Degraded by PureChaos92
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Nick tries his best to hide the bruises that she's left him with. AJ tries to ignore his growing love for Nick.

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Series: Degraded
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1. Chapter One: The Aftermath by PureChaos92

2. Chapter Two: Hiding The Truth by PureChaos92

3. Chapter Three: AJ Knows by PureChaos92

4. Chapter Four: Late-Night Eavesdropper by PureChaos92

5. Chapter Five: Really Seeing AJ by PureChaos92

6. Chapter Six: Shouldn't Have Done That by PureChaos92

7. Chapter Seven: Recovering by PureChaos92

8. Chapter Eight: My Angel (AJ's Point of View) by PureChaos92

9. Chapter Nine: Suspicious Cousins by PureChaos92

10. Chapter Ten: Big Problem by PureChaos92

11. Chapter Eleven: Ready For War by PureChaos92

12. Chapter Twelve: A Brewing Storm by PureChaos92

13. Chapter Thirteen: Ill Confessions On The Front Lines by PureChaos92

14. Chapter Fourteen: Never Let Go by PureChaos92

15. Chapter Fifteen: The Only Two People by PureChaos92

Chapter One: The Aftermath by PureChaos92
Author's Notes:
I worked really hard. I hope you like this.
I looked in the mirror, what I saw disgusted me. A bruise decorated the right side of face starting at my temple leading all the way down to my jaw, dried blood painted my bottom lip. I leaned in, gripping the cool marble sink. Dark circles rimmed my eyes. It had been weeks since I had gotten a decent night’s sleep. I was pathetic. A six-foot, muscular man getting the shit beat out of him on the daily basis by a petite nineteen-year-old woman. Pretty sad, huh? For a split second I wanted to cry, instead I grabbed the nearest object, an empty soap dish; I threw it with all the strength I could possibly muster. The mirror shattered instantly sending shards and bits in all directions. Staggering backward, the glass crunched under my feet, nipping and biting at the callused flesh. When I finally hit the wall I slid down onto the floor. I grabbed one of the larger pieces laying inches away and pressed my thumb to the edge sliding it downward. It pierced my skin, blood dripped across my palm. I tossed the make-shift-razor aside, pressing my thumb to the icy white tiled floor I drew I straight line, a trail of wine red followed. I retracted my hand and studied it, glistening with sweat and blood. I wiped it on my pants then stood. Pulling off my belt then stripping completely. I stepped over the mess of glass, approaching the shower. I adjusted the temperature before getting in. The hot water stung on my rapidly swelling face.
Clad in only a fresh pair of boxers I walked out of the bathroom, again ignoring the mess. Knowing full well I just didn’t have the patience to deal with it. My bedroom was dark and for some strange reason it was rather comforting. I pulled back the blankets on my king size bed and lied down. It had been an extremely long day and all I wanted was some rest.
Chapter Two: Hiding The Truth by PureChaos92
I gripped the steering wheel so tight my knuckles whitened. My truck was parked outside the dance studio. I glanced at my watch. 9:45 a.m. I had fifteen minutes. The reflection in my review mirror showed a broken man with a dark purple swollen face and a fat lip. He wasn’t the Nick I remembered. I wore a pair of black sunglasses and a baseball cap. But, I wasn’t fooling anyone even with my hood pulled up over the hat. What was I going to tell the guys this time? I tripped down the stairs? Fell in the shower?
I nearly pissed myself when someone knocked on the driver’s side window breaking me from my thoughts. It was AJ. I took a deep breath before opening the door and getting out. He grinned at me at I slammed the door shut.
“Hey, Nick. What’s up? I haven’t heard from you in a couple weeks.”
“Oh, not too much, you?” I answered avoiding eye contact. I heard a gasp as he noticed my battle wounds.
“Nicky, what the hell happened?” he questioned.
“Umm…” I stammered. “Funny story. See Aaron and I were rough-housing last night and things got a little out of hand. Ya know, he’s grown up. He puts up quite a fight.”
“I thought he spent most of the day recording, then had a show last night.” It was a fact not a question.
“Jesus Christ AJ! Leave me the hell alone.” I snapped, shoving past him. I could feel my ears burning. I wasn't angry with him. I was angry with myself for not being able to stand up to her.
Chapter Three: AJ Knows by PureChaos92
Fortunately, AJ dropped the subject long enough to get through the rest of the day. As I left rehearsal I knew I was headed for my second home— the beach. After a short ten minute drive I parked my truck. I slipped off my sneakers and socks before getting out. The cool sand seeped between my toes and molded under my heels. I rolled up my pant legs, starting toward the water. It was almost dusk, the temperature was quickly dropping. I sat down, stretching my legs so my feet were barely out of the ocean’s reach.
I watched the descending sun. It was so beautiful. It’s weak and fading rays glistened on the calm water. “God’s painting” I once heard it referred to as. I wondered if there was a God. I hope so. He’s the only one who could help me. A lone tear slid down my cheek. I didn’t bother to wipe it away. I took a deep breath. Someone sat down beside me. I kept my stare on the sunset.
“Nicky…” I could feel AJ’s gaze on me. “I’m really worried about you.” I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. “You can only have so many ‘accidents’. I know something’s up. Why can’t you just tell me?” I closed my eyes, damming my tears. “It’s Jenna, isn’t it? She’s doing this to you…” He was staring at me now, searching for the answer he already had. Hesitantly, I nodded. I felt his arm around me. I leaned into him, burying my face in his chest as I begun to sob uncontrollably. He tightened his grip around my shoulders.
“I don’t want to go home AJ…I don’t want to go home to her.” I cried. He hushed me soothingly.
“You don’t have to, Nicky. You can stay with me.”
Chapter Four: Late-Night Eavesdropper by PureChaos92
It was almost midnight by the time we left the beach. AJ insisted on driving me to his house in his mustang and coming back for my truck later. He said that me driving while I was so worked up made him nervous. I didn’t fight him. I now sat on the bed in his guestroom while he dug through the closet for some extra pillows.
“I really appreciate this.” I told him wiping the last of my tears from my face. I had finally stopped crying.
“Don’t even worry about it, Nicky. It’s no big deal.” Walking toward me he tossed a few more pillows on the bed then sat down next to me. “Nick, you have to break it off with her before this gets worse.” He stated suddenly becoming very serious. I shook my head.
“N-no, I can’t. She’ll get mad and…” I felt my throat tighten.
“And what? Hit you.” His eyes were stormy, his jaw clenched. Turning away from him I closed my eyes and swallowed.
“I’m sorry.” My voice hitched slightly.
“Nicky, I’m not mad at you. It’s her, how could she do this to you? It’s not right Nick and it needs to stop. It needs to stop now.” His tone grew with every word.
“I just can’t.” I said fearfully.
“Nicky, look at me.” He reached over, cupping my cheek in his hand, he made me face him. “Next time you could really get hurt. I don’t like seeing you like this. You’re not yourself…you’re not happy.” For a second my blue eyes met his brown. Neither of us broke the gaze. I don’t know why but I just couldn't look away. He blushed and quickly pulled his hand away. It took me a moment to register his action. He got to his feet and rubbed the back of his neck anxiously. “I’m pretty tired. I’m gonna get to bed.”
“Yeah, yeah. Me too.” He froze in the doorway and looked back at me.
“Good night, Nicky. See you in the morning."
“G’ night.” I laid down as he left the room. I slept light; thoughts of breaking up with Jenna plagued my mind.
I woke up when I heard the bedroom door open later that night. I kept my eyes closed. Someone sat down on the bed. I tried to steady my breathing.
“Nicky, I wish I could tell you the truth. If you only knew how much I really care about you. If things were just a little different…they could be so perfect. But, they’re not and they won’t be.” As he spoke he ran his fingers slowly through my hair. He shifted on the bed, brushed his lips gently against my forehead before he got up and left the room closing the door behind him. Then I realized something—I really didn’t want him to leave. I wanted him to stay with me.
Chapter Five: Really Seeing AJ by PureChaos92
When awoke in the morning it took me a moment to realize where I was. Then I recalled the night before and a grin spread widely across my face. I threw the blankets off myself then headed for the bathroom. I took a shower thinking of how to approach AJ. I figured I had only two choices: not do anything and let him believe I was really sleeping or go after him and knowing what I do it will an easy task. However, I had to get through the day without letting him know anything. For the time being I had forgotten all about Jenna.
As soon as I was done I went downstairs to the kitchen. Where I found AJ making pancakes, clothed in only a pair of jeans.
“Morning.” He greeted with a warm smile before turning back to the food. I sat down at the table.
“Morning AJ.” I replied glancing in his direction. I did a double take. His hair was a complete mess. The band of his underwear was visible above the line of his jeans. His feet were bare on the hard wood floor. He rubbed the back of his neck while he waited for the batter in the pan to cook. Damn, he was cute. Wait, what the hell am I saying?! CUTE?? But, he’s AJ! My friend, my brother…A GUY!! I can’t think he’s cute. But, I couldn’t help it. He was cute, really cute! He turned to the left looking for the spatula, licking his lips. I had to fight the urge to pounce on him right there. After what he had said the night before I suddenly saw him in a different light. A bright, beautiful light! Not only was he physically attractive he was tender. Warm and welcoming when I was lost, gentle and delicate when I was hurt. How could I be so blind as to not see all this before?
That night while I lay in bed I formulated a plan. I refused to go to sleep. I was going to wait for him, wait for him to come to me. Then and only then would I make my move. I turned off the lamp on the nightstand before snuggle down under the covers. There I awaited his return. It only took a few hours. I closed my eyes when I heard the doorknob twist and took a deep breath. This was it. He sat by my side.
“Nicky, I know we said tomorrow you would leave. But, know this, I really don’t want to you go. I wish you could stay with me forever.” He carefully laced his fingers with mine. “I-I love you, Nicky. I’ve never admitted it but it’s so true.” With his free hand he caressed my cheek gingerly. “But, I know that you can never love me back and as much that sucks I need to accept it and let you go.” He squeezed my hand but before he could get up to leave. I took grip on his hand opening my eyes. He started at me in shock. “Nick, I-“
“No, you’re not leaving and neither am I.” A gorgeous smile appeared on his face and he grasped my hand firmly once again. “Now get in this bed.” I made room for him and he obeyed. We lay on our sides so we could face one another, our fingers still clasped between us.
He cupped his left hand over my cheek, bringing my face closer to his. Our lips met hungrily. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it just might explode. He deepened the kiss. His mouth moved to my neck. I pulled him closer, capturing his lips with mine. When we finally pulled away after a long while, I smiled up at him. He pushed my hair out of my face. I bit my lip.
“I love you, Nicky.” He whispered.
“I can’t say that I love you AJ. But, I can’t say I won’t either.”
“You don’t have to say anything.” He moved onto his back. I rested my head on his chest, falling asleep comfortably wrapped in his arms.
Chapter Six: Shouldn't Have Done That by PureChaos92
Author's Notes:
When I woke up the next morning AJ had his head on my shoulder and his tattooed arms around my middle, he was still in a deep slumber. Grinning, I freed myself from is hold and got out of bed. After a quick shower I threw on the clothes I had been wearing the night before, left a note on my pillow for him and went out the door.

I’m going to get some of my stuff at home.
I think she’s working today so I’ll be fine.
Don’t worry,

My house was only a few blocks away so I decided to walk. It was just past sunrise when I reached the driveway. I searched for the spare key under a plastic rock in the garden out front. Once I found it I let myself in. No one was there, thank God! I went through the living room and up stairs, I finally came to the bedroom, I opened the door. Gagging as the stench of cigarette smoke hit my nose.
I winced when I heard the front door slam. She was home. I ducked into the bedroom, sprinting to my closet. I grabbed a duffle bag off the floor and I started throwing clothes, hangers and all into it. I then ran to the dresser pulling drawers out, I started dumping socks and underwear in the bag. She was coming up the hall— oh God! How was I going to get out of this one??
“Where the hell have you been?” She screamed from the doorway.
“I-I was at a friend’s. It got late so I crashed there…No big deal.” I couldn’t tell her I was with AJ. I didn’t want her to know where to find me.
“For two days?! Don’t lie to me, Nicholas! Where the fuck were you?” She bound toward me, shoving me back causing me to fall over my bag. “What the hell is this?” She yelled inches from my face. “Are you going somewhere?”
When I didn’t answer she picked up a wooden hairbrush off the dresser then stood over me. “I asked you a question!” She sat on my chest making it slightly difficult to breathe. She struck me across the face as hard as she could with the back of the brush. I could feel warm liquid dripping down my cheek and onto my neck. I was bleeding. I grabbed her arms and rolled her off me then jumped to my feet, heading for the bedroom door. I was almost at the top of the stairs when I her coming out of the bedroom. I turned back, she was right behind me. She took hold of my shoulders and threw me back, sending me head first down the stairs. I’m pretty sure I hit my head because suddenly everything went dark.
Chapter Seven: Recovering by PureChaos92
I moaned and tried to roll over but it was too painful. My whole body felt like one big bruise, my head and arm were throbbing. I opened my eyes only to find myself in a small white room with a green cast on my right arm and in IV in my left. Eh, I hate needles, just one more reason to disgust hospitals. My eyes drifted to the door when I heard someone outside. It opened and AJ stepped in closing it behind him, then taking a seat in the corner.
“Aje…” I mumbled softly, jumped to his feet and was at my side in seconds.
“You’re awake.” He stated, his voice cracking. I reached out with my uninjured arm and took his hand, bringing him closer to me. I laced my fingers with his. He used his other hand to play with my hair.
“Yeah, I am.” He leaned down, gently kissing my lips. I tightened my hold on his hand as he pulled away.
“Don’t ever scare me like that again.” He whispered.
“I won’t, I promise.” I answered staring into his dark eyes. “Where is she?” I had to ask.
“Some jail cell somewhere. But, you don’t have to worry about her anymore.” I gave him a weak smile as he ran his thumb tenderly across my palm. “The doctors said you could leave tomorrow morning.”
“Yep, you got pretty banged up but, they said you’ll be fine if you just take it easy for a while.”
“AJ, can I still stay with you?” I'm sure that I probably sounded stupid because I felt pretty stupid. But, he was beaming.
“I was really hoping you’d ask that.” He gave me a warm smile before kissing me again.
Chapter Eight: My Angel (AJ's Point of View) by PureChaos92
It’s been three months since Nick was released from the hospital. He has officially moved in with me and we couldn’t be happier. He is still timid but I’ve learned to be ginger with him. We have been very careful not to let anyone find out about us. However, I told my mother up front, she was delighted and invited Nick to dinner the following evening. Everything was perfect. Howie figured it out soon after when he called and Nick picked up the phone giggling like a little girl. I can’t even remember what he was laughing at now. Anyway, he said he didn’t mind as long as we were happy and swore to keep our secret.
It’s about four in the morning and he is fast asleep. He looks so innocent with his hair all messy. Like the 13-year-old I once knew. He is a man now. A man I love with every fiber of my being. The only sound I hear is his rhythm of his calm breathing. I watch his chest rise and fall. He looks like an angel. He’s my angel. No, that’s an understatement. He is ten thousand times more beautiful and ten billion times more incredible than any angel could ever be.
Chapter Nine: Suspicious Cousins by PureChaos92
Author's Notes:
I know I haven't updated in a long time. I've been busting my butt for BSB tickets and I must admit to being a victum of writer's block. So, here it goes..
Hope you enjoy! Please, review. =]
We’ve always told each other everything. It’s like the unspoken Backstreet rule: WE DON’T KEEP SECRETS! Hell, we knew Brian and Kevin were going to propose months before their wives did. On the subject of them… You have to understand that this was a big deal, real big. They’re like our brothers, we’re closer than brothers. Although, I respect the fact that they’re devoted Christians it also scares me. I’m afraid they’ll hate us if they know AJ and I are together. I couldn’t take that and I know he couldn’t either.

As time worn on they become suspicious. We attempted so hard to hide it. The little glances we tried to that pretend we didn’t make. I couldn’t sit next to AJ without wanting to hold his hand. Howie often covered for us and we couldn’t thank him enough but, it became obvious to them that something was going on. Something we didn’t want them to know.

I couldn’t lose my best friends but, I couldn’t lose AJ either. He’s amazing... The smell of his cologne, his soft kisses and his warm embrace... I don’t know what I’d do without him.
End Notes:
I know it's really short just bare with me.
Chapter Ten: Big Problem by PureChaos92
Author's Notes:
I know that not much happened in chapter nine. So here's a little something to make up for it.. Enjoy&review. The input you guys give me helps me write the next chapter.. So, suggestions are VERY welcome. =]
I sprawled out across AJ’s couch, my head resting comfortably in his lap as we watched a movie when my cell phone started vibrating from in my pocket.
“’Ello?” I answered as he paused the movie. I could feel his eyes on me but, I didn’t meet his gaze.
“Nick, where have you been? I’ve called your house like, thirty times! I left so many messages on your cell the voicemail is full. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for a week!” he was angry.
“Brian?” I shot up away from AJ as though he could see us. “Umm... Sorry. What’s up?” I stammered.
“You’ve been acting weird, man. What’s going on?” Yep, he was definitely angry.
“Nothing, why?”
“Nick, c’mon?” he knew I was lying.
“Seriously!” What else could I say?
“You’re my best friend. Just tell me!” he sounded hurt. I started to feel kind of guilty.
“There’s nothing to tell, Bri.”
“Obviously something’s going on. I know Howie’s covering up for you. We all know he couldn’t lie to save his life and AJ…” he trailed off.
“Wha- what about him?” I attempted to swallow the uneasy lump in my throat, turning to face my boyfriend fearfully. His eyes held only deep concern.
“He’s been acting really strange especially around you.”
“Rok, I gotta go.” Before he could reply I slammed my phone shut. “AJ,” I reached for his hand, “I think we have a big problem.”
Chapter Eleven: Ready For War by PureChaos92
Author's Notes:
I'm really nervous about what you'll think of this chapter. There's a lot going on.
AJ and Howie at the kitchen table holding a conversation that only made sense to the two of them while I was putting dinner together. No, I’m not the greatest cook but un-like my crazy boyfriend I probably won’t set the house on fire. I set a plate of spaghetti in front of Howie just as he mentioned Kevin.
“Well he called me the other day asking all these questions about you guys. I didn’t know what to say.” We watched him anxiously. “So, I just told him he was being paranoid, that there wasn’t anything going on, it was all in his head. He seemed to buy it.”
“Yeah, but for how long?” I mumbled.
AJ must have heard me because he said, “We’ll figure everything out Nicky. Don’t worry.” Then facing our friend again, “B. called last night.” He sighed looking down at the food he still hadn’t touched. “I don’t know…” I found myself feeling oddly uncomfortable.
“Maybe they’ll understand.” Howie tried to ease the tension. “They’re your friends, family even... They’ll want you to be happy, right? They’ll understand, they’ll—“
“NO THEY WON’T!” AJ slammed his hand down on the table as jumped up from his chair violently. The dishes rattled, Howie didn’t even blink. I flinched, squeezing my eyes closed, every muscle in my body froze, my teeth clenched, my heart pulsing as though I had just run ten miles.
He came to my side wrapping me in a tight hug, “I’m so sorry baby. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He apologized. He stayed there, holding me. A strange thought occurred to me just then, like oxygen; if I were to lose him now or ever I would simply die. He kissed my forehead. I wrapped my fingers around one of his wrists, unable to find the words to plead for him to never let go.
Howie leaned back in his chair, clasping his hands behind his head.
“Shit’s gonna hit the fan any day now guys.” He said calmly, dropping the optimism.
“We know.” AJ merely replied.
“Be up in arms and ready for war.” He suggested bizarrely relaxed.
“Oh, we will be.” AJ pulled me closer.
End Notes:
okay, I acually have the next two chapers written. But, it depends on your reviews if I post them as is or do some serious revising.

**I'm taking all the banners out of the chapters because my sister tried to read the story on her computer, she has dial-up, and it took forever. I am keeping the banner in the summary though.**
Chapter Twelve: A Brewing Storm by PureChaos92
Author's Notes:
Okay, it's been a while since I've updated and with school starting next week I'll be updating even less. Sorry.
It's short, I know. But bare with me I like to build the suspense. Lol.
The more time I spent with AJ the harder it became to be away from him. It was weird. I had never felt nearly as strong for anyone. But, everything was fresh and pure so I hesitated to admit these feelings. AJ had told me he loved me and I accepted that but could I really love him too? I mean, we hadn’t even been together six months. I didn’t want to rush things. All I really knew was that AJ loved me, I REALLY liked him and no one would accept us as a couple. Maybe that was it, the fact that people wouldn’t want us together only drove us closer, kind of like Romeo and Juliet hopefully without the suicidal ending.

Glancing at the CallerID of my cell I saw that it was Brian, deciding to ignore it I set it back down on the table. Not five minutes later he called again. I watched mindlessly as the vibrations caused it to move across the wooden surface. I refused to answer and I guess he refused to give up because he called ten more times in the next twenty minutes. I felt anger brewing deep in the pit of my stomach. Why couldn’t he take a hint and leave me the hell alone? I turned the phone off before wondering into the living room. My irritation was quickly replaced with butterflies as I noticed AJ curled up in the corner of the couch. I laid down next to him resting my head on his thigh. He let out a carefree laugh, running the back of his hand over my cheek, “You okay?”

“Mm. Brian called.” I stating quietly, adjusting so that I could look up at him.
“Yeah? What’d he say?”
“I didn’t pick up.”
“Oh.” He said, placing his hand on my chest. I put my hand over his he smiled down at me. Then his face dropped, “We have to tell them.”
“When?” I asked, closing my eyes.
“Like, tomorrow?”
“It doesn’t have to be that soon. Whenever you feel comfortable babe.” He intertwined our fingers. Opening my eyes, I smiled up at him.
“How about the day after tomorrow?”
“Is that what you want Nicky?”
“Yes.” I declared bravely.
“Then it’s settled.”
End Notes:
Review it up people!
Chapter Thirteen: Ill Confessions On The Front Lines by PureChaos92
Author's Notes:
Thanks for sticking with me guys. Sorry it's been so long.
AJ and I sat on the couch together, not too close of course, trying to prepare ourselves for hell. Howie was on the floor in front of us engrossed in his stocking feet, his face blank. Brian and Kevin sat opposite from us on a larger couch. It was as though a battle line was draw across the living room. Kevin looked deep in thought while Brian seemed irritated.
“Is there any particular reason we’re here?”
I stared intently at my hands in my lap, feeling like my guts were being pushed up into my throat. My palms were sweaty, my fingers numb. My knees were shaking. It was all I could do not to throw up right there.
AJ took in a deep breath.
“Nick and I,” Oh god, I think I’m going to pass out. I could feel the room start to spin and closed my eyes. “Have been dating for a while now.” I felt my stomach churn. Brian was enraged by the news.
“That’s sick!”
Here it comes. I made a run for the bathroom but I didn’t make it and ended up dry heaving all over the hallway in front of the room I had stayed in four months previous. I could hear the argument in the living room.
“I love him!” AJ roared. There was a loud crash and I fell to my knees as another course came up. The sound of glass breaking hit my ears as my whole body begun to tremble.
“Stay the hell away from me you fucking queer!” The front door slammed and the house grew quite.
“Nicky? Babe?”
I felt hands dragging me off the floor.
“Is he alright?”
“He’s really pale.”
“Let’s get him cleaned up.”
Chapter Fourteen: Never Let Go by PureChaos92
Author's Notes:
Thanks for all he reveiws. You guys are awesome!
I let AJ lead me to the bathroom while Howie and Kevin waited in the hall. He pulled off my shirt and wet a cloth. I sat on the edge of the tub. I felt like a child. Tears pricked my eyes but I refused to let them fall. He wiped my face without out a word, and then crouched down in front of me, placing his hand on my knee.
“Don’t touch me!” He quickly recoiled almost falling back. I felt ashamed. Brian hated me and I knew why.
On one hand AJ was right, Brian would never even consider accepting our relationship. On the other hand I thought Howie was right, as my best friend he should want me to be happy. Taking all this out on AJ was wrong but I felt so mixed up.
I got to my feet, he pulled my back down.
“No. Listen to me.” I turned away. “Look at me.” He took my face gently in his hands making me look at him. In a tense moment our eyes met. “You can’t shut me out.” His voice was small, quivering. He gripped the bathtub on either side of me to steady himself. “You can get angry and upset. But, whatever you do, don’t shut me out.” He was begging me now. “Please Nicky?” His eyes darkened. “Please?”
“I won’t.” That was all I could manage to get out.
“We can get through this but to do that we need to stay open with each other. Okay?”
“Okay.” I walked to the sink where I brushed my teeth for a solid ten minutes. Once I was finished I faced AJ again. He came to me, wrapping his arms around my waist. In return I wrapped mine around his middle, resting my forehead against his. I pulled him even closer. Our bodies pressed tightly, he grinned, kissing me softly. He ran his right hand down my naked side sending chills up my spine. He broke the kiss, moving his head to my shoulder. I could feel his warm breath on my ear.
“I love you Nicky.” He whispered. I responded by burying my face in his neck, needing him as close as possible. After another half an hour like this he spoke up. “They’re gonna think we jumped out the window or something.”
“They can wait.” I didn’t want to let go just yet and that’s when I knew I could never let go. We didn’t move for another two hours or so. Finally pulling apart I shivered from the loss of body heat.
“Don’t worry, Okay? If Kev was mad we would know by now.”
“Okay.” With his fingers intertwined tightly with mine I felt confident. He opened the bathroom door and we stepped out into the hall.
End Notes:
So.. What do you think??
Chapter Fifteen: The Only Two People by PureChaos92
Kevin and Howie were in the kitchen eating leftovers from the night before. Kevin smiled in my direction then took a bite of his dinner. AJ squeezed my hand. We looked to our oldest brother, awaiting his input. He swallowed his mouth full and finished his milk then looked up at us.
“Are you happy?” It was a simple question with a simple answer.
“Very happy.”
“Well, okay then.” He was being so causal. “I better get going now. Love ya guys.” He gave each of us a hug. “I’ll see you later.” He was on his way out.
“Wait. That’s it?”
“What were you expecting Nick? As long as you guys are happy, I don’t really see a problem with it.” He was out the door and in his car before I could say another word.
“Well, it’s been interesting but I gotta go too.” Howie grabbed his coat off the back of his chair and followed Kevin’s path. “G’night!” he called and he was gone.
“Yeah, Nicky?”
“I’m tired.”
“C’mon. We’ll go lay down.”
My body ached and my head hurt. It had been a long day.
Lying in bed curled up next to AJ as he played with my hair, I was completely at peace. I had almost forgotten about Brian. My eyelids grew heavy. When I awoke several hours later he hadn’t moved a bit. He smiled at me.
“What?” I asked bashfully.
“Just watching you.” He whispered.
“Watching me sleep, huh? Sounds boring.”
“Not at all.” He brought his hand up to my face, sliding his fingertips over my cheek. I caught his hand with my now cast-free arm and smiled.
“I love you Alex.” The words had come out so naturally that I was practically unaware I had said them. I leaned in, kissing him tenderly. In that moment we were the only two people in the entire world.
End Notes:
Well, that's it kiddies. I hoped you liked reading it as much as I liked writing it. It's been fun. =]
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