The Scent of Affection by nickcarter280

An aromatherpist finds herself working with the Backstreet Boys. One of them is in serious need of an attitude adjustment. Seems easy enough but what could possibly go wrong?

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Chapter 1 by nickcarter280
Author's Notes:
This is my First fanfiction. Please send me you feedback. Constructive criticism would be great.
Any mistakes you see. Just tell me about it, i won't be mad. :o) thanks Purpura for the changes.
“Here I am, I can do this. Yes, Julie you can do this, you will get
the job" I kept staring at the building and talking to myself. Some
people were looking at me as if I was crazy, but I didn’t care.

I have this big step ahead of me that I was about to take. This could
be my step either forward or backward.

“Oh god, help me," I prayed, then took the stairs. I asked the
receptionist in the hotel where the conference room was located. She gave me
the directions without even looking at me. How reassuring.

I still had this weird feeling. When I first saw the ad I was over the
moon, with two certificates that prove how much of an aroma therapist I
am I thought I will get this job for sure, but when I saw the people
applying for this job I thought my chances were zilch. I was the youngest
in the room and people were staring at me as if I had two heads.
Besides that, my fears where doubled because of what Karen, my sister and my
only family, told me yesterday. Her words are still ringing in my

"Why would someone have a job interview in a hotel, why not at their
home, they said the patient is an old man, I mean they should have the
interview at a house not a hotel, something is fishy here"

Karen the overprotective, over-analyzing person she is, has to put fear
in me. She cares about me as if she was Mom although she is only a year
older. Yet, since she is older and I, the younger poor me, I feel I
have to listen. She can do whatever she wants, and her excuse "she is
older". Yeah, I know, weird way of thinking. But this is Karebear. I love
her with all my heart, and if it wasn't for her I wouldn’t be where I
am now. Still she thinks of my as the “baby sister” .Her words not
mine. I couldn’t ask for a better sister, really.

“Miss Julie Russell". The one calling my name took me out of my

"Yes, that's me" The man smiled and asked me to come into the room for
my interview.

As I got inside I found three faces looking at me, one of them hiding
under very big sunglasses, yet, he looked familiar. I don’t know where
I could’ve seen him before. He looked different than the other two in
casual clothes not suits like the others.

I hate it when people wear sunglasses they could be looking at your
boobs but you can't tell. Anyway, one of the two in suits told me to have
a seat. I gave my CV file to the bellboy and he gave it to the guy in

“I see you have two certificates, yet you don’t have that much
experience Miss Russell.”

“Yeah it's just that... I… as you can see am a little younger than
the other people applying, but I can work just as much as they can.”
“Well, the two certificates sure covers this Mr. Scott,” the other
guy in the suit said.

“Yes, but how would you know."

“Mr. Scott these are from the greatest aromatherapy associations in
the world. You can even call them and make sure they aren't fake," I

“She is right,” the first guy in the suit said. “I, as an aroma
therapist myself can make sure that these are from great trusted
aromatherapy associations, if not the greatest.”

“And you can even try me, sir, anything. That is if you want to” I
said. OK, that did sound kind of bad.

The guy in sunglasses looked at me, or let’s says that’s what I
thought he did, then asked if I could wait outside so they could have a
word together. With a nod, I left the room.

When the bellboy opened the door for me I found a pair of blue eyes
staring at me. They also looked familiar. The familiar face said "sorry".

“It’s OK," I answered. Then I heard from behind me, "Come in
Thomas, we need your opinion"

Now I'm waiting for them to decide to send me away. Still I couldn’t
remember where I’d seen those two faces before.

Meanwhile in the room

“She didn't recognize me” Said the guy named Thomas.

“Yeah and she did learn pretty well. Although the problem of her
being young and not experienced enough" The sunglasses guy answered.

“Well, you did find something wrong in each one who came" he
reasoned. "So I guess she is the best in all, and she might actually make
friends with him."

“Yeah, still…”

“No ‘buts’ or ‘stills’. At least he won't be suspicious when
he sees her. She is the one."

Then the guy in the suit interrupted. "Well, in my opinion, he is
right. She is the one most qualified for a job like that"

“And I also agree. With qualifications like that, I have to" the
other in the suit said.

“Well then she gets the job. What more can I say?!” The sunglasses
guy said with a sigh.

“Miss Russell.” The same bellboy called my name again. I lifted my
head up and answered “yes”.

“The gentlemen would like to meet you again.”

“Thanks” I stood up and went to the door again thinking to myself
that this is weird. I heard behind me someone saying that this is it for
today, and they will call the rest if they need them. This is getting

“Please, have a seat miss Russell."

“Thank you, sir” I sat down in the same chair. The guy name Thomas
or so I recall started speaking.

“Well miss Russell. We see that you are the most qualified one for
this job. So congratulations you got your self a job."

“Oh! Really! Thanks...a lot. So when will I start, and can I have the
address so I can visit the patient?" Oh my god, I was so excited.

“Well…um…There are some changes from the advertisement."

“Sure what is it?” OK, could it get any weirder? Of course it
could. Who was I to speak?

The guy in the glasses said "Well Miss Russell, you see the patient…
is not old. Let’s say not that old. And…” Then he paused.


“Well he doesn't have an address…I mean not a specific one, at
least right now."

“Huh, I will be treating a homeless or what?" I said with a laugh, a
nervous one.

“Oh no, you got it wrong” Thomas said laughing "This one can't be
homeless, trust me."

“Yeah you got it all wrong. You will be touring with us Miss Russell"
Sunglasses guy said.

“Why don't you come with us to meet your patient?, and we will tell
you the whole story in the elevator"

Chapter 2 by nickcarter280
Author's Notes:
Thanks a lot for the reviews. I decided to put another chapter on in order for the story to make a little sence :)
What the heck did I put myself into?
Too much information for me to understand, AND they STILL keep talking.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say, I figured that my patient is not only so much younger than I thought, but a backstreet boy as well. Yippee. I love the guys to death, but to find out that the guy you are suppose to see naked every day and don’t care, is your crush. It is too much.

“So you see it's just that we couldn't tell the people about us needing an aromatherapist. Imagine how many will be applying for the job." Brian, who is also "Thomas" with the familiar eyes, said laughing
“Oh! Yeah" Was the only answer I could come up with.
“And we choose you because you are young. You could make friends with him easily. Of course, this is Brian’s reason. For me, at least he wouldn’t doubt why you are really here. It’s just that he doesn’t like the idea that much" The one in the sunglasses, who I also figured that he is the one and only Kevin Richardson, told me. Two certificates and I got it because simply I am "young". What an encouragement.
“Oh I'm sorry Mr. Richardson; please don't tell me that he doesn’t like the idea. Any aromatherapy patient has to believe in the therapy in order for it to work. In a position like this it will mean that I failed with him.”
“Oh no, he will like it, trust me,” he said with a determined tone.

“So here we go” Brian said when we reached the room, then opened the door.
“Yo Nick,AJ,Howie we want you to meet Miss Russell" Brian announced
“Hi” I said with an extended hand towards AJ.
“Wow” Then he was nudged by Howie,
"Oh sorry, nice to meet you” He replied shaking my hand.
“Nice to meet you too"
Then the other hand belonged to Howie "Nice to have you on tour. Hope you like it with us" Always the Sweet D I see.
“So, what are you doing on tour with us? You don't look like a musician or a dancer" Nick said. Hey mister, my hand is still in the air here. I expected anything but offensive. What did I do in my life that God would punish me like this?
“Miss Russell is an aroma-therapist for us on tour" Kevin said
“You shitting me" Nice answer Carter. -20 points for you
“Behave” Kevin answered with a “don’t mess with me look”
“Nice. I like that" That came from AJ. Always the charmer I guess. “We might need some relaxation every once a while”
“Oh yeah Nick, it's a nice idea" said Brian trying to convince him

So, here to me it looks like all of them know why I am here except my patient, he will like it my ass Mr. Richardson. The guy hates my guts. It shows from the way he looked at me.

“This thing is for gays, I ain’t one" Nick’s answer took me out of my thoughts
“I assure you Mr. Carter it’s not. Aromatherapy is just like any other therapy; with no chemicals in it. It's safer. It is simply an alternative medicine" I argued
He looked my way narrowed eyes and all, and said with a nasty tone “Who asked for your opinion anyway?”. Ok this is enough, I was about to say something, but thank goodness Kevin did first.
“I said behave. How do you speak like this with a lady?" The only response he got from Nick was a pair of eyes rolling .Yet Kevin completed "beside it's a done deal, Miss Russell is our aromatherapist, and she will be till the end of the tour, and you will be her patient". Nick looked up with surprised eyes.
“Just like the rest of us" Brian said looking at Kevin, trying not to blow their cover, I guess.
“Yeah…right…Just like the rest of us” Was Kevin’s only reply.
And I said to myself
Chapter 3 by nickcarter280
Author's Notes:
Feedback makes me happy.. :)
If you find any mistakes just tell me...
So, this was my first session with Nick. Kevin said that Nick’s behavior these days “suck”, his word not mine, and for that he needs a loaded schedule, something like a session everyday, if possible. Oh yeah, as if with a behavior like that it will work. The boy is simply rude. Not my expectations at all.

“Ok here we go” I said to myself, I knock on the door and Kevin opened it.
“He is here. He just doesn’t think it’s a good idea” Kevin said.
“Good morning to you too” I said smiling.
“Oh, sorry about that, Good morning” he answered with a blush, then back to normal self.
“So, can you convince him or not???”
“Ok, leave it up to me, no problem” I answered still smiling.

I went in and found Nick sitting on the couch wearing a big sized T-shirt and some baggy pants. Comfy, that's good.

“Hi” I said. He looked up from the TV and all I got was a “Whatever” then looked back to the TV.

I opened my bag of oils and asked him to lie down on the bed. He looked at me with a weird face and asked “why are you a hooker or something?”
“Nick” this one came from Kevin, not to mention with a weird tone.
“No. It’s ok Mr. Richardson” Then I looked back at Nick and replied “No, I’m not, and we need to start your session today, it was supposed to be 10 minutes earlier, we are running late”
Another “whatever” I received, and he was still looking at the TV.
I sat on the coffee table in front of him to block his view from the TV.
“Hey” he yelled “I’m watching TV, are you blind?”
“Oh, shut up” Kevin answered.
“We can make a deal. What do you think?” I said leaning down closer to his level, just like talking to a little baby. Oh god.
“Give me what you got, and I’ll see if it’s good or not” He asked with a funny smirk, finally looking me in the eye. Ok, I think he might have got the wrong idea here. I gulped after I looked in his eyes.
“Well, I start this session with you. If you like it, we go on. If not, I’m out of your way what do you think?”
“Oh come on, we are trying here” Kevin said losing his patience.
“So what do you think?” I looked at him hopefully.
“Ok, but only this time. If I’m not convinced, then you are out” he pointed with his thumb to the door.
“Trust me” I answered back with a smirk.
And the journey begins.

A moan
Then another one...
It's been like this since the beginning of the section. It was a good sign. Well he really enjoyed the massage and I "officially" got the job. On the other, hand this was driving me crazy, I guess Kevin too; I realized that he was giving Nick evil looks with every moan.

Another moan.
This one was really loud I felt my face heating. It scared me so I pulled my hands from his back.

"That's it." Kevin stood up, throwing the newspapers he was reading on the floor. "What the heck is wrong with you?!"
"What! She is really good. What can I do Kev? Besides I told you to leave us alone. I don't like people to watch me half naked and taking a massage. It's supposed to be private. Right miss…uh..." Nick answered then looked at me.
"Russell .Julie Russell" I replied.
"Yeah. Whatever. Tell him" he said pointing with the same thumb to Kevin.
"And leave you moaning like that when I'm not even here. You will scare her to death."
"Then bear with it, keep going baby" he said the last half addressing me, not even looking at me. He just put his head back on his arms.
And another moan...
Along with a furious Kevin.
Chapter 4 by nickcarter280
Author's Notes:
A new chapter. Enjoy.
Don't forget to tell me what do you think. if you see it good rate it. Thanks
"Well, Next time I will bring my massaging table with me. It will be more comfy for you Nick. Ok, let's say tomorrow sometime." I said as I was drying my hands in a towel.
"Sure, he will be ready" Kevin answered.
"Make it at 12"Nick said.
"Sure" I answered.
"Why?" Kevin asked Nick, looking annoyed more than before, and I thought that frown couldn't get any worse.
"Because I have the radio interview tomorrow at when I get back I will need to sleep" Nick answered looking more annoyed.
"Well I'm busy by 12, so you will be up by 10"Kevin replied.
"No, and you are not suppose to be here in every session. Tell him" Nick said looking at me.

I really felt helpless. I didn't know what to say, then as a professional I made my choice.

"12 is ok by me. You need your sleep to be relaxed in the session. And Mr. Richardson you really don’t need to be here every session. He is right"
Ok, so may be I was crazy. I made Kevin angrier.

"Miss Russell, the session will be tomorrow at 10 and that's my final word. I will be here, and Nick if you are not awake, I will wake you up myself".

Kevin was just turning to leave the room after his little "demand". However, he stopped when a loud "NO" erupted from Nick's mouth. Why Nick? Why don’t you just shut up?.

"No what Nick?" Kevin asked turned back around.
"I will have my session at 12 as I said, and I will be alone, you won’t be in the session Kev" Nick replied his eyes shooting daggers at Kevin. I had to interfere now. This is getting out of hand.
"Well Mr. Richardson I guess Nick needs his rest now. May be we can schedule this some other time"
"No miss Russell we have to do it now" Kevin said not even looking at me.
"But Mr. Richardson I just finished a session right now. And I intend to keep Mr. Carter relaxed here. I don’t want an hour's work to be a waste"
"Fine. Tomorrow we will reschedule this" With that he left. Oh my god finally.

"What are you still doing here? I thought that you finished your job, I need to sleep, if you don't mind" Nick said.
Not even a "thank you Julie". A great gentleman I see.

"See you tomorrow then, sleep well" I simply answered.
I left the room, and they went on with their day.

I was bored out of my mind. The first day on tour, my work is done for now, and I had the rest of the day free. What to do?.
I don't have that great amount of money to go out and do some shopping. So I spent the rest of the day in my room watching TV. No changes in my routine happened until at 10 pm, when someone knocked on my door.

"Coming" I turned off the TV, ran to the door then opened it.
"hi, AJ, how can I help you?" I said with a smile on my face.
"Well we were going out, and we thought that you might be bored so…do you wanna come with us?"
"Where will you go?"
"The usual, a club I guess"
"Sure. Let me just get ready. It will take me just 30 minutes"
"Make it 15 please, we are running late. We will meet you in the lobby, ok?"
"Great, thanks for inviting me"
"No problem, it's my pleasure" he said that with a wink than he left.
Now what to wear?.


After all my clothes were scattered on the bed and the floor, I decided to wear a black halter neck tank top, navy blue jeans and my killer high heel sandals, killer for guys and myself as well.
I met AJ in the lobby who told me that the other guys took the first van to the club before us, of course because I was late.
"15 minutes isn’t that much AJ" I said giving him a smirk.
"Well with a smirk like that I'd consider something called 'fashionably late' " Throwing me another smirk.
I could tell that flirting with AJ would be the best thing in this tour.

We took the second van to the club and after 20 minutes of flirting and laughing we reached our destination.

"Hey guys. You are late" Howie yelled trying to make us hear him over the loud music. It was only him, Brian and Kevin by the table. Nick was no where to be found.
"Well Julie had to make sure that she looks as great looking as she is in front of us here" AJ commented making me blush.
"Well I can see you did a great job, so it's ok to be late. Even though you didn’t need it" Howie said with a wink
"I need a drink" I announced. One backstreet boy flirting is ok, but two is a little too much.
"What is that bitch doing here?" I heard Nick say after he returned from the dance floor. So much for the thought that I made a good impression this morning. He just enjoyed making me feel unwelcome, by him at least.

AJ looked angry. He was about to give him a piece of his mind, but I put a hand on his arm to stop him. I just leaned to his ear and told him "he is drunk as hell. Leave him. He doesn’t know what he is saying"
"He shouldn’t say that still" AJ answered me.
"Trust me he will be asking my forgiveness tomorrow"
"Why?" AJ asked with a confused look on his face.
"You will see" I answered with a smile." I wanna dance, care to join me?" I added.
"How can I say no to a beauty like you? Sure I will"

I still don't know how he thinks I'm a "beauty". This boy is either blind, or just being nice. Or maybe he just likes flirting and making me blush.

Chapter 5 by nickcarter280
I knocked on Nick's door and heard him mumble "coming" through the door. He opened the door holding his head with his right hand. A really bad hangover you got there Nick as I can see.

"What are you doing here? Our session is at 12 am. It's 5 now, go away I wanna sleep"
"I know, but I also know that you have a radio interview in an hour, so you have to be ready in like 30 minutes as Kevin said, and also I know how much you drank last night and that you must feel like hell from your hangover" I answered him.
"First you talk too much, second what would you do?" He asked with a cocky smirk.
"Let me in and you will see" He looked at my hands and realized that I have my bag of oils. I guess that what made him decide to let me in.
"Get in" He said with the biggest frown I saw on a face before.

I went straight to the kitchenette in the suite and put my bag on the counter and opened it.

"What are you doing? I thought you will do another massage" He asked while he was sitting on the bed
"Oh no, not now. I have another way instead"
"Just wait and see"

I put the tea pot on the little stove with some of my "emergency" headache herbs, when it was done I gave him a cup of it.

"Here, drink this, and when you finish it, I will give you a free head massage what do you think?"
"Whatever" He took the first sip of the herbal tea then I heard the sentence I knew he would say.
"That tastes like shit" he commented.
"Sorry, but trust me it will do the job…come on, drink it"
"Fine" He started sipping again and when he was done he gave me back his cup. I put it in the night stand and began warming my finger tips then I started massaging his temples.
"No oils?" He asked.
"No, and no moans?" I asked him smiling, which caused him to smile as well.
"Well, Kevin isn’t here" He simply answered.

When I finished he mumbled a "thank you" that I hardly heard. I went back to the kitchenette to retrieve my bag and leave the room.

"I'll see you at 12" I hollered by the door and left the room.
"Whatever" He replied.

At 10 am a knock woke me up; I answered the door to find a very angry looking Mr. Richardson
"Why aren't you at his room? And why is he still sleeping?" He asked his voice rising with every word.
"We scheduled the session at 12 Mr. Richardson. I'm sure you remember that, it was only yesterday."
"No we didn't, I didn’t agree if you don’t remember. Now go over there and wake him up" He said through gritted teeth.
"Mr. Richardson I can't do that. Mr. Carter is already asleep. He needs his rest. I was sleeping as well. So I'm sure 12 am is very good for both us. Now if you excuse me please, I really need to sleep to wake up in 2 hours. I didn’t have that much sleep earlier"
"I said wake him up. We will have this session right now. I told you yesterday that I'm busy at 12"
"I don't see why you have to be in the session Mr. Richardson? I'm sure you trust Mr. Carter, and even if he tried to do anything, I know how to stop him. But if the problem is that you don’t trust me. Mr. Richardson I assure you that I know the importance of my career, and I won’t try to destroy it by a fling that is only in your imagination. Besides why did you hire me then?"

He looked stunned, and to tell you the truth I felt so happy. My eyes caught AJ's figure in the background with his mouth wide open. He soon recovered, put a hand on Kevin's shoulder, and then pulled him away from me. When I saw the angry look on Kevin's face, I knew I put myself in deep shit. I shouldn't have said that to him or even spoke with that hostile tone to begin with. However, AJ came back telling me that Kevin approves on the session being on 12 but AJ will take Kevin's place in keeping an eye on, well, I don’t know who exactly, me or Nick.
Chapter 6 by nickcarter280
So I knock on his door at 12 exactly, with AJ standing behind me holding the big bag/massage table for me.

Nick opened the door wearing only a towel around his waist. AJ's eyes were wide with a mixture of surprise and a glare.

"Sorry. I over slept. I just came out of the shower. Let me just put on some pants" He said.
"No. it's ok. You can keep the towel" I said. I felt AJ's eyes get wider while looking at me, though good thing he lost that glare part.
"Why? I was wearing pants yesterday" Nick asked
"I know. But yesterday was only, what you can call, a warm up session. Something like a trailer, you know, to just know what aromatherapy is. Today we will do a whole body massage. Now can you let me in, and AJ can you help me set up my table please? Thanks guys" And with that I finished my talk. I helped AJ with the huge bag and pushed Nick out of the way.

He kept the door open for AJ, though when he realized that he sat down and took one of Nick's Playboys that was on the bed – I don't even want to know why it was there to begin with- Nick asked him why is he still there.

"Kevin" was all that came out of AJ's mouth not even looking up from the magazine
"I see" was the answer we received from Nick. Are they speaking in codes or riddles?

"So, shall we begin? I'll set some candles for you. Some music maybe, if you want. You settle down on your stomach on the table. AJ can help you if you like"
"Ok" They both replied.
"Great" I said, and then started my work. I lighted some "ocean breeze" candles. Put music on and turned to find Nick laying face down on the table with the towel covering his butt. Before I started to do anything I found him asking me.
"Why is this table short?"
"Because I'm short" I stated the obvious, while putting a towel on his back to keep him warm.
I rubbed the oil in my hands to warm it, and started at his feet.
I heard AJ answer me "you aren't that short"
I smiled at him and said "I am. If you didn’t notice, I'm barely 5'2''"
"Well you aren't that short for me" he smirked.
"She is short. As long as she is shorter than Howie then she is short" Nick said laughing.
"Are you always like this?" the question just popped out of my mouth before I think. I closed my eyes feeling guilty of my own stupidity and I felt Nick rise up.
"What do you mean?" he asked looking at me with a frown.
"Nothing, forget it. Now lay back and relax"
"No, what did you mean?" he insisted.
"Nick, drop it. I don’t have time. We have a photo shoot after that. So we only have that hour" AJ said.

AJ my saver. I smiled at him with a nod as a thank you, and he just smiled back.
Nick looked mad. I didn’t know if he is mad at my comment, or that AJ shut him up. But at least he lied back down. And the session went smoothly, with no moans this time. Thank God.

At night I heard the noises coming from the room next to me. The same noises from the first session I gave Nick. The moans, this time it was not only his, I opted to think that it was a girl. It was easier to believe anyway. When the moans started to turn to screams and I felt that the bed next door will smash into my room I had to do something, to get away from there.

"Hey, something wrong?" that was AJ after I knocked on his door at 1:30 am.
"Lover boy won’t let me sleep" I said with a forced smile.
"Huh" Nice answer AJ I guess his half asleep mind couldn’t register what I just said.
"It's Nick. He won’t let me sleep, the noise out of his room…"
"Say no more. Come on in, you woke me up already" he said sliding back into his room to let me in.
"Thanks AJ. I owe you one"
"It's ok. I understand how he is. Used to take the same room you have now."
"So he is always like that" It was more of a question not a statement. So what, I was curious. I had the right to ask.
"Always" he answered with a yawn.
"Listen! you go sleep. I will sit on the couch watch some TV, don’t worry it will be muted…"
"It's ok. I can sleep through TV. At least it will down the voices from the room up front" He replied while going back to his bed to lay down, and I sat down and turned on the TV.
"Oh god. Won’t his vocal cords hurt him tomorrow?" After that I heard it loud and clear.

That was enough to shut me up, and make me hit the volume button on the remote.
Chapter 7 by nickcarter280
Author's Notes:
Sorry for the delay, hope you like the new chapter
Don't forget to tell me what do you think
"Julie…sweetie, come on, it's time to go" I heard AJ telling me in my dream, as he was waking me up.
"Hmmm" I only uttered, and turned around.
"Julie, it's time to go" He stressed.
"I'm awake" I replied and sat up in the bed.
"Did you pack your stuff?" He asked.
"I did, yesterday before I came here"
"Good, we don’t wanna be late"
"Well, I gotta go take a shower and change then"
"Ok, but don’t be long" He said, going around his room for the last minute packing.

The minute I left the room, I saw Nick's door opening. He kissed the girl and made a sign with his hand that he will call her. He looked at me confused at first, but then smirked when he saw from where I got out.

"Slept well?" He asked.
"Yes, No thanks to you though" I answered not looking at him but looking in my pocket to find my key card.
"Oh, I bet" I looked up to see him grinning at me. I didn’t know what the hell got into him. But I know this; Nick Carter never smiled at me before. His grin just confused me.
Suddenly AJ got out of his room with my key card in his hand.
"Honey, you forgot that on the coffee table" He said smiling.
"Thanks, I just realized it was missing" I answered smiling as well.
"No problem, now go in there. Take a quick shower though, we don’t wanna be later then we already are" He said then went back to his room.

Nick was still standing by his door. He was looking at the interaction with amusement. And a freaking weird smirk on his face. Then he said
"Oh! Now I know you must have slept well" Then went back to his room as well and shut the door.
That guy is totally weird.

When I neared the bus, I heard AJ's voice loud and clear, shouting at Nick.
"Calm down, it’s not bad AJ. You are a guy after all, I understand you have needs" Nick justified.
"Like I said before, Nick, it is not what you are thinking" AJ replied showing annoyance.
"Yeah right, and I am Santa"
"Is there something wrong guys? Your voices are so loud I can hear them miles away" I interrupted them while I was climbing the steps of the bus.
"Nothing" AJ answered throwing a glare at Nick.

I looked back and forth at both of them; Nick had that look of the cat that ate the canary. And AJ's face was so red, it was about to explode.
"OK" I said hesitantly.
"So, to what do we owe the pleasure of having you here, weren't you supposed to be with the staff bus?" Nick asked me; apparently I'm still not welcomed to his little world.
"Kevin said I have to stay with you and AJ. Tomorrow we won’t reach the hotel yet, and, I guess, we have a session tomorrow morning. So in order to not be late and stopping to change buses, I will have to spend the night with you both" I answered.
"You're kidding me" Nick uttered, throwing me a glare.
"Wish I could this time, trust me. I still don’t know how to give a session on a bus yet." I replied.
"Well, you are welcome anyway." AJ interrupted Nick, I guess before he would say something he might regret.
"Oh! I bet" Nick mumbled.
"Excuse me?" I asked as I didn’t hear him quite well.
"Nothing, I'm gonna sleep" He answered, leaving me standing there with bags scattered all around me. No help at all Carter?!
I guess AJ sensed my interior monologue because he took one of my bags and said
"Let me help you with your bags. We forgot to show you around so you can get comfortable. Here is the bathroom, here is….."
But I was barely listening to him. My mind was on one thing.
How the HECK would I give a session on a bus, to a CRANKY person?
Chapter 8 by nickcarter280
Author's Notes:
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“So… How was today’s session?” Mr. Richardson asked us when we reached the hotel’s restaurant.
“We didn’t have a session” Nick said then giving his order to the waitress, and let's not forget, flirting.
“Why is that?” This time Kevin was addressing me, throwing a glare at me in the process.
“We couldn’t do it” I answered taking a sip from my juice.
“Again, why is that?”
“There was no room in the bus Mr. Richardson.” I snapped.
“Why? The bus was comfy enough last time I checked”
“I tried to open my table in the middle of the so called “living room”. It didn’t work, we tried the bunks, Nick wasn’t comfortable and I was banging my head in the top bunk. It …just…wouldn’t…work” I snapped again.
“Well she is right Kevin, I was there, and I saw it all” AJ said trying to lighten the mood a little.
Nick had an amused look on his face; AJ was worried but even less than the other two boys. As for Kevin, if looks would kill I’d be six foot under right now.
The rest of the breakfast went smoothly, with me and Kevin not talking to each others at least.
I went up stairs to go to my room. Suddenly Mr. Richardson came out of nowhere to tell me to have the session with Nick now, instead of the wasted one we had this morning. I wanted to refuse, but since it was the second time Kevin was angry with me, I didn’t want a third time. In the end I approved.
On my way to Nick’s room I heard weird noises. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, but when I knocked and found Nick answering the door with an embarrassed face and a sheet covering his bottom half, I knew what these voices were. Doesn’t this boy have a rest?
“Is something wrong?” He addressed me.
“Kevin told me to start a session now. Didn’t he tell you?” I replied.
“No, but can this wait um… another 15 minutes, well I’m kind busy” He said ready to shut the door.
“Well… ok. When you are done, you will find me in AJ’s room. Call me there”
“Oh! I see. I’ll make it 30 minutes then, to give you more time” He said with the same weird smile he gave me this morning.
“It’s ok, just call me when you are done” I said “we will probably watch a movie or so”
He mumbled something. I guess it was “yeah right”. Then he shut the door while I was about to ask his…
What the heck is he talking about?
After I watched half the movie, Nick still didn’t call. My curiosity was eating me concerning why Nick was acting weird around me and AJ lately.
“AJ, do you know what is behind Nick’s sudden change of behavior?” I asked while eating strawberries.
He looked my way, away from the TV, and gave me a confused look “What are you talking about?”
“Can’t you see that Nick is acting weird around us lately” I said “weird looks, weird smiles… or is it only me?”
He cleared his throat, and let me tell you, when you confront someone and he clears his throat it means that he is going to lie.
“I still don’t know what you are talking about”
“AJ!” I gave him a “stop the bullshit” look.
“Really, I don’t know what you are talking about”
“Fine, but this isn’t over yet” I said waving my index figure at his face in a joking manner. He laughed and told me to shut up, that he wants to finish the movie.
Just as he finished the sentence I heard a knock on the door. AJ opened it and Kevin came rushing in.
“What are you doing here?” He nearly screamed.
“What is wrong Kevin?” AJ asked.
“Miss Russell here should be in Nick’s room doing his massage, not acting buddy-buddy with you” Kevin answered looking at me.
“Mister Richardson I won’t let you…” I tried to talk.
“Listen miss, you work for me. You do everything I say. You work on my schedule, not yours” He spat.
“I work for Mr. Carter; I work by his schedule, sir. He was busy when I went to his room, right when you told me by the way” I snapped back.
“Check your contract lady; see who your boss is, whose name is on the contract. Now if you don’t mind, marsh right now to Nick’s room, I don’t care what he is doing. You only have 30 minutes before we leave for the next interview” He lectured, pointing his finger to the door.
“Come on Julie” AJ said offering his hand to me.
“You are not going anywhere, I’m going with her” Kevin said looking at AJ.AJ understood the look Kevin gave him and said “Ok”. He helped me up anyway.
Chapter 9 by nickcarter280
Nick opened his door, after Kevin knocked, to find me near tears and Kevin fuming. Kevin pushed me to let the massaging table in. I nearly stumbled if it wasn’t for the door that kept my balance.

I guess Nick sensed what was happening because he gave me a worried glance; it only lasted for half a second though.

“Thanks for giving me sometime Julie, I just got out of the shower” I looked at Nick with a raised eye brow. Was he trying to be nice? To me of all people?
“We have a schedule Nick, we don’t have time for your episodes” Kevin said from the corner he was setting in.
“Well I just needed sometime Kevin, no big deal” Nick said coolly.
“Because of your indifference, your session will only be 30 minutes not a whole hour. Surprisingly enough these sessions actually keep you sane for a while. I don’t need to sit by you when you are acting weirdly Nick” Kevin replied, trying to keep his temper at bay. Nick only shrugged.
I watched the exchange with amusement, why Nick is the only one Kevin didn't want to show his anger? Well as much as he could. Why is Nick suddenly nice to me, if even for half a minute? And then my mind wondered to why did they want me to treat Nick to begin with? I just started the sessions to keep him relaxed. He seems relaxed enough to me. Then why am I here?
“Shall we begin already?” Kevin interrupted my thoughts giving me a glare. “We are already late”
“Oh! Sorry” I said putting up the table and preparing my oils. “Nick you know what to do” I addressed him.
“Yeah” he suddenly started to take of his clothes in front of us. My eyes gone wide, then I suddenly turned around.
“What the hell are you doing?” I heard Kevin scream.
“Julie said that I need to be naked for the sessions” Nick replied casually. I felt the glare at the back of my head.
“What the fuck… Is that how the last 2 sessions went?” Kevin asked.
“Yeah” Nick said as if telling him “duh”
“Miss Russell, would you enlighten me please?” Kevin addressed me.
“Nick did you rest on the table and under the towel already?” I asked before I turned around.
“Opps. Give me a second” I heard moving noises then, “Ok, done, you can turn around now” Nick said.
“What is going on Miss Russell?” Kevin asked.
“This is how the session should be Mr. Richardson” I answered “we need to keep Mr. Carter as relaxed and comfortable as possible”
“With only a towel covering his butt!” Kevin interrogated.
“Don’t worry Kevin, I feel comfortable now” Nick said smiling. “Work your magic baby”
I actually felt grateful and proud. It is the second time they say that I am doing a good job here. I still need to know why I am really here for. My work will be even better then.
“Brian” I called his name before he entered his room, he turned around and smiled.
“Yes Julie, need anything?” He asked.
“Can I have a minute of your time, please?” I requested.
“Um… sure. Anything wrong?” I was sure I saw hesitation in his eyes, or maybe it was confusion, I wasn’t sure. He let me in though.
“Come in. Need anything to drink?” He invited, going into the room putting his keycard beside the bed then going to the mini-bar.
“Oh, no thanks, I just came to ask you something” I replied.
“Sure, ask away” and he grabbed himself a beer.
“Why am I here?”
“What do you mean?” he asked back, a big frown decorated his face.
“Why do you need me here Brian? Why am I on tour with you?” I rephrased.
“You sure you don’t want anything to drink? This question would require a long answer” he said smiling.
“If you insist, a Pepsi™ would be fine” I answered smiling back.
“Ok, well I can’t tell you the whole story. You know I can’t betray Nick’s privacy, or the band’s… You know how we can be in this business” I didn’t understand half of what he was talking about, what does Nick’s privacy got to do with me here. But I played along anyway.
“Must be a very bad situation for you, if you can’t trust people or fear for your privacy like this” I replied.
“Well, it has its ups and downs” He said. “But you are not here to talk about that. What do you want to know exactly?”
“Why do you need me here?” I asked. “It’s just in order for me to do my job perfectly; I have to know what Nick’s problem is”
“Ok then, if it is all for Nick’s sake. Here is the short version of the story…” He narrated.
Chapter 10 by nickcarter280
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thank you for your feedback. and hope that you like this chapter.
“…and this is merely the headlines, mostly what was known publicly” Brian finished narrating.
I must have looked surprised, because Brian chuckled.
“Did you understand now what I meant about Nick’s privacy? I just told you what is only on suffice and look at you” He said.
“He needs a psychiatrist. Not me Brian.” I replied still dazed.
“Oh. No no no…You don’t get it. We tried that it didn’t work, he didn’t agree and when he went there, let’s just say it didn’t work. You are our last hope” He said, apparently scared that I will leave them.
“But, I can’t do that. I don’t have a secret potion that will suddenly make him a happy better person.”
“We will help each other out. Julie, Nick is like a little brother to me. We suddenly assumed that he is older now, he won’t need us anymore, but apparently it did hurt him”
“He thought by giving him his space that you left him alone” I explained.
“I just guess that we did give him space and he was thankful at first, but the space grow into a gap, if you know what I mean” He reasoned.
“Yeah, I understand” I started thinking about changing my plans; my treatment plans should change. I would have to buy new oils as well.
“You are not thinking of leaving now, are you?”He asked a little scared.
“Oh! No. I am just thinking about the methods I should use now. Nick will need a better treatment”
“Thank God” He sighed. “Thank you Julie, for trying to help”
“Well it is my Job after all, and I don’t think that Kevin will let me go just yet” I joked.
“Sorry about that too. Kevin has been on edge since he saw the “new Nick”, as he calls him” he actually made the quotation marks with his hand which made me smile.
“I now understand where he comes from. I just don’t want him to vent his anger on me, that’s all”
“If you want, I can talk to him…”
“Don’t worry I will handle my own battles” I interrupted.
“As you wish, but don’t hesitate…”
“Thanks, really. I appreciate it” I stood up to leave thanking him again for his time.
I left the room to find Nick going to his, with a girl hanging on his arm. Must be a vampire from the way she was sucking his neck. He smiled at me, and then raised his hand to wave.
“I will wait for my turn, Julie” He yelled.
What the heck is he talking about?
“Wanna go shopping?” I asked AJ after I knocked his door.
“You don’t have to ask twice” He answered. “Give me a minute to change and call Marcus”
“OK, but hurry up, I will wait here”
He nodded then closed the door. I leaned by the door waiting for him, when Nick’s door opened and he went out ,only in his robe, to the ice machine to get some ice. I didn’t even want to know why he needs some now; with Nick’s twisted mind you can expect anything.
“Moving on already, wow” He said, grabbing some ice.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Nothing” he looked my way and turned to leave. I grabbed his arm, and asked again.
“Let go” he threatened.
“Not before you answer me”
He leaned down to my height and narrowed his eyes “I said let…go”
I gulped but still didn’t leave his arm. Suddenly AJ came out of the room dressed in Jeans and a black T-shirt. He looked at us confused at first then I removed my hand from Nick’s arm. I hocked my arm through AJ’s arm.
“Let’s go, we will be late.” I addressed AJ.
“Where to?” He asked.
“You will know when we reach there” I answered calling the elevator. I glanced at Nick to find him grinning then going back to his room
“Who?” AJ asked. “Is there something wrong?”
I guess I said that out loud “Forget it…come on let’s go”, then I stepped into the elevator. AJ had a skeptic look on his face but didn’t say anything.
Thank God.
“Are you a witch or something?” AJ was joking around since we stepped into the shop.
“Well you bought those oil bottles, it’s like you are going to make a potion, it’s as if you are Hermione” he said laughing
“Something like that…” I said smirking
“What are you planning to do Julie?” he asked a little serious now.
“Nothing. These are just materials for Nick’s treatment” I replied. “I might make you a love potion or something” I laughed. But his worried expression startled me, though I let it slide
Chapter 11 by nickcarter280

“Do you like her?” He asked.

“Of course” The other answered

“No, I mean do you 'Liiike Heeer' ” He asked again. I can actually imagin him doing the same quotation sign with his hand, like Brian.

“You look and sound so funny ,dude” The other laughed

“AJ you know what I mean?” Apparently he was losing his temper. Which was something new and unexpected.

“Well, Howie, I like her as a sister” His answer brought a smile to my face.

 We were on the bus going to the next unknown city on our schedule. They thought I was sleeping and that nobody can hear them. Those boys are so funny, or they must have thought that Nick’s snoring won’t make me hear them. Well that was a possibility.

“Why?” Howie asked. What a weird question?

“What do you mean “Why?” I think of her as a sister. How hard is that to comprehend” AJ replied.

“AJ, you never liked a girl like a sister. You always want something from them”

OK that made me frown, and suddenly I heard the silence around me. Nick stopped snoring, AJ was still not recovering from Howie’s words, and I couldn’t take my breath because I was afraid that they would realize I was awake.

“She reminds me of my cousin” AJ replied simply, and I was able to catch my breath again.

“What?” I heard Howie ask, surprised.

“What?” I heard Nick whisper under his breath. Oh, so he was awake!. “What bullshit” He continued, still whispering.

“What? You didn’t hear me? She reminds me of my cousin Sally. You saw her once” AJ said

“She doesn’t look like her at all, AJ” Howie shot back

“She’s got the same character”

“Yeah right” I heard Howie say. Then I heard it like an echo from the bunk above mine.

“I swear Howie, besides she is so much younger than me”

“Seven years aren’t that much”

“It is to me, I’m not Nick, and I don’t sleep with underage girls” AJ snapped.

“Son of a bitch” Again that came from the bunk above mine.

“She is not underage” Howie reminded AJ.

“She is to me. Besides I grew up Howie, you know that. I flirt, I joke, but that’s it. She needs someone on tour with her. It will be good if at least one of us was nice to her and tries to be friends with her” AJ always me savior.

I heard the silence again. Way to go AJ, you shut them up. Then I heard muffled laughter from the bunk above me. “Bullshit. And Howie believes that crap. Man!”

I didn’t want to believe Nick at all. Because I know AJ won’t try to do anything. If he would, he would have tried already.

I heard Howie mumble something. Then they turned the TV on. Five minutes later, the symphony from the bunk above me started again. Great, I couldn’t sleep till we reached the next town.


“Julie, try not to forget your session with Nick today” Kevin said giving me my Key card.

“I won’t. Don’t worry” I replied.

“Thank you”

OK, something is fishy. He was nice, which is sooo not Kevin, at least not with me. I frowned then glanced at Brian; he shot me a weak smile then stepped into the elevator. Those boys never listen. Yet, he still needed a " thank you"  for wanting to helping.

I stepped in the elevator after him, and whispered the “thank you” close to his ear. He leaned and shot a “welcome” at me, whispering as well. I smiled then the corner of my eye caught Nick’s face. That same annoying smirk on his mouth. He licked his lips seductively, and on purpose, then winked. I frowned. What is wrong with him?

When we reached our floor, I went straight to my room. I took a shower, and then started to get down to bussiness.

If Kevin wanted me to give Nick his session today, then he would have to take it in my room. My territory.

I made up the whole room. The messaging table setting in the middle of the room. The oil burner was on, giving the whole room sweet aroma. The music was on, with some CD made especially for work and relaxation. When I was sure that everything was the way I planned, I went to Nick’s room.

“I knew one day you would come and knock” He said grinning, stupidly in my opinion.

“It’s my job. Time for your session” I replied trying not to show any expression.

His grin became a frown, then he said “You don’t have your stuff with you”

“Because this session will be in my room, everything is set up there” I answered him.

“Why?” he asked

“Well, I guess it is better this way. For me and you both”

He looked skeptic at first, but finally he agreed.

When we stepped in my room, he looked surprised at first, and then he stood in the middle of the room not knowing what to do. I told him to go into the bathroom to take of his clothes, where I set the towels for him.

Minutes later, he came out with his bottom half wrapped in a big fluffy towel. He laid down and I started to warm the oil in my hands.

As usual I started at his feet, going up. Trying to work in total silence.

Five minutes later he raised his head to look at me and asked “Where is Kevin?”

“He is not coming to this session” I answered not looking up from what i was doing.

“What about AJ?”

“He won’t either”


“Aren’t you comfortable?” Then I looked at him “Do you want me to bring one of them?”

“No. It’s ok” He answered, then laid back down.

And I worked in silence, until i was done.



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Chapter 12 by nickcarter280

“So I remind you of your cousin?” I said smiling at AJ’s direction. He almost choked drinking his milk shake

“You were awake?” I just replied with the sweetest fake smile I could master.

“You sneaky…” he didn’t complete his sentence.

“Were you that much of a flirt, I mean before, with girls?” I said seriously this time. We were at McDonalds’ for a friends night out. AJ had a craving for Big Mac™. Said he didn’t have it in "2 month". Poor baby.

“Yeah.” He said. I knew he didn’t want to talk about this topic, but I needed to know something.

“Why does Howie think that you like me?” I asked innocently

“You kidding?!” He said, but I guess my blank expression replied him, I didn’t know what he was talking about.

"They think that there is something going on...between us" He confessed not looking me in the eye.

"You are kidding?" Yeah, it was my turn to look astonished.

“Julie, you spend most of your nights in my room…ok, this sounded bad…but you do spend most of your nights in my room”

“That’s because Nick keeps making all these noises. I can't sleep” I defended

“They don’t know that. All they see is you coming out of my room every morning”

“Oh my God…” I screamed. Some heads turned to look at me, but then they turned again. Must have thought that I was simply crazy.

“You didn’t think about that before?”

“Never. AJ when you are not doing anything wrong, you don’t think that people around you would think of your actions the wrong way”

“True. But still, Julie everyone doesn’t think like you. Try not to be that innocent. Ok?” He advised

I simply nodded. I was about to cry. They thought I was sleeping with their friend. They thought that I might jeopardize my career with a fling. I like AJ, but definitely not in this way. Of course, they didn’t know that I was keeping myself for the right guy. But still, they shouldn’t think like this. Simply because I was spending sometime with a male friend, they think that I would jump in bed with him. Cavemen.

“Why didn’t you tell them anything before?” I asked.

“They never asked me directly, at least not until tonight. I won’t simply say “oh, we are not sleeping together”. They would think that I am lying. I know how they think. I’m sorry, but I was just waiting for them to ask first before I speak up. If I spoke first they will think that I am trying to defend myself. Besides it would have attracted more attention to the whole thing. Make a story look bigger than it seems, or even it would have attracted their attention, more, to the situation” He answered, babbling. His eyes trying to apologize

“I understand your logic” I replied then took a sip from my soda.

We completed our dinner in silence. After we finished eating we went back to the hotel. I went straight to my room and whispered a small “thank you” before I shut the door. I knew that there is only one person who can lift me up.

“Hello?” I heard her answer the phone.

“Karen, it’s me” I answered back.

“Oh! Now you remember you have a sister. How many days would it take before you left up your phone, dial the number and call your sister?  It’s pretty easy by the way”


“Don’t Karebear me. Where have you been all this time?” She snapped.


“And you were sooo busy not to even send me an email, an SMS, or a phone call. Hell you could have left a message on the machine at night for all I care. You scared me” She inturrupted.

I heard a faint voice in the background say “Leave her alone. At least let her answer, or justify herself”. I smiled. I heard her snap at him “Oh shut up, it’s between me and my sister”

“So to what do I owe the honor of your gracious call?” She addressed me this time.

“Don’t talk to Chris like that” I said smiling. I always loved teasing her about Chris.

“Great. I find myself a boyfriend so you both be friends against me”

I laughed this time. Then my laugh turned into a sob, as I remember why I called her.

“Jewel, what's wrong?” I grin through my tears, just for hearing my nickname. When we were young kids, she wasn’t able to say Julie. It always came up Jewel. And it stuck to me since then. Only she who calls me that, and rarely.Only at times like this when she knows that this simple word would make me smile.

I told her the whole story. My sister, as much over protective as she is, suddenly yelled to Chris to log online and find 2 tickets to New York.

“We will meet you there. Isn’t it your next stop?”

“Yeah, but Karen you can’t come. You have work, so does Chris.” I try to put some sense into her head.

“We will call in sick. Or say it’s an emergency. I’m sure my boss won’t mind.”

“Kar…” I didn’t even complete the sentence.

“See you in 2 days. Bye”

And she hung up. ON ME.

In two days, all hell would break loose. Karen was coming to revenge.

Chapter 13 by nickcarter280
Author's Notes:



"So, where are those backstreet boys?" I was stepping in the hotel restaurant for breakfast, when I heard that question. I knew instantly it wasn't a fan, but far worse. From the tone of the speaker, and of course her voice, I knew it was the one and only Karen Russell.

Prepare for the nuclear bomb that will hit your heads BSB Camp.


"Karen, don't make a scene" I heard Chris whisper when I approached them.

I hugged my sister from the back, probably giving them quite a scare.

"I missed you" I whispered in her ear. I nearly had tears in my eyes, I didn't know how much I missed her, them, until I saw them.


She turned around hugging me properly. "Me too" She whispered back. Chris didn't know what to do, so, the understanding him, just gave us our space. Karen isn't very much the emotional type, except when it came to me. And not always also, but she has her moments.


"Come on, I was about to have breakfast, why don't you join me?" I offered.

"We will put our stuff in our room, then will catch up with you" Chris said giving me a hug.

"Whatever fits you" I replied smiling. "I have a lot to tell you." I said.

"Not before I find those backstreet boys and torture them first" Karen interrupted.

"Karen we agreed you won't make a scene" Chris reasoned, rolling his eyes.

"I didn't agree to that" She said giving him a look.

"Well you shouldn't then, for the sake of Julie" He replied.

"I am going to torture them for the sake of Julie" She replied as if it was the most logical thing in the world.

"Julie would lose her job if you did" He was still trying to reason with her. I was about to laugh of the way they were talking. You feel like I was watching a tennis match, my head kept going back and forth.

"Then, why did we come here?" Karen said putting her hands on her hips.

"To support Julie, and take her mind of the things that are troubling her" He threw it right back at her, putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Guys, we will talk while eating. Now, both of you go to your room. Wash up, get settled" I stepped in. "Don't forget I will be waiting in the restaurant"

"Sure, see you then" Said Chris, Pushing Karen towards the elevator.


When I stepped into the restaurant, I spotted AJ setting alone, ordering his breakfast. When he saw me, he waved at me. I went straight his way. Even though I was supposed to avoid him, I just couldn't. He was my friend on tour, no matter what. Let them think whatever they want.


"What are you having, miss?" The waiter asked.

"Pancakes and Guava Juice, please. Oh and can you bring a lemon with that" I replied with a smile. He looked confused, but he wrote my order anyway.

"So, who were the people you were hugging outside?"

"My sister and my boyfriend" I answered smirking. We always said that when people asked us. It was a prank we made in college, saying that Chris was my boyfriend. It was fun when they saw Karen kissing Chris; they always thought that we were a threesome anyway.

"Really, I didn't know you have a boyfriend" He said surprised.

"Well, now you know" I answered smiling. The waiter interrupted us, putting our breakfast on the table.

"I don't know how you drink that" AJ joked as he saw me squeezing the lemon in the guava juice.

"You don't even drink guava, you wouldn't know" I said licking my fingers then making a face when I tasted the lemon, making AJ laugh at me. In an instant, his face turned serious. "Why didn't you tell us that you had a boyfriend before?" He interrogated.

"I don't know, it just didn't come up" I answered stirring my Guava lemon juice.

"Really?" he snapped, "oh, let me think, if the guys knew that you have a boyfriend from the beginning, non of what happened yesterday and the days before would have happened"

Then it struck me. That was a brilliant idea. Saying that Chris is my boyfriend, for real, not some prank. AJ is a genius.

"I'm sorry" I tried to look and sound sorry.

"It's ok" he sighed, then started eating.

I felt a hand on my back, when I turned and saw Chris's face; I jumped and gave him a hug, and whispered, loud enough for AJ to hear, "I missed you".

"I just saw you outside Julie" He said confused.

"Well can't a girl miss her boyfriend" I replied giving him a "please-understand-and-go-with-the-flow" look.

"Not again" He whined.

"Something wrong?" AJ asked

"Nothing" I answered squeezing Chris's hand.

"So where is Karen?" I directed my question to Chris.

"She will be down in a minute" He answered, then took a seat beside me. He waved for the waiter, and then took a sip of my juice. He made a face "How you drink that is beyond me" He joked.

"It tastes great, and I love it. Ask for your own juice then" I stuck my tongue out, I am a baby, I know.

"Don't give me that unless you intend on using it" He said wiggling his eyebrows. I blushed.

I heard AJ clear his throat as if saying, I am still here.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce you, silly me. AJ, this is Chris, my boyfriend. Chris, this is AJ, my friend, and a backstreet boy" I said giggling.

They shock hands with the "it's nice to meet you, you too" introductions thing, when suddenly we heard

"So, Here is one Backstreet boy" Karen said when she approached the table.

"Leave this one alone, he is the nice one" I replied.

"Ok, so where are the bad ones?" She asked looking around.

"One will be in here in..."AJ answered her then looked to his watch "5...4...3...2...1"

"Hi guys". Kevin said as he approached our table "We have new faces here today" He commented.

"This is Karen, Julie's sister. And this is Chris, Julie's boyfriend" AJ introduced. Karen smiled, and looked at me as if she was trying to read my mind through my eye. I gave her an "I will tell you all about it later" look. That is the greatest thing about the three of us; we understood each other just by looking in the other's eyes.


"Boyfriend, we didn't know you have a boyfriend Julie" Kevin said smiling, I didn't know if it was a smile of relief or a simple "I am happy for you" smile. But with Kevin's record, I think it was the first one.

"Well, you never asked. And it never came up" I blushed. I was lying through my teeth, and they believed me. No scratch that, I guess they chose to believe me. This way I would keep my clutches away from AJ.

While Karen and Kevin were ordering breakfast Nick, Brian and Howie approached our table. Nick was stumbling, an apparent hangover clouding his eyes.

"Who are those?" Nick asked indifferently

"Nick, be nice" Brian advised like a mother to her son.

"What? A person can't ask a simple question around here?" Nick snapped.

Karen's eyes were shooting daggers towards Nick; he either didn't notice or chose not to. The only thing that was keeping Karen from speaking her mind was me and Chris each holding her hands.

AJ made the introductions again, both Howie and Brian welcomed them, with a hint of surprise in their eyes, they just didn't comment upon it. However, Nick looked astonished.

"You have a boyfriend?" Nick asked me.

"Yes, is that a problem?" I replied.

"No, but your boyfriend is ok with you massaging naked guys? And travelling with at least 5 guys alone, not to mention you spending your nights on tour with AJ. Dude, how do you take that, I wonder?" Nick addressed Chris. Stunned and angry faces were the reaction Nick got from, practically, everyone on our table.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Karen snapped. It was about time also. She actually took more time then expected.

"What the fuck is yours?" Nick snapped back.

"You are"

"Karen, calm down" Chris reasoned.

"No, I won't, I won't let him sit here and speak about you like this" She addressed Chris.

"What are you their mother?" Nick fired.

"Stop it, Nick" Kevin said trying to be calm.

"No, don't you see..."

"SHUT UP" Kevin yelled banging his hands on the table. Heads turned our way, but after long moments of silence, they stopped looking at us. Nick stood up abruptly, making his chair scratch against the marble floor, then left the restaurant.

"I'm sorry for that, when Nick is hung over, he acts like an ass, it is just that he have headaches, and his brain is not working well" Howie babbled trying to apologize to Karen and Chris.

"It's ok. It's not your fault" Chris said, and Karen merely nodded.

"Maybe when you see him again, you will know that he isn't that bad" Brian tried to lighten the situation.

"Oh, no thanks. First impressions are enough for me" She answered.


"Nick is in trouble, right?" I leaned and asked Karen.

"Oh, yeah! A big one...but he is not the only one" And she looked at me. I must have looked like a deer caught in the woods.

OH BOY. I hate when she does that.



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Chapter 14 by nickcarter280
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“Now tell me one thing, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?” Karen started off so calm then all of a sudden she switched into screaming.
We were back to my room. After the “bad” breakfast we just had, and that would be the understatement of this week, the boys were off to whatever interview, photo shoot, or anything they should to that day. And I was supposed to start planning for Nick’s session as well. Apparently this would have to wait after the lecture I was about to get.
“Karen, Leave her alone a little, even though I also would like to know, what were you thinking?” Chris said, addressing me with the last question.
“It’s not that old” I muttered
“Karen, stop yelling!” Chris said. “Julie, why did you say I am your boyfriend?”
“Well you kinda are, right?”
“WHAT?” Of course this was Karen.
“You are a boy, and my friend, that makes you my boy friend” I said hesitantly shooting them a shy smile. Ok, maybe a scared smile.
“Julie…” This time it was Chris who gave me the warning tone.
“Oh, Alright. It was AJ’s idea. Kinda…”
“Kinda what?” Karen asked when she saw that I wasn’t finished talking.
“Kinda his idea. It’s just that they all thought that I am sleeping with AJ. It was a stupid joke at first; I remembered our prank in school and thought that I do it with AJ. He then told me why I didn’t say that before since the boys already think that we are sleeping together. A light bulb went on over my head, and long story short…You know” I babbled.
“Oh Julie” Karen then gave me a hug and commented that this charade wouldn’t last forever.
“I know. I just want to shut them up for a while, especially Nick. You saw how he is?”
“But you know that made Chris look bad” She said.
“I knowwww. Just bare with me for a while. It’s not like you are going to stay here for a long time” I said with hopeful eyes. It was weird that Chris didn’t comment yet. But I am sure that he won’t say no. The guy is an angel.
“Ok, fine...but on conditions though. I am not going to kiss you in front of people or anything” Chris stated.
“EWWWW” I uttered.
“Oh, thank you very much” He said laughing.
“It is just you are like my brother” I replied.
“I know…anyway, no kisses or stuff like that, ok?”
“Deal?” Of course that was Karen again.
“Come on Karebear, pleaaaaassseeee” Yeah I become whinny when I want to.
“You know whining won’t get you anywhere?” and yeah, Karen figured me out long time ago.
“If you love me” I said, my eye brow lifted up and gave her a look.
“Now you are not playing fair” she said agitated.
“Come on, help your sister”
“Yeah, but you know this would be out in no time. You know we can’t keep our hands of each other”
“I know. I’ll keep praying though” I said laughing.
“So you have a boyfriend” Nick commented out of the blue.
I was giving him the back massage. A half an hour of total silence, and this is what he comes up with?
“Yeah. Is that a problem?” I asked wondering, what the hell was wrong with him?
“No, just that you didn’t strike me as the type with boyfriends” He replied casually, as if he didn’t just insult me.
“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked defensively.
“Well, I just imagined you, setting at your house, alone, lighting a scented candle beside you as you read a hopelessly romantic story and eating a bucket of ice cream.”
“FYI, I don’t eat a bucket of ice cream, too much sugar makes me gag. Ok “sugar”. And I don’t read romantic novels, they also make me gag”
“But you do sit alone reading with a scented candle on, right caramel?”
“Caramel?” I looked at him as if he was an idiot.
“You just called me sugar” he looked at me raising an eye brow as if he was saying “try to deny it”
“Caramel? That’s just ret…” Then I bit my tongue hard before I say something I might regret.
“That’s just what?”
“Nothing” I said as I continued rubbing his back, the process I realized I stopped doing. But noooo, he never leaves things as they are. He just sat up pulling the sheet to cover himself properly and looked me in the eye and asked “What were you going to say?”
“Nothing. Can we get back to our session, please?”
“Not until you tell me what you were going to say!” He replied as a matter of fact.
“Mr. Carter…”
“Mr. Carter?” He asked astonished. “You never called me that before”
“I didn’t?, No I think I did”
“I don’t think so; it sure would have stuck in my head if you did”
“Well, My fault then. I should have called you Mr. Carter a long time ago. But still it is fixable, so would you please lay back down Mr. Carter” This time I stressed his name.
“No” He simply replied.
“NO?” I was about to start yelling. I knew I was. But I recollected every power I have to try not to.
“No, you still didn’t tell me what you were about to say. So…” Then something shinned in his eyes, as if, God forbid, he was thinking about something, or an idea just came to his mind “Forget about that, so, you have a boyfriend. How is he like? Looks handsome Julie” He suddenly said taking me by surprise.
I took a step back looking at him carefully, that’s when I couldn’t help myself but say
“Are you turning Gay now?” I said wondering. Why in the Hell would he say that Chris is handsome?
“WHAT? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?” He asked apparently yelling at me.
“You just said he is handsome, that’s a gay thing” I tried to justify, only making matters worse.
“AND YOU JUST REPEATED THAT. Get out” He said pointing to the door.
“What?” I said taking another step back.
“I said GET OUT”
“You are in MY room” I tried to put some sense in his mind, obviously it back fired. His eyes turned gray as it was about to shoot fire at me.
“I am your boss, when I say get out, you get out” he said in a terrifying low tone.
I couldn’t talk; I just stood frozen not knowing what to do.
“GET OUT” that alone made me run to the door then slamming it shut as fast as I could. But then I stood in the hallway, not knowing where to go or what to do. He is in my room, ALONE. Who knows what he was doing in there, probably trashing it to punish me. Or may be putting itching powered in my underwear drawer or something. This is Nick we are talking about; you wouldn’t know what he is thinking. Add anger to the situation, the guy could be lethal.
Suddenly, and after about 10 minutes, he come out fully clothed and buttoning his pants.
“I won’t let this slide. I will do everything I can to get you fired” I stood there eyes wide and nearly in tears, but he didn’t say anything more. He stormed to his room and slammed it shut.
I didn’t know what to do next. So, I simply stood in the corridor crying my eyes out. I was in a daze. My mind kept wondering,
What the hell happened?

Chapter 15 by nickcarter280
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“I want her out of the tour Kevin. It is as simple as that” Nick and I stood in Kevin’s room after the fight. AJ was there for moral support. There was no one else in the room but us.

“I still need to have a very good reason for that” Kevin was sitting down looking at Nick with a smug look on his face. It was weird why Nick still didn’t explain the situation, he just barged in to the room, finding AJ and I there first, demanding that I have to be fired, with no explanations what so ever.

“I just need her fired. I can’t work with her anymore.” We all could tell that he was fuming with anger; he kept his cool though, trying to convince Kevin that his decision was a right one.

“Then, I’m sorry, I can’t.” Kevin said, then stood up, went to the mini bar, grabbed a soda for himself and started drinking it. He knew, as well as everyone else in the room, that he was making Nick mad with his indifference. I didn’t know why he was acting like this, but as long as I keep my job, I didn’t care.

“Why?” Nick asked through gritted teeth.

“I can’t give you a reason unless you give me one as well”

“I can’t work with her, this is my reason”

“I’m sorry, it is not good enough for me” He was still drinking his soda. AJ and I, however, couldn’t move. It was as if the fire emitting from Nick and Kevin’s eyes will burn us if they acknowledged us in the room.

“Listen Nick, It is written in the contract that I should pay her one million dollars if I fired her for no good reason, same if she quits. If she wants to quit, then she will have to pay me the same fine. And to tell you the truth, I am not ready to throw my money down the drain just because you can’t work with her. It has been two month now, Nick. All of a sudden you can’t work with her?”

His little speech made all of us surprised. I didn’t know that this was in my contract. Apparently, I would need to read the contract with a lawyer first before I sign anything. “What the hell did I put myself into?” I kept thinking. Hey, wait a min, I was insulted here. Was I the “drain”?

“Now, I told you my reason. Tell me yours” Kevin challenged.

“I will pay you the million, just get her out of the tour” Nick simply replied. As if a million dollars to him was like a cent given to charity.

“I’m sorry, I don’t accept charity from anyone” Kevin replied. See I told you.

Nick sighed. Apparently the “trying to keep his cool” plan was not working, or was failing terribly.

“Kevin, please…”

“No, Nick, I beg YOU to drop it. You are starting to give me a headache and can’t handle that now. Suck it up for the rest of the tour, and let the poor kid do her job. You were starting to get better…”

“GET BETTER. I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS SICK TO BEGIN WITH” Yeah, the “keeping cool” plan went down me, I mean the drain. MAN.

“You know what I mean.”

“NO, I don’t know what you mean Kevin. All of a sudden I found a masseuse shoved down my throat to fix something wrong with me, As If I need to be fixed. I AM FINE. YOU CAN’T ACCEPT THAT I MATURED…”

“MATURED… MATURED.  You call yourself mature Nick. You are everything BUT. You drink and act like a teenager. And when you don’t get your way, you whine. Just like today, I don’t know what Julie did, but you came here, WHINING, to get her fired. When you didn’t get your way, you stormed and turned into a four year old boy having a tantrum. And you call yourself MATURE”  

“If she doesn’t leave Kevin, I will. It is either me or her” And the answer was, surprisingly a high pitched laugh from Kevin.

“Neither of you are leaving. You are both bound by your contracts, yours with the agency, and hers with me. Nick you know better than that. So, I guess you are both staying. PERIOD” Kevin justified.

I guess Plan B also failed with Nick, because all he did was storm out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

“What the hell did you tell him that made him this mad?” It was the first time AJ spoke during the “Session”. He didn’t sound mad, just curious. I couldn’t see him because I kept my eyes on the floor. I was ashamed that I caused a fight between two friends.

“Julie!” That was Kevin of course. His tone was different from AJ’s. His was demanding. I only mumbled my answer. I know they must have not heard me because AJ, who was sitting right beside me, didn’t hear me.

“What did you say?” He asked.

“I… Well… I… Ummmm… I kinda, would have called him gay” the last word was barely a whisper. However, they heard it perfectly. Both of them had their eyes wide as saucers and didn’t know how to reply. It made me feel more ashamed.


“Well, I didn’t mean to, he said Chris is handsome, and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut…” I was babbling, but yet I was interrupted.

“You were jealous that Nick called Chris handsome”

“AJ, Shut up. You are not even making any sense” That was again, the voice of reason, Kevin.

“Why would you tell him he is gay?” He asked.

“I told you, he said “let’s talk about your handsome boyfriend”. I just told him that gays call other guys handsome. And no, I wasn’t jealous.” I addressed the last sentence to AJ. Freak.

“Julie, he was trying to have a friendly conversation with you.” Kevin commented.

“Oh!” I was about to cry now.

“You blew the chance, MAN.” Then he sighed and continued “Let’s just hope we will have another one”

“But he was sarcastic, like he was trying to make fun of me. And he did make fun of me.”

“He was trying to be funny. Nick has a weird sense of humor.” AJ explained. “Come on honey, don’t cry. You didn’t know” I guess I didn’t know that the tears escaped my eyes. He gave me a hug, I was sure that Kevin looked annoyed, but he didn’t comment anyway. So I guess I am safe.

“It’s ok Julie. Just like AJ said, you didn’t know” He patted my back. I felt guilty.

“Nick was always self conscious about being called gay. When he was younger, it used to affect him bad. He turned into a play boy just to prove that he is a ladies man. I guess that wound didn’t heal yet.” Kevin continued. If this was his way of trying to make me calm down, he sucks at it. My tears turned into sobs. I felt even guiltier now, if that was possible.

“Give him some space. You can apologize to him later, ok?” AJ said.

“Like he would accept it. I’m sure he hates me, now.”

“Trust us, Nick is soft hearted. He doesn’t hold grudges for long. Besides, he knows that the situation is not that horrible, that’s why he didn’t give his “reason” to Kevin” He actually made the quotation marks with his fingers and glared at Kevin.

“Anyway, you aren’t going anywhere. You are staying on tour with us. But please, I don’t want anyone to know about what happened. Nick shouldn’t even know that you told us the whole thing. Ok?”

I nodded.

“Don’t tell anyone, especially your sister. I don’t want her to haunt Nick down. She seems like the kind who holds grudges”

Oh you have no idea…

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Chapter 16 by nickcarter280
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The next morning, stress was thick in the air; you can cut it with a knife. Nick and Brian's family were on a table eating breakfast. AJ and Howie were on another one. Kevin and his wife, who just joined tour this morning, were on a third one. Of course Chris, Karen and I had the last one. The restaurant was very quiet except for the sounds of cutlery meeting the porcelain dishes, and some whispers here and there.


"What is going on today?, everyone seems so gloomy." Karen leaned to ask me.

"Don't ask. It's a long story." I replied.

"I'm listening" She said looking me in the eye.

"Well I can’t talk. Confidential stuff and all" I never lied to my sister, and I won’t start now. The look on her face showed that she didn’t like that answer very much. But she didn’t comment anymore.


"I heard yelling yesterday" Forget what I just said.

"It's a part of the confidential stuff I am not supposed to say."

"Hmmm…" She uttered. "Why was Nick yelling at you then?, or is that still part of confidential stuff you talk about."

I simply nodded, making her annoyed. "Confidential my ass, what the hell is going on here?"

"Karen, leave her alone. If she can’t say, she can’t say" Chris, my savior (as usual) said.

"I have to go now, got to prepare my next session" I said, after that comment and left the table as fast as I could, to avoid any more interrogations from Karen.

In the corner of my eye I saw Nick rise from his seat as well, he followed me to the elevators, and even got in with me. We both stood silent for a while, even though that we were totally alone. Then I decided to break the silence since the elevator was slow and we were on a high level.

"Listen… I am sorry for what I said yesterday. It was uncalled for. I was just kidding but apparently my sense of humor didn't appeal to you." I said not even looking him in the eye.

"It's OK" he only answered.

I was so surprised, "did he just accept my apology?" I kept thinking. My head snapped up to look at him. He smiled a warm smile and said "What?"

"Nothing" I answered smiling back. He had a great smile. I felt that I stared at him too long, so I turned back and look at the floor blushing. The elevator dinged and we got off.

"Meet me in my room in 15 minutes, Ok?" I told him, and then I realized it must have sounded too horrible. Surprisingly he just nodded and didn't give me any weird smirks or anything. Oh my God, the boyfriend plan must have worked.

If only I knew…


In the room, we had a very silent session. We didn't exchange any words at all.

And it was driving me crazy, so the big mouth that I am, decided that I need to break that new kind of ICE. So, I started talking again.

“Nick, can I ask you a question?” He only moaned as an answer, he was so relaxed he didn’t even want to open his mouth, WOW I am good.

“Why are you nice to me?”

“Make up your mind Julie, do you want me nice or not? I don’t want to play games here” He answered lazily without even lifting his head from the massaging table.

“I was just curious, that’s all?”

“And you know what it did to the cat, hon”

“But I am not a cat”

“You will be if you don’t let me be for now, a dead one if I might add” only then did he look at me, to address the message properly, I guess.

“OK” I answered. “Umm, Nick?”


“I’m sorry, for calling you… for earlier, I mean”

“It’s ok, not the first time I hear it. I just don’t know how to take a joke I guess. Now back to that good massage of yours”

Only then did I realize that I stopped the massage. So, I resumed my work, and did the rest of the session in silence.

Little did I know that starting this night was the true beginning of Hurricane backstreet
Chapter 17 by nickcarter280
Author's Notes:
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“I can’t believe you are leaving already.” I said as I hugged my sister goodbye in the airport.

“Well, you don’t need us anymore. I can see you can take care of yourself sister. Besides, Chris couldn’t take more than a 2 day vacation.”

I was proud, even though she said it in the middle of the sentence, but for her to admit that I can take care of myself was what I really needed in the middle of the madness they call a backstreet tour.

“You take care, and call us if you needed anything, ok?” Chris said as he was hugging me.

“I will, don’t worry” then I leaned into him and whispered “Take care of her” ,because annoying AJ who started having a crush on my sister decided to tag along with us. In the corner of my eye I saw AJ hug Karen, a little bit too long, and I felt Chris tense in my arms. So I just simply added

“Thank you, for enduring what I’ve put you through.” He simply smiled and hugged me again. He touched Karen’s shoulder, who was still hugging AJ, or at least trying to get out of his embrace, to tell her that they have to go. In a very much unintended action, he held her hand in his and they went through the gates and we waved them goodbye until we couldn’t see them again.

“He is totally not your boyfriend.” AJ commented smirking, as if he just didn’t drop a bomb over my head now.

“WHAT?” Then, I realized that I screamed a little too loud when some heads turned my way.

“It totally shows that he is not your boyfriend”

“Oh yes, he is”

“Oh no, unless he is cheating on you with your sister.”

“You are a yucky person AJ”

“A Yucky??!” he was astonished yet amused “You are a weird person, Russell”

“Last names?! Ohhhhhhhh, I didn’t know that we were allowed to use them Mclean.” I throw back.

“We are, when some one you thought is a friend lies to you.” He put me in silence, I couldn’t answer as I saw confusion, and a hint of pain in his eyes.

“I just would love to know why you lied to us” He said.

“How did you know he is not my boyfriend?” I asked trying to keep myself from answering his question.

“To tell you the truth, he is a great actor, even better than you. Until now, until the goodbye, the way he said good bye to you was too brotherly. Not to mention the way he flinched when he saw me hugging his girlfriend” He took a pause to check out my expression, and I guess it said I knew exactly what he meant because he only smiled. “Besides, they are making out in that gate right now, as if they missed each others so much”

“What?” I tried to check what he is talking about, but damn me for being short, I couldn’t see anything and starting jumping trying to catch a glimpse of what he is seeing. AJ kept laughing at me. It wasn’t funny, I can’t believe them.

“Come on, I need to leave before anyone recognizes me, and on the way to the hotel, you can tell me your reason for lying to your only friend on tour” He was playing the guilt card, while grabbing my hand and lead me to the sliding doors.

And he succeeded; I’ve never felt as guilty as I did at that moment.


“I still can’t understand what you were thinking.” He was sad with a hint of anger that he successfully kept out of his voice, but failed to hide from his eyes. We were on the bus taking us to another nameless city. They all look the same after the first week on tour. Howie was with us, a lovely addition on our tour bus, but honestly not at the moment. I had an angry backstreet on my hands and we were waiting for a hung-over one to join us.

“I told you AJ, it was supposed to be a prank, it just backfired because my logical part of the brain didn’t work” Then I heard laughter, coming directly from Howie.

“And I still can’t believe that you knew?!” I nearly screamed at Howie.

“It is really stupid not to realized Julie. Unlike AJ though, I guess I understand where you come from. Not a 100% but I’d say 20%.”He said, after the biggest snicker I’ve ever heard.

“How did you know?” Yes I whined, I learned from the best.

“Come on, it’s as shiny as the sun.” Howie said laughing.

“Told ya” AJ replied.

Once we heard the footsteps taking the two steps on the bus our heads turned to the source of the sound to find a very, as I said, hung-over Nick holding his head.

“What’s with the long faces?” He looked at us and commented.

“Nothing, I am going to bed” AJ said and left. I tried to go after him but Howie shock his head at me, a gesture that didn’t go unnoticed by Nick. Apparently Drinking and hangovers never stop him.

“OH! Trouble in paradise.” He teased

“Shut up Nick!” all of us, even AJ in his bunk yelled at him.

“OWWWWWWWWWWWW” Nick screamed in agony holding his head again. Suddenly he laid his head on my lap and grabbed my hands and placed them on his temple. I got the idea and started massaging his head as I did before. He sighed in content while Howie gave us quizzing looks.

“Serves you right.” I said addressing Nick.

“Shut up!” He replied “and don’t you dare stop what you are doing.” A long pause hung in the air, and given to Nick’s curiosity, it was a bit weird.

“So, what’s up? What is going on here?”  Told you!

“Nothing!” I filled in quickly.

“I heard boyfriend and Karen and stuff, is he jealous?!” Next I know Howie jumping in filling Nick with the whole story, because he didn’t want AJ to be picked on by Nick. Yeah sure, no problem with Nick picking on Julie though.

“I don’t like AJ like that. We are just friends. Would you please get this in your head?” I glared at them both, Nick for the comment, and Howie for spilling the beans.

“I KNEW IT!” Nick screamed then laid his head further on my lap, with a moan. It must have hurt to scream like this with a hangover.

“You too?!” The trick used to work all the time. Why this time? Those backstreets are not easy to fool, got to keep that in mind.

“Told ya, Caramel. The guy’s eyes were screaming “I LOVE KAREN”. He totally didn’t look like your boyfriend” Even though it was really annoying how right Nick was. How small I felt inside for picking a fight with him for nothing, hurting both his feelings and AJ’s. If At least the plan had worked, I wouldn’t feel as shameful as I am now. Not only did I lie to a friend, I must have looked my worst in front of them all. Yet, I still smiled. The amusement in Nick’s eyes was to extreme levels. So in a form of apology, I let the “Caramel” Comment slide, even smiled because of it.

 “Caramel?!” That was Howie of course.

“Long story” Both Nick and I said at the same time.

“You told me nothing, you just made fun of me” I commented.

“Potato, potato, besides you called me GAY!” Ok, so he will never forget this, the guy can hold grudges.

“You did what?!” Again, dear Howie.

“Another long story” It was only me this time who replied. “I’ll tell you later, Howie. This girl is evil” Nick said.

“Nick, quit it. You tried to get me fired.”

“Oh! You deserved it.”

“You guys are weird.”

“WOULD YOU GUYS SHUT UP, I AM TRYING TO SLEEP” This sentence was directed to us from the Bunks, adorned with nicely chosen obscenities of course. It wouldn’t be AJ if it doesn’t cuss.

“Julie, Keep massaging” Nick whined.”My head is about to explode”.

“Ok, Sugar” This time he moaned out of frustration, and then pinched me!

“That is going to leave a mark, Nick!” My voice got introduced to new pitches.

“Serves you right” Nick said smirking and Howie Laughed.

Ok Carter, You win the battle but not the war.

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