The Real House Of Carter by Eleonora
Summary: Aaron & Ele fall in love and everything seems to be doing fine until... read on if you wanna know about trouble in paradise...
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2. Chapter 2 by Eleonora

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Chapter 1 by Eleonora
Author's Notes:
Hello everybody this is like the very first fiction I've ever wrote in english (I am italian) so bare with me if you found any grammar mistakes... I proof readed this a million times but still... I hope you all like it... if you can please please please leave me a comment aight?? thanx!
Ele looked inside the club and entered straight into the VIP section. She didn’t want to be bothered or something by fans. It wasn’t that fans bothered her; it was just that there were times when she felt she couldn’t be nice with people, especially when she was angry or sad about something. And that day was one of those times. She loved her fans, though, and would do anything to make them happy, this is why she decided to hide in the VIP section waiting for her brother Andrea, the owner of the club, to come and hang with her.
“Hey, what’s the matter?” he asked sitting next to her in the loveseat, noticing her sad expression.
“Hey… I broke up with Josh…”
Andrea couldn’t help but smile. “It was damn time!” he exclaimed.
“I take it you’re happy about it…” she rolled her eyes.
“Well… I wouldn’t be if only he wasn’t the damn asshole he is! He treated you like $hit and cheated on you twice! I really don’t know why you kept coming back!”
“I don’t know… maybe ‘cause deep inside I felt like… maybe I had feelings for him…”
“Please, tell you don’t have ‘em anymore nor you never had ‘em and were only imagining things!?”
She let out a soft laugh. “No, I don’t… But…”
“But what?” he asked noticing how his little sister looked deep in thoughts.
“You know… I love singing, performing and all that stuff, I just… guys don’t see me as a normal girl they could date… they see me as something they can show off to their friends and brag about all the time… I don’t want that…”
“Well, maybe you should start dating someone IN the business…”
“Are you saying I should hook up with a celebrity?”
“Well… there are a lot of guys that would die to have a chance with you… hell, you’re really famous!” he laughed. “But if you feel like they can’t understand you, maybe you should try looking around somewhere else…”
She thought about what her brother had just told her. He was right after all. She never had a celebrity relationship…
“Just think about it, ok?” he told her softly, kissing her cheek and standing up. “I gotta go see if some of my friends are here… don’t go anywhere…”
She nodded smiling a little, all the while watching him go downstairs, near the exit door.
She didn’t know personally any celebrity her age, which was very unfair because her brother, being the owner of one of the hottest club in Los Angeles, knew so many people… no, she could never ask him something like that… she didn’t want to start dating someone and then having the feeling of being with someone that her brother had previously chosen for her. She knew herself so well!
She suddenly felt thirsty, so she headed towards the bar. She didn’t pay much attention to where she was going, and that’s when she realized she had bumped into someone and had fallen to the ground, butt first.
“Oh God, I’m so sorry…” she heard someone say to her. It sounded like a man voice, but with the music being that loud, she couldn’t trust her own ears.
When she lifted her eyes, she was surprised to see Aaron Carter offering his hand to help her get off the floor.
“It’s ok, I… I wasn’t looking where I was going, either…”
“No, it’s my fault; really…” he helped her up. “I’m Aaron, by the way…” he told her.
“I’m sorry, I really need to get going…” she told him seeing her brother coming towards them. “See ya around Aaron…” and with that she ran to the ladies bathroom.
Aaron didn’t have much of time to understand what was going on and could only follow the beautiful girl with his eyes as she ran away from him. Was she scared?
“Hey, buddy, you came!”
Aaron heard his friend Andrea say, so he turned around and smiled at him, trying to forgive what had just happened. “Yeah, I love your place… lot of hot girls…” he said kicking himself mentally.
His friend laughed. “Seen anything interesting yet?”
“Actually, yes… but she ran away, though… maybe she has a boyfriend…” he admitted.
“I don’t believe it, Air… no girl could ever ran away from you…”
Aaron laughed and looked around to see if he could spot her somewhere. “Maybe next time…”
“Well, my little sister’s here…”
“Your sister as in… the singer?”
“Yeah… She’s my only sister, you know?” he said sarcastically. “I was gonna go look for her, wanna come with me? I promised I was gonna hang with her tonight…”
“Yeah, sure…”
Aaron then followed him back to the VIP section. He still kept looking around to see if “his” girl was anywhere in sight. That’s when he heard his friend call “Ele!” and turned around to look where Andrea was looking, too. He couldn’t believe it. “His” girl was Andrea’s little sister? No way! She was… gorgeous! And the only thing he could do was staring at her.
“Hey Ele, this is Aaron Carter…”
Aaron watched her grin and flash him a very beautiful smile, giving him her hand to shake. He accepted it, immediately.
“Nice to meet you, Aaron… I’m Ele…” she added.
“Well, it’s nice to finally know your name…”
“Sorry ‘bout before, I was rude to you…”
“Naw, it’s ok…”
Andrea eyed the couple suspiciously, then exclaimed: “Ok, why do I have the feeling you guys are hiding something from me?”
Aaron and Ele laughed. “We bumped into each other right before you came looking for me,” he explained. “… but I had no clue she was your sister…”
“Oh, so she’s the girl who ran away from ya, buddy?” asked Andrea trying hard not to laugh in his friend’s face. He didn’t succeed though, also because his sister was smirking proudly.
“Yeah…” muttered Aaron, red as a tomato.
“Don’t worry, she does that all the time!”
“Do not!” Ele finally broke into the conversation. “And if you haven’t noticed, I’m still here, ya know?”
“Sorry, E…” her brother told her, kissing her cheek.
“Whatever…” she rolled her eyes.
Just then one of Andrea’s assistant came into the room to tell him something. Andrea excused himself and left Ele alone with Aaron.
“So…” she started. “Again, I’m sorry about before…”
“It’s no biggie, seriously… You should stop apologizing… You’re the one that fell after all…” he grinned.
“You know what? I’m glad I decided to come here tonight…” she told him honestly, smiling.
“You were supposed to be somewhere else?”
“No, I… I just broke up with my ex but hey… who cares about him… I’m not the one who cheated on him twice…”
He looked at her smiling sympathetically, unsure of what was best to tell her under these circumstances: he know exactly how she felt because his last steady girlfriend had cheated on him, and at the time he felt like he couldn’t trust any other girl. But now… now he was just glad he had bumped into her.
Seeing him deep in thoughts and silent, she covered her face with both her hands. “I’m so, so, so sorry! I didn’t want to bother you with my messed up life!”
He gently reached for her and took her hands in his, uncovering her face. “Hey, it’s ok… I don’t mind, really… and you’re not bothering me, that’s for sure!”
She smiled. A genuine smile that made Aaron stare at her mesmerized. “Thanks…” she felt a little embarrassed because of him staring, but she decided to play it cool anyways. “Hey, before we collided I was about to go take a drink… wanna come with me?” she asked sweetly in the best girlie voice she could master.
“Sure thing!”
She stood up, and Aaron knew right away that the only thing he could do was follow her. And he did.
Chapter 2 by Eleonora
It was already 3 AM and Ele had the best night ever! Aaron was a very easy-going guy and she had a really good time just sitting and talking to him about the most stupid things… they laughed most of the time, just reminiscing good old memories from when they were younger. Then they talked about being famous and all the fans… she felt like she had known Aaron her entire life.
“It was nice talking to ya, Aaron, but…” she looked at her watch. “… I need to go home now… I have rehearsals tomorrow…” she smiled.
“Don’t worry, I need to get going too…” They stood up. “Want me to walk you to your car?” he offered.
“No, it’s fine… I still have to find my brother so… I guess I’ll see you around…”
“Yeah…” he said, deep inside he didn’t want her to go.
“Ok, so… bye Aaron…” from playing it cool she went to being all shy. And she seriously didn’t like it.
“Bye…” he answered, getting dangerously close to her.
Surprisingly, he hugged her and when they let go he smiled. That’s when she felt her heart melting.
Turning around, she walked towards the doors swinging her hips more than usual, because she knew he was watching her and she felt the need of getting his attention one last time.

She stopped at her brother office, told him she was leaving, the headed home.
Her cat Miný was sleeping on the couch, but awoke when she sat next to her. “Hey Miný…”
The cat responded by stirring then laying on her lap.
She petted her for a while but she was too tired (but at the same time too excited) to just sit there. She needed to get some sleep.

The next day Ele went rehearsing. She was gonna perform at the MTV Movie Awards, so she had to dance and sing perfectly. After four hours of non-stop dancing, her choreographer called it a day. She dressed quickly and couldn’t wait to get back home.
She was about to enter her car when someone called her name. Turning around, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Josh was there. Sure enough, she could also see a lot of photographers recognizing her and approaching her.
“Ele, hey… can we talk?” Josh asked reaching her.
“I don’t think I want to talk to you… not after what you did to me!” she said angry.
He looked sad. “Good actor,” she thought to herself.
“E, let me explain… I never meant to…”
“Never meant to what? Cheat on me twice? Please, just… I don’t wanna deal with your crap because guess what? It’s over!”
“It can’t be over!” he used his hands for emphasis. Because he knew paparazzi were behind him. And because he knew they were snapping pictures.
She sighed deeply. “You know what? You’re lucky that my bodyguard’s not here right now!”
“E, I love you…”
“I don’t care about you anymore, can’t you see that? You need to get a life… you need to move on! And you should stop this thing, because I know that the only reason you went out with me was because I’m famous!”
“That’s not true, I swear! I would have dated you even if you were a regular girl!”
“Guess what Josh? I AM a regular girl!”

Aaron was walking towards the studio where he would meet a new producer, when she saw a little crowd in the parking lot. He got closer, and noticed that two people were arguing, and paparazzi were happily snapping pictures at the duo. Getting some more closer, he noticed that Ele was there. And she looked upset. He needed to do something.
Being that close, he could hear their conversation, and from what he heard, he assumed that this guys was the infamous ex boyfriend Ele was talking about last night.

“Baby, I’m sorry I’m late…”
Ele felt an unfamiliar arm reach for her and pull her close to a body. She lifted her eyes and… Aaron?
She looked confused at him, but he was already telling her with his own eyes to play the game along with him.
“Don’t worry…” she answered, her voice cracking.
He kissed her cheek for effect.
“Hey, who the hell are you?” Josh asked angrily, stepping closer to Aaron, ready to punch him.
“I should be asking YOU this question, since you’re bothering ma girl!” answered Aaron with his best ghetto voice, eyeing him up and down.
“Ele, what’s going on?”
“Josh, this is my new boyfriend, Aaron…”
“What do you mean, new boyfriend? We broke up two days ago!” he was now aggravated.
“Exactly… as I was telling you before… you need to move on… just like I did!”
“Now, if you don’t mind, we need to go…” was what Aaron added before gently escorting her back inside the building, leaving Josh and the paparazzi behind.
Once they were inside…
“Are you ok?” he asked, gently.
“Yeah, thanks for rescuing me… I didn’t know what to do anymore… he was starting to get to me… He’s really annoying…”
“Yeah… I noticed…”
“Anyways, what are you doing here?”
“I have to meet a new producer… I probably will start working on my album soon, so…”
“Well… I’ll let you go, then…”
“Oh, ok…” he seemed sad thinking about having to say goodbye to her.
“Thanks again…”
She hugged him quickly, then headed to the doors.
“Hey, Ele?” he called her back.
“Can… Can I have your number?” he asked unsure.
She smiled. He was so cute when he was embarrassed! Actually, she found him cute all the time! He had the cutest mannerism ever! “Stop it E!” she said to herself.
He watched her reach for a pen inside her purse, then she took his hand and wrote something on it.
When she was done, he read it over. “555-34506, you better call me! :))”
He smiled. “I will!”
“Okay, now… I really have to go!”
She smiled, then left for the second time.
Chapter 3 by Eleonora
Aaron found it difficult to concentrate while he was listening to Lou Pearlman, his manager, talk about something.
“Aaron? Did you hear what I just said?”
Aaron snapped back to reality and finally looked at the older man sitting in front of him.
“Yeah, whatever…”
“So, do you wanna go the Movie Awards with your siblings?”
He thought about it quickly. “Yeah, sure… Nick wanted to go, so I’ll go too…”
“Ok, good… Since you seem really out of it today, go home… I’ll call you tomorrow to give you details for the limo and such…”
“Ok cool…”
“Oh, and Aaron?”
Aaron turned around. “Yes?”
“Stop thinking about girls… we have work to do!”
He rolled his eyes at him then left the office in no time and went straight for his car. He started the ignition and drove home, thinking that maybe he needed to find a new manager. All Lou was worried about was making money… But he was 18 after all, and girls were definitely in his top three priorities.
Everyone was already home: Nick, BJ, Leslie, Angel and of course the crew for the reality show. He put on a happy smile and went inside.
It was nice living with his siblings again, all together. He knew he was gonna have a blast at the Movie Awards with them.
After telling them he was going to the Awards with them, he excused himself and went to his room: he desperately needed a shower… maybe it could have helped him take Ele off of his mind.

“… and then… oh, thank God Aaron came and rescued me…” Ele finished explaining her brother what had happened earlier.
“He did?” Andrea asked surprised.
“Yeah… we made Josh think we were together!!” she smiled evilly.
“Ele, can I ask you a question? And promise me you’re gonna answer honestly…”
“I’ll try! Now, shoot!”
“Do you have a crush on Aaron?”
She looked at her bother, her eyes opened wide. “What?”
“I don’t know, it’s like… ever since you met him, that’s all you can talk about… Aaron here, Aaron there…”
“Are you jealous?” she smirked.
“No, I’m not… I just wanna know if I need to worry about him or not!”
“Why should you? I mean… just yesterday you were all like “maybe you should date a celebrity” and now you’re telling me this? I don’t understand…”
“I didn’t mean it like that… I’m you’re older brother, ok? No matter who you’re gonna date, I will always have to make sure that guys know they’re gonna be in so much trouble if they mess up with my little sister!” he answered softly.
“So, if I told you that maybe, just maybe, I’d wanna go out with Aaron…”
“… I’ll make sure I’m gonna have a talk with him…” he ended her sentence, causing her to laugh.
“Well, we met yesterday… it’s not like we’re dating…”
“… yet…” he finished her sentence once again.
“Will you stop it?” she asked laughing.
“I’m sorry… but if he doesn’t ask you out it means that he doesn’t know what he’s missing…”
Before she had a chance of telling him how much his support meant to her, a crewmember from MTV entered the living room to announce that they were able to start shooting again.
The show MTV Diary was going to have a special about Ele, so now everywhere she turned she could only see cameras and people behind cameras. It was kinda scaring in a way, to have so many people in her house… but she knew her fans would have been happy to see her on TV, so she let cameras follow her and did her best to look happy about it.
“You know who’s shooting a reality show?” Andrea asked, and to Ele, he sounded like a little kid who just wanted to annoy people.
“Who is?” she asked rolling her eyes.
“Aaron Carter…”
“And your point is?”
“Never mind… you really need to start joking more…” he feigned of being insulted, and Ele laughed one more time following him back to the kitchen.
Chapter 4 by Eleonora
“E? You ready?” Andrea shouted at the bottom of the stairs. They had decided that he was going to be Ele’s date for the Movie Awards, so now he was, waiting for his sister.
“COMING!” she shouted back, getting out of her room.
“The limo’s waiting outside…” he informed her, watching her take her purse and check that everything was inside.
“Ok, let’s go…”
They got out, and sure enough a very black limo was parked right in front of the house.

The two arrived at the Movie Awards thirty minutes later. There were a lot of fans and paparazzi too, and when she got out of the limo she was welcomed with thousands of cameras’ flashes.
They posed together for some official pictures of the show, then started walking on the red carpet, approaching the main entrance.

Aaron was posing with his siblings on the red carpet of the annual MTV Movie Awards, when suddenly he heard fans screaming much louder. Turning around he saw yet another limo pull up, and the door open. His heart almost skipped a beat when he saw Ele get out of the limo with her brother. She was beautiful, with a very simple — yet stylish — pale-pink dress.
“Heart to Aaron…” Nick tried calling him, automatically looking in the same direction his brother was looking, well… staring.
“Isn’t that Andrea?” he asked noticing his friend.
Aaron turned back around, facing his older brother once again. “Yeah…”
“Who’s the girl with him? His new girl?”
“That’s… That’s Ele…” he blushed. “His sister…”
Nick watched his little brother getting red in the face and smiled, very much amused. “Oh, I understand…”
“Can we get inside, please?” Aaron asked nervously, trying to change subject.
“Sure bro…”
Once inside, Aaron kept looking around. And a couple of minutes later, he finally spotted her. She was standing all alone and looked kinda bored.
“Guys, I’ll be back in a minute…”
Nick nodded, so Aaron patted his brother’s back, leaving.

“Hey Ele!”
He approached her.
“Aaron! What are you doing here?” she asked, smiling.
He couldn’t help but notice that she seemed genuinely happy to see him.
“I am attending the show with my siblings… we need to shoot a couple of scene for our reality show…”
“Sounds fun…”
“Yeah… what about you?”
“I am one of the performers…”
“Then I can’t wait to see you out there…”
She smiled. “Thanks…”
“Where’s Andrea?” he asked.
“He went looking for the crew… we’re shooting MTV Diary of…”
“So it’s like… I see your show on TV and you see mine…”
“Exactly…” They both laughed. “But I guess I won’t have to wait till your show premiers on TV, right?” she asked, flirting a bit.
“And why’s that?” he asked flirting back.
“Because I’m your favorite girl… and every ‘favorite girl’ got to have something special…”
He smiled, ecstatic about hearing her say something like that. “Yeah, you definitely are…”
She tried to hide her excitement, knowing he cared so much about her. “So, I’ll provide exclusive footage of my show and you’ll let me have a sneak preview of yours in return… whatcha think?”
He gazed deeply in her chocolate brown eyes. “I could never say no to those eyes…”
She smiled bigger. “Ok, then we have a deal!”

“… So you’re shooting MTV Diary, right?”
Ele was sitting with Andrea doing an interview. The show was to start in half an hour so her manager had set that interview to promote the show they were shooting.
“Yes, it’s gonna be mainly about me, but Andrea will be in it as much as I will…”
Andrea smiled.
“Cool… I heard you manage a club in LA downtown…”
“Yep,” he said. “The club is actually mine, so I pretty much do everything… she helps me, though…”
“Yeah, when I’m not busy I like to help him out a little bit, but you’ll see that on the show…” she added.
“Are you guys living together?”
“We are, for the show… but I just bought my own house, so once we finish with the shooting I’ll probably move there…”
“Are you excited about performing here tonight?”
She smiled nervously. “I am… because I’m performing in front of very important people and some of them, like Christina Aguilera, are going to perform too… so I just hope I won’t mess up…”
“Well, don’t worry about it, we know you’re gonna do just fine… good luck!”
She smiled looking straight at the camera and waited for the little red light on it to turn off. That was her cue to say goodbye and leave.
Then her manager came up to escort them inside.
Getting in the arena she could see Aaron talking to a very beautiful girl with long brown hair.
“That’s your place guys… I’m gonna come take you when you have to be on stage, girl, ok?” her manager told her. She smiled and nodded.
“See you later…”
They sat down and started chatting, waiting for the show to start.

“Angel, will you stop it, please?” Aaron asked his sister in frustration.
“I wanna know!” she whined.
“I’ll tell you later, ok?” he looked behind her and noticed Nick, BJ and Leslie approaching them.
“Hey, let’s go sit…” said Nick walking towards their seats.
He looked at the names on them, but when he looked up he recognized Andrea.
“Yo, man!” he told him, while Andrea stood up to shake his hand.
“Nick… how are ya doing buddy?”
“Same old, same old…”
“Oh, hey… this is my sister Ele… Ele, meet Nick Carter…”
She offered him her hand, and he accepted it immediately. “Nice to meet you Ele…”
“You too…” she smiled.
… that’s when Ele noticed Aaron coming by and once he saw her, his face lit up.
She automatically blushed… because that was the only thing she could do.
Chapter 5 by Eleonora
Ele walked back into her bedroom, knowing that if she wanted a little bit of privacy, that was the only place she could go and hide for a moment from the camera.
She noticed a magazine sitting at the bottom of her bed and immediately went for it, looking at the cover. Her eyes widened.
There was a very big picture of her and Aaron outside the studio the day he had rescued her from Josh, and then in the corner there was a smaller picture of both of them again, smiling at each other while they were talking at the Movie Awards.
The title was even more explicit: “Singer Ele Brown is Aaron Carter’s new girl!”
She immediately opened it and went straight on page 9, where the article about them had been printed on five different pages! It was mainly made up of pictures of them outside the studio and at the Awards. She couldn’t believe it! Just because he had kissed her cheek and talked with her she was now his girlfriend?
She read through the article but it didn’t give much info. It said that they were spotted “numerous times spending some time alone and acting in love”. The reporter even claimed that Aaron was protecting her “from a fan that had tried to attack her outside the studio”. But that was simply Josh, her ex-boyfriend.
She closed the magazine and put it aside, sighing deeply. What was she supposed to do now? How would Aaron react to that?
Ignoring her own questions, she joined her brother back in the living room, where the cameras where still filming.
“I am going to the club tonight… you coming?”
He asked once she entered the room.
“I think so… whatcha doing?”
Her brother handed her a piece of paper with a list on it. “This is what we need… we should probably go to the grocery… or else we don’t have anything to eat tonight…”
“Aight, I’ll go change… ready in a minute…”
She jogged up the stairs, and in the meantime Andrea and the crew from the show discussed about how many people were going to follow them in the car and at the shop. She was back downstairs five minutes later.
“Ready?” he asked.

“Do we really need mushrooms?” Ele asked examining the list once again. “You know I hate them!”
“So what? I like them!” her brother answered pulling a bag full of mushrooms in their cart.
“Ok…” she said rolling her eyes, but before she had a chance of adding something else, her cell started ringing.
She took it out of her jeans’ back pocket and looked at the little screen. Aaron.
“I need to take this… Be back in a minute…”
“’s ok!” he called after her.

When she was safely outside the store, and when she was sure that no camera or crewmember or what-so-ever had followed her, she opened her telephone and answered.
“Hey E… It’s me, Aaron…” he seemed kind of upset.
“Hey, you ok?”
“Yeah, I… my sister just told me there are like… some rumors…”
She sighed. “I know… I read something on a magazine… they saw us outside the studio and at the MA, and now everyone thinks we are together just cause we were talking and stuff…”
“Are you mad?” he asked disappointed.
“No…” she quickly answered. This was not how she had planned whatever was going on between her and Aaron to be. “Don’t get me wrong… I’m just disappointed what’s going on between you and me is none of their business! I just don’t want them to ruin anything between the two of us, that’s all…”
“I’m sorry…”
“You have nothing to be sorry about… I just…”
“E, I don’t care about them… and they won’t ruin anything, cause they can say whatever they want… It doesn’t matter… I wanted to ask you out on a date or something, and I’m sorry I have to ask you over the phone, but will you go out with me?”
Ele laughed because it looked like he wasn’t breathing: he had asked her out talking so fast that for a second she thought she was hearing things.
“I’d love to…”
“Cool!” he chuckled and she laughed again. “So, how does tonight sounds to ya?”
“It sounds good… Are you picking me up?”
“’Course I do! I’m a gentleman!” he laughed. “7 pm, at your brother’s house… I’ll make sure to avoid cameras…”
“Well, are you gonna tell me how I need to dress?”
“You know, I’m tempted to say “underwear only” or “bikini” but I guess you won’t like that answer so I’ll say casual will do good… especially cause we’re gonna go eat and then maybe hit some club… unless you want to do something different, cause I’m up for anything!”
She laughed. Aaron was so silly when he wanted to!
“Dinner and clubbing are fine… Ok, gentleman, I’ll see you tonight then…”
“Can’t wait… See you tonight baby…” he said.
That’s when she knew she was officially in Heaven: he had called her “baby”!
Chapter 6 by Eleonora
“No… No… No… No… and NO!” Ele said getting more and more frustrated as she rummaged through her clothes. It was already 5 PM and she still had to find something to wear for her date with Aaron. She wanted to look good and impress him, being casual and classy at the same time.
She heard the door open, turning around she saw her brother’s head peering inside. “You ok? I heard screaming…”
She motioned for him to come inside and close the door.
“I’m going on a date…”
“Oh…” he said disappointed. “With?”
“… and?”
“And I don’t have anything to wear! He said “dress casual” but all my clothes are so…”
“… what’s wrong with your clothes? You have hundreds of them, I bet you can find something!”
“I know… but all of them seem so inappropriate… I don’t want Aaron to think I’m a slut or something…”
“E, you NEVER look like a slut, ok?”
“But what if he thinks so?”
“You really like him, huh?” he smiled.
She blushed looking at the floor. “He is the first guy that is really trying to figure me out, like… I don’t know, he actually waited before asking me out! While Josh has asked me out two hours after we met… Aaron is different… he talks WITH me not ABOUT me! He is funny… he tries to make me laugh all the time… and he is cute… he’s the opposite of everything that’s Josh…”
“Well, good for you! If he likes you then just go out with him and have a good time… I can see that he’s making you happy, so… even if I’m jealous cause he “do-stuff-I-don’t-wanna-know-about” with my little sister, I want you to be happy…”
Ele laughed. “We don’t do stuff, ok?” she laughed harder as her brother covered her ears and made a face. “At least not yet!” she added smiling coyly.
“Thanks for giving me free nightmares tonight!”
“Now go, cause it’s late and I really need to get ready!”
He smiled at her then left the room.

Aaron was getting ready for his date when his cell rang. Picking it up he could read “Andrea” on the screen.
“First of all, she’s my baby sister so you hurt her and I’ll hurt you…”
“Andrea… I have sisters, remember?”
“Yeah, but I’ve got only one while you have so many… I just want to know if you’re serious about this, cause from what I know she really likes you… so if you’re going out with her only because you want to “do stuff” (and I’m not saying what “stuff” cause you know what “stuff” I’m talking about!) then call her like now and never show up at my club ever again!”
“Whoa man, just chill… Andy, I really like your sister, I am interested in getting to know her more and I’d love to “do stuff” with her but only if she wants to do them too. So no, I’m not calling her and ditch her tonight, cool? I’m gonna come pick her up at seven, I’m gonna take her to dinner and then we’ll probably go to a club, most likely yours… so I’ll see you later, bye!”
“You better not screw up, ok?”
“I won’t…”
“Good… and get her some flowers…”
“Already got ‘em…” Aaron answered proudly.
“Cool… and get here on time…”
“Andrea, you’re gonna make me be late… So I’m hanging up NOW, k? Bye!”
“Yeah, bye…”

It was 5 to 7 when Ele heard the doorbell rang. She quickly looked around the room desperate to finish her make up. She had expected for Aaron to be on time, but not this early!
She heard footsteps outside her room and then Andrea call for her from outside the door.
“Hey, Aaron’s here… want me to tell him to come back in half an hour?”
“Very funny… Actually,” she opened the door. “… I am ready, so…”
“Wow, you look beautiful!” he told her kissing her cheek.
“Promise me you’ll behave…”
“I’ll try…” she answered while they were both descending the stairs.
Looking around the room she noticed Aaron standing next to the door. Surprisingly, there were no cameras.
“Where’s everyone?” she said, referring to the crew people.
“I sent ‘em on a little break, so you too can have some privacy…” her brother answered. “Have fun guys… I’ll see you at the club?”
“Yeah, we’ll be there once we’re done with dinner…” Aaron answered for both.
“Cool… bye…” Andrea said kissing his sister’s cheek one last time and giving Aaron a warning glare.
“Bye…” Ele and Aaron responded at the same time.
They quickly hopped into Aaron’s car and left before the cameras had a chance to catch them.
“You’re beautiful…” Aaron said trying to break the ice. They have been silent ever since they drove away from her house.
“Thanks… so are you…” she told him blushing.
He smiled looking briefly at her before returning his attention back to the road.
“So, we are we going?” she tried to change the subject.
“We are going to an Italian restaurant… It’s a cool place, I’ve been there a couple of times with my brother… and the food is delicious…”
“I take it you like Italian dishes…”
“Indeed I do! What about you?”
“Well, since I’m half Italian, yeah… I like it very much…”
“Then I guess I picked the right one…” he added parking the car in front of a nice Italian restaurant. He had told her to wait and quickly he ran towards her side and opened the door for her. He really was a gentleman.
“Ready?” he asked taking her hand in his.
She blushed again, hating the fact that everything he did was making her blush and look like a 13 years old.
They walked inside, hand in hand, and were greeted at the door by one of the waiter.
“Good evening sir, do you have a reservation?”
“Yes, a table for two… name’s Carter…”
The man looked at the list before he smiled.
“This way…” he motioned for them to follow him and so they did, still hand in hand.
He stopped at a very secluded table in the back of the restaurant and waited for them to sit before he handed both a menu.
“Here you go. I’ll be back in a minute to take your orders…” he said, then left.
They smiled at each other while inspecting the menus.
“I think I’ll have spaghetti… I haven’t had ‘em in ages!” he said.
“They have so many things… It’s hard to choose something…”
Aaron laughed at her expression. “You can take everything you want, you know?”
“I don’t think I’ll be able to eat THAT much!” she laughed. “I’ll have lasagne, that’s it…” she closed her menu.
“Ok… want anything else?”
“Nah… that’s fine…”
Just then the waiter came back, ready to take their orders.
“… what would you like to drink?”
Aaron was about to answer but she preceded him.
“Do you have any red wine?”
“Yes miss, we have a great Chianti from 1998, is that fine?”
“Yes, it’s great, we’ll have it, thanks…”
He smiled scribbling the last order on his little notebook, then took the menus and left.
“I didn’t know you knew something about wines…” Aaron told her.
“Well, my dad and my grandfather used to make wine back in Italy so they taught me something about it…”
“That sounds like fun…”
“It is… It was also very good…” she smiled.
“So… your parents are still in Italy?”
“They are now cause they’re visiting my relatives and everything, but they’ll be back in the US probably around the end of the year…”
“But that’s like… in four months…” he asked confused. He never spent that much time visiting boring old relatives… but then again, his family was something different…
“I know… my parents are like this… they said that now that me and Andrea are adults they want to spend some time alone, just the two of ‘em… I don’t mind, as long as they’ll come back here… What about you? How is it living with your siblings?”
“I think you know…” he laughed. “It’s great, cause we’ve been living apart for so long… It’s a good way of getting to know each other again… even though they always blame me for everything…”
“That’s what Andrea does too!” she exclaimed. “Like, the other day his stupid dog peed on a carpet and he kept saying it was my cat’s pee… but cats don’t do that thing! They have their own toilet and they go there, you know?”
“You have a cat?”
“Yeah… I don’t like dogs that much… I love cats much better cause they don’t need as many attentions as dogs do…”
“That’s what Leslie always says… she prefers cats over dogs and I think sometimes she can’t stand all of the dogs in our house… we have so many…” he laughed.
“Well, as long as you like them…”
“I like them, but the other day Nick’s dog made me go so mad… but you’ll see that on the show…”
He smiled as the waiter had brought them their drinks.
“Oh, please you have to tell me, I’m curious!” she whined, hoping to get him to tell her.
He laughed. “Well, a certain someone had told me she would provide exclusive footage of her show… but she never showed me anything, so… if she wants to know, she has to make me see something worth my story!”
She made the best puppy face she could master and he shook his head. “… don’t try that non me, missy… we had a deal!”
“You’re mean…” she whined again.
“Thanks, you’re gorgeous too!” he smiled taking a sip of his drink.
Chapter 7 by Eleonora
They finished their meal a couple of hours later. Aaron, being the gentleman he was, had paid for both even though she insisted that she wanted to pay her own thing.
Then, they hopped again in Aaron’s car and reached the club.
Again, they walked inside hand in hand, and this time it was Ele who dragged him around trying to find her brother.
“I can’t see him…” she told Aaron looking around.
“Maybe he’s in the VIP section or in his office…”
She considered it. “Ok, let’s go check VIP first…”
They easily slid into the VIP section but Andrea was still nowhere in sight.
Ele decided to ask one of the bodyguard, who told her he had just went away but was to come back in probably an hour. She thanked him then joined back Aaron on the loveseat.

“He’s not here…” she sat down. “But he’s coming back… so we have like… an hour before he’ll play third wheel to annoy us…”
He nodded. “I wanna dance!” he suddenly lifted himself up dragging her along on the dance floor. She squealed and giggled, following him suit.
They started dancing immediately, and she had to admit that dancing with Aaron was quite and experience, because he was very good at it. That’s why at one point she started grinding back to show him she had some moves too.
… and dancing was starting to really get to them, because Aaron pulled her closer and leaned in, kissing her softly on her lips.

“So… hum… thanx for tonight, I really had a good time…” Ele said to Aaron. He had brought her back home and now they were standing in front of the door, facing each other.
“Me too…” he told her leaning in to see if it was okay with her if he kissed her one last time. But she smiled and actually kissed him before he had a chance to.
They parted a couple of minutes later, desperately in need of air.
“One of my best friend is throwing a party at his house tomorrow… and since camera’s won’t be there… will you go with me?”
“Sure… what time?”
“I’ll pick you up at five cause it’s more like a beach party… so we’re eating there…”
“Cool… now if I ask you how to dress you can say…”
She left the sentence unfinished because smiling, he added… “Bikini baby!!” laughing happily.
“Don’t get too excited though, cause that’s not the only thing I’m wearing, ok?”
“I know… that sucks!” he tried to make a sad face, but erupted in laughter when she hit him lightly on his arm exclaiming “Hey!”
“Just joking… anyway, we need to talk, so hopefully we can do that peacefully…”
She looked at him confused. “Oh…” she then told him floored.
He kissed her cheek to reassure her. “Don’t worry… I just gotta ask you something, privately…”
Ele smiled. “Ok then…”
“See you tomorrow babygirl…”
He leaned to kiss her one more time before he headed back to his car and drove away.

“Damn, girl! Just chill already! He said he just needs to ask you something... probably it’s no biggie...”
Ele sighed deeply holding her telephone tighter. It was only 10 in the morning and she hadn’t got too much sleep because she kept thinking about Aaron.
Too afraid of what he might wanted to ask her, she had decided to call one of her best friends, Sar. She was an actress and they had known each other for a year now. They had met at Andrea’s club because she was having her birthday party there. They met and clicked immediately. So now Ele was turning to her for help.
“I don’t know… what if he tells me that he has a girlfriend or something?”
“E!!!!!!! Are you listening to yourself?? He’s gotta ASK you something… maybe he just wants to know how you want to handle the media… everyone has their own say in whatever’s going on between you and Aaron, and maybe he just wants to clear up all the rumors… who knows…”
“Exactly! Who knows…”
“Let’s do this… I have to go now cause we’re starting filming soon… he said he was gonna call you so wait for his call, get ready, go to the party and once he asks you whatever he has to ask you call me…”
“That’s not a big plane, you know that?” she rolled her eyes.
“E, you really need to stop worrying so much…” Sarena told her softly.
“You’re right, you’re right…”
“Cool, now just relax and chill, k?”
“Call me tomorrow, so you can tell me what happened, aight?”
“Aight… Bye Sar…”
Sighing once again she hung up and threw the phone on her bad…
“It can’t be that bad, right?” she thought to herself.
Chapter 8 by Eleonora
The doorbell rang at 5 past 5, and Ele came downstairs running and opening the door as quickly as she could.
“Hey,” she smiled at Aaron. “Come in…”
“What? No cameras around?” he asked looking around suspiciously.
She shook her head. “They are shooting some footage at Andrea’s club cause now there’s no one there and they need like… samples of each environment they’re filming in so yeah, don’t worry about them…”
“Cool… hum…” he looked at her nervously. “Ready to go?”
Ele nodded. “Just let me grab my purse… I left that in my room… I’ll be quick…”
“’S okay!” he called after her.
He looked around the room again and suddenly he saw something ran in the room. It was a cat… running after a dog. There was something wrong with the picture.
The dog immediately tried to hide behind Aaron’s back while the cat stopped short to stare at this new figure.
“E? Your cat is staring at me?” he yelled for Ele to hear him.
“She doesn’t bite you know? It’s just a cat!” she answered coming by the stairs.
“Yeah, but she is staring… like, really staring and I don’t like that…” he told her, melodramatic.
Ele rolled her eyes, laughing, all the while picking up the small animal that started to purr content of being in the arms of its owner.
“You see, she likes to cuddle!” she told him sweetly, showing the cat mewing while looking at Ele.
“That’s because you’re a girl and maybe she want something more from me… Gotta talk with Andrea and see how he handles those kinda things…”
Ele laughed settling the cat on the ground again.
“You’re a perv…”
He smiled proudly. “I do ma best!”
“So… are we going or do you want a room you can go play with Miný in?”
“I definitely like you much more than the cat!”
“Wow, I feel special now…”
He smiled coyly and blocked her against the door, kissing her on the lips.
“So,” he whispered against her lips when they parted. “Did I make you feel special enough?”
“You’re getting there…”

They arrived at Craig’s house it was 5:30 PM. Aaron had introduced her to everyone but she couldn’t remember half of the names because there were too many.
“Hey, if you’re hungry Josh’s making burgers outside…” Craig told them nodding towards the back door who lead to the pool and the beach.
“Cool, thanks…” Aaron answered taking her hand and escorting her outside.
“Watcha want Air?” a tall brown haired guy asked flipping burgers on the barbecue near the pool.
“Gimme a hamburger…”
“There you go…” he handed him one. “… And what can I offer to the pretty lady?” he flirted with Ele and Aaron immediately smacked him in the head.
“Don’t even try…”
Ele laughed at the two. “A hamburger will be fine, thanks…” she said sweetly.
The guy handed her one too, smiling at her. “Here you are pretty one…”
“Josh, I’m warning you one last time…”
“Air, I’m just being nice with the pretty lady…”
“Well, she’s MY pretty lady, so go find yourself your own girlfriend!”
Ele’s heart skipped a beat when he said the word girlfriend. Was she hearing things?

They took a blanket from Craig and then settled on the beach, overlooking the ocean, to eat their dinner.
“This is good…” Ele commented taking a bite of her hamburger.
“Yeah, pretty good…”
“Will you stop it? He’s not the first guy that calls me pretty… A girl needs to hear that sometimes…”
“And who are the other? I should have the exclusive right on you…” he told her with a serious expression on his face.
She smiled. “And why that?”
He put his hamburger down and looked at her. “Because… I wanted to ask you something…”
She did the same, putting the hamburger down and swallowing hard. Here we are, she though…
“Ok,” she wanted to keep her cool. “Shoot!”
“Ele…” he started, unsure of the words he wanted to use to ask her nicely. “Will you… God, I don’t wanna sound like a 13 years old, but… Ele, will you be my girlfriend?”
She smiled and she kissed him. Their smiles were evident in their kiss.
When the kiss was over he gazed deeply in her eyes and softly caressed her face with his hand. “You know, you’re the most beautiful girlfriend I ever had…”
She blushed and looked away. “That’s not true…”
He took her face in his hands again forcing her to look him in the eyes. “That’s ABSOLUTELY true!” he told her kissing her sweetly on the lips.
She smiled. “Thanks…”
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