turn me on to half-blood! You ruined my life! *Throws vases at her after another.*
Candice: *Blocks every vase and try to move to Mai to stop her.*
Mai: *Notice Candice moving fast to her and keeps small stick hidden on her back pocket.* Bring it on, bitch!
Candice: *Stops near to learn her.* Be smart now, dear.
Mai: Oh I’m smart alright. *Looks at Candice still angry and walks closer to her.*
Candice: *Stops Mai for walking to touches her chest.* You don’t want to do this.
Mai: Yes I do… *Holds stick on her hand and hits it on her chest hard.*
Candice: *Start to yell hard when feels sting on her chest and screams.* No! Noooo!
Mai: *Push Candice body backwards and yells.* Bitch!
Nick: *Stands at the hole on the wall eyes wide shocked.* Did you just…?
Mai: *Looks down to Candice’s ashes on the floor.*
Nick: *Walks to Mai and puts her to a hug.* It’s over now.

Anna: *Runs inside to Mai’s house.* Mai! *Stops and screams when sees Jin’s and June’s dead bodies.*
Brian: *Runs inside with Jesse after Anna and notice bodies too.* Oh no… Nick!? Mai?!
Jesse: Start to look the house fast.*
Nick: *Walks through the hole and sees Brian and Anna.* Here…
Anna: What… *Cries* What happened? Is Mai Okay?
Nick: *Nods and points to room where hole leads.* In there.
Anna: *Runs past Nick through hole.*
Brian: Dude… *Walks to Nick.* You look like a crap.
Nick: I’m alright. No worry. *Taps friendly on Brian’s shoulder.*
Brian: Was Candy really here? Where is she?
Nick: Dead… Believe it or not… Mai killed her. *Looks at Brian whose eyes went big.*
Brian: Mai killed her? *Looks surprised*
Nick: *Nods.* Unfortunately that cost her parents life. *Takes deep breath and sighs*
Brian: *Looks at the bodies on the ground.* What should we do with them?
Jesse: *Walks to Nick and Brian and answers to them.* Burn them.

Anna: Mai… *Walks to Mai who stares at the ashes on the floor.*
Mai: *Doesn’t move and cries angrily.*
Anna: Mai? *Touches her shoulder gently.*
Mai: *Groans at Anna when felt her touch.*
Anna: *Sees Mai’s eyes turn to red and fangs* Mai…
Mai: Stay away! *Moves backwards away from Anna.*
Anna: What happened here, Mai? *Looks at Mai scared*
Mai: *Hisses at Anna and then jumps through the window out to the woods.*
Anna: Brian! Nick! *Shouts and runs to window to look after Mai*
Nick: *Runs first to room before Brian and Jesse.*
Brian: What’s wrong Anna? *Looks at Anna worried*
Anna: *Start to cry and keeps staring to woods.*
Nick: *Walks to Anna.* Where’s Mai?
Anna: *Points to woods.* She ran there. Nick…? *Sniffs*
Nick: *Looks at Anna.* What happened?
Anna: She have fangs and red eyes. *Looks at Brian.*
Nick: *Looks at to woods and sighs.* Shit…
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