The Key Of Music by Jannika
Summary: Kevin's niece Cara's life is going to change 2000 after Nick's 20th birthday. 8 years later she's joining to spent Fourth of July with boys and their families.
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1. Prologue by Jannika

2. Chapter 1 by Jannika

3. Chapter 2 by Jannika

4. Chapter 3 by Jannika

Prologue by Jannika
December 1999

”Cara. I have present for you from Uncle Kevin.”
“Cool! What is it?”
“Come and see it yourself. It’s in the living room.”

Cara walked to living room where her parents were standing smiling next to piano. Cara’s eyes got big when she saw piano.

“Oh my God! He remembered.”
“Of course he remembered. Give it try.”

Cara walks to sit on the stool facing the piano and puts her fingers to keys. She started to play the piano and smile came to her eyes. She didn’t want to stop playing, but her father touched her shoulder.

“That’s beautiful, sweetheart. Breakfast is ready. We shall eat and then call to Uncle Kevin for saying thank you.”

- - - - - - - - - -
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
“Hello my sweet niece. I hear you like the gift I send you.”
“Oh I love it. How did you know?!”
“Little bird told me that my favorite niece loves the music.”
“I really love it, Uncle Kevin.”
“I’m glad you do. Merry Christmas, Cara.”
“Merry Christmas, Uncle Kevin”

- - - - - - - - - -

January 2000

“Hey Jerard. Glad you could make it. Kevin said you’ll be coming.”
“Of course. Happy birthday, Nick.”
“Thanks. Who is this?”
“She’s my daughter Cara. She wanted to come.”
“Hey, Cara. You had got big.”
“I’m here to see Uncle Kevin. Seen him?”
“Yeah. With his fiancé Kristen at the balcony.”
“Thank you. Happy birthday.”
“Thanks, Cara”

Cara walks to balcony and sees Kevin kissing Kristen. She was so happy for his uncle to find a woman like Kristen. They had their ups and downs years ago. She chuckles loud enough to make them to stop kissing.

“Don’t stop on my count.”
“Hey uncle.”

They hugged and Kevin introduced Cara to Kristen. They talked long hours. Cara said how excited she was about the piano Kevin gave her for Christmas gift. She’s been playing it every day 4 hours.

“It’s really great to see you, Cara. I really missed you.”
“I did too, Uncle”
“So how old are you again?”
“You are silly. I’m 13, but I’ll be 14 soon.”
“You grow up too fast.”
“And you are getting old.”
“Hold up. I’m only 28. That is not old.”

Cara and Kevin laughed and talked little more until she had to go back home with his father. They were about to leave until Brian, Jerard’s cousin, stopped them at the door.

“Wow hey… Where’s the fire?”
“Hey cousin. It’s very late and I promise to get Hope today.”
“Well just wonder if you are free on September.”
“What’s happen in September?”
“Leigh and I are getting married. Not sure about the day yet, but it’s going to be in September.”
“That’s so great. We surely will be there. Congratulations cousin.”
“Thank you. Hey Cara. Had fun?”
“Yeah. Spent most my time with Kevin.”
“He surely loves you, kiddo. Why won’t you go say goodbye to Nick.”
“Do have to?”
“Go on, Cara. I need to talk to Brian for minute.”
“Fine. Whatever.”
- - - - - - - - - -

“Hey Nick. Just came to say goodbye.”
“Oh. Leaving already?”
“Yeah. I would like to stay longer, but dad…”
“I totally understand. Had fun though?”
“Yeah. Danced long until my feet get hurt”
“Have to admit that you got moves.”
“Thank you. Well I should go. Happy birthday once again.”
“Thank you. Come here.”

Nick puts Cara to a hug and chuckles.

“I can’t breathe, Nick.”
“Of course you can. I didn’t hug that strong.”
“Haa haa. Funny. I gotta go. Bye.”
“Bye, Cara. See you soon.”

- - - - - - - - - -

Cara was excited to get back home even she already missed her uncle Kevin. It was already getting dark when they were on the road. Jerard decided to put radio on and some country song started to play on. They sang together and laughed loud as they could. Suddenly Cara looks to road and sees truck coming right at their car and she screams.

“Daddy look out!”

- - - - - - - - - -

February 2000

“Cara. You have visitor.”
“I don’t want to talk to no one, mom.”
“Not even to your dear Uncle Kevin?”
“Kevin? Really?”
“Yes. He’s right here.”
“Hello Cara.”
“Kevin. How are you?”
“I’m good. It’s good to see you.”
“I can’t say the same, uncle. I can’t see anymore. I’m blind.”
Chapter 1 by Jannika
Chapter 1

Cara Millie Richardson. That’s my full name. I was born April 6th 1986.
My father, Jerard Wayne Jr. Richardson, died February 1st 2000 in the hospital after car accident January 28th. I’ve survived it but I cost price of it. My sight. My eyes.
In age of 13 for losing my sight was terrible. My mom mourned whole 2 years.
She thought I didn’t know, but I learned to hear people clearly after being 6 months blind.
I knew when she was sad and I think she didn’t know that I knew. Complicated right?

It’s now year 2008 and July’s 4th. My uncle Kevin invited me to his house celebrate it. Other guys from the band with their families came too and I haven’t talked to them since dad’s funeral. Reason to not talking to them was that Kevin leaved the band 2006 after their last album they did together, Never Gone. I really love the album. After that album I didn’t listened the next one because my uncle Kevin wasn’t singing in it.

I have learned a lot past 8 years being blind. I’ve become better pianist than I can imagine. I learned playing piano when I was only 6 years old. I only learned to play it with my eyes, but this time I had to learned all over again with my hearing and finger touch on the piano. Kevin gave me good feedback about how good I’ve become as pianist. It really isn’t the career, but since I was little girl, I always wanted to be talented pianist.

But anyway I’m sitting in the plane heading to my uncle’s house all alone. Kevin promised to come get me from the airport. When plane landed, security guard helped me to get all the way until Kevin notice me. He walked closer to me and took my hand.

“Hey Cara. How are you?”
“Hey Uncle. I’m doing great.”

I smiled to him and kept my hand around his arm.

“Are you excited to meet other guys?”
“I’m bit nervous. I talked to them last time long time ago.”
“You’ll be fine. Let’s go.”

45 minutes sitting and talking with Kevin, we arrived to his house and I started to hear dog barking. I got out the car and started to smell fresh air and it was nice to be back in the Kentucky. I’m living with my mom in New York these days. Mom thought that I could find job better way to just move to New York so we did. I’m not working though.

Kevin walked to my side and we started to walk until I heard familiar voice.

“Cara! Cara!”
“Hey Baylee. You must’ve gone big. Let me touch you.”

Baylee walked closer to me and then I felt long curly hair and giggled.

“Well hello princess. Since when did you get your hair that long?”
“I’m not princess. You are.”

Baylee hugged me and tear fall to my cheek for such happiness. I love my family bottom of my heart and I’m happy to have Baylee part of it. Few second later I heard baby crying. It must be Kevin’s 1 year old Mason.

“That’s your cousin Mason.”
“Is he okay?”
“Yeah he’s fine. He cries a lot.”
“Who else is here?”

I was very curious to know and make sure I was correct that all guys were here with their girlfriend and wives.

“Come inside with me and find out.”
“That’s cruel Uncle. Cruel I say.”
“Oh come on. You know who is here.”

He helped me walk inside and I heard lot of human voices. I don’t remember them being this loud, but I think they had been all their life.

“Everyone, Cara is here.”

I heard another familiar voice saying my name in the distance.

“Who was that?”
“That’s AJ.”
“I know. Just making sure.”

I hear footsteps getting closer to me and felt someone touching my hand.

“You might not recognize me, but I’m AJ.”
“I do recognize your voice. I can’t see though.”

There was small silence and heard Kevin sigh.
“Alex… Stop it.”
“What? I’m just making sure.”

I was confused and thought what was going on.

“What did you do, AJ?”
“He waved his hand front of your face.”
“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”
“That’s okay. If Kevin wouldn’t say anything, I wouldn’t know.”
“Alex, please don’t bully, Cara.”

And there was his voice. Voice that I loved to hear since Never Gone came out.

“I’m not bullying her, Nicky. Making sure that she’s still…”
“Blind? Is that what you are going to say?”

AJ and Nick were arguing that and I hate it when people are arguing. Kevin whispers to my ear.

“Let’s leave them alone and head to meet others.”
“Nick sounds so much older. How old is he now?”
“He’s 28. Why you ask?”
“Last time when I saw him it was in his birthday, but didn’t know how old he is.”
“Did you just realize that you said you SAW him?”
“Yeah. So?”
“You made blind joke.”

I chuckled and walked near him to meet others.

- - - - - - - - - -

It was getting already 8pm and we were eating dinner outside at the backyard. I was listening people chit chatting each other. I was very quiet and heard people talk.

“Maybe you can come to studio for see what we had done.” “Brian said to Kevin-
“Mommy… Do I need to eat this?” “Baylee said to Leighanne-
“Mason is so adorable, Kristen.” “Leigh said to Kristen-
“I’m going for smoke.” “AJ said to someone-

I heard chair move. I guess AJ left to smoke. Even we are outside, he still needs to go somewhere else to smoke cause of children.

“Cara? You ok?”

I heard Leighanne asking and everyone was quiet to wait me answer.

“Yes. I’m just getting tired. Whole traveling is making me exhausted.”
“It’s 8:15. You can go sleep if you feel like it.”
“I don’t want to miss the fireworks.”
“You are not able to see the wireworks.”

That was Baylee and I only smiled.

“You are right. I can’t, but I can imagine it in my mind. I still remember how does colors looks like.”
“Cool. What’s your favorite color?”
“I always liked colors like blue, purple or greenish blue like ocean.”
“Do you like ocean?”

I heard Nick asking and I heard curiosity in his voice.

“Yeah I do actually.”
“That’s cool.”
“And do you?”
“Yeah. I have my own boat.”
“If you weren’t here, would you been in your boat?”
“Probably, but I wanted to see you. It’s been a while.”
“I wouldn’t say that I’m enjoying to seeing you. I can’t see anything.”
“Yeah… I’m sorry about that.”
“Don’t be. It’s not your fault I’m blind.”
“I know, but I would never want anyone to get blind.”
“Accidents happens. I lost my dad so I should be thankful to be alive.”

Nick didn’t respond few minutes until he asks quietly to my direction.

“Want to go for walk on the beach?”

I think for few seconds and then nod. I get up from my seat and Nick takes my hand. We were about to walk when Kevin called us our names.

“Cara? Nick? Where are you two going?”
“Just going for walk on the beach, Uncle Kevin.”
“Be careful. Take good care of her, Nick.”
“I will, bro.”

My hand was locked around his arm when we walked on the beach. It was nice to hear waves hitting the shore. I don’t remember when I was on the beach last time.

“It’s really nice evening.”
“It’s hard to me to say, Nick.”
“Have you ever seen sunset with purple, yellowish and blue colors?”
“Yes. Does it look like that?”
“Yes. Want to sit down?
“Sit on what?”
“On sand… What else?”

He chuckled and holds my hand on his.

“I don’t want to sit on sand. Please tell me you have something under our butts.”
“No. I’m sorry. You can sit on my lap.”
“You are not serious.”
“I’m serious. Come on.”

I didn’t know what he was up to, but I heard him going down, sitting on sand. He takes my hand and leads me down carefully to sit down on his lap. I felt little awkward first, but when he put his hands around my waist to hold me, I started to feel so much better. I might’ve smile little because I do have little crush on this one. I didn’t know how did he look like these days, but I love his singing voice. I always loved his singing voice. I started to shiver bit. Nick must’ve noticed because he moved his arms around my body.

“Are you cold?”
“Just a little.”
“I’ll give you my hoodie.”
“Then you get cold.”
“I’ll manage.”

He moved a lot right behind me and then helped me to put his hoodie on me.

“Yes. Thank you.”

I really hoped that he will be okay now. It really was bit of chilly outside. He rubbed gently my arms to keep me warm. I really enjoyed his hand on my arms. I was enjoying be in his arms and I got little jumpy when there was loud whistle. It was time for some fireworks.
Others joined us to watch and whole time when one firework “exploded” in the sky, Nick described every color. It’s blue now or if it’s two colored red and green.
I only giggled his stupid humor and asked him to stop, but he kept going. I was sure to fall asleep happy tonight. His laughing was so funny. I felt his breath near my neck. I wonder how it would feel to kiss him. He would think me as an idiot. He wouldn’t ever get interested of blind girl. And most importantly, I’m Kevin’s niece. He would definitely not like the idea of us dating. I just keep it myself that I really like Nick. Little crush doesn’t kill me.

I started to feel so tired right about 10pm. My yawning make Nick chuckle little and asked if I was getting tired already. I nodded and I just wanted to fall asleep to his arms. We were still sitting on the beach after fireworks were over. I could still hear some far distant. Kevin once came to forward us middle of fireworks and asking if I was okay. I smiled and nodded. He needed explanation about me sitting on Nick’s lap. Nick explained everything to Kevin and I started to laugh little. He commanded Nick to behave and make sure I get to my room where I’ll be sleeping next 2 nights. He nodded and made a military comment like “Sir, Yes Sir.”

I told Nick that it was time for me to go bed. He agreed that it was getting late. He got up first and helped me up after. We walked back to inside and it was so quiet. We walked through living room and I heard Brian and Leighanne chatting.

“Hi Brian and Leighanne. Drinking wine and sitting alone.”
“Wanna join us? There’s plenty of wine.”
“No I don’t drink. Thank you anyway.”
“Are you sure, Cara?”
“Yes. I’m very tired. Maybe tomorrow.”
“Okay. Good night.”
“Good night.”

Nick and I started to walk to my room that is downstairs next to fireplace room. He opened the door for me.

“Are you going to be fine?”
“Yeah. I had done changing clothes many times.”
“I’m sleeping right next to you.”
“What you mean next to me?”
“All guest rooms are taken so I’m sleeping on the couch in the fireplace room.”
“Well now I feel bad.”
“Don’t. I’m single one and they all have families or girlfriends.”
“I thought you are seeing someone.”
“Where did you hear that?”
“Kevin might’ve said something.”
“Well Kevin is wrong. I’m not dating anyone.”
“Maybe you are interested of someone.”
“I might. She’s beautiful.”
“I bet she is.”
“Well I should let get you some sleep. Good night, beautiful.”

After he said that, he gave me kiss to cheek. I was bit confused. I closed the door after I get inside my room. He said he might be interested of someone and that she is beautiful. He said that I’m beautiful. Did he meant by me? Is he interested of me? No. He can’t be. Maybe he was just teasing. I just met him after 8 years. I really have to talk to him about this, but should I? So many questions.
Chapter 2 by Jannika
Chapter 2

Next day I woke up to nightmare. I felt sweat every inch of my body. I heard door open to my room and someone called my name worried.

“Cara? You okay?”
“Nick… I had most awful nightmare.”

I started to cry and he put me to a hug after sitting on the bed.

“It’s okay. You are safe now.”
“My dad… It was the day when was the car accident.”
“Oh Cara… I know how you feel.”
“It was terrible.”

Nick moved away from hug and touched my cheek and hair gently. I know he was worried. I really didn’t see anything. Just felt his touch. I’m wondering what he is thinking so I asked.

“What are you thinking?”
“Just want to be sure that you are OK.”
“I’m now that you are here.”

I smiled and moved tears away from my cheek. He chuckled little and moved next tears from my cheeks and eyes that were falling down.

“I’m glad to hear that I can help. Good that I was next room, right?”
“Yeah. Thank you, Nick.”
“You are welcome. Are you ready to go for breakfast?”
“What time is it?”
“8am ish.”
“Wow. I slept like 8 hours.”
“I only 6 hours.”
“What kept you awake?”
“I was thinking things.”
“Well I’m hungry. Can you help me to dinner room?”
“It’s my pleasure to help you always.”
“I want to change first?”
“Sure. Want some help?”

I knew he tried to be nice and helpful, but I didn’t want to be naked in front of him, but in the end I wasn’t going to see his reaction to my body anyway so am I going to?
“Cara? I’m only kidding. I know you can do it yourself.”
“What you had said if I say yes?”

He stayed very silence few seconds after that. I didn’t wait his answer and I got up from the bed. I walked to my suitcase help by the wall and furniture. I wasn’t sure if he was watching, but I heard him moving.

“I’ll go wait other side of the door. Holler me if you need help.”
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“What you want me to say?”
“I don’t know.”
“Do you want me to go?”
“Do you want to stay?”
“Do you want me to stay?”
“I asked first.”

He chuckled and I chuckled after him. Few seconds later I felt his hands on my shoulders. I didn’t know what he was going to do. I just stayed still to not to move. I don’t know how long we were silent, but it felt like 2 minutes.

“I don’t know how you could help me. I’ve changed my clothes many times myself.”
“I can give you clothing and you put it on.”
“But you are still going to see me naked.”
“I can look away.”
“Sure. How am I going to know that you won’t look?”
“You don’t. I’m here to help. Nod if you want my help.”

I really didn’t know what I was going to do. Why did I care so much? I don’t know how my body looks and I have some scars on my back and stomach. I sighed deep and took my pj’s pants off. Kevin would kill Nick if he knew he’s helping me. Taking wrong picture or something, but I didn’t care. I was blind and have hopes to fall in love someday. Maybe to Nick…

“Here’s skirt that I think would look nice on you.”
“Thanks. Can you find me some bra and top?”

I heard awkwardness in his voice. He shouldn’t be embarrassing about this whole thing. I’m the one stripping in front of him. I was about to take shirt off when I heard Kristen’s voice calling my name.

“Shit… You need to hide.”
“Where? I’m very tall guy.”
“Under the bed.”

I wasn’t sure did he go under it, but my bedroom door opened.

“Morning, Cara. Kevin asked me to come see if you are awake.”
“Morning, Kris. Yes I’m awake and changing clothes.”
“Need help?”
“No. I’ve done this many times. Do I smell coffee?”
“Oh yes. I have cup of coffee on my hand.”
“Could you go and make my plate ready?”
“Of course. What you want?”
“Bacon, eggs, bread… You decide.”
“How about pancakes?”
“Even better.”
“Alright. Pancakes it is. Need help with leading to dinner room?”
“I’ll manage.”
“Kevin wants to ask something from you later.”

I nodded only to respond and Kristen left the room. I don’t know where Nick went, but he did hid good. I started whisper and listen any noise.

“Nick? You here?”
“That was close one.”
“You need to go.”
“That’s probably good idea.”
“Kevin will kick your ass if he knows you are here when I’m almost naked.”
“It’s going to be worth it.”

He walked around and felt his hand on mine.

“I’ll wait outside. May I do the honor to take you to dinner room?”
“What are you going to say when Kristen asked where were you?”
“Why would she ask that?”
“You slept right next to my room and she must’ve notice empty bed.”
“I could say I used your bathroom.”
“What am I supposed to say when Kristen asks why I didn’t mention you in the bathroom?”
“You just say that you didn’t know until she left.”
“I guess that would work, but you would be still the one sneak in my room.”
“Don’t worry. I got the plan.”

He gave me kiss to my forehead and pulls me to warm and long hug. I love how he smells and I inhaled his scent. If I’m correct, he smelled just like when I was in his 20th birthday. He pulled away from hug and I stop him to move away.

“I want to see you.”

I moved my hands up to his face and finger tipped every part of his face. When I touched his lips, he was smiling or in this case he was smirking. His skin was so soft. I just didn’t want to move my hands away from his cheek that I was now touching. He was much older than when I last time met him. He had some stubble at the jaw area and chin area. That was very manly. He chuckled little when I moved slowly up to his hair. It was very messy. He must’ve looked so hot. He started to talk now when I moved to his eyes.

“Like what you touch?”
“Your skin is so soft. Need to shave though.”
“That’s the plan to do later.”
“Please do. I hate it.”

He chuckles little and moves away from me slowly. I wanted to touch him more. How about his ears? Eye brows? Nose? My lips against his? Before I can stop myself, I said out loud.

“I never had kissed no one. Never felt someone’s lips on mine.”
“Why are you saying this to me?”
“Please kiss me.”
“Just once.”
“You are crazy. I can’t.”
“Why? Because of Kevin?”
“Yeah. You are his niece.”
“So? I’m old enough.”
“Why you want me to kiss you?”
“Because no one hasn’t”
“That’s not it. Be honest.”
“I’m honest.”
“You are blushing.”
“I’m feeling little awkward to ask to kiss me.”
“Cara… Do you know how old I am?”
“Yes. You are 28.”
“Exactly. You are 22.”
“It’s just one stupid kiss.”
“Stupid? You call this stupid?”

I couldn’t respond to him when he started to kiss me roughly, but he stopped when he notice me to not answering to his kiss. He pulls away and sighs.

“Now you’ve been kissed.”
“That was… Awful.”

I only teased him to make him just kiss me again. Maybe this time he would just kiss me gently.

“That’s first time someone said I’m awful kisser.”
“I wouldn’t know if you didn’t kiss so rough.”
“Well I’m sorry princess. Would you like very nice sweet wet kiss?”

I really didn’t know how far he was standing, but I manage to slap him hard to his cheek. Whole room was echoing from the smack sound. I guess blind people can be cruel too. I heard him saying “ouch” when I smack him.

“Whatta fuck, Cara?”
“I’m sorry, prince. Did I smack too hard?”
“Yeah. Gosh… What am I going to explain to others when they see my cheek?”
“Well that’s good excuse for me. You sneak to my bathroom while I was sleeping.”
“I guess so. Was kiss too rough?”
“Yes. There wasn’t passion in it.”
“It was just one stupid kiss.”
“Stupid? I didn’t even have time to respond it.”
“Can we just drop this and go to breakfast?”
“Sure. Let me just…”

I removed my pj’s shirt off and started to look for shirt. Nick put shirt on my hand and I heard him to move around. Maybe he looked away so I can put it on. I put shirt on and after that I brush my hair with my fingers. I felt Nick stand right next to me and started to help me brushing my hair with hairbrush. He was so gentle. Why couldn’t he kiss like gentle? Maybe I pissed him off?

“Did I piss you off with the kiss question?”
“Cara… We promised to drop it.”
“I know, but do you really kiss that rough?”
“Usually women kiss me roughly.”
“You like rough kiss?”

I waited him to continue, but he didn’t.

“Then what kind?”
“Like in the movies?”
“Just like in the movies.”
“I really liked the scene from Titanic when they kissed.”
“They kissed in many scenes.”
“They did?”
“Yeah. First in the bow.”
“Oh right… I’m flying Jack.”
“That’s very romantic kind of kiss.”
“Would you call it as passion kiss?”
“Not as much when they were in the back seat of the car.”
“I liked that one.”

Nick stopped brushing my hair and moved away. I keep wondering how would feel like to be kissed like that when Jack kissed Rose. No one never would love me the way Jack loved Rose. It only lasted 1 day.

“Ready to go now, Cara?”
“Yeah. I’m ready.”

We walked to dinner room and everyone gasp when they see us. Kevin asked right away what happened to Nick’s cheek. He told them that it was his own stupidity. We told them the plan we talked earlier. About Nick sneaking to my bathroom while I was sleeping. When I knew he was there I manage to smack his face. I heard that they might buy it. Kevin was little bit pissed at Nick to going to my bathroom while I’m still sleeping, but I said that it was okay. For now on he knew to not mess up with me. He knew how my smacking to face felt like.

Kristen said that Kevin wanted to talk to me and he asked me if I could play some piano to everyone in the living area. I couldn’t say no. I wanted to show uncle how good I’ve been get. I started to play something that my dad loved to hear every time I play it. I learned to play Faith Hill’s song called There You’ll Be. My mom always cried when she heard the song from the radio or someone singing it. Middle of the song, I stopped and start to cry. Why did I play the song? It’s just brought back memories of my dad. Someone sit next to me on the stool and pulled me to a hug. It was Kristen. I told her why I stopped and she understood. I asked her to help me to go outside to sit. And she did. I don’t know how long I was sitting outside, but I fall asleep.
Day went fast as yesterday and it was time to go bed again and I was leaving back home tomorrow. I hope I could stay little longer, but my mom is alone in New York and I miss home. Kristen helped me to my room and I said that I’ll be fine my own. She told me that if I need anything, just to ask Nick who is right next to my room. I nodded and said thank you.

I changed to my pj’s and start to listening talking book from my ipod. I didn’t hear knocking on my door until I felt someone touch my shoulder. I removed my headphones off my head and asked who was it.

“Sorry. It’s Nick.”
“Whatta crap, Nick. You scared hell out of me. I thought you are sleeping.”
“Yeah I know. I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about this morning.”
“What about it?”
“I think I owe you.”
“Owe me? Are you drunk?”
“No I’m not drunk. Cara…”

He touched my cheek carefully and I shivered bit for his touch.

“I want to give you goodnight kiss.”
“Which cheek you want to kiss?”
“Not cheek.”

I waited his continue talk but I felt his lips on my lips. Not roughly, but so gently and sweetly. Am I dreaming? Did I fall asleep through listening talking book? I pinched myself and winched when I felt my pinch. We apart from the kiss and he asked me concern.

“What did you do?”
“Just pinched myself.”
“Why did you do that?”
“To make sure I wasn’t dreaming.”
“Have you been seeing dreams about me kissing you?”

I answered too fast. He knew I wasn’t telling the truth. He chuckled and touched my hand.

“It’s okay, Cara.”
“It’s not.”
“Of course it is. I know you have a crush on me.”

How did he know that?

“No I don’t.”
“Don’t deny it. I’ve known since last night.”
“I was only sitting on your lap. That doesn’t proof anything.”
“Really? If you didn’t have crush on me, you wouldn’t sit on my lap.”
“I didn’t want to sit on sand.”
“You are amazing, Cara.”
“That’s random comment.”
“I know and it’s true. Want to know something else that no one knows?”
“If you want to tell me.”

He moves near to my ear and whispers something that I was shocked about. I couldn’t move any muscle of mine. He just said that he has crush on me too. Am I going to denied still that I’m not crush on him or am I going to say that “me too”?

“Cara? You are so quiet.”
“I… I have no idea… Wow.”
“Last night when we talked on the dinner table and then went to walk, I wanted to get to know you more.”
“Nick… But I’m not…”

He hushed me to put finger on my lips to not talk.

“Just listen to me. I know that us dating is wrong and Kevin won’t except it, but how about we keep it secret?”
“But Nick, I’m not crush on you.”
“Why you keep denying it? I know you do.”
“But why me? I can’t see shit. I’m fucking blind.”
“Cara… Let me tell you something.”

I was waiting him to tell me what he was thinking but then from surprise, he starts to sing.

“I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did. As long as you love me. Don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did. As long as you love.”

His voice was so amazing and beautiful. Maybe he doesn’t care who I am and where I’m from…
He stopped singing and we stayed quiet for few minutes until he started to speak.

“What are you thinking right now?”
“I’m speechless. That was beautiful.”
“Goodnight, Cara. Sleep well.”
He gave me one kiss to corner of my lips and walked out my room. I sat on bed quietly long time thinking about what just happened. Was I really going to tell him how I felt? Should I go to him and tell him now? I decided 5 minutes later of thinking that I had to go now. I got off the bed and walked to door, but I had no idea how furniture are in the fireplace room. Am I really going to risk it?

I opened the door quietly as possible to not make door crack. I took first 2 steps out the room and listened noises around me, but nothing. I was helpless right now. I didn’t know if he was sleeping or not. I started to whisper and walked near the wall on my right.

“Nick? Are you still awake?”

I heard some movement and walked towards it.

“Cara? What’s wrong?”
“I need to talk to you. Lead me to you with your voice.”
“You are silly.”

I follow his voice and chuckled.

“Stop making me laughing and help me get to you.”
“Then follow my voice.”

He sounded very seductive. I followed his voice and reached him no problem.

“Hey… That was interesting to watch.”
“Stop it. No blind jokes.”
“It wasn’t joke. You looked so…”
“Yes. Finish the sentence.”
“You looked very seductive.”
“Right… And cows flies.”

He moves me closer to him and puts me to his lap to face him. His hands go behind my back to hold me to not letting me go.

“Nick… What is happening between us? Are you really interested of me?”
“Everything that I said to you earlier is true. I really want to get to know you better.”
“Well… I think I’m willing to take the risk to know what will happen.”
“Yeah? There’s but somewhere, right?”
“But I’m leaving tomorrow back to New York and I’m Kevin’s niece.”
“I know. Let’s just take this slow and see what happens. I’ll come visit you as much as I can.”
“What about my mom? I’m still living with her.”
“We can tell her I’m your friend and she does know me.”
“And friends do go out for dinners or lunches.”

I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I was enjoying being on his lap close to him. I didn’t know what got into me that moment but I search his face with my hand and lean down to kiss him passionately. He must’ve been surprised because he little moaned and moved his hand from behind my back to my cheeks. I have to admit, this was must better kissing than the rough kiss he gave me first time. I don’t know how long we kissed, but I had to break the kiss for get air. He didn’t even stop. He moves to kiss my shoulder and then neck. Oh no… Not the neck… I started to giggle and struggle to move away. He stopped when he notice me being ticklish.

“Are you ticklish?”
“Yes. Mostly neck area.”
“Yeah? Good to know.”

He started to kiss again my neck and I started to laugh hard. I’ve must wake up someone with my loud laugh because there was knocking at the door. Nick stopped quickly kissing and moved me gently to sit on bed. I couldn’t help but still smile after when Nick walked to door.

“Yeah? Who is it?”
“It’s Howie. Can you keep it down?”
“Yeah… Sorry.”
“People are sleeping.”

I heard Nick opening the door and I stand up from the bed.

“Hey D… We are not tired yet so… We were just talking.”
“And he started to tickle me.”

There was silence and then Howie talked.

“Please go to bed. Cara’s flight is leaving 10 am and she need to be there at least 8 am.”
“I’m fine, Howie. Thanks to be concern.”
“Make sure she goes to bed, Nick.”
“Sir, Yes Sir.”
“I’m serious, Nick.”
“Yeah, yeah… I got it.”
“Goodnight, Cara.”
“Night, Howie.”

Nick closed the door and few second I felt his hands around my waist. Sometimes I wish to just see and know how he looks like.

“That was close one.”
“I should get some sleep.”
“You sure?”

I felt his lips on my shoulder and nearly close to my neck.

“Yes. Please stop. I’m gonna laugh again.”
“Too bad. I like to kiss your neck.”
“And I really like it, but we need to stay quiet.”
“I can arrange that.”
“Do I dare to even ask?”

He didn’t say anything to that and started to lead me to somewhere. I had a feeling that we were going to my room. After he helped me to sit on bed, he closed the door.

“Are we in my room?”
“Where else? Only room next to fireplace room is this room and hallway.”
“So what are we going to do in my room?”
“I’m going to kiss your neck.”

He wasn’t serious, right? I was wrong though. He crawled on bed and was behind me when I was still sitting edge of the bed. I know I didn’t need to close my eyes, cause I didn’t see anything but I did and he started to kiss my neck and I try to not laugh. Nick chuckled little when I was struggling to not laugh. He asked me if I wanted him to stay overnight in my room next to me. He must’ve been crazy. I know uncle Kevin or Kristin will come tomorrow morning to wake me up. It would be hell of surprise to see Nick sleeping next to me. I asked Nick if he was serious. And he said that he will put alarm to his cellphone to know when to move to his own bed. Sounded very smart, but will we risk it? I wanted to know how to feel sleep on next to man that I like. I agreed that he could stay. I lay down on bed and it took 1 minute to Nick lay next to me. I snuggle closer to him and notice that he’s shirtless. This is so bad. He didn’t mind me snuggle close to him. He put his arms around me and kissed top of my head. I was curious to feel his pare chest so I moved my hand on his chest and smiled. He noticed my smile because he asked me why I was smiling. I said very quietly that I thought he feels very sexy. He chuckles for that and I asked why he laughs. No one ever said that he feels sexy. Mostly just saying he looks sexy. I’m lucky to be first one to say that. I was going to sleep happy tonight. I really didn’t want to sleep but my eyes started to feel so heavy. I don’t know how long it took me to fall asleep. Last thing I remember him saying goodnight and sweet dreams to my ear. I’ve might said him back, but I was already in my dreamland.
Chapter 3 by Jannika
Chapter 3

Next morning I woke up to someone move next to me. I was so sleepy I didn’t remember what happened last night. I moved my hand to my left and I touched someone. He started to talk.

“Morning, Cara. You okay?”
“Nick? Oh God I forgot you are here with me. What time is it?”
“Almost 4:30. I should go to my own bed now so no one won’t see us together in the same bed.”
“We were just sleeping.”

I felt him move out of bed. He was really going. I feel little cold now without him next to me.

“I don’t want you to go. Please come back to next to me.”
“Cara… Do you want Kevin see us on same bed?”
“It’s not like we are having sex or anything.”
“Even we aren’t he would think that… I’m shirtless, remember?”
“Oh… Well you could go get shirt and come back.”
“Still wouldn’t make Kevin believe that we only slept.”
“I don’t mind him get upset seeing us being close. He saw us at the beach…”
“Yeah well… I haven’t kissed you then yet.”
“I feel cold in here. You feel so warm.”
“Well… Get under covers and get some more sleep.”
“No if you are not coming back here.”
“You really want to make Kevin mad?”
“We are grow ups. He can’t decide what I can do and can’t.”
“True, but he’s like brother to me. He wouldn’t like to see me next to his niece half naked.”
“Fine. I’ll get up then.”

I moved off the bed and walked to find my suitcase. I wasn’t going to sleep if he wasn’t next to me.
While I was going through my stuff, he talked.

“I’ll go make us some coffee and breakfast then. What you want to eat?”
“Everything is fine.”
“Alright. Can you manage to get yourself to kitchen?”

I heard him walks out the room and then closing door behind him. I sat down to floor and started to think about last night how he kissed me so sweetly. Are we really going to date secretly when I get home? What would mom think? Me dating one of Kevin’s band mate. She would freak out.
And let’s not forget about our age differences… 6 years is not so bad, right? Brian and his wife Leighanne got 7 years and she’s older. I could ask Nick to get me to airport instead of Kevin.
I wasn’t ready to let Nick go yet. I wanted to be close to him as long I can today. Maybe I could ask him to fly with me to NY. If I remember correctly he has born in Jamestown, NY. He could find a house or penthouse there and we could secretly see each other. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to ask him to move to New York and then we can date secretly. I changed to my clothes to formal clothes and walked out the room. I was about to open the fireplace room door, when door almost hit my face when someone opened it. It was my uncle Kevin behind it.

“Shit… Cara… I’m sorry. Are you okay?”
“Yes. I’m okay.”
“How on earth are you up so early?”
“I woke up to some crack noise and thought maybe Nick woke up.”
“Well seems like he is awake.”
“I was going to kitchen get some breakfast and coffee.”
“I walk you there. Come on.”

We walked to kitchen and it sounded so quiet. Kevin would’ve said something to Nick if he would be there, but he wasn’t. It was just me and Kevin. I sat to barstool that Kevin lead me to sit on.

“So what you want for breakfast?”
“Same as yesterday.”
“Pancakes. Alright. I need to go get some ingredients from the cold room.”
“Alright. I’ll be here.”

He walked away and it was just me now. It was too quiet in here. Suddenly I heard floor crack and listen carefully. Steps got closer and then I heard Nick’s voice.

“Hey. You get yourself look nice. So what you had decided to have as breakfast?”
“Nick… Kevin is awake. He’s making me some pancakes.”
“Huh… He’s not here… Maybe I can make you pancakes before he can.”
“Is there some coffee?”
“Yeah. I’ll pour you some.”

Few minutes later Kevin walked back to kitchen and I heard him stop walking.

“Nick… You are up early.”
“Yeah. Thought I could go for jog after breakfast.”
“You woke up Cara here with your heavy footsteps.”

I heard in his voice that he wasn’t surprised that I lied about that. They talked little bit more of stuff, but then I decided it was time to ask about if Nick could take me to airport.

“Uncle? I have a question. Well actually suggestion.”
“Sure. What is it?”
“Can Nick take me to airport?”
“Why? He won’t leave until later today.”

I stayed silence and then Nick spoke.

“Actually I could drive her to NY. It’s much safer than flying.”
“I don’t think so Nick. I’m taking her to airport.”
“Kev… Come on… It’s Cara we are talking about… What you think will happen, huh?”
“I don’t trust you with my niece.”

They were now arguing how I should go home today. I slapped my hand to table.

“Shut up! I can decide how to go home. How about I just walk home!?”
“Don’t be stupid, Cara. I know what is going on his mind.”
“Dude! She’s your niece. She’s no child anymore.”
“Yes… Only niece I have. I don’t want my niece to be friends with you.”
“Oh… Well how about you let her decide what she wants. She’s 22! She’s grown up, Kev.”
“She’s not going with you and that’s the final.”
“You are not allowed to decide my decisions uncle!”

Both got quiet and I kept talking.

“I understand you are worried about me, uncle. Like Nick said I’m already 22.”
“But nothing uncle. I’m going with Nick.”

I got up and walked out the kitchen and no idea where I was walking. I felt couch and decided to sit on it. I wasn’t feeling to eat breakfast. I decided to listen carefully when I heard them once again arguing.

“I swear Nick if I hear that you had hurt my niece, I’ll kick your ass.”
“Dude… I’m just being nice. No need to be worried, Kevin. I’m seeing someone.”
“Yeah? I saw how you hold her on that beach.”
“She was freezing. I gave her my hoodie to keep her warm.”
“You could’ve just kept your hands away around her.”
“You got nothing to worry about. She’s too young for my taste.”
“If she would be older, would you like her, huh?”
“So I’m not allowed to say she’s beautiful?”

That’s the last thing I heard from their conversation. Was he lying to Kevin about seeing someone or did he lying to me that she’s not seeing anyone? Does he think I’m beautiful? Am I too young for his taste? Why was he telling these things to Kevin? Maybe he just didn’t want to admit to Kevin that he really likes me. I could convince him that I wasn’t into Nick at all and that I could pepper spray him if Nick comes any closer to me. That would make him believe me, right?
I heard footsteps near me and then someone sat next to me on the couch. It was Kevin.

“Aren’t you going to eat?”
“Not hungry.”
“It’s going to be long hours before you are home.”
“If I get hungry then we’ll stop at somewhere to eat.”
“Cara… You got flying ticket to go home. Why won’t you just use it?”
“I hate flying. I always had. I’m letting Nick to take me to NY.”
“I’m not trusting him.”
“Well I do. If he does something then I’ll pepper spray him.”
“I would love to see that.”

He started to chuckle and I smiled.

“So are we done here? I can go with Nick?”
“Yes. Call me if something happens, okay?”
“Of course. I’m going to be fine.”
“Okay. So you want to eat or want to starve?”
“I would love to have some pancakes.”
“Great. Come.”

After eating breakfast, packing my stuff and taking quick shower, Nick and I were ready to go our road trip to New York. I was happy to get home. I was missing mom. Now that I was finally alone with Nick in the moving car I decided to ask Nick if he could move to New York so we could see each other.

“Are we going to be silence whole road trip?”
“I’m sorry. There’s lot of things I’m thinking about.”
“Like what?”
“Maybe I should take you to airport.”
“What? No. Please… There’s some things I want to talk to you about.”
“Like what?”
“I’ve been thinking this morning too. I want to see you again.”
“Cara… I think Kevin’s right. We should not go on that path.”
“What path? You said last night you want to date me secretly.”
“No I didn’t. I said I want to get to know you better. That doesn’t mean dating.”
“People goes on dates to get to know each other.”
“I know… We should not risk it. I don’t want to end up to magazines or internet.”
“Are you scared Kevin would find out?”
“Yeah. Of course. He treat to kick my ass. And you know he will.”
“So that’s it then. We just pretend that kissing never happened?”
“I’m sorry Cara. I’m not risking it.”
“We could just say that we are only friends. They never think you dating your bandmates niece.”
“Well… Fans knows I kissed Howie’s niece.”
“I didn’t know that. So you can kiss his niece, but not me?”
“Well I did kiss you. More than twice.”
“Fine… Then I won’t tell my brilliant plan of mine.”
“Is this about you thinking this morning?”
“I’m curious now.”

I was about to talk, but there was now coming Quit Playing Games on the radio and Nick groaned.

“This song made you huge in USA.”
“Not the way I wanted to USA like me.”

He turned the radio off.

“Oh… I was enjoying listening to it.”
“Well I don’t. My car and my music.”

He put some other music on.

“And this is better why?”
“It’s rock. Classic.”
“Whatever you say.”
“Are you saying you never heard of Journey?”
“I didn’t say that. Not my kind of music.”
“What you listen then?”

I had to think about that. I really didn’t know. I use to listen all kind of music, but not rock music.

“I don’t know. I use to listen all kind of music.”
“Do you listen our songs?”
“Yeah. I love Never Gone. It’s beautiful.”
“Have you heard of my solo album?”

We were once again very quiet and didn’t talk for a few minutes. I thought the silence was going to be rest of the trip, but Nick then started to talk.

“So what’s the brilliant plan of yours? You never told me that.”
“Okay… I don’t know if it’s that brilliant.”
“I still want to hear it.”
“Do you think it would be crazy that you could move to New York?”

He didn’t answer right away. He did sigh deep. I knew he was surprised by this.

“I know it’s crazy. You don’t have to answer that. I just thought it could’ve been easier to see each other.”
“Well… It’s not bad idea. I had lived there when I was just a baby.”
“I know. I just thought it could be nice to see each other, you know?”
“Yeah. Moving to New York just for seeing you? That’s lot to ask from me.”
“I know it is. Just think about it. We can lie to my mom that we are only friends, but then we can always go to your house or penthouse.”
“And do what?”
“Eating dinner, watching movies, having sleepovers…”

I started to smile and blush all things I was thinking. I didn’t dare to say them out loud, but I knew Nick could see it in me that I wasn’t just thinking that.

“Cara… Please tell me you are not thinking what I think you are thinking?”
“What am I thinking, Nick?”
“Kissing… Making out… More kissing… Touching our bodies… Am I wrong?”
“You are close.”
“Close huh? Does it involve Kissing and making out?”

Once again he went silence and we didn’t talk for few minutes. I wanted to know what he was thinking right now.

“You got very quiet after that.”
“What you want me to say?”
“I want you to say what you are thinking.”
“I’m thinking to change the subject.”
“Are you afraid of Kevin?”
“He’s very big if you haven’t noticed.”
“Well I haven’t. I can’t see shit, Nick. I’m blind if you happened to forget.”
“I’m sorry. Of course I haven’t.”
“Did you lie to me about seeing someone?”
“No. Why you think I did?”
“Because you told Kevin that you did.”
“I only said that so he wouldn’t be suspicious about us.”
“Am I too young for your taste?”
“What? Did you hear us talking?”
“Yes. I’m blind, but I’m not deaf, Nick.”
“All what I said to Kevin is a lie.”
“So I’m beautiful?”
“Am I too young for you?”
“Then what is the problem? You like me and I like you…”

He sighed deeply and groaned.

“It’s complicated.”
“Is it cause of I’m blind?”

I knew his answer when he didn’t answer me right away.

“It is, isn’t it?”
“Oh my God. You don’t want to date me because I’m blind.”
“No. I do want to… But you are Kevin’s niece.”
“Screw that. So what I’m his niece. You kissed Howie’s niece and he’s fine with that.”
“I never shouldn’t stay with you last night. I never shouldn’t give you ride home.”
“Then take me to airport.”
“That’s bit too late. I can’t make u-turn.”
“Then I’ll get some sleep. I only slept 5 hours last night. Wake me when we are having stop break.”
“Okay. Need to go to bathroom now? We can stop now.”
“No I’m fine.”

I still couldn’t believe that his reason to not date me is because I’m blind. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe he’s just scared of Kevin if he finds out us dating. I’m not scared of my uncle. I’m adult and I can decide my own decisions. I want to go out a date with Nick. Maybe as friends first, but after that I
want to so much more. I know I sound like cray fan, but I’m not a fan. I’m just a girl who have a crush on normal guy. Nick is always normal to my… Mind? I can’t say he’s normal to my eyes because I can’t see of course. But how he talks and acts around me, seems to be really normal. Seems… I wished I never lose my sight and I could just see his face. Only memory of his face is when I was in his 20th birthday. He sounds so much different than then. He had young voice and blond hair when I met him. First night at my uncle’s house, he let me touch his face and other parts of his head. While I was touching his face, I imagine the Nick back in 2000. He was definitely different. Hair was shorter and he got some stubble on his chin. He felt so manly.

I don’t know how long I was sleeping, but Nick touched my shoulder gently to wake me up. We have stopped somewhere. I asked where we were. He told me that at some cheap old motel.

“Yeah. Do you think your mom won’t mind get home tomorrow?”
“I don’t know. Why are we at the motel?”
“Like you know I didn’t sleep so much either so I feel tired. I need to get some sleep.”
“That’s fine. I should call my mom.”
“Alright. Just sit in here while I go get us room.”
“Sounds good.”

He got out the car and I searched my phone from my purse. I didn’t have much stuff in my purse.
I usually find my phone easily but this time, it wasn’t there. I started to get panic and search it around the car. I even get out the car and opened the backseat door and opened my suit case to look for it. I took clothing after clothing out the bag and still no sign of my phone. I saw down to edge of the backseat facing to outside on the backdoor. I heard footsteps getting closer.

“No, but I can be. You okay miss?”
“Please just keep walking.”
“I’m only here to help.”

I could smell stranger’s cologne. It wasn’t pleasant as Nick’s. I got really scared and crawled more to backseat. I tried to close the door, but someone was holding it open. I was about to scream, but hand came to shut me up screaming. Oh god! What is this man doing?!


I heard Nick’s voice shouting mad and loud. I felt man that was on me move away and I started to hear punches. Only thing I did was close the door and lock the all doors. I was listening punching noise and groaning noises. I didn’t even know if Nick was in danger. If I had a cellphone I would call 911, but I don’t. I have no idea where my phone is.
I don’t know how long it’s been, but I started to hear police sirens near by. Someone had to call the cops. Suddenly I felt big bang against the car. After that there was hard punch through the window and glass started to fly around me. I started to scream and cry. I heard same man groan around me and I didn’t know which car window he broke. Put then I heard him unlock the doors and started to pull me out from my ankle.

“Shut up or your boyfriend dies. Come on.”
“No. Let me go.”

Suddenly I heard another hard bang and then this man was no on me. I started to kick hard the man’s body. I felt it moved away and I heard heavy breathing.

“You okay, miss?”

It was different voice of another man. I could only nod and I cried.

“It’s okay. He’s unconscious.”
“Nick… Is he…?”
“He’s unconscious too. You can come out now.”

I was too scared to move. I waited when cops were here. Finally I heard sirens so close. Siren stopped and I heard car doors open and shut. I heard cops talking to guy who hit the guy who attacked at me unconscious. Then I heard footsteps walking towards me. It wasn’t man voice this time.

“Miss. You alright? I’m office Swan. What happened?”
“I… I just was searching my phone.”
“It’s ok. We take these guys to station…”
“No… Nick didn’t do anything… He… He tried to stop the man.”
“Which one is Nick? Can you point him for me?”
“Are you kidding me, officer?”
“No. I need to know which one is Nick.”
“I can’t just point him… I’m blind officer Swan.”
“I’m sorry, Miss. Describe him for me.”
“I guess he’s taller than other guy. He’s blonde…”
“Oh… Wait… Is that Nick Carter?”
“Yeah. How you know him?”
“Everyone knows the Backstreet Boys. So he’s your boyfriend?”
“No. He’s a friend. Giving me ride back to home to New York.”
“Alright. You can come out the car now.”

I moved carefully out the car and officer Swan helped me to not get scratch by the glass.
She walked me to inside to motel to sit down. She gave me some water and blanket around me.

“I’m going outside to see your friend. Motel owner’s daughter is here and she will look after you.”
“Did you see, Nick? Is he in bad shape?”
“Just bruises.”

It was crazy day. Nick tried to safe me from that awful man. If he couldn’t come on time, who knows what he could’ve do to me. I don’t know how long I was sitting there when I heard Nick calling me when motel lobby room door opened.

“Cara… You are okay.”
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah. Just black eye and head ache. I told you to wait in the car.”
“I know you did, but I couldn’t find my cellphone.”
“And you decided to get out and search your whole bag?”
“Yes. And then this man…”
“Hey… It’s over now. Want to call your mom now?”
“How? I can’t find my cellphone.”
“I got us a room. We can go in there and we use mine.”
“You don’t have my mom’s number.”
“Nope, but I got it from Kevin.”
“You told Kevin what happened here?”
“Of course I did. He’s so worried. He’s actually glad I was with you.”

We walked to our motel room and I search the place to member where was what. Front doors left side was door to bathroom, right side of the door couch near the window. Next to bathroom door was chest of drawers and TV on the top of it on the wall. Then I felt the cold surface and I knew what that was. It’s mini fridge. I kept searching the room and then I touch the bed. I crawled on it and smiled.

“Oh man this bed is comfy.”
“You hungry?”
“What’s in the mini fridge?”

I heard Nick walk to mini fridge and open the fridge door.

“Some coke, water, wine in the mini bottles… Sandwiches. Crackers…”
“Wine sounds nice.”
“You sure you want to get drunk?”
“I never had wine before. Can we?”
“Sure. Want some sandwiches?”
“Yes. What flavors?”
“Ham and chicken.”
“I’ll have chicken.”
“Great… There’s goes my diet.”

I smiled when I heard him sighs deeply.

“You can have it. I can take ham.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah. If you are on diet then…”

We ate and drank some wine. That was the grosses wine ever. I bet other kind of wines are much better than this. After I had drank my wine, I decided to have some water. After eating, Nick decided to go have a shower. He needed after fighting with that man in the parking lot. I decided to change my clothes to pj’s while Nick was in the shower. I couldn’t help but smile the idea to sleep next to Nick another night. I was going to be warm all night. No interruptions. I was taking my shirt off when I heard bathroom door open and Nick called my name.

“Hey Cara…”

I froze and covered my chest with my shirt. I heard him stop on his tracks.

“Oh Gosh I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. What is it?”
“Just thought maybe you want to have shower before me.”
“No I’m fine. Thanks.”

I smiled and waited to hear when he walks back to bathroom. I heard his footsteps, but was walking closer to me. I felt his breath on my neck. I get shivers in my back. My bare back. His fingers were moving slowly on my back

“I haven’t notice your scars before.”

Great. He was looking at my scars on my back. I needed to feel his touch again. I turned to his direction. It was really hard to know if he was watching my face or something else.

“They are from the accident. I don’t like people seeing them.”
“I’m really sorry what happened, Cara.”
“You don’t need to be sorry.”
“I do. It was my 20th birthday. I shouldn’t have invited you and Gerard.”
“Nick stop… It’s not your fault, okay.”
“I can’t help it. Now that I saw your scars…”

He makes me turn around to show them again and touches them with his thump. I got shivers again all over my body. I wasn’t moving. I was waiting his next move to do something, but he just touched my scar lines. I didn’t want to be like this whole night so I just dropped the shirt and moved to search my pj’s shirt on me. I didn’t hear him walking away. He must’ve got shocked that I allowed him to see my bare chest. I wasn’t wearing any bras under my shirt. I had smallest breasts ever. I finally find the shirt I was looking for from my messy bag. I didn’t know if Nick was watching me or has he turned around.

“Are you still looking at my back?”

I swear I hear him gulp or sigh deep. He must’ve looked at my breasts.

“Weren’t you going to shower?”
“Yeah. You just surprised me with being topless.”
“It’s ok. You had seen boobs before. I’m not embarrassing about it. I can’t see how you react so…”

I heard him walking back in the bathroom. I smiled and wondered if he was blushing when he saw me topless. I wonder what he would think about my whole naked body. Was he going to be speechless and embarrassing about it? So I decided to just wear my panties tonight to sleep on.
I removed my jeans and socks off and then crawled on bed to under covers. I heard shower going on and then off. 10 minutes later I heard bathroom door open and him walking around the room.
Now it could be handy to have my sight to see if he had towel on or not. I tried to pretend to be fall asleep, but it was hopeless.

“Cara… Are you sleeping naked?”
“Then why your pj’s is in the bag and other clothes on the floor?”
“It’s too hot to sleep. I’m not naked though.”
“Hard to believe that. Come on, Cara.”
“What? I’m not.”

I got out the covers and showed him I’m not naked. Kind of.

“That’s naked for sure.”
“I’m wearing panties. How’s that naked?”
“Because dear, Cara… They are see through.”

I was now shocked to hear that my panties are see through. I tried to think where I had bought these panties from. I was so embarrassed now. I heard Nick chuckled and get to bed.

“Why are you laughing?”
“I don’t know what got into you. Why are you all of suddenly being naked around me?”
“I told you. It’s hot in here.”
“So you take off your all clothes?”
“What should I do then, huh?”
“Go to cold shower. That’s what I did.”
“No. You need to suck it up. I’m sleep like this.”

I get under covers again and started to sleep. I heard a click sound. He must’ve shut the lights off.
As me being blind, my whole life is just blackness. This night is so much different from last night.
I was being “naked”, wasn’t cuddled up to Nick to his warm body. I was lying when I said I was feeling hot. I was starting to shiver little and I knew Nick notice it. I felt him moved closer to me and I felt his heat right up. He put his arms around me, but not under blanket. He was being nice to know touches my bare upper body. I was feeling good now. This is what I want: Me and Nick close to each other and no interruptions. I wish I never woke up to this comfortable situation.
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