Trouble In Paradise by LenniluvsBrian
Summary: Life isn't always as perfect as it seems, not even for the Backstreet Boys - and especially not for Brian and his younger siblings.
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1. Grounded! by LenniluvsBrian

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Grounded! by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:
This story is actually based on a dream I had back in Grade 9 in 1998. This dream is what made me decide to give Leighanne a chance-don't ask why 'cause it don't make any sense to me either. Not everything in this story happened in the dream, but half of it did. Also, in the dream Leighanne was 'Leah Wadden', but I decided to be nice to her and went back and changed Leighanne's name to Leah. Well, Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Lenore & story idea. Whoever invented the T.V. show Katts & Dog owns Hank & Stevie's characters [though they're much nicer in the actual show-lol]. BSB own themselves, and in a way, I own Leah. Thank-you!

“Hey Stevie, I’ll race ya!” Lenore shouted to her fifteen year-old brother who was only a few months older than her.

“You’re on!” Stevie yelled back, pedaling his bike as fast as he could.

“Hey, what time is it?” Lenore called. “We have to be home soon, don’t we?”

“Shoot!” Stevie groaned. “We’re late! Dad’s gonna kill us!”

“Again,” Lenore replicated. “We’re so dead now; we promised we wouldn’t be late this time.”

With that the two of them raced their bikes home as fast as they possibly could. They pulled into the driveway and threw their bikes on the front lawn then dashed inside, hoping that their dad wouldn’t be there. Suddenly they froze in their tracks, there before them stood their dad.

“Where the hell have you two been?” He demanded. “I’ve been waiting for you for almost an hour now!”

“Look dad, we’re really sorry,” Stevie, who was now sitting on the couch, said. “We kinda lost track of time.”

“You’re always losing track of time!” He retorted. “I thought I told you two to be home by seven?”

“You did, but…..” Lenore started as she too sat down on the couch.

“No buts about it!” He yelled. “I’ve told you both a zillion times to be home on time!”

“We’re really sorry dad,” they stated in unison.

“I’ve had it, you’re not getting away with it this time,” their dad confirmed. “Lenore, you’re not to go to Katie’s birthday sleepover tonight, and Stevie you’re not allowed to play Nintendo; neither one of you is allowed out of this house until Monday.”

“But I have to give Katie her gift,” Lenore complained. “Why is my sentence worse than his?”

“Yeah dad, why is it?” Stevie queried. “After all, I am older.”

“Keep complaining and you’ll both be grounded all of next week!” Hank roared. “Oh yeah, and no phone calls!” With that he stormed out of the living room and into the kitchen to check on his three younger children.

Lenore and Stevie just sat there looking at one another shocked. They’d gotten into trouble before for being late, but not at all like this. A few minutes later their big brother Brian walked in to find them sitting quietly on the couch staring off into space.

“What’s wrong with you two?” Brian questioned. “You look as though the world’s about to end.”

“We were late again,” Stevie replied. “We accidentally lost track of time and were late, after promising that we wouldn’t be.”

“Dad wouldn’t let us explain or anything,” Lenore added. “He grounded us until Monday; I’m not allowed to go to Katie’s party either.”

“Ouch,” Brian rejoined. “Sorry to hear that you can’t go anywhere all weekend. Especially since, oh never mind.”

“Never mind what?” Lenore asked. “What are you hiding?”

Brian responded, “Oh, nothing.”

“What do ya mean nothing?” Stevie said. “You’re hiding something and we both know it!”

“Never mind, it’s not important,” he replicated.

“Tell us right now mister or else!” Lenore growled. “Don’t ya dare leave us hanging like this!”

“Fine, I’ll tell ya,” he told them. “The guys and I have to go to this party tomorrow night and I was gonna ask if ya wanted to tag along, but I guess ya can’t now.”

“Maybe dad will make an exception,” Stevie returned. “What’s the party about?”

“We’ve won another award,” Brian responded. “I thought ya might like to come and help us celebrate.”

“Celebrate what?” Hank interrogated walking back into the room. “When did you get home?”

“I got home about fifteen minutes ago,” Brian said. “We’re celebrating the fact that we won another award.”

“How many times do you have to celebrate something like that?” Hank questioned. “You’ve won like a zillion awards already, and you still have to go and celebrate.”

Brian retorted, “Dad, we celebrate each time because it’s a privilege to win each and every award, especially the ones you get after you thought that you wouldn’t win in that category.”

“I still think that it makes you all sound conceded,” he replied. “You don’t need to commemorate for each and every one. I do not want you coming home drunk again!”

“I’m not going to come home drunk!” Brian riposted, then nodded towards his two younger siblings. “Especially since I was originally gonna bring them along, so that they could be our VIG (very important guests) at the party.”

“Well, they’re grounded this weekend,” their dad replicated. “They’re not to go anywhere and no phone calls either.”

“Can’t you make an exception just this once?” Lenore pleaded. “Please dad; we swear on everything we own that it’ll never happen again.”

“If I let you go this time, then you’ll want off of the hook the next time, and the time after that,” Hank replicated. “You’re not getting out of it this time.”

“Can’t you just let us go to the party?” Stevie queried. “We’ll stay in the house for the rest of the weekend. Please?”

“Which part of no do you two not understand?” he interrogated. “The N or the O?”

“Both,” Brian rejoined before they could say anything. “They’re not the only one’s though. Dad, can’t you please let them off just for tomorrow night?”

“NO!” Hank yelled. “They have to learn their lesson! They’re not little kids anymore!”

“Dad, they swore on everything that they won’t let it happen again,” Brian insisted. “I really want for them to come with us; it’ll be an educational experience.”

“Educational my foot!” He roared. “How is it educational? All you do is go there, get drunk, get into fights, and swear at everyone!”

“That is not what happens!” Brian growled. “That only happens sometimes, and we’re never involved! It would give them an idea as to what stardom life is like!”

“I don’t care what it would teach them!” Hank bellowed. “For the last time, they’re not going!”

“Fine, be the big old idiot that you are!” Brian shouted. “You never want them to have fun anymore!”

“That’s it mister, you’re grounded for a week!” Hank hollered. “I’ve had enough of your damn lip!”

“I’m twenty-four for Pete’s sake; ya can’t ground me!” Brian yelled. “I’m too old to be grounded; I’m not a little kid anymore dad!”

Hank screamed, “As long as your living under my roof, you’ll never be too old to be grounded; if you don’t like it then move out!”

Brian looked over at Lenore and Stevie then and saw the worried looks on their faces. Stevie looked unsure of things and Lenore looked really scared. “Fine, have it your way!”

“Dad, he’s gotta go to the party tomorrow or else they’ll be evil rumors about him,” Stevie complained. “You can’t ground him for something we did. He can’t abandon his duty just because you’ve grounded him.”

“If he wants to go that badly, then it’s time for him to move out,” Hank riposted. “He’s twenty-four and is still living at home.”

“You can’t make him move out!” Lenore cried out. “You can’t let him move outta here either! What kind of a father would you look like if you did that? Howie still lives at home and his parents don’t mind!”

“I’m not Howie’s dad, now am I?” Hank retorted. “Now mind your own business or else!”

“Just goes to show which family cares about their kids more!” Lenore rejoined. “You probably wouldn’t even care if one of us got hit by a bus, unless it was one of the little rug-rats in the other room!”

“Lenore, don’t!” Brian snapped, then told his little sister sternly, “I don’t want you getting into anymore trouble for trying to defend me. I don’t need you to defend me all the time!” He then left and walked upstairs to his room to think about things.

Forbidden Birthday Party by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:

Well, I'm on an updating spree again - Yay! Lol. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Lenore, her friends, Jessica, Emily, Tessa, & story idea. BSB own themselves, and Hank & Stevie are technically owned by whoever created Katts & Dog. Thank-you!

Note: To those who hate author's using their own names - sorry! Wrote this when I was 15 & it was based mostly on a dream I'd had back then in grade 9. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

“Well, I have to go out now,” Hank informed the two of them. “Brian’s in charge as usual, and you two are only to leave this house to put your bikes away and that’s it! Understand?”

“Yes dad,” they said in unison. “We understand.”

“Good. I should be back by midnight; don’t you even think of staying up that late,” he instructed. “I’ll see you two in the morning, bye.”

“Bye dad!” They called after him.

“Ya need me I’m doing my homework,” Stevie replicated. “I’ll keep an eye on Jessica, Emily, and Tessa; I know that ya probably wanna go knock some sense into our big bro.”

“Thanks Stevie,” Lenore rejoined kissing him on the cheek. “You know me too well.” With that she ran up the stairs to her big brother’s room to see how he was doing. She knocked on his door before entering the room; she walked over to his bed and sat down next to him.

“Hey Lenore, wuzzup?” Brian queried. “You know that you don’t have to defend me all the time, don’t you?”

“Not much,” Lenore replied. “I know I don’t have to Bri, but I want too; I always have and I always will defend you.”

He apologized, “I didn’t mean to snap at you earlier, but I didn’t want you getting into more trouble on my account.”

Lenore nodded, then smiled, “So, Brian, old buddy, old pal, oh dear big brother of mine; have I told you lately just how much I love you?’

“What do you want now Lenore?”

“What do you mean ‘what do I want’? Can’t a girl express her feelings for her brother without being suspected of something anymore?”

“No,” Brian teased. “Now what do you want?”

“Well, I know that we’re both kinda grounded, but do you think that you can give me a lift over to Katie’s so that I can at least give her, her gift on her birthday?” She asked batting her green eyes at him. “Please? It would mean a lot to me.”

“Lenore, I’m already in a whole lot of trouble and so are you,” Brian reminded her. “Do you really wanna risk getting into more?”

“But Bri-yuhn, it’s her birthday!” she whined. “She’s my best friend, you know how it’d look if I didn’t show up to at least give her, her gift?”

“You know that I don’t like whiners!” He rejoined. “You must now suffer the consequences.”

“What consequences?”

“These consequences,” Brian said slyly. He then knocked her back onto his bed and started to tickle her. He smiled at her mischievously as she tried to fight back while laughing hysterically.

“Brian, stop! Please stop!” Lenore begged a few minutes later still giggling. “Can’t breathe, please stop!”

“Okay,” He responded lifting her into his lap. “That better?”

“Much,” she answered snuggling her head under his chin. “You still haven’t exactly answered my question Bri.”

He thought about it for a few minutes. “If it really means that much to ya, then let’s go,” Brian riposted setting her on her feet. “But, we’re not staying any longer than we have too.”

“Thanks, you’re the best,” Lenore said kissing his cheek. “Just let me get her gift and my coat.”

Brian grinned, “I know I’m the best; now hurry up before I change my mind.”

The two of them snuck out of the house, not bothering to tell Stevie where they were going, for they didn’t want him getting into trouble if they got caught. They made it to Katie’s house in twenty minutes; when they got there Lenore rang the doorbell, then they both stood there waiting for someone to answer. Mrs. Valencourt came to the door and told them to come on in, and that everyone was in Katie’s room waiting for her. When they got to Katie’s room they found Erika Kravajorova and Kerrie McKenzie sitting on air mattresses, Brian suppressed a laugh when he saw that every inch of the room was plastered with posters of him and the other guys. Katie showed up a few minutes later smiling when she saw her best friend.

“Hey gal, I thought that you weren’t gonna show,” Katie told her best bud. “What took ya so long?”

“I’m kinda grounded and not supposed to be here,” Lenore replied. “I only came to give ya, ya gift, watch ya open the other ones, and to get some cake and ice cream.”

Katie suddenly realized that Brian was standing in the room too. “Oh, hey Brian,” Katie replicated. “I saw you guys win the ‘best artist of the year’ award yesterday, congratulations on winning! Any ways how’s it going?”

“Okay, I guess,” Brian replicated. “I’m only here ‘cause Lenore wanted to give ya, ya gift so badly. I’m supposed to be at home right now, ‘cause I’m kinda grounded too”

“You’re twenty-four years-old and ya grounded?” Kerrie said. “Whoa, I wouldn’t still be living at home if I got grounded when I was that old.”

“Yeah, neither would I,” Erika agreed. “I’d be moving out as soon as I possibly could.”

Lenore glared at her two other friends; “Don’t you dare go giving him any ideas!”

“Well, now that we’re all here, anyone up for some cake and ice cream?” Katie queried. “This way Brian and Lenore can get home a.s.a.p.”

“Yes!” They all shouted.

Then the five of them walked to the kitchen to have the cake and ice cream. Afterwards Katie opened up her gifts; she’d received a new bike from her mom, the She’s All That movie from her brother Jeff, and a basketball with Michael Jordan’s signature on it from Kerrie. Erika had gotten her roller blades. Brian gave her a kiss on the cheek, and Lenore had handed her a gigantic BSB poster, which she’d gotten Brian and the other guys to sign. Katie thanked everyone; then they went back to her room to play a game.

“Uh, Lenore we have to get going,” Brian informed her. “If we don’t leave now we risk the chance of getting caught.”

“Can’t we just play a couple games?” Lenore asked looking pleadingly up at him. “All I want is to play three games and that’s it. Besides, dad won’t be home until midnight; you know he never comes home early.”

“Fine, but then we’re leaving no matter what.”

Lenore smiled “Thanks Bri, you’re…..”

“I know, I know, the best. Now we’d better get in there so we can get these games done and over with.”

They then went back to Katie’s room to play a few games. They played Chinese whispers, pin the hat on Nick Carter, had a drawing contest, did make overs (all but Brian), and played Candy Land. It was then that they realized that Brian had fallen asleep on one of the air mattresses. Lenore decided to play one more game before waking him up; the girls all voted for Truth or Dare.

“Kerrie, truth or dare?” Katie questioned.

“Truth,” Kerrie responded. “I don’t trust you for the dares.”

“Ok then,” Katie replicated. “Who is your secret crush that no one knows about?”

Kerrie smiled shyly, then replied, “Stevie Littrell.”

“You like my brother?” Lenore interrogated. “Ooh, just wait until I tell him!”

“Erika, truth or dare?” Kerrie queried ignoring Lenore. “Please don’t say truth.”

“Fine,” Erika said. “I choose dare.”

“I dare you to run around the room nude.”

“Uh, hello, Brian’s here or have you forgotten?” Erika retorted.

Kerrie got this evil look on her face. “I know, but he’s sleeping,” she answered.

“Fine, I’ll do it!” With that Erika did her dare, once done she quickly threw her nightgown on then looked over at Katie. “Truth or dare birthday girl?”

“Dare,” Katie riposted. “I’m no chicken.”

“I dare you to go over and kiss Brian on the lips,” Erika informed her. “We all know that you got a little crush on him.”

“Gladly,” Katie grinned. “I’ve always wanted to do this.” With that she went over and kissed him on the lips. “Your turn Lenore, truth or dare?”

“Uh, truth,” Lenore replied. Then she thought to herself, ‘Please don’t ask me what you asked Kerrie!’

“Lenore, my best, best friend,” Katie started. “Who are your secret crushes that you refuse to tell everyone?”

“Great just great!” Lenore thought, then voiced. “Uh, I’d rather not say.”

“Uh uh, you have too, we’re playing with no chickens!” Katie reminded her. “Now tell us; we promise not to tell anyone.”

“Promise you won’t make fun of me when I tell you?” Lenore interrogated. “It’s kinda sick in a way.”

“We promise,” they stated in unison.

“Fine,” Lenore mumbled. “My secret crushes are, Brian and Stevie.”

“You have crushes on your two older brothers?” Erika queried. “Gross!”

“How’d that happen?” Kerrie asked. “When did it happen?”

“Well, I’ve looked up to them ever since I was really little,” Lenore told her friends. “I didn’t know how much I really loved them until mom had died. They were always there when I needed them; they were there for me more than dad was. Dad was busy with Jessica, Emily, and Tessa; he didn’t know how much I was hurting or how jealous I was of my younger siblings. When dad kinda realized now and then I’d get spanked, yelled at, and then sent to my room; Brian and Stevie we’re always the ones who came to comfort me and tell me that everything would be all right.”

“You’ve loved then for the past nine years?” Katie said. “Whoa. I knew that you were having a hard time adjusting to the fact that you’re mom was gone, but I didn’t know you were having that much trouble.”

“Well, Stevie and I were only six when she was hit by that drunk driver,” Lenore reminded her friends. “Brian was fifteen, Jessica was two, Emily was barely even two months old. Then we adopted Tessa four years later. Dad had to take extra care of Jessica, and Emily ‘cause they were still very little; he didn’t have a whole lot of time for Stevie or I. We were his little Prince and Princess, until the rug-rats came along. Brian had to kinda raise the two of us, for dad wouldn’t pay any attention to us unless he was yelling at us for doing something wrong.”

“So, that’s why the three of you are so close,” Kerrie acknowledged. “I wondered why you’re always tagging along with one of them, and not even bothering with the younger three.”

“Yeah, well, I’m still kinda jealous of them,” Lenore admitted. “He still favors them a lot even though they’re five, nine, and eleven.”


I'm Sorry........ by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:

*coughs embarassed cough* Um...I just realized there's sort of implied incest - NO sex involved [I promise], just somebody loves some people they're not supposed too. Though, I'm sure she was adopted in the dream I had anyway, but just letting y'all know beforehand.

Disclaimer: Only own Lenore, Mrs. Valencourt, Jessica, Tessa, Emily, & story idea. Brian, & rest of BSB own themselves, as do Kerrie, Erika, & Katie. The makers of Katts & Dog own Hank & Stevie Katts. Thank-you!

Note: To those who hate fics where the author has themselves as a character, I aplogize for almost all the times I've used my own name in fics. But, these stories were based on dreams, & I was around 15-19 when I wrote them & don't have the heart to change them any.

The girls continued to talk and play Truth or Dare, and somehow during that time Lenore fell asleep next to Brian. Lenore awoke around noon the next day, not knowing where she was, she look around, noticing that Brian had his arm around her; suddenly she realized that they were still at Katie’s. “Oh my God, we fell asleep,” Lenore said, she then turned and shook her big bro. “Brian! Brian! Get up; we fell asleep! Dad’s gonna kill us!”

Brian awoke with a start. “What are you talking about?” He asked.

“You fell asleep after the drawing contest last night,” Lenore informed him. “I was gonna wake you up after we’d finished playing Truth or Dare, but I accidentally fell asleep too.”

“I told you no more than three games, and yet you went and played six,” Brian retorted. “Now we’re gonna be in even more trouble, all because you didn’t wake me up when you knew you were supposed too!”

“I’m…I’m sorry Brian,” Lenore apologized. “I…I…I didn’t mean too.”

“Come on, we’d better get home a.s.a.p. Even though we’ll be going home to a war zone,” Brian rejoined getting up. “The faster we get home the less trouble we’ll be in, even though we’re already in a whole lot.”

“Ok Brian,” Lenore answered quietly. “ I am really sorry.”

“Why am I in my boxers?” Brian interrogated. “Where’s my clothes?”

“Uh, Erika and Kerrie took them off of you and hid them somewhere,” Lenore replied sheepishly. “I’m not quite sure as to where they put them.”

Brian glared angrily at her. “Well, you’d better find them,” he growled.

Lenore ran to get Erika and Kerrie, so she could give Brian his clothes back. They finally found them stuffed in the garbage can in the corner of Katie’s room. Lenore handed them to Brian as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the house. She called good-bye to her friends as she climbed onto the back of his bicycle and wrapped her arms around his bare skin, while holding on to his clothes for him. Then he pedaled them home as fast as he could, still only in his boxers. As they rode home, girls who were standing on the sidewalks gawked at the sight and those with cameras took pictures. When they got home, Brian put his bike back in the garage, then strolled into the house with Lenore right behind him.

“Dad’s looking for you two,” Stevie told them as they came in the door. “He’s not too pleased either.”

“Figured as much,” Brian rejoined taking his clothes from Lenore. “We would have been home before him last night if someone hadn’t have forgotten their part of the deal.”

“What happened to you?” Stevie queried as he watched Brian quickly put his jeans on. “Why were ya only in ya boxers?”

“Because a bunch of fifteen year-old girls swiped my clothes while I was sleeping and hid them on me,” Brian retorted glaring at Lenore again. “They decided to let me join in on their Truth or Dare game without telling me.”

“There you are!” Hank roared coming out of the kitchen. “Where the hell did you two disappear to last night?”

“Katie’s,” Lenore whispered. “I had to give her, her gift.”

“After I told you that you couldn’t go?” Their dad yelled. “You deliberately disobeyed me!”

“Dad, I’m sorry,” Lenore responded. “I just wanted to give Katie her gift.”

Turning towards Brian he growled, “What’s your excuse? Did Lenore bat her eyes at you again?”

“Dad, we were only going over to drop the gift off,” Brian retorted ignoring the second question. “We hadn’t planned on staying the whole night; we accidentally fell asleep.”

“You should know better young man!” Hank bellowed. “You have to learn not to give Lenore whatever she wants! She’s not six years-old anymore Brian!”

“You think I don’t know that!” Brian hollered. “I don’t give her everything she wants!”

“You do, and you know it,” Hank snarled. “You always have, especially after your mother died!”

They were all silent then; thinking about the day they’d found out that she’d been hit by a drunk driver. Not one of them said a word for about five minutes; Stevie who was now in the kitchen, had heard what their father had said and was quietly thinking back to that first week without their mother.

“You two are both grounded for a month!” Hank roared breaking the silence. “Now go to your rooms this instant!”

With that the two of them quietly climbed the stairs. When they got to the top, Brian stormed into his room; Lenore tried to follow him, so she could try to explain, but he slammed the door in her face. She then ran into her room, threw herself onto her bed and started to cry. She hated it when everyone was mad at her, especially Brian, for she loved him so much. Half an hour later she snuck over to his room and knocked on the door.

“Brian,” She called softly. “Can I come in?”

“Lenore I’m not in the mood right now.” He snapped. “Go back to your room.”

“I…I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry,” Lenore replied. “I’m really, really sorry. I didn’t mean to get you into more trouble.”

“Leave me alone!” Brian rejoined. “Stop apologizing already! I know that you’re sorry; you’re sorry that you got into more trouble!”

“Brian, it’s not like that!” Lenore cried. “I didn’t want you to get into more trouble; I love you too much to purposely get you into trouble.”

Brian didn’t reply this time, he just sat there listening to her cry. He knew he was hurting her, but he was still mad at the fact that she’d broken their deal. He knew that their dad was right, he did give her everything that she wanted. He’d been doing it for nine years to both her and Stevie, her especially; he’d been trying to make up for the fact that their mother was gone and that their father was now completely ignoring them.

“Please Brian, forgive me,” Lenore riposted still crying. “I can’t go on like this knowing that you’re mad at me.”

Brian sighed, he knew he was going to regret this later. He then went over and opened his door; he found her sitting on the floor, while leaning against the wall sobbing. He picked her up and carried her into his room, then sat down on the bed with her in his lap. “Shh. It’s okay Lenore, it’s okay,” he said hugging her close. “I’m not really mad at you, I’m mad at dad. It was partly my fault that we ended up staying the night.”

Lenore sobbed into his chest, “I’m sorry Bri, I’m really sorry.”

“I know you’re sorry, I’m sorry too,” He told her, then he kissed the top of her head. “I hate it when we all argue; I know that Stevie and you hate it too.”

“I hate being yelled at,” Lenore admitted. “Especially by you or Stevie; I think we’re all used to getting yelled at by dad.”

“Why especially Stevie and I?” Brian queried. “I always thought that you hated being yelled at by dad more than anything.”

“Dad’s always yelling at Stevie and I lately, even for no reason at all now and then,” she responded. “I’d rather not say why I hate Stevie and you being mad at me.”

“C’mon, ya know that you can tell me anything,” he answered. “Like, hello, Lenore, it’s me, Brian.”

“I know, but this is kinda embarrassing and disgusting,” she riposted. “I’ve already had to tell Katie, Erika, and Kerrie ‘cause we were playin’ Truth or Dare with no chickens.”

“Please?” Brian questioned looking sadly at her with his dreamy blue eyes. “I’d tell you; as it is, I’ve already told you every little detail about me.”

“Well, alright,” Lenore sighed. “I guess I could tell you. Stevie already knows, only ‘cause he found and read my diary.”

“He read your diary?” Brian said. “What a little creep; I’ll deal with him later. Now c’mon, please tell me.”

“Well, I’m…..I’m,” Lenore started suddenly turning a bright red. “I’m in love with you and Stevie.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I feel isn’t just sisterly love; it’s more like a boyfriend, girlfriend kinda love.”

“You love us in that sort of way?” Brian questioned. “Wow, I never would have guessed.”

“Why do you think I very rarely let either one of you outta my sight?” Lenore asked. “Why do you think I’m always tagging along with one of ya?”

“Is that why you didn’t want me to date Leighanne?”

“Yeah, it is. I was kinda jealous and afraid.”

“Afraid of what?”

“Afraid that she might take my favourite brother away from me; that I’d never be able to see you again unless it was on T.V.,” Lenore admitted. “I was afraid she’d make you forget all about me, that you’d suddenly stop loving me. I really don’t wanna lose our relationship Bri.”

“Lenore, no one could ever make me stop loving you,” Brian informed her. “I could never ever forget about you either, not even for a minute. You’re always on my mind when we’re touring; why do you think I always fly you and Stevie out to some of our shows?”

“I don’t know,” Lenore said. “I thought you only flew us out ‘cause dad told ya too; so he could get us outta his hair.”

“Lenore, I have to practically beg dad to let you guys come,” Brian responded. “He doesn’t like you two flying alone in those planes; he’s always afraid that something bad will happen. I have to promise that I’ll be at the airport when you arrive or else he won’t ever let you two come again.”

“So, that’s why dad always calls and asks us whether or not you were at the airport to pick us up,” Lenore replicated. “He didn’t sound to pleased that one time when A.J. came to get us instead of you; or the time Kevin came, even though he is our cousin.”

“Let’s just say I had to give really good reasons for not being there to pick you up those few times,” Brian informed her. “I had to promise not to let it happen again or else you and Stevie wouldn’t be allowed to come out anymore.

“Jeez, I guess dad does care about Stevie and I after all,” Lenore replicated. “We thought he’d forgotten about us long ago; when the precious little rug-rats came along.”

“Lenore, dad hasn’t stopped loving you two, he just doesn’t know how to express it anymore,” Brian riposted. “I know he expressed his love for us a lot when mom was alive, but it was easier then because we were younger and someone else was here to take care of Jessica and Emily.”

“Are you sure?” Lenore questioned. “I mean, he doesn’t let us do anything anymore, he’s suddenly become this dull and angry person.”

“Lenore, he loves you,” Brian replicated. “Trust me.”

“Uh hmm,” Hank coughed.


Dinner Trouble by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:

Felt like posting something, so here y'all go. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Lenore, Tessa, Jessica, Emily, & story idea. The creator's of Katts & Dog owns Hank & Stevie, and Brian & rest of BSB own themselves. Thank-you!


They looked up to find their dad standing in the doorway. It was then that they realized they’d probably broken another rule.


“What are you doing in here missy?” Hank asked Lenore. “Aren’t you still supposed to be in your room?”


“Uh…well…I…um,” Lenore stuttered. “I…um…was just…uh…leaving.” With that she jumped out of Brian’s lap, ran out the door and dove back into her room.


Hank questioned, “Why is it everytime I turn around the two of you are sneaking around behind my back?”


Brian shrugged, “I dunno; maybe you turn around at the wrong time.”


Hank glared at him, “Supper’s ready; I’ll go tell Lenore.”


“I’ll be down in a few minutes.”


A few minutes later the whole Littrell family was sitting at the kitchen table eating pizza.


“Lenore, may I have the garlic bread?” Jessica queried politely.


“In a minute,” Lenore retorted. “I’m not done with it yet.”


“But, you’ve had five slices,” Emily pointed out. “You have to share.”


Lenore stated sarcastically, “Really, I didn’t know that.”


“Bwian, can I have more pizza?” Tessa interrogated looking at him with her big brown eyes. “Pwease? I all out.”


“Here ya go Tessa,” Brian responded while placing a small slice of pepperoni pizza on her plate. “It’s little just like you.”


Tessa giggled, “Thanks Bwian; can you cut it into wee pieces like daddy does?”


“Sure sweetie,” Brian replied; he then cut her pizza into different little shapes. “How’s that?”


“It not like daddy’s,” Tessa complained. “It in stwange shapes.”


“It’s in hearts, circles, and stars,” he told her. “The circles are your cute little face, the stars are your eyes, and the heart means I love you.”


She smiled shyly, “I wove you too.”


“Lenore may I have the garlic bread now?” Jessica queried impatiently. “It’s been five minutes.”


Lenore, who’d been paying attention to Brian and had been giving Tessa the evil eye, jumped. “What?” she asked. “The garlic bread? Oh, yeah, here.”


“Thanks,” Jessica replied taking the basket from her.


“Daddy, when are we gonna watch ‘Peter Pan’?” Emily questioned. “You said we’d watch it before supper, but we didn’t; you were too busy yelling at Brian and Lenore.”


“We’ll watch it after supper, before you go to bed,” Hank replicated, he then continued, “Lenore stop giving Tessa the evil eye! If you’re going to be like that then you can go to bed right now.”


“Like what?” Lenore asked pretending not to know. “I didn’t do anything.”


“You did, and you know it,” Hank verified. “Now stop lying about it and finish eating.”


Jessica and Emily laughed as Lenore sulked and went back to eating her pizza. “Ha ha,” they said in unison. “You got into trouble!”


“Keep ya mouths shut,” Lenore snapped.


The two of them continued to laugh and make fun of her. Stevie and Brian looked at one another in disbelief; they couldn’t believe that Emily and Jessica were getting away with bugging her. They knew that if the tables were turned and it was them making fun of one of the little ones, they’d be in a lot of trouble.


“Look, I’m Lenore!” Emily shouted holding two little saucers up to her face. “Like my gigantic reading glasses that are the ugliest things you’ve ever seen?”


Just then there was a knock at the door; Hank got up to answer it. As soon as he’d left the room, Jessica and Emily started singing.


“Lenore sucks, Lenore sucks!” They sang together. “Boy does she ever suck!”


Hank came back with Kevin, A.J., Howie, and Nick then. “I’ve invited them in to help us finish this pizza since no one else seems to be eating.” He informed them. “Lenore I told you before to finish your pizza.”


“This is my third slice, if ya haven’t noticed dad,” Lenore retorted. “I finished the other piece while you were answering the door.”


They all sat down; no sooner did they sit down than did the girls start singing again.


“Lenore sucks, yes she does; she’s the suckiest thing you know,” they sang to the tune of Casper The Friendly Ghost. “Everyone in town knows, she’s the suckiest thing around.”


“Shut-up!” Lenore riposted. “Why can’t you two just leave me alone?”


“Wenore sucks, Wenore sucks!” Tessa shouted joining in on the fun. “Wook I’m Wenore!” Her sisters laughed as she held her cup up to her face.


“So, how’s it goin’ Stevie?” Kevin asked his cousin, ignoring the ruckus that the youngest three were making. “You enjoying the pizza?


“Pizza’s good,” Stevie replied. “Not doin’ to good though, I’m kinda grounded until Monday.”


“That’s too bad,” Howie rejoined. “Let me guess, you were late again?”


“Gee, how’d ya know?” Stevie pondered jokingly. “Aren’t I always?”


“Why are they whispering?” Nick asked, nodding towards Emily and Jessica who were now giggling hysterically.


“They answered his question by yelling, “Lenore loves A.J., Lenore loves A.J.!”


“I do not!” Lenore protested. “What the hell are you two talking about?”


“Lenore loves A.J., Lenore loves A.J.,” the two of them repeated. Continuing they sang, “She wants him, she wants him; really, really bad!”


Lenore turned bright red as she screamed, “I DO NOT!!! NOW SHUT-UP!!!”


“See it’s true,” Jessica replicated looking over at A.J. “Why else would she be so defensive?”


Tessa continued the song for her sisters; “Wenore wants A.J., Wenore wants A.J.; weally, weally bad!”


“Because she loves him, she loves him,” Jessica and Emily joined in. “And wants to see what’s under his pants!”


"This is the last straw!" Lenore thought. “That’s it!” She screamed, as she slapped both of them in turn across the face, while jumping up. “I’ve had it, I’m not going to sit here and take it anymore! I’ve had it with you two making fun of me and getting away with it!”


“Lenore apologize to them right now!” Hank ordered as Jessica and Emily started to sob. “Then go to your room.”


“Never!” Lenore shouted. “I’ve had it with them being able to do whatever the hell they want! I can’t believe you just sit here and let them harass me like that! What kind of father are you? Letting the three little rug-rats get away with everything; acting as though they could do nothing wrong!”


“That’s enough young lady!” Hank bellowed. “Now go to your room!”


“They’re not little angels dad!” Lenore riposted. “They’ll be my age one day, and they’ll be the worst things that could have possibly ever happened to you!”


“If I have to tell you once more, I’ll…..”


“You’ll what dad? Spank me? Yeah right, get a life,” Lenore rejoined. “Whatever happened to Stevie and I being your little Prince and Princess?”


“What are you talking about?”


“Don’t tell me you don’t remember!” Lenore cried. “You used to put these little crowns on our heads and tell us that we were the best things in your life! You used to play games with us, help us with stuff, and carry us around all the time!”


“You’re making all of this up just so I’ll feel sorry for you!” Hank accused. “You’re lying again aren’t you?”


“I’m not making this up!” Lenore said as she started to cry angry tears. “You used to make up stories where we were the heroes; or you’d read us our favourite books instead before we went to bed! You’d spend time with us, but now you only acknowledge us when we’re in trouble!” She paused then went on. “You spend all your free time with Jessica and Emily; then you went and adopted Tessa because you wanted someone who could replace me, by being the little angel that I guess I never was!”


“Why I outta…”


“You outta what dad?” Lenore challenged. “Think back before mom died and tell me what you remember! Think back to when you cared and loved Stevie and I more than anything; or is it too hard for you now that you have the rug-rats to love in our place!”


“I’ve had enough of your lip young lady!” With that he slapped her butt hard. “You go to your room right now and stay there!”


Lenore ran out of the room bawling. “I hate you! I so hate you!” She screamed.


Hank dashed after Lenore and grabbed her as she tried to run up the stairs. He smacked her again. “You’re grounded for another month!” He bellowed. “Now get up to your room and stay there until I’m ready to talk to you!” Hank walked back into the kitchen to find everyone staring at him. “I finally gave her, what I should have given her long ago,” he replicated.


“Dad, it wasn’t entirely her fault,” Stevie insisted. “Jessica and Emily provoked her.”


“She had no right to talk to me like that!”

(p0 “You mean you don’t remember doing any of the stuff she named” Stevie interrogated. “I don’t believe it, and after you promised us you’d never forget.”


“I don’t know what the hell you two are talking about,” Hank riposted. “If you’re gonna start, you can go to your room too.”


“It’s no wonder Lenore hates you and the rug-rats,” Stevie stated as he stood up. “Because I now hate the four of you too!”


Hank smacked Stevie even harder than he’d hit Lenore. “Don’t you ever say that you hate anyone in this family!” He roared. “Now go to your room!”


After Stevie had left Brian decided to have his say. “Dad, you didn’t have to hit them in front of everyone,” he said. “If you ask me, Jessica and Emily are the ones who deserve to be spanked, not Lenore and Stevie. I can’t believe you don’t remember any of that either.” With that Brian got up and walked out of the room. He climbed the stairs so that he could go comfort his two younger siblings. He found the two of them in Stevie’s room huddled together in the corner crying.


Flashback Trouble...... by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:

Well, felt like posting something again, so here's the next chapter. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Lenore, Jessica, Emily, Tessa, Erica, Kerrie, & Katie. The creators of Katts & Dog own Hank & Stevie [though Hank really isn't a thing like this]. And Brian, & the rest of BSB, of course own themselves. Thank-you!


“Lenore, Stevie, what’s wrong?” Brian queried walking into his bedroom, finding his six year-old siblings huddled in a corner. “Why are you crying?”

“Daddy’s mad at us,” Stevie cried. “We didn’t do anything either.”

“What happened?” Brian questioned. “Why’d daddy get mad?”

“Daddy said we broke the lamp, when Jessica’s the one who knocked it over,” Lenore sniffled. “Daddy real mad; he yell at us and spank us; we didn’t do it Brian!”

Brian walked over to where they were, picked them both up, then sat down with them in his lap. “Its okay, it’s okay,” he said hugging them close. “Daddy, probably just made a mistake.”

“Daddy yell ‘cause Jessica got hurt,” Stevie whimpered, clutching his fifteen-year-old brother’s shirt. “He said we not allowed to watch Rescue Rangers or any other cartoon for a week.”

“How’d Jessica get hurt?” Brian queried. “Did she get cut on the glass?”

“No, Lenore pushed her and she hit her head on the floor,” Stevie replicated. “She almost got cut on the lamp, but daddy picked her up.”

“Lenore, did you push Jessica?” Brian asked. “Did you purposely hurt her?”

“Yes,” Lenore answered quietly. “But, she didn’t get hurt the way I wanted.”

“Lenore, that was very naughty,” Brian told her sternly. “No wonder daddy’s mad; you were a very bad girl by purposely hurting Jessica.”

“She deserves it!” Lenore declared. “She get away with everything; I don’t like her either!”

“You should never deliberately hurt someone, whether or not you like them,” Brian informed his two little siblings. “Did you apologize to her?”

“No, she didn’t,” Stevie cut in. “Daddy told her too, but she wouldn’t; she hit her instead.”

“Did you hit her too?” Brian interrogated.

“Yes,” Lenore whispered. “She laugh at me; she think it funny that I in trouble.”

“You shouldn’t hit people,” Brian said. “Fighting never solves anything.”

“You and Kevin fight,” Stevie pointed out. “So, why can’t we?”

“It’s not right that’s why. We shouldn’t be fighting either; we get into trouble for it too, because it’s wrong and we know better.”

“I sorry, I really sorry,” Lenore replied as a few tears trickled down her face. “You mad at me Brian?”

“No. I know that you’re jealous, just don’t let it happen again, okay?”

“I won’t, I promise!” Lenore rejoined.

“I promise not to do it either,” Stevie replicated.

“There’s my little brother and sister,” Brian smiled kissing the tops of their heads. “I love you guys.”

“We love you Brian,” they stated in unison.



Need To Stick Together by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:
Despite Word not liking this story, look what I found! Here's a new chapter for you to read! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Lenore and story idea. Everyone else is their own property. Thank-you!

“Hey guys,” Brian said coming into the room. “You okay?”

“It’s not fair!” Lenore complained. “They sit there harassing me and he doesn’t even care!”

“He promised that he’d never forget that we were his little Prince and Princess,” Stevie cried. “Yet, he went and forgot as soon as the rug-rats came along.”

“You shouldn’t have blown up like that,” Brian told them. “You can never hate family; I must have told Kevin that I hated him like a zillion times, but when it came down to it, I really didn’t.”

“That’s you and Kevin,” Lenore retorted. “You’re not dad and the pain-in-the-butt angels!”

Brian sat down on the bed and signaled for them to come over. They climbed into his lap, still crying. He hugged them tight, then kissed the tops of their heads. “It’ll be okay,” he said. “It always works out.”

“Why does dad favor them?” Stevie pondered. “Why does he ignore us?”

“Dad probably favors them because they’re the last two mom ever had,” Brian informed his younger brother and sister. “He shouldn’t be ignoring us though, because we were the first born; he should love and care for us all the same.”

“Why does Tessa get favored?” Lenore questioned. “Mom didn’t have her; dad adopted her four years later.”

“Probably because she’s the youngest,” Brian replied. “The youngest always tends to get away with more.”

“Yeah, I know what ya mean,” Stevie answered. “Lenore used to break something and not get yelled at, but if it was me, I’d be in trouble.”

“I wish that I was still the youngest,” Lenore growled. “I wish that they’d never been born!”

“Lenore, that’s not very nice,” Brian riposted sternly. “You should never wish something like that, for it may come true.”

“I hope it does,” Lenore retorted. “I hope it comes true really soon.”

“Just because you’re jealous doesn’t mean you make evil wishes,” Stevie replicated. “It’s not their fault they’re favored.”

“Why are you taking their side?” Lenore interrogated. “You said you hated them too.”

Stevie rejoined, “I know, but that doesn’t mean I have to go making evil wishes that God doesn’t approve of.”

“What are you, one of His disciples?” Lenore queried angrily. “I don’t care anymore!”

“Okay you two, that’s enough!” Brian rejoined starting to get mad. “You shouldn’t be arguing at a time like this; you should be sticking together!”

“Sorry, Stevie,” Lenore said quietly.

“I’m sorry too,” Stevie answered. “Brian’s right, we do have to stick together.”

“It’s either we stick together or end up being all alone in this world,” Lenore replied. “I really don’t wanna be left alone in this world having no one that cares about me.”

“Lenore, you’re never going to not have someone who cares for you,” Brian insisted. “I always have and always will care for you. I know for a fact that Stevie will too.”

Stevie joked, “Yeah; ‘cause if I don’t Brian will come and hunt me down.”

“We’ll always care for you too,” A.J. said as him and the other three guys came into the room. “Lenore, Brian’s right, you’ll always have someone that cares for you no matter what happens.”

Lenore looked up at him and the others. “Thanks guys,” she said. “That really means a lot to me.”

“You guys okay?” Nick questioned. “I mean, well, ya know.”

“We’re okay Nick; a little sore, but okay,” Stevie replicated. “We haven’t been spanked in a while, that’s all.”

“Ya sure you’re okay?” Nick queried. “I just wanna make sure ‘cause if ya not, I’ll go knock his block off for ya.”

Lenore laughed, “Thanks Nick, but we’ll be okay, now that Brian’s here.”

“Ah, let me guess, you two have Brian wrapped around your baby fingers?” Howie said.

“Darn right, and proud of it,” they stated in unison.

Kevin smiled, “So I see; you both favor Brian, just like you’re dad favors Jessica, Emily, and Tessa.”

“It’s not the same,” Stevie protested. “It’s dad’s own fault that we love Brian more than him; he’s the one who’s been ignoring us.”

“Yeah,” Lenore agreed. “We didn’t do anything to make him love the rug-rats more than us.”

“I guess, you have a point,” Howie riposted. “I can kinda see where you’re coming from.”

“Hey Lenore, what’s this we hear that you love A.J. and want him really, really bad?” Nick asked. “Do you really want to see what’s under his pants?”

“That’s absolutely positively none of your business!” Lenore snapped turning bright red. “It’s not true; they’ll make anything up, just to embarrass me.”

“Um hmm, sure,” Stevie responded. “If they’re making it up, then why does it say all that and more in your diary?”

Lenore turned even redder. “What the hell are you doing reading my diary?” She demanded. “You have no business invading my privacy!”

“Sorry, but if ya don’t want people reading it, then ya shouldn’t be leaving it out in the open,” Stevie retorted. “I found it lying in the middle of the hallway floor.”

“Like hell you did!” Lenore returned. “Why is it, I never get any privacy around here?”

“If you two are going to sit here and argue then I’m leaving,” Brian rejoined starting to get up. “I’m not about to sit here and listen to the two of ya argue.”

They looked at one another, then quickly knocked him back down onto Stevie’s bed. “We’ll, stop,” they replicated quickly. “We promise.”

“Remember you said that,” Brian riposted. “I’m not in the mood to listen to anymore arguments.”

“So, cous’ are ya going to the party still?” Kevin queried. “If ya not, well, then the rest of us had better get going.”

“I’m staying home this time,” Brian answered. “I can’t abandon my favourite siblings at a time like this.”

“Well, okay then,” Howie said, then turned to the other three, “Let’s get going guys.” With that A.J., Howie, Nick, and Kevin all left to go to the party.

A little while later, Hank came up to find his three eldest children all sitting in Stevie’s room huddled together.

“Why are you all in here?” He interrogated. “Lenore, you were told to go to your room, not Stevie’s.”

“We just are,” Brian rejoined. “You got a problem with that?”

“Stevie, Lenore, I think it’s time that you two went to bed,” Hank replied ignoring Brian’s comment. “In your own rooms; now get going.”

With that Lenore and Stevie got ready for bed, said goodnight to Brian and then hit the sack. Later that night Brian awoke to the sound of someone screaming; he raced out into the hall and realized that the screaming was coming from Lenore’s room. He dashed inside to see what was wrong, and found her lying in her bed thrashing at the air. Brian quickly woke her up and hugged her, telling her that it was all right, and that it’d just been a bad dream.

A few minutes later he heard more screaming; he picked Lenore up, then dashed into Stevie’s room, for that’s where the noise was coming from. He woke Stevie up and told him that everything was okay, and that it’d only been a nightmare.

Brian then picked Stevie up too, and carried both of them into his room; he climbed into his bed, with Stevie on his left and Lenore, wedged between him and the wall on his right. They both snuggled up against him, feeling safer by the minute, just knowing that their big brother was there to protect them from anything and anyone.
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