Butterflies & Flowers by Jannika
Summary: This is fiction of Rebecca "Becca" Nolan who is working in the Memorial Hospital of Tampa as nurse. Her life changes totally differently when her childhood friend ends up to hospital after 17 years.
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1. Prologue by Jannika

2. Chapter 1 Old Habits Die Hard by Jannika

3. Chapter 2 After 20 years by Jannika

4. Chapter 3 Coffee, Sandwich and Questions by Jannika

5. Chapter 4 Good and Bad News by Jannika

Prologue by Jannika
It was June 20th, 1987. I live in Tampa, Florida with my parents David and Margaret Nolan. My name is of course Rebecca Nolan. Everyone calls me Becca. I was drawing in my yard to drawing pad that my parents gave me on my 5th birthday last year. Every day 3pm I sat in the porch drawing my pad so I can see him. He rides his bike past my house every day. I call him as The Lonely Boy because I don’t know his name and he doesn’t have friends. June 20th, that day something amazing happened. He past my house 3pm as always, but this time he stopped next to my house. He waves to me and smiles. I wave back.

"What are you drawing?" he asked.
"I like drawing butterflies and flowers.” I said little shy.
"My name is Nick by the way. What is your name?" he asked.
“My name is Becca. Nice to meet you, Nick." I said.
"Nice to meet you too, Becca. Do you want to play with guns?" he asked.

I pause it for the moment to think and answered friendly.

"Sure why not, But I want best gun you have.”
“I only have 2 and both are kind of same.” he said smiling.
"Then I take one and you to same" I said smiling
"That sounds fair. I can't play now. I need to go home. We can play tomorrow." he said.
“That’s deal we can play tomorrow" I said as smile softly
"Alrighty. See you tomorrow again. Same time?" he asked.
I nodded my head to him.
"Yes the same time." I said.
"Great. Bye Becca." he said and drove away with his bike.

I was about to say bye to him, but he and his bike were already gone.
After that day we were starting to be friends for 3 years until he told me something shocking.
His family is moving to Orlando. We promise to be best friends forever, but it was impossible and we never write to each other.
Chapter 1 Old Habits Die Hard by Jannika

20 years later exact June 20th 2007, I’m working at the Memorial Hospital of Tampa as nurse for past 5 years now. I started my shift 6am as usually. I walked out of staff's locker room when someone shouted my name to help. It’s Doctor Smithe who shouted and asked me to join her. I run to her and started to listen what she is going to say.

“Becca… Are you busy?” she asked and I shook my head.
“Good. We got 27 year old male. He used lot of sleeping pills and cocaine. Breath smells very strong from alcohol.” She started to explain when we walked to one of the emergency rooms where was man laying down unconscious.
“Check the pulse and keep telling us.” she said when she started to help this man.

I walked fast to left side and checked his pulse. He got skull tattoo that said Old Habits Die Hard. I wonder what that meant for him. I kept telling his pulse to everyone.

“Becca… Check if he can respond for your voice.” Doctor Smithe said and kept saving this man’s life.
“Sir? Can you hear me?” I talked to man’s ear, but no respond.
“He’s not responding. His pulse is very high, doc.” I said and looked to monitor.
“John! Take Becca’s place! Becca… Check his ID’s and call to his family.” Doctor said and John walked to my spot. I stepped aside and went to check man’s stuff to check his ID.
“His name is…” I started to look driving license and see familiar name.
“Oh my god.” I said quietly and looked at the man.
“Becca!” one of the other nurses shouted to me and I snapped.
“He’s Nick Carter.” I said and looked at everyone and showed driving license.
“Shit… Everyone keeps doing what is doing!” Smithe yelled and walked to me.
“We are not letting him die in this hospital. None celebrity has ever died on here. Not on my watch.” Smithe said and looked Nick’s stuff.
“Doc… I use to know him once. 17 years ago when I was 9 years old.” I said and sighed.
“You sure this is the same person? There could be lot of different Nick Carters.” Doc said.
“I’m sure. I wouldn’t ever forget those blue eyes.” I said and looked at his ID.
“I’m sorry, Becca. I think you shouldn’t be here. We help him. Just go call to his family.” Smithe said.

I walked out from the emergency room and looked to room from door windows. I really hope he’s going to survive this. Why would he do such thing and take his own life like this? I checked to find his phone, but I didn’t find it. I walked to registration booth and started to see if I can contact his family.

“Jacob? Could you find a file to me from this person?” I asked and showed Nick’s ID to him.
“Holy shit… Are you serious?” Jacob asked and looked shocked when saw Nick’s ID.
“Your jaw is down. Can you find it?” I whispered.
“Yeah. Everything for you, love.” Jacob said and started to type to computer.
“So how serious is this?” he asked and I waited him to give me Nick’s file.
“Big serious. Death serious.” I said and sighed.
“Do you think he will survive?” Jacob asked and walked to file cabinet to find Nick’s file.
“He took cocaine and sleeping pills. He was half dead when they brought him here.” I said and I didn’t notice I have small tear on my cheek.
“You okay?” Jacob asked and walked to me with the file.
“You got tear on your cheek.” he said and handed me the file.
“I’m fine.” I said and took a file.
“Can you tell from the computer who called 911?” I asked and Jacob started to type.
“Anonymous caller. Never told name.” Jacob said and looked at me.
“Smithe asked me to call his family. I’m going to that. I once knew his family.” I said and looked at Jacob.
“Lucky bastard. I wish I had played dolls with him.” Jacob said and smiled.
“We never played with dolls.” I said and chuckled little.
“Tag with kisses?” Jacob asked.
I slapped his arm with Nick’s file and smiled.
“Shut up.” I said and walked to nearest phone and dialed first number on Nick’s file.

I waited to someone answer but the number is no longer in use. I dialed next number that belonged to Kevin Richardson. I waited his answer, but there was no answer. I disconnected and looked Nick’s file and checked when his file been last time used. On the file was reading that Nick’s been in the hospital last time 2002. This is just great. These phone numbers might not be no more in use. I notice familiar number on his file and started to dial it. I wish someone could just answer. I waited 4 beep tunes going when someone answers.

“Hello?” woman was answering.
“Is this Jane Carter?” I asked and looked at Nick’s file same time.
“Yes. I’m Jane Carter.”
“I’m Rebecca Nolan calling from Memorial Hospital of Tampa. Your son just came here for using cocaine and sleeping pills. He’s now in the emergency room.” I said and waited respond.
“I have 2 sons. Which one are we talking about?” Jane asked.
“Nicholas Gene Carter.” I said and looked around if someone heard what I said.
“I’m not surprised. Please call to his father. He’s gonna take care of this.” Jane said and hung up on me.
“Bitch…” I said and put phone down and walked back to Jacob.
“So did you call to his family?” Jacob asked.
“His mother, but seems like she doesn’t care. She hung up on me when I said his name.” I said and sighed.
“Whatta bitch… What are you going to do now?” Jacob asked.
“I’m not doing anything. Please find these 4 persons numbers. And when you do find them, please dial me.” I said and gave Nick’s file to Jacob.
“You buy me a drink.” Jacob said.
“I buy you a dinner.” I said and started to walk fast to emergency area to find Doctor Smithe.

I checked the room where they were before, but it was empty. I walked to closest nurse whose name is Emily or Amy. I asked if she knew where they took man in the emergency room. She pointed direction and mention that Doctor Smithe was there too. I thanked her and ran to direction Emily/Amy pointed and find Smithe in the nurse section booth.

“Becca… Did you call his family yet?” Smithe asked.
“I only was able to contact his mom, but she’s seems to not care. Is he okay?” I asked and looked at her.
“We saved him. He’s in the private room.” Smithe said.
“Is he awake?” I asked.
“Not yet, but in few hours I think he will be. I know you are worried, but he is going to be fine.” Smithe said and put her hand on my shoulder.
“Can I go see him? I just want to see him myself if it’s really the same Nick I use to know.” I said.
“Yeah. Did you contact other family members than mom?” Smithe asked.
“No. All other numbers were no more in use. I asked Jacob to find 4 numbers that I’m sure might want to know.” I said.
“Good. I got other patients to look after. Don’t be too long in the room.” Smithe said and walked away.

I walked to room where Nick is sleeping. I never thought I’m going to see him after 17 years. Well I did see him on TV and I heard him on the radio when his music came on. From this day is 20 years exact when we first time met each other. I was drawing with my pad and he came to talk to me. Since that day we were inseparable 3 years. I don’t know what happened when he moved to Orlando. I’ve been living in Tampa my whole life. I studied Medical science when I was 18 and graduated 21. I was apprentice in this very same hospital when I was studying my last year. Doctor Smithe hired me when was my last day as apprentice. She said that I can start working here after my graduation. So here I am… 5 years being in this hospital and I love it. Helping people is amazing job. I wished I could’ve been there for helping Nick. I stand his left side and looked at his hand, where’s the tattoo I saw earlier.

“Old Habits Die Hard.” I said out loud and couldn’t but chuckled.
“What that means?” I asked and looked at sleeping Nick.

Only way I can know that this is my Nick that I knew 17 years ago, I had to see if he got scar on his knee that his dad stitched when he was only 9 and I was 8. I looked at his knee and touched small scar and smiled. He’s my Nick. My best friend. His foot moved little from my touch and I looked to Nick’s face. Was he awake?

“Nick?” I whispered and looked to his eyes that were shut. I wish he could open them and see me.
“It’s Becca. Your Becca when we were kids.” I said and waited him to respond, but he didn’t move or show any movement that he heard me. I touched his blonde hair gently and smiled.
“I’ll be back later. Don’t do anything stupid.” I said and walked out the room.
Chapter 2 After 20 years by Jannika

Next day June 21st, I had day off, but decided to go check if Nick has woke up. I greeted Jacob and he looked at me surprised to see me at work today. I told him that I just wanted to check on Nick.
He understood, because I used to know him when we were kids. Jacob told me that Nick has opened his eyes once, but close them right away. I was glad to hear that he even opened his eyes for minute.
I walked closer to doorway that is going to room where Nick is resting. I looked inside and saw him lay down looking at TV. He looked so tired. I felt sorry for him. I was worried whole night. I kept wondering what am I going to say to him and am I going to tell him who I am… I just stare him because he looked so older, but so in bad shape. His head turn to look to doorway and notice me staring at him.

“Yes? Who are you?” he asked in hoarse voice.
“I’m… “ I couldn’t speak and gulped.
“You must have wrong room. I don’t know you.” he said.

I didn’t understand why I couldn’t say any word. Just say something Becca. ANYTHING!

“I’m nurse in this hospital… I took care of you yesterday. ” I said oddly.
“You don’t look like a nurse.” he said.
“I have day off and I was worried about you last night.” I said and walked little more to room and sat to chair.
“Worried about me? Why would you be worried about me?” he asked.
“I’m always worried about patients. Mostly the ones who tries to kill themself.” I said and looked at him worried.

He didn’t look at me and stayed quiet when I said that. I know it wasn’t my place to ask about why he did it, so I didn’t ask. We didn’t talk for each other and I just sat there wondering should I tell him that I’m Becca who liked to draw butterflies and flowers when I was only 6 years old. I lean my back of the chair and looked up to TV. He was watching football. Tampa Bay Bucs were playing. That game was from last night. I guess it’s replayed today. I notice him looking at me when I was keeping my eyes on TV. I turn to look at him and he looks away as quickly as possible, but I caught him from looking at me. I smiled little and chuckled little also. He turns to look at me when I chuckled. He starts to finally talk and asks.

“What’s so funny?”
“You are funny.” I said smiling.
“I didn’t say anything.” he said.
“Yeah, but you keep staring at me. And when I turn to look at you, you look away.” I said still smiling.
“I’m trying to read you. Why you are really here and what you want from me?” he asked.
“I told you why.” I said serious look on my face.
“You don’t need to worry about me. I’m fine. Now please leave.” he said and turns to look at TV again.
“Fine… I just tried to be nice. I thought maybe you want to have some company.” I said and stand up from the chair.
“I want to be alone. I don’t need your charity.” Nick said.
“What happened to that boy who used to love drove his blue bike?” I asked and hoped he could now know who I am.
“You sound like you know me. You don’t.” Nick said and looked at me.
“Nicholas Gene Carter. Born January 28th, 1980. Had first kiss age in 8 with girl name Becca.” I listed when I looked at him.
“Everyone knows those.” Nick said.
“Right… You are Backstreet Boy…” I said and pointed at him.
“I guess you are not fan.” Nick said.
“No I’m not.” I said and grossed my hands to chest.
“Okay… You know my name. I think I deserve to know yours.” he said.
“Rebecca Nolan. Friends call me Becca.” I said looking at Nick.
“So Becca…” He said, but I lift my hand up to make him stop talking.
“Rebecca for you. We ain’t friends.” I said.
“Rebecca… I would really love to be alone now. Could you be so kind and leave?” He asked.
“Of course. I promise to not bother you anymore.” I said and turn to door.
“One more thing.” he said after me and I turn to look at him.
“If you come to work tomorrow, do not check on me.” Nick said.
“Sure thing, NG.” I said and called him NG, nickname that I gave him when we were little.

He and I only knew about it and I was the only one who allows to call him as NG. His look was priceless when he heard me saying that. After calling him as NG, I just walked out the room.
I walked to Jacob and sighed.

“You okay? How did he react?” Jacob asked.
“I don’t even think he remembers me.” I said and leaned my elbows on the counter.
“Did you tell him who you are?” Jacob asked.
“I gave him a hint.” I said and looked at Jacob.

Jacob was going to say something, but then his look turn to something.
I turn my head and saw Nick standing at his doorway looking at us.

“Yes, Mr. Carter? Everything okay?” Jacob asked.
“Everything is… fine.” Nick said and looked at me.
“What you doing up off the bed?” Jacob asked.
“Miss Nolan… Did you just call me NG?” Nick asked confused.
“I’m just gonna go check on some patients.” Jacob said and left me with Nick alone.
Nick and I are stayed quiet for moment until he spoke.
“Please talk to me. I feel awkward.” Nick begged and smiled little.
“What should I say? You don’t even remember me.” I said looking to his eyes.
“Remember you?” Nick questioned.
“Just forget it.” I said and sighed.
“Please tell me.” Nick said and touched my shoulder.
“June 20th, 1987. I was 6 years old and I use to sit on my patio and draw with my drawing bad. That day I met this boy who drove his bike everyday 3pm pass my house.” I said and looked at him to see his reaction.
“Becca? Becca who likes butterflies and flowers?” Nick questioned.
“That’s me.” I said smiling.
“Oh My God… Are you joking me right now?” Nick asked in shocked.
“I’m not. You should really get back on bed.” I said and pointed to his room.
“Can you stay for a while? I feel bad how I acted earlier.” Nick said.
“I have things to do today. I’ll come by tomorrow when I start my work.” I said and smiled little to him.
“Rebecca Nolan… It’s been what? 20 years?” Nick questioned.
“Yeah… 20 years.” I said nodding.
“Nurse huh?” Nick said smiling.
“Yeah. I’ve been working here 5 years.” I said nodding.
“I feel so bad I didn’t contact you years ago.” Nick said and sighed.
“It’s okay. You were busy. Can we talk tomorrow little bit more?” I asked.
“Of course. Maybe I can buy you cup of coffee.” Nick said hoping.
“Sure. I’ll bring coffee in the morning so we don’t need to drink restaurants awful coffee.” I said joking.
“I think breakfast is terrible too.” Nick said smiling.
“Are you asking me to bring you breakfast?” I asked curious.
“No, but now that you asked… Could you?” he asked.
“I only bring you coffee. Nothing more.” I said.
“Fair enough. I’ll see you in the morning then.” Nick said nodding.
“Get some rest and do not get off that bed.” I commanded him.
“Yes ma’am.” Nick said and walked to his room.

I went back home and started to think of Nick. He needs help to get clean from drugs. Maybe I could help him with that if he let me. First he needs to go rehab and get in the good shape. Of course diet is in order too. Maybe I’m too helpful. I haven’t seen him 20 years. I need to talk to him first about our lives. That’s what old friends do, right?
Chapter 3 Coffee, Sandwich and Questions by Jannika

I woke up next morning 3:30am before my alarm went off. I was suppose to wake up 4am. I did my morning routine as always when was workday. I took long shower and decided to do some coffee to myself to work and decided to make more of it to give some to Nick. I fed my rats that I had as pets in my apartment before I walked out of my apartment. I walked to my motorcycle that I only use it on Fridays and it’s perfect Friday morning. I stopped at the 24/7 McDonald’s to get some breakfast. Not healthy choice, but I eat unhealthy food once a week. That won’t kill me.

Time was 5:45am when I get to work. I got 15 minutes before my shift starts. I decided to go check on Nick and bring him the coffee I promised. I notice that Jacob isn’t working today and walked to Bonnie who is in the morning shift.

“Morning Bonnie.” I said when walked to nurse section.

“Morning Becca. How was the day off?” She asked smiling.

“I was here for 1 hour, but I had few things to do. Now I’m here to check on one patient.” I said when left most of my stuff to desk.

“You got patient on this floor?” Bonnie asked shocked while I look for Nick’s file from file cabinet.

“Yeah. Well he’s old friend of mine, but I’m not his nurse.” I said and took my coffee and bag of breakfast.

“Who is this guy?” Bonnie asked curious.

“I’m not allowed to say his name, but he’s in room number...” I was about to say, but she lifts her hand up.

“Don’t say it. I maybe know who you are talking about.” Bonnie said smiling.

“Oh really? Well then. I’m going for having nice breakfast with him. I’ll be back soon.” I said smiling and walked to direction of Nick’s room.

I opened the door quietly and looked if he was awake already, but I notice him to be sleeping. I walked in quietly as possible to not wake him. He looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. I walked to window curtains and opened them quick and cheered.

“Rise and shine!”

“Whatta…” he groaned and tried to open his eyes.

“Morning. I got the coffee I promised.” I said and sat on chair next to his bed.

“Oh you are amazing. What time is it anyway?” he asked and got up to sit position.

“It’s almost 6am. My shifts starts at 6 so I came to give you coffee I made myself this morning.” I said and took canister and pour to 2 cups some coffee.

“Thanks. What’s in the other bag?” He asked and pointed McDonald’s bag.

“Just my breakfast. McMuffin and chicken sandwich.” I said and smiled to him when I took sandwich.

“Sounds very good. May I have half of the chicken sandwich?” he asked and looked at me with his puppy eyes.

“No. I need to eat all of this. Who knows when I can have lunch break.” I said and opened wrap off of the sandwich.

“Please Rebecca… I hate hospital food. I’m starving also and I get hospital food not until…” Nick said and started to think when they bring it.

“They bring it 8am if I’m correct. And hospital food is not that bad.” I said chuckling and took a bite of the sandwich.

“You have no idea how bad it is. Pudding though is good.” he said and looked and stared at me eating my sandwich.

“Stop staring while I’m eating.” I said when notice him looking at the sandwich.

“Are you letting me get starved to death?” he asked and I gave him a look.

“What? What did I say?” He asked and looked at me.

“You must be joking about death thing… 2 days ago you almost get yourself killed.” I said and put sandwich down to bag and notice him still staring the sandwich.

“I’m still here, am I?” He asked and turned to look at me, but still kept eye on sandwich.

“What’s going on with you, Nick? I don’t remember you as suicidal.” I said and sighed.

“I’m not suicidal! You don’t know anything about what happened!” He yelled and looked hurt.

“Then why we find drugs in your system? Cocaine mostly.” I asked curious calmed to not yell at him.

“What? No… I’m not using any cocaine… Anymore.” He said and looked shocked and surprised.

“How you then explain all the cocaine we found in your system?” I asked and stand to check his file that I took with me from nurse station.

“I don’t know. I don’t remember to take any of it.” Nick said and sighed.

“Were you with someone that day?” I asked and took a zip of my coffee.

“With my friends and few of their friends I haven’t met before.” He said and looked uncomfortable.

“What do you remember about that day?” I asked and looked at Nick.

“Are you allowed to ask me these questions?” he asked and looked at me curious.

“Yes. Everyone wants to know what happened. You almost died Nick.” I said and looked at him.

“Sounds like someone tried to kill me, maybe.” he said and sighed.

“This is very serious Nick. If you are not telling me anything then tell to Doctor Smithe.” I said and sat back down to chair.

“There’s nothing to say.” he said and looked at me.

“What is the last thing you remember?” I asked to just get something out of him.

“I don’t know. Maybe when I was in the club with my friends and met their friends there. Had few drinks, but I don’t remember taking any cocaine.” He said when he looked like trying to think.

“You got any enemies or people who want you dead?” I asked and his eyes got big.

“I don’t have enemies, Rebecca. Everyone loves me. You should know that.” he said when looked at me shocked.

“Should I? I’m not fan of you, Nick. I don’t know how people are acting around you.” I said and put file down.

“Oh right. You said that yesterday. You must’ve heard of us.” He said and hymned little familiar tune.

“I recognize that tune. Maybe way too many times.” I said and smirked at him.

“Tell me why, Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache, Tell me why, Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake, I never want to hear you say…” He sang and looked at me.

“What?” I looked at him when he looked at me after he stopped singing.

“Come on… Sing it.” He said smiling and I sighed deeply.

“I Want It That Way.” I sang quietly and smiled.

“Nice. Need to work on your voice though.” He said chuckling.

“Right, thanks a lot. If you had notice I’m nurse, not a singer.” I said laughing and took last bite of my sandwich.

“So… When I can see you again?” He asked and looked at me when I was getting my stuff.

“Wow… After 20 years you never called or visit, now you want to see me again?” I asked and looked at him.

“Well you know me. I’m busy guy. I’ve been touring around the world. Working my solo stuff 2002.” He said.

“And you released last album with guys 2005. What’s it called again? Never Gone?” I asked and looked at Nick.

“Yeah. So you have followed my career.” He said smirking.

“Was hard not to. Your face was everywhere when you started tour last year.” I said and looked at the time.

“I have to go now. Try not to be doing anything stupid.” I said.

“When you get off?” He asked and looked at me.

“4pm. I got 10 hours shift. Why?” I asked and looked at Nick curious.

“I just thought maybe you could come back here and hang out.” He said and drank his coffee.

“I have other plans to do. I only come here when they need my help, but that’s it.” I said.

“Did I do something to hurt you?” He asked and gets off the bed.

“Please Nick don’t get off the bed.” I begged and walked to him.

“I don’t know anyone in here. Does my family know that I’m here? How about other guys?” He asked and kept standing up in front of me.

“Nick please… I’m late from my work. I had to go. Doctor Smithe will come tell you everything you need to know.” I said and touched his shoulder.

“Becca please… Tell me even something.” He begged and touched my face.

“I haven’t been able to contact no one except your mother, but…” I said and sighed.

“She doesn’t care… Sounds like my mom.” He said and let his hands go down off my face.

“Do you remember any phone numbers that we can call to?” I asked.

“No, but you can check them from my cellphone.” He said when sighed and sat to edge of the bed.

“You didn’t have your cellphone with you when they brought you here.” I said and looked at Nick.

“That’s just fucking perfect. I could try to talk to my mom and ask her to tell dad at least or to my siblings.” He said pissed, but looked be able to control his anger.

“I have her phone number in your file. I can write it down to you.” I said and took pen from my uniform pocket and started to write the number to small piece of paper.

“I can’t believe that my cell phone is missing. Where did they found me?” He asked and looked up to me when I gave him the paper.

“They never said that to me and anonymous called us about you.” I said and squeezed his shoulder gently.

“Please find out where I was and if they had found my phone.” He begged.

“I see what I can do. I have to go now. I’m 10 minutes late.” I said and turn to walk at the door.

“Becca?” He called me before I walked out.

“Yeah?” I asked and turned to look at him.

“Thank you. For this.” He said smiling and holds the paper in his hand.

“That’s part of my job, Nick. Here…” I said and gave him the McDonald’s bag.

“Eat it. You need it.” I said when he took the bag.

“Thank you, Rebecca.” He said and looked at bag in his hands.

“Get rest and take care of yourself.” I said and looked at his blue eyes when he looked at me smiling.

“I will. You take care of yourself too.” He said and I smiled at him.

“Bye, Nick.” I said and opened the door.

“Bye. Becca.” He said and waved at me when I walked out his room.

I walked to nurse section where Bonnie was writing on the computer focused. I sat down chair next to her and sighed. She turned to look at me and then I suddenly felt tear on my cheek. I don’t know why I was crying. I looked at Bonnie and took deep breath. I gave her Nick’s file and just take my stuff before I walked to floor I was working saying no word to Bonnie. I knew she must have thought what happened. Was I going to see him after my shift? I didn’t know. I did have plans for tonight. I’m going to gym doing some kickboxing with my friends. Maybe Nick needed me now more than my friends. I could say to them that I needed to stay work. No I couldn’t do that for my friends. I don’t even know him no more. Do I?
Chapter 4 Good and Bad News by Jannika

It was 2pm when I get to lunch. I was sitting at the break room watching news. They were talking about dead woman found in Playboy mansion same morning that Nick was brought here. I put volume little louder and listened.

“Hugh Hefner had party of Playboy mansion celebrating it for being 80 years old 3 days ago. One of the Playboy Bunnies found Tori Cole’s dead body next morning. LAPD says that they don’t know yet cause of death. According to Hugh Hefner, his one of the guests got missing. He counted all his guests when they left that night, but there wasn’t sight of Mr. Carter. No one see when or where he gone. Nick Carter has been missing since that day. LAPD or any Police Apartment asks to let them know if you had any sight of Mr. Carter.”

I looked at TV in shocked. I couldn’t move. Did someone kidnap Nick and tried to kill him? What was going on? I took my lunch and ran to nurse booth. Everyone looked at me like I was lunatic.

“Jacob? Got the numbers of the 4 guys yet?” I asked.
“Yes. Sorry I didn’t let you know. It’s been crazy.” Jacob said and started to look for paper.
“I know where You Know Who was that morning.” I said and whispered to him.
“Really? Where?” Jacob asked and gave me paper.
“Don’t you watch the News?” I asked every worker near the nurse booth.
“Patients want to watch other things than news.” Nurse Heather said.
“Great. I’ll tell you when I’m done with these phone calls.” I said and fast walked back to break room.

I dialed first number that belonged to AJ McLean. I waited and waited, but no answer. I dialed next Howie Dorough. I was getting relieved when I heard his voice, but it went to voicemail. I left him voicemail and dialed to Brian Littrell. Someone answered the phone, but it sounded little boy.

“Hewwo?” I heard in the other line.
“Hello. Is your mom or dad home?” I asked I didn’t hear anything he must’ve nod or shake.
“Can you say yes or no?” I asked and waited.
“Wawwy Cawol!” He shouted. I heard woman’s voice walking closer to phone.
“Hello? Who is this?” Woman asked other line.
“Hey. I’m Rebecca Nolan and calling from Memorial Hospital of Tampa. Who am I speaking to?” I asked.
“Oh I’m Carol Swiss. Baylee’s nanny. What is this about?” Carol asked.
“I’m looking for Brian Littrell. Is he home?” I asked and hoped she would say yes.
“No. He and Mrs left to some kind of meeting.” Carol said.
“Great… This is kind of important. Could you say I called and ask to call Mr. Dorough?” I asked.
“Of course I will.” Carol said and we said our goodbyes and hang up.

I dialed one more phone number and it belonged to Kevin Richardson.
I tried to call him before when Nick arrived here, but it was old number.
I need to ask Nick if he has called to his mother.

“Hello?” Man voice answered.
“Mr. Richardson? Kevin Richardson?” I questioned to be sure.
“Yes that’s me.”
“Hey I’m Rebecca Nolan calling from Memorial Hospital of Tampa.” I said.
“Is this about Nick?” Kevin asked.
“Yes. He was brought here 2 mornings ago.” I said.
“Is he okay?” He asked.
“Yes. He is okay. I can’t say more on the phone. Doctor rater talk in person. Any possible that you can come here?” I asked.
“Yes. Does other guys and his family know?” He asked.
“I called to his mother Jane, but she doesn’t seem to care. And I did leave voicemail to Mr. Dorough and Carol Swiss, Littrell Family’s nanny knows and will tell message to them.” I said and read my notes I write to paper.
“Thank you for let us know. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Kevin said.
“Alright. I let Mr. Carter know.” I said and we said goodbye and hang up.

I walked to nurse booth and looked at Jacob. I told everyone at the nurse booth what has been happened, but not telling everyone or things might go crazy. I told him I will be going to see Nick and tell him that his bandmates knows. He nodded and went to take care of patients. I get to floor where Nick is staying and walked to greet Bonnie.

“Hey, Bonnie.” I said smiling.
“Hey, Becca. Back to see You Know Who?” She asked smiling.
“Yeah. I kind of know what happened to him.” I said.
“Oh? Do tell.” She said smiling.
“Doesn’t anyone watch News?” I asked and just walked to direction of Nick’s hospital room. I knocked and walked in when he said to come in.
“Hey, Nick. How are you today?” I asked smiling and walked closer to him.
“Better actually.” He said smiling.
“Good. I got good and bad news.” I said and sat to chair where I sat this morning.
“Uh oh… What is it?” He asked.
“Which one you want to hear first?” I asked.
“Good of course.” He said.
“I called your bandmates and Kevin was only one that answered.” I said when looked at him.
“Well at least one of them knows. What about others?” He asked.
“Howie’s went to voicemail so I left him voicemail. Nanny Carol Swiss will tell Brian and AJ never answered.” I said.
“Okay so what about bad news?” Nick asked.
“Does Hugh Hefner say anything to you?” I asked and looked at him.
“Playboy Mansion owner?” He questioned and I nodded.
“Umm… I can’t think of anything…” He said and looked thinking hard.
“Well seems like you were there celebrating mansion’s 80th Birthday.” I said and he looked at me.
“Oh My God… Yes! I do remember that now… Yes… How this is bad news?” He asked.
“Well… Tori Cole is dead.” I said and he looked at me shocked.
“No way? That’s awful.” He said and sighed.
“And seems like you’ve been kidnapped.” I said and sighed too.
“Okay… This is… This is too much.” Nick said.
“I’m really sorry Nick. I wish I could do something.” I said and stood up.
“Rebecca? Can we be friends again?” Nick asked and looked at me.
“You need to earn it.” I said smiling.
“Go to rehab and start eating healthy.” I said and touched his foot.
“I have no idea I used cocaine… I told you that. Someone must’ve force me to do it. Maybe the one who kidnapped me.” He said when pointed at me with his fingers.
“How would someone force you to do it?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Must’ve been some kind of spell or magic… Alien!” He said loud.
“Alien? Those are not exist, Nick. Only in sci-fi movies.” I said smiling.
“You think I’m crazy. How else I could’ve left that mansion anyone not spotting me?” He asked.
“Professional ninja maybe.” I joked and he looked at me confused.
“I’m kidding. It must’ve been someone from the inside. One of the Playboy Bunnies, maybe.” I said and started to think.
“I can’t remember damn thing. I just walked in and met Hugh… I walked to pool, had few drinks.” He said and tried to think so hard.
“Did you ever talk to Tori that night?” I asked.
“Umm… I don’t know…” He said and looked at me.
“Okay, Nick. I need to go back to work. I still got 2 hours left for my shift.”
“Could you do something for me when your shift is over?” He asked.
“What is it?” I asked.
“I never had chance to call my mom.” he said and looked at me.
“You want me to call her again?” I asked and Nick nodded.
“If it’s not any trouble?” he asked.
“Only this once. If she hung up on me, I won’t call her anymore.” I said.
“Thank you, Rebecca.” he said smiling.
“Yeah, yeah…” I said smiling and walked out his room.

I walked to Bonnie and sighed. She looked at me worried. I said I’m going to call Nick’s mother again. She asked why and I told her that Nick asked me to. So I got to the phone and dialed Jane’s number. I beeped few times and she answered.

“Hello?” She said when answered.
“Hello Mrs. Carter. It’s Rebecca Nolan. We spoke on the phone two days ago.” I said and looked Bonnie and she just rolled her eyes.
“I told you to call his father.” She said, but I wasn’t giving up.
“Listen to me you old Hoe… We don’t have his number.” I said and Bonnie looked at me shocked.
“What did you just call me?” Jane asked defended.
“I’m sorry Mrs. Carter. Nick asked me to call you and ask his father’s number.” I said and sighed and I saw Bonnie just shaking her head.
“Well you can tell Nick that I don’t have his dearest father’s number.” Jane said and hung up on me once again. I put handset down and looked at Bonnie.
“Hung up again?” Bonnie asked and I nodded.
“Did you get the number?” Bonnie asked again and looked at her.
“Did I just call her as Old Hoe?” I asked and ignored her question.
“You did. No wonder she hung up on you.” Bonnie said chuckling.
“Yeah well… She doesn’t know his dad’s number.” I said and sighed.
“Does someone know he’s here?” she asked ad I nodded.
“Nick knows that someone knows. I need to go back to work.” I said and walked back to my floor.

When time was 4pm, I still stayed to overwork. It was chaos in here. I might not get home until 7pm. So I needed to call my friends that I wasn’t able to get to kickboxing today. We scheduled it to some other day. After my overwork shift was over, I get to home. I asked Bonnie to tell Nick that I called his mother, but not any luck. I get to home and greeted my rats and fed them. I made myself mac and cheese and decided to watch TV.
Another long day done and more to come. Tomorrow my shift starts not until 6pm. I could stay home to sleep long or wake up in the morning to make breakfast and go to spend whole morning with Nick till to 6pm.
I could just decide it in the morning when alarm goes off 8am.
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