Beauty and the Vampire by Jannika, Shades
Summary: Mai is born in Japan and her parents are from different culture. Dad Japanese and mom American. She had lived 15 years in Japan until they moved to America.
She started her first day at in new school and hopes to get new friends.
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Series: Beauty and the Vampire
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Roles in this fiction:

Jannika: Mai & Brian
Shades: Anna & Nick

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1 All New (Remake Correctly) by Jannika
Author's Notes:
This is the first time we two are writing fiction together. Please tell us yours opinions. ^_^
Mai is sitting in the car when her mom takes her to her first day at school.
Anna was going school just like every day only she was nearly run by car.

Anna: Son of... *Heart was pouting so fast.* Watch out will you! *She shouted angry.*
Mai: Mom! She was walking there! *Looks at her mom who breaks the wheels fast.*
June (Mai's Mom): Sorry! *Shouts through the window to Anna.*
Anna: You better be! *Shouts to the car and continues walking to school in path that she knew.*

Anna: I can't be late today of all days. *Said in her mind when she knew she had a test coming up.*
Anna: *Ran to back door and sees bunch of bullying gang.* Great. Can’t my day get any worse? *Said out loud.*
Johnny: Oh look over there... Isn't it Anna the Banana. (Johnny is one of the gang guys.)
Anna: Get a life, Johnny boy. What you want? *Asks when smirks to them*
Sammy: Johnny... It's weirdo Anna the Banana.
Timmy: We just wonder if you had seen any supernatural thing like this. *Shows his penis as he laughs.*
Anna: *Smiles as laughs* Do you want me to cut your penis, Timmy? I can do that for you. And no I haven't seen any supernatural besides you all freaks like 5 years old.
Johnny: Timmy is just joking. How about we go for date tonight?
Anna: Johnny you can dream on. *Took two steps in stairs.* Why would I go date tonight with you Johnny? You're lapdog of the Henry's.
Johnny: Henry doesn't have to know if someone tells. *Looks at his friends.*
Timmy: *Laughs devil.* I won't tell but does she Johnny.
Anna: *Kick’s Timmy’s crotch and whispers to Johnny* Sorry love. Henry knows everything. I see you in hell.
Timmy: My poor Penis! *Shouts*
Anna: Payback is bitch, Timmy. *Walks in hallway when looks her watch.* I'm late.

Mai: You can leave me here. I can walk the rest. *Takes her bag.*
June: Just be careful, Mai. Remember what I said yesterday. "Don't talk... "
Mai: *Continues the sentence.* " strangers.” I know, mom. See you at home. *Gets out the car.*
Nick: *Walks to front door of school and smiles when sees Mai.* Cute mother you have and you are new in town.
Mai: *Walks past Nick ignoring him to inside*
Brian: Be nice Nick. She's new and cute. *Smiling.*
Nick: I’m always nice, Brian. She's cute and new. I was trying to be kind. *Smiles and pokes Brian.*
Brian: You want to taste her. *Whispers to Nick and smiles.*
Nick: *Whispers to Brian and smiles.* You know I do. Jesse might taste her at least.
Brian: Welcome to the nightmare new student. *Laughs.*
Nick: *Laughs.* That's right, Bee.

Mai: *Walks inside and finds principal’s office*
Principal Tommy: *Greets her at the door* So you are the new student here. It’s Mai, right?
Mai: *Only nods shyly and sits down to chair after walked in the room.*
Principal Tommy: *Close the door and sits to his office chair* Here is your timetable and I will walk you to the class. People are nice here.
Mai: My mom, June. She told me to not talk to strangers. I know it's difficult in here. *Sighs*
Tommy: Mai, you can do what you want, but only way you get new friends is by talking to them.
Mai: Thank you, Principal Tommy. *Smiles*

Tommy: *Walks Mai to the class and talks to the teacher.* Here's new student Mai. She's nice, but little shy too.
Brian: *Sits in the class where Mai walks in with Principal.* Oh this is getting great. New girl is in our class. *Smiles and whispers to Nick.*
Nick: *Listens and walks to their class.* She has good body. *Whispers.*
Shadows: Say hi to Mai everyone. *Looks at the class.*
Anna: *Sees Mai and sit down her seat next to Brian.* What I've missed?
Brian: *Says Hi and then whispers to Anna.* We have new girl. Say hi to Mai.
Anna: *Whispers to Brian and sighs.* Great. I almost got ran by her car. That's why I was late.
Nick: *Says Hi to Mai.* I'm Nick and that guy is Brian. *Points to Brian*
Shadows: Thank you Mr. Carter. Maybe you want to show her around after class. You seems to be so excited introduce yourself in whole class.
Anna: *Smiles* Mrs. Shadows, I can do that.
Mai: *Is totally shy and doesn't know what to say or do.*
Shadows: Sorry Anna... Nick got the job. *Points her finger at Nick.*
Anna: Great... *Sighs and looks at Nick* Remember being nice.
Nick: *Nods and smiles.* Sure Mrs. Shadows. I don't bite a lot. *Laughs softly.*
Shadows: *Smiles and looks at Mai.* Nick is just joking. Have a seat to empty seat. *Points to empty seat front of Nick.*
Nick: *Looked at Mai smiling.* Yes. I was just joking.
Mai: *Walks to empty seat what is in front of Nick and next to weird dude with glasses.*
Buddy: Sure sit down. It's free one. *Smiles with glasses.* Nick is odd don't worry about him.
Mai: *Looks at Nick who is just smiling and then looks at Buddy when sits down. Looks away from Buddy and starts to listen teacher.* Day 1. Sucks! *Thought in her mind.*

Timmy: *Cries little about his penis at the nurse.* My penis got in between zipper. Is it bad?
2 First Day in School (Remake Correctly) by Jannika
Timmy: *Comes to Johnny after the nurse.* Johnny… Why you let that freak girl get away. My penis is a mess. I will pay her back.
Johnny: Why on earth did you show her your penis anyway?
Timmy: We have to scare her out in our male parts.
Johnny: You are stupid shit.

School bell rings and everyone start to get their stuff to walk out the class.
Mai: *Sitting quietly waiting that everyone is out the class.*
Anna: *Sees everyone going out and walks out the door but stopped.* Hey Mai, you wanna come? There's one gang of bullies that you should watch out.
Brian: *Hugs Anna behind and gives a kiss to her neck.* Don't worry sweetie... Nick will protect her. *Smiles.*
Mai: *Doesn't say anything and walks out the class.*
Shadows: You two scared her. *Looks at Brian and Anna.*
Anna: *Gives Brian a kiss and then looks to Shadows.* But Mrs. Shadows, I'm telling the truth.
Brian: We will find her and show her around. *Smiles.* Anna: *Walks after Brian.* Where we are going? *Smiles*
Brian: Come on, Nick. Let's find that sweet pie. *Notice Nick being gone already* I think Nick went to find Mai.
Anna: You might be right. *Stops walking and looks at Brian.* You kissed me. Vampires shouldn’t do that. *Whispers his hear*
Brian: Well they don’t know that I’m Vampire. *Whispers*
Anna: *Smiles and walks outside the hall way and bites her lip.* Hmm... Why me?
Brian: You never want to kill me.
Anna: *Shakes her head.* No. I never would kill you. Although I should, my dad told me that.
Brian: Your dad sucks. *Holds the pen in his hand and breaks it by only his hand.*
Anna: *Sighs when is impressed.* How... strong you are. My dad is dad I guess.

Mai: *Walks to library and start to find perfect place to be hidden.*
Nick: *Walks to library and smiles to Mai when finds her.* I'm sorry about Anna. She's nice, but I was willing to show you around.
Mai: I... *Not able to say a word and looks at Nick embarrassed.*
Nick: *Looks and listens to Mai.* You what, Mai? *Asks softly.*
Mai: *Takes paper and start to write to it and gives it to Nick.* "Can't talk to strangers."
Nick: *Sit down to floor and reads it and then writes back to her.* "I'm Nick Carter and Mrs. Shadows asked me to show you a school."
Mai: *Smiles when reads the paper and says out loud not knowing saying it.* Cute name.
Nick: *Smiles softly.* Thanks. I hate it.
Mai: *Looks at Nick and kept her mouth shut when realize she talked.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai* You have great voice.
Mai: *Writes to paper and gives it to Nick.* "I need to go bathroom. Can you show me? Please talk. Your handwriting sucks. LoL"
Nick: *Reads piece of paper chuckling.* Yes it sucks big time you got that right. I will show it to you. Come on, Mai.
Mai: *Follows Nick and start to suddenly talk.* Do you live here in Miami?
Nick: *Nods his heads smiling and gets surprised how beautiful her voice is.* Yes I live in here Miami. Do you like it?
Mai: *Nods.* Yes. Very much. I moved here from Japan and this place is different.
Nick: *Smlies.* I love Japans tv-shows.
Mai: They are very strange. *Smiles*
Nick: *Smiles and stops at the ladies room* Here's ladies bathrooms.
Mai: *Looks the ladies room door.* Thank you. I think I can do this by myself. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Laughs.* Smart girl.
Mai: Very funny. *Smiles and hears school bell ringing.*
Nick: That means is lunch time. *Smiles to Mai*

Brian: He found her. *Sees Nick with Mai and hears school bell.* Lunch time.
Anna: *Smiles.* You go ahead. I forgot books in class. I’ll come to find you. *Goes to get her books from classroom.*

Mai: *Sees Brian walking to them and walks to bathroom quickly.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai when she walked to rest room and smiles to Brian when waits Mai outside the bathroom.* She doesn’t scare me anymore, but why she scares you man?
Mai: *Listens them behind the door and ignores girls in the bathroom.*
Brian: Maybe she knows what we are. *Says quietly.*
Nick: Hope not. Everyone scares vampires. *Says to back to Brian quietly.*
Mai: *Looks at the door scared and start to look around to escape.*
Brian: But we are good guys. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* Of course we are good guys.
Mai: *Sees the window and start to climb out of it.*
Brian: *Looks at the ladies room door.* She's taking long in there.
Nick: *Takes a deep breath.* Yes agree with that.
*Opens the door and glances the ladiesroom.* Mai? Are you here?
Mai: *Is outside just before door opens when hears Nick voice and start to run fast away from the school back to home.*
Alison: Nick? This is ladies room. Boys room is cross the hall. *Smiles sarcastic.*
Nick: *Smiles.* Thanks Ali, but I was looking for new student that's all.
Alison: I think she climb out the window. *Points the window in the ladiesroom.* Whatta a freak. *Start to make up herself like some kind of princess.*
Nick: *Looks at Brian and shuts the door.* I will go looking for her. You ask around.
Brian: Can we just hunt her down and bite her? *Says quietly.*
Nick: Dude. We can't just hunt her and bite her. Just like you don't bite Anna. *Runs out of the school look for Mai.*
Brian: *Looks after Nick and sighs.* I guess I need to go eat a rat or something... *Sees students staring at him when he said that.* I was kidding. *Smiles and walks to school restaurant.*

Anna: *Walks to classroom and sighs.* Just great... Where they are? *Looks for her books*
Timmy: *Comes after Anna.* You hurt me before class started. Now you’re gonna pay. *Yells angry*
Anna: *Takes her books and breaths deep.* Why am I going to pay, Timmy? *Doesn't scare at all.*
Timmy: You kicked my poor Mini Timmy. *Shouts and is about to hit her*
Anna: *Looks at Timmy lauging.* Sorry Timmy, but now your gonna hit little girl?
Timmy: You are not little. This is just a payback. *Start to choke her against the table.*
Anna: I can't breathe, Timmy. You don't need to kill me. If you do, cops will find me death.
Timmy: Oh I waited this moment so long. *Suddenly start to turn into Vampire.* Hello Slayer...
Anna: *Looks at Timmy to turning into vampire and is shocked.* You are…
Timmy: Give up, Slayer. You must taste so good. *Moves closer to her neck.*
Anna: *Reach out her vampire tools so she can kill him.* I taste so bad, Timmy.
Timmy: *Is closer to bite her and roars like hungry vampire.*
Anna: *Hits her stick in Timmy’s heart.* Sorry, I'm not gonna be your lunch.
Timmy: *Feels the stick and turns into ashes.*
Anna: *Breaths heavily and cleans her stick.* That was too close. *Thinks about Brian.* Hopefully I don't need to kill a friend.

Mai: *Run to her home door and start to find her keys when her hands are shaking badly of scared.*
Nick: *Runs faster and sees Mai at her home.* Mai... Mai: *Freezes when hears Nick and doesn't move.*
Nick: *Sees her being scared too much.* I'm just normal guy.
Mai: *Turns around and looks at Nick.* No you are not. I heard you two! Stay away from me.
Nick: I won’t hurt you. Let me show you school.
Mai: I don’t want you to show me anything. You are bad!
Nick: *Sighs and looks at Mai* I don’t want to lie but if I tell you the truth, will you hear me out? I don't... *Not able to finish his sentence.*
Mai: *Cries and start to open the door.* Go away.
Nick: Mai. My mission is protecting you from bad ones.
Mai: Bad ones? You are bad!
Nick: No I’m not. I’m a good guy. Let me show you. *Takes step closer to her.*
Mai: *Shakes her head and gets inside the house not letting Nick in.* Leave me alone!
Nick: *Rubs his hair.* Why she have to hear too much? *Runs back to school.*
3 Stranger Vampire (Remake Correctly) by Jannika
Nick: *Walks to Brian.* I found her, Brian. Where's the killer?
Brian: You mean Slayer... *Whispers.*
Nick: *Whispers.* Yes I mean Slayer.
Brian: I don't know where Anna is. Did you bite the new girl? *Whispers.*
Nick: *Whispers.* No I did not.
Brian: *Looks at Nick.* She knows?
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* Yes. She over heard us.
Brian: Do you think Anna could tell her the truth about us?
Nick: Maybe. We could ask.
Brian: She's so bad ass.

Anna: *Takes her books and tries to find normal girls*
Alison: Anna... *Smiles.* I heard and saw we have new girl in school. What is her deal?
Anna: *Smiles to Alison.* Yes I know we have new girl at school. Are you giving her hard time?
Alison: She's so weird... She just were in the ladies room and suddenly she climbed out the window and ran away.
Anna: You know where she live?
Alison: No... But I guess Nick does.
Anna: He does? Thank you, Alison. *Goes to find a Nick.*

Anna:*Walks to Nick.* Hey Nicky
Brian: Babe... *Smiles.* Wow... *Touches her hair where is ash*. Who did you kill?
Anna: *Smlies.* Babe... I was choked by Timmy. He was trying to bite me. I had no choice.
Brian: Timmy was a vampire? *Start to scratch his head and wonders.*
Anna: Yes he was. Nick where that new girl lives?
Nick: *Gives the address to Anna.*
Anna: Babe go eat. You too, Nick. I gotta go.
Brian: Where are you going?
Anna: To save someone. See ya. *runs away.* Mai is in danger.
Brian: *Looks at Nick.* Shouldn't we go too?
Nick: *Reads Anna’s mind* Mai is in the danger. She needs help. *Runs after Anna*
Anna: *Runs* Now would be vampire run skills coming handy.

Mai: *Is in her bedroom and is scared that Nick will come to her house.*
Stranger Vampire: *Has followed Mai from school, but waited Nick to be gone.*
Mai: *Looks out for the window and sees someone looking her house and shuts the curtains quickly.*
Stranger Vampire: *Jumps to the roof to make Mai scare.*
Mai: *Breathes heavily and thinks it’s Nick.*
Stranger Vampire: *Gets in the Mai's house from back door.* Here kittie kittie. I won't harm you.
Mai: *Hears voices downstairs and scares.* Oh god...
Stranger Vampire: I smell you... *Walks to upstairs.*
Mai: *Runs to window to escape, but vampire already has walked in.* No. Please stop.
Stranger Vampire: *Pulls Mai against the wall and growls* Lunch!
Mai: *Scream loud when Vampire holds her.*
Anna: *Runs to upstairs and kicks the door open.* You! Get away from her!
Stranger Vampire: Mmmmm.... I think I have you as a dessert.
Anna: *Hits vampire and hoping Mai was dropped.* I don't think so you piece of... jackass.
Stranger Vampire: *Drops the Mai and roars.* You son of bitch!
Mai: *Start to run fast downstairs out her house.*
Stranger Vampire: You can't kill me. *Attacks her and push her through the window.*
Brian: *Runs to the house and sees Anna falling down to window.* Anna!
Anna: *Shouts.* Brian... Help!
Nick: *Runs to Mai’s house and sees Mai.* What's happening?
Mai: *Start to scream when sees Nick and start to run away.*
Nick: Mai… How's Anna? *Shouts after her*
Brian: Nick... Kill that motherfucker! *Runs to Anna and holds her.*
Stranger Vampire: Ooooh... Nick and Brian... Welcome to the party...
Nick: *Jumps to Mai’s room through broken window*

Anna: Two bullies in same day. Brian, let me kill that motherfucker!
Brian: Shush now... Nick will handle him.
Anna: *Looks at Brian.* Mai was near to get killed.
Brian: Oh no... Mai. *Looks around.*
Anna: *Looks around.* yes oh no. now let me kill that vampire.
Brian: Nick's fights with him

Stranger Vampire: Well is it famous boy toy. Welcome to the human lunch party.*Smiles and looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Throws vampire to the wall.* Thanks, but I don't kill humans no more.
Stranger Vampire: *Roars and fights with Nick.* You are vampire also.
Nick: *Roars and fights.* That’s not your business.
Stranger Vampire: *Only laughs and start to choke Nick hard.* I will get that sweet angel of yours.
Nick: Angel? *Looks confused*
Stranger Vampire: What’s the name again? Oh right… Sweet Mai.
Nick: Do not dare fucking touch her! *Roars and tries to get off him*
Stranger Vampire: Or what?
Nick: I’ll kill you.
Stranger Vampire: *Starts to laugh.*
Nick: *Chokes and sees Anna tools.* Wish there was help. *Thinks in his mind*

Anna: *Gets more power back.* I shouldn't kill Timmy, Brian
Brian: He was a vampire. You kill those.
Anna: I was raised by kill your kind.
Brian: I'll go in check out how Nick is doing.
Anna: *Nods her.* Okay, go check out, but be careful.

Mai: *Decides to run back and gets back inside backdoor and hears voices upstairs.*
Nick: Argh! Let me go you motherfucker!
Mai: *Runs to her room and sees Nick being choked by other vampire.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai.* Take those tools, Mai.
Stranger Vampire: *Smells Mei and smiles.* Lunch came back. *Still choking Nick.*
Nick: *Hits Vampire hardest as he could.*
Mei: *Looks at the wooden stick near her and takes it.* Let him go... *Threats him.*
Stranger Vampire: Oh this is just so sweet. *Feels the hit and hits Nick back.*
Nick: *Drops on the floor.* Just. Kill it. Or you’re next.
Mei: *Looks vampire scared when is holding a wooden stick and suddenly something goes through the vampire and he turns in to ashes.*
Brian: Yeah... Who saved the day? *Smiles holding own made wooden stick.*
Nick: *Smiles and looks at Brian and then the wooden stick* Dude…
Mei: *Drops the other wooden stick and looks both.* You are... *Gulps.* Vampires.
Nick: *Nods his head.* Yes. People scares us, but we are good ones.
Mei: This can't be happening. *Close her eyes.*
Brian: *Looks at Nick and Anna.* We should go.
Nick: *Looks at Brian* Yes we should go. She's normal girl.
Mei: *Feels big wind blow and opens her eyes to see them all been gone.*

What would happen tomorrow if she goes to school? Will she be safe? Is there other vampires after her? Are Nick and Brian good guys after all?
4 Sex by Jannika
Author's Notes:
Long Chapter. Enjoy!
Anna: *walks next Morning in Mai's front door as knocks the door.*
June: *Walks to door and opens it smiling.* Yes?
Anna: *smiling and sighs.* is Mai Home? I was hoping to walk with her at school
June: Oh that's very nice of you. What's your name, dear?
Anna: *Smiles.* my name is Anna. yes i am trying to be nice
June: Sorry Anna... She's sick today and won't able to go to school today.
Anna: is she badly sick? hmm... may I have just 5 minutes with her, I will bring her homework if that's alright
Mai: *Looks her neck on the mirror.* Damn...
June: She really need to rest to get ready for tomorrow. *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smile.* yes Mrs...can you tell hi's and get well to her for me?
June: I will. Nods.
Mai: *Looks her eyes and start to scream.*
Anna: *hears screaming and runs inside.* Mai?... what's wrong?
Jin (Mai's father): *Hears Mai screaming.* Mai?
Mai: *Looks all three of them on her room door crying.* What is happening to me?
Jin: Oh god... *Sees his daughter different.*
Anna: *looks scared.* mother.... Did it bite you last night? I've seen this once few years ago. *sees different girl then other day.*
June: who are you and where is my daughter?
Mai: *Starts to act different now and smiles very satisfied.* Oh, I'm still here mom... I feel much better, thnx.
Jin: This can't be happening. *Start to run away.*
Anna: June.... Jin wasn't it....she is!!!!!! as fast as you can!
June: Vampire? How she can be a vampire? *Start to run.*
Mai: *Jumps out of her room window and stops their running to front door.* Where are you going daddy?
Jin: *Falls back and start to run back inside.* No...
Anna: *starts runs.* June, bad Vampire was here last night but, it was trying to bite Mai. *thinks herself* hope Brian can hear. get to Mai....She is vampire
Brian: *Gets a headache when get mind message from Anna.* Damn...
June: *hugs Jin.* babe....I just wanna my girl back
Nick: what the f**k Brian, what is damn it....
Mai: *Sees neighbour staring her and smiles.* What the fuck are you staring, moron!?
Brian: Mai... She has turn into one of us. Vampire last night bite her.
Anna: everyone run! there's fire on the loose. *gets a good reason*
All neighbors start to run.
Nick: *looks at Brian.* we need to go help them....or do you want?
Mai: *Start to feel burn in her skin and start to scream and runs to hide to somewhere dark.*
Brian: *Looks at Nick.* We maybe have to kill Mai if she wont change her behavior.

Mai... Mai.... Mai...
Mai: *Start to hear someone calling her name and opens her eyes and sees her dad.* Dad?
Jin: honey.....
Mai: What's up, dad?
Jin: Mai, you saw bad dream....
Mai: *Looks her dad and hugs him* Sorry dad.
Jin: *looks at Mai and hugs her.* it's okey, your mom is in door with someone
Mai: *Gets off the bed and runs downstairs and sees Anna.* Anna?
Anna: *Smlies.* hey....wanna come to school with me?
Mai: Sure. I'll go change and take my backbag. *Smiles and runs quickly to upstairs.*
June: *Smiles and whispers to Jin.* Glad she had got new friend.
Jin: *whispers as Smlies.* me too, our girl get friends soon right.
Mai: *Start to look good outfit for school and looks herself from the mirror.* Will do... *Smiles and gets back downstairs.* I'm ready.
Anna: *Smlies.* good I'm ready to go too...boys are waiting right? *She laughs thinking herself.* what she remembers?
Mai: *Start to walk and talk.* Last night was rough... What happened?
Anna: *starts to walk and listens to her.* Last night was you believe in supernatural?
Mai: I do now. Vampires are exist and Brian and Nick are those...
Anna: *Sighs and nods her head.* Yes they are....and Brian just killed their own kind and I'm human. *she walks and tries to be no too much info at ones*
Mai: I think it as sexy that Nick is a vampire. *Start to go blush.* Oh please don't tell him that.
Anna: *Noticed to Mai blushing.* Mai...I was teached to kill vampires but those two aren't on the hit dad was slayer
Mai: I kind of have thought vampires are interesting. *Smiles and sees boys talking.*

Nick: *looks at Brian worrying.* you killed last night. your own kinda how that sick is that?
Brian: What...? He was gonna bite Mai.
Nick: yes... but, your with Anna...she will kill you if you don't wanna some human pie.
Brian: What you want me to do? Not kill bad guys?
Nick: *grins at Brian.* I don't know kill. what you want do at least?
Brian: Help people.
Nick: right me too, but we are not allow to have that way human pie
Brian: But humanpie is so gooooooood... *Smiles and makes a evil laugh.*
Brian: *Looks at Nick thinking and smiles.* Humanpie good... *No reaction of Nick and then he snaps his finger.* Yo Nick...
Nick: *grins at Brian.* you have humanpie on your back.... Anna I mean.
Brian: You were thinking Mai. Oh someone is crush on her. *Punch little Nick's arm and smiles.*
Nick: *Smlies.* maybe, but you did good to saved girls.
Brian: Girls digs me. *Smiles and winks to ladies.* Wassup ladies?
Nick: *Smlies and looks at him.* yes....getting laid...or you get bad fight to Anna
Brian: I haven't had sex long time cause it's getting rougher than usually.
Nick: *walks over the girls with Brian.* becuase Anna wasn't giving you in long time.
Brian: No... Bang bang and girl is dead... We can't have sex with humans.
Brian: *Smiles to some student girls and reads their mind and laughs.*
Nick: no...Brian...don't read their minds! you should have sex soon
Brian: I couldn't help it. Dana wants to suck your cock. *Laughs.*
Nick: *Laughs.* right and you my bro . *he hits him*
Brian: *Whispers to Nick.* Read Mai's thoughts.
Nick: *whispers to Brian.* no freaking way. you never done it to Anna.
Brian: *Whispers.* I did once.
Nick: *whispers and srimked.* what she thought...Oh Brian....take me... *jokes about it and takes sip of blood.*
Brian: Dude... Not in the public... *Puts blood down.*
Nick: *wipes his face.* I had to...I was get hungry for human blood.
Maya: *Smiles to Nick when walks past him.* Hey Nick. You look hot today.

Anna: *Smlies and sees boys at school stairs.* Mai. Vampires can read our minds
Mai: Really? Oh no... How I'm gonna explain the sexy part to Nick? *Looks scared and shy.*
Anna: really?...oh can explain to that to Nick, how ever you want. but if he doesn't choose to read your mind
Mai: Is every girl in school around him? *Looks at Maya.*
Anna: *looks at Maya and Nick.* yes ever girl wants them. sexy guys in shcool. but players
Mai: And they think only sex?
Anna: walks with her in hallway. Yes they do. there's rule that us and they can't do it or. we dead
Mai: You mean by sex?
Anna: Yes isn't so. *She asks Brian.*
Nick: *Pokes in to back to Brian.* there your fighting bubby man
Brian: *Walks to Anna and Mai.* Morning.
Anna: *looks at Brian and Mai.* Morning. right we can't have sex
Mai: Morning. *Says in Japanese.*
Brian: *Looks at girls.* Since when you two had started to talk about sex? *Flirts.*
Nick: *listens to Japanse as walks over.* now that is sexy sounded
Mai: Just said morning in Japanese. *Smiles.*
Anna: *Flirts with Brian.* since, Mai, was going to need to know that rule, I know you lost of that
Brian: Can we have foursome? *Looks all three.*
Nick: I'm down to that. Are you girls?
Anna: *srimked and taps Brian's chest.* sorry, you could kill us for that Mai and me
Mai: *Looks at Nick and smiles.* Read my mind and you'll get the answer.
Brian: We promise to be gentle. *Gives a kiss to Anna.*
Nick: *looks at Mai and reads her mind.* isn't it ansrew no?
Anna: *gives a kiss to Brian.* gentle, what happends if we broke that rule?
Mai: Anna? May I talk to you for sec... *Smiles to Nick and pulls Anna aside.*
Anna: *walks aside to from Mai. Smlies.* what you wanna talk to that?
Mai: Nick read my mind but read it wrong.
Anna: *Smlies.* he didn't want to read your mind at loud front of Brian and other pepole
Brian: Check this out. *Smiles to Nick and start to read Mai's mind, but suddenly stops.* I can't get anything out of her.
Mai: No you don't get it. I was gonna say yes, but he said I said no...
Nick: *Smlies.* what you can't get anything out of's that possible?
Brian: I can't read her mind at all. But sure I can read Dana's. She dreams of you.
Anna: *thinks faster.* are you Angel or something?
Mai: *Looks at Anna.* No. I'm just human being.
Nick: can you read Anna's does she wants it?
Brian: *Reads Anna's and smiles wide.* Oh yeah...
Anna: *Looks confused.* Mai. Only Vampires can't read mind if your Angel or half of it, but if he can't reads your then I need to get it over
Mai: Can they... *Thinks for sec and sighs.* Can they read other vampires thoughts?
Brian: Too bad I can't get to your head man. I wanna know what you think of Mai. *Smiles.* Dirty dog.
Anna: *sighs and thinks for sec.* yes they can but last night no one didn't bite you
Nick: *Smlies.* you dirty vamp you want a huampie sexially ways

School bell rings
Mai: Time to go class... *Takes her schedule.* I got gym.
Nick: *takes his schedule.* what you have?
Brian: *Smiles and winks.* Theater...
Anna: I have history....with Johnny and his gang again... *noticed them* even Brian would be better company
Mai: What Nick got? *Ask quietly hoping nick won't read her mind.*
Nick: gym.....
Brian: Oh dagn... You can got to see half naked girls. Wanna switch?
Nick: *shakes his head.* no way in hell. you go to the teather....
Anna: *asks Mai* you know where gym is?
Mai: *Shows the map.* Principal gave me school map. *Smiles.*
Anna Good Mai. *Smiles.*
Brian: *Walks to girls.* Babe... I got Theater...
Anna: babe... I got history.
Nick: I'm going to gym class. Mai what you got?
Mai: *Smiles to Nick.* I got gym too.
Brian: *Whistles and smiles to Nick.*
Nick: *Smlies and walks to gym way.* come on...I show you
Mai: See you at lunch, Anna. *Start to follow Nick.*
Anna: see ya at the lunch *Smlies.* you would be nice company in the history. *Looks at Brian and walks to classroom*
Brian: I can skip the Theater and join to History class. *Smiles*
Anna: *laughs and Smlies.* nice one but no way....sorry
Brian: Okay. *Smiles and gives a kiss ad start to walk to theater class.*
Anna: *Gives a kiss to Brian and walks to class room.* Johnny-boy....around two again? *looks angry to bullying gourp.*

Mai: *Start to feel strange and doesn't know what got into her and push Nick on the wall hard.* Forgive me to do this. *Start to kiss Nick deeply.*
Nick: *Deeply kisses her back choked.*
5 Candice by Jannika
Mai: *Suddenly stops kissing and looks at Nick choked.* What just happened?

Nick: *looks choked after the kissing Mai.* I have no idea...something

Mai: Let's just go to that gym... *Start to walks wrong way in her thoughts.*

Nick: *looks after Mai and had to said something loud.* you know gym isn't that way where you are going?

Mai: *Stops and turns back to Nick.* Right... I was following you...

Nick: *Laughs.* right. come on. *Starts to walk to gym.*

Mai: *Walks to gym and goes to ladies locker room.* See you in a bit.

Nick: see ya. *goes to Boys locker room smiling and changed it faster then the others.*

Mai: *Looks other girls and sees they beautiful bodies and start to think in her mind.* Nick never would like my body than theirs. These girls are gorgeous.

Nick: *looks at girls bodies and thinking in his mind.* here's sexy bodies

Mai: *Walks after girls to gym and is shy cause it's been a while since she was around the boys almost half naked.*

Jesse: *Walks to Nick and looks worried.* Hey man. I got bad news for ya.

Nick: *looks at Jesse confused.* what kinda of bad news man?

Jesse: Candice... She's back in town. *Sighs.*

Nick: *Sighs.* oh my god. How do you know?

Jesse: She came to my house last night. She's here somewhere.

Nick: to yours? do you know why she's here, she isn't here for no reason.

Jesse: She's here to revenge to Anna... Meaning by kill her. *Says quietly.*

Nick: *looks worried.* Jess, we have to stop her.

Jesse: Oh and she is here definitely cause of you of course. She's here to get you back.

Mai: *Walks closer to Nick and Jesse and heard their talking.* Who's Candice?

Theater Class:

Brian: *Is rehearsing his acting skills and suddenly sees a familiar person.* May I excuse, Mr. Hudson? *Looks his teacher.*

Mr. Hudson: what's wrong Mr. Littrell?

Brian: *Looks on the way he saw the person and jumps out the stage.* I'll be right back

Mr. Hudson: alright, 5 minutes!

Brian: *Walks out the theater class and looks around.* I saw you. Come out.

Candice: *comes out of darkness.* well, well, well, isn't that Littrell who saved a human?

Brian: Candice? Whatta fuck?

Candice: You know, we all know you spend all time with that girl.

Brian: Are you here for revenge?

Candice: Maybe. It would right to her, right Brian?

Brian: You keep your hands and fangs away from her. You hear me?

Candice: You never know why I'm here. *she sighs smirked.* and if I don't leave her alone?

Brian: I will hunt you down and kill you.

Candice: *Laughs.* I don't want to kill you. I just want... Nick back

Brian: Wait what? *Looks at Candice.* I thought you left him. Not opposite.

Candice:*Touches Brian.* Yes I left but I want him back, but I want that Anna girl too. Two flies in same time. *Threats him*

Brian: *Hits Candice to a face.*

History Class:

Anna: *sees Johnny looking at her.* what the fuck your looking at? *asked angry.*

Johnny: Your butt. *Smiles and start to laugh with his friends.*

Teacher: *Walks in the History class and shouts.* Okay everyone. May I have attention please!

Anna: *listens to teacher and does her test and can't help thinking.* boring

History teacher: Has anyone see Timmy today? His parents are worried.

Johnny: Maybe Timmy is spending a night with a girl.

Anna: *Gives a test to history teacher.* here you go can I go?

Teacher: Sit down, Anna.

Anna: Okay. *She sat down and smirked to Johnny.* maybe you took him.

Teacher: Please everyone... *Looks all her students.* His parents are worried.

Anna: last time I saw Timmy, he was with Nurse. *hears a noises in the hallway.* Teacher can I go in restroom?
*She raises her hand*

Teacher: Sure, Anna. Go.

Anna: *Gets up and her stuff and walks to the hall way as sees Brian.* Hey Brian. *Sees Candice.*

Brian: *Holds the Candice in the air and roars.* Run Anna...

Anna: *Doesn't stop when she heard Brian's roars and starts to run.* Okay!

Candice: *Gets free on Brian's hands and hits him before start to run after Anna.*

Brian: *Gets up from the floor and start to get so angry.* I had enough with this shit!


Mai: Who is Candice? *Looks both waiting them answer.*

Nick: *looks at Jesse and then Mai.* Vampire. Evil one

Jesse: Well hello... You vampire too? *Smiles to Mai.*

Nick: *Smiles* Jesse, keep your hands off her.

Mai: I'm not a vampire.

Nick: *Smiles as sighs.* See that's why hands off Jesse

Jesse: I'm just friendly. *Smiles and walks away.*

Mai: *Looks at Nick.* What this Candice wants?

Nick: *looks at Mai and as takes deep breath.* Revenge on Anna.

Mai: Did Anna kill someone important to Candice?

Nick: something like that. did Anna told she kills my kinds?

Mai: Yes... *Looks worried.*

Nick: She killed Candice's Brother, so yeah, it's important to her.

Mai: *Hears screaming and wonders what is going on.* What was that? *Moves close to Nick.*

Nick: *hears screaming also.* It's her. You are safe with me.


Anna: *Runs but she has to look back where Candice is.* I didn't do anything wrong! Your brother died by himself!

Candice: *Catch Anna and throws her to gym.* Liar!

Mai: Anna! *Shouts and runs to Anna.*

Anna: *Lays on the floor.* I'm no liar! *Shouts to Mai.* Watch out! I'm fine!

Jesse: I told you she's back. *Says to Nick.*

Candice: *Walks to gym and sees Mai.* You must be Nick's new toy.

Nick: *looks at Jesse and says.* Jesse, can you help me?

Mai: *Looks at Candice.* Back off!

Anna: *Gets her tools and gets up.* Candice! I'm the one who killed your brother!

Jesse: I'll take care of girls and you take care of your bitch. *Means by Candice.*

Nick: *Nods his head.*

Candice: *Hits Anna when Anna attacks her.* Stupid asshole!

Anna: *Kicks Candice.* Yes I may be asshole! but you're a bitch who goes back to hell!

Candice: *Hits Anna once more and then turns to Mai.* You are next dear. *Smiles devily.*

Mai: *Sees how strong Candice is and standing in front of Candice.* I don't afraid of you.

Nick: *Runs fast to Candice and hits her stronger then ever.* Get away from them!!

Jesse: *Goes to Mai.* We have to go.

Brian: *Runs to gym through running students and sees
Anna.* No... *Gets to Anna and takes here aside to not
let her attack Candice.* She's too strong for you.

Anna: I'm stronger then that rat! babe....

Brian: She will kill you! Please get out of here!

Anna: where?! Babe?

Brian: Outside! *Takes her to his shoulder and runs her to outside.*

Anna: wow..... you're faster then I thought

Anna: babe...what about that sex part?

Brian: We talk about it later. *Looks at school worried.*

Jesse: *Takes Mai outside far away from Candice.* you're safe here

Mai: What about Nick? He could die there... I have to go back in! *Is about to run back inside.*

Jesse: no! Nick can handle her!

Mai: *Turns around to Jesse and looks pissed.* I don't care.

Candice: *Laughs and looks at Nick.* Oooh babe... I like rough.

Nick: *Laughs and looks at Candice.* in 1000 years I like rough too.

Candice: Bring it on, babe... *Smiles and waits another attack of Nick's*

Nick: *Smiles and attacks her again.* oh I bring it on

Candice: *Fights with Nick and throws him through the wall hard.* Oooh babe... Is that all you got?

Nick: *Laughs and gets angry.* you know what? your lunch got away!

Candice: *Smiles.* Well I can hunt the new girl. I felt her body for few seconds when I kissed you.
End Notes:
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6 "Cause I like you, Mai..." by Jannika
Author's Notes:
Last chapter Nick and Candice were fighting in the schools gym. Candice wants to revenge to Anna for killing her brother.
Nick: *Smiles and Throws Candice roughly.* You wouldn't dare.

Candice: I think I leave this party! *Gets off the Nick and runs fast away from school to woods.*

Nick: *Roars after Candice.* Candice! You won't move a finger to her!

Candice was gone now and Mai runs inside to Nick.

Mai: Nick! You okay? She's gone.

Nick: Mai. She will be back for you.

Mai: What did I do?

Nick: You're human with blood just like Anna and you are untouched.

Mai: So she wants to turn me into Vampire?

Nick: *Shakes his head.* Not only that. She doesn't want me to like you.

Mai: Oh she's jealous. I see... *Walks away.*

Nick: *Walks after her.* Yes she is with everyone like that. Males one in 1000 years.

Mai: Where are you gonna go now?

Nick: Protect you from my own kind.

Mai: I think she's gone. And maybe I should stay away from your kind.

Nick: *Shakes his head.* No she will get you even if you stay away from us.

Mai: I should then stay home.

Nick: No live your normally life.

Mai: Do you mean I have to live my life normal? After this?

Nick: yes after this. we will handle her.


Jesse: *Sees Candice running to woods and looks at Anna and Brian.* I'll go after her.

Anna: *looks at Brian.* I can hunt her and kill. That's my skill and I was teach.

Brian: Nick will handle it! *Looks at Anna.*

Anna: *looks at Brian and gets away from Brian.* You are freaking me out! You never shouted at me before!

Brian: I am freaking out too!

Anna: *Runs to the woods.* Get away from me Brian!

Brian: Get back here Anna! You are getting yourself killed! *Runs after her and stops her.*

Anna: *Hits Brian.* I never get killed I know what I'm doing. besides your the shouting like my dad.

Brian: *Doesn't feel any pain of hitting.* Someone have to cause you never listen. She's all gone Anna.

Anna: *Fights for Brian.* Let me go! I do listen? Where Jesse went?

Brian: Jesse is following her. *Says calm.*

Anna: *Breaths heavily.* Jesse, what he got do with her? Let me go.

Brian: *Holds Anna in his arms to not letting her go.* You are gonna kill yourself if you go after her.

Jesse: *Runs back to Brian and Anna.* I can't find her tracks. She's gone.

Brian: Son of Bitch!

Anna: *Looks at Brian.* I can track her down.

Jesse: Not possible. *Looks at Anna.* She has removed her tracks perfectly.

Anna: *Looks at Jesse and Brian.* What Mai and I should do in meanwhile?

Brian: You live with us for while? *Looks at Jesse question on his face.*

Jesse: Yes. You two are safe with us from Candice.

Anna: And my family or friends?

Jesse: They are not in dangerous. Just you and Mai.

Anna: Of course they are for them.

Brian: But you don't have to. You can life with at your home, but I bet Candice will be there someday.

Anna: But... My family. I can't leave them and you can bite me.

Brian: No I won't bite you until you let me. And like I said, you choose what is best for you.

Anna: Until I let you? what if I don't ever?

Brian: *Winks.* You can't resist me.

Anna: I can resist you


Mai: So what now?

Nick: You should live with us for while. We can protect you from Candice.

Mai: *Looks at Nick choked.* What?

Nick: Your family and friends are safe.

Mai: So I should live with you? Cause of I'm in danger?

Nick: *Lifts his shoulders.* Jesse's idea.

Mai: Oh right you hear what they are talking.

Nick: Yes we are vampires who has supernatural skills, but you choose what you want.

Mai: I don't want to leave my family. I just moved here.

Nick: Sure but I'm serious. Candice will get you there and your family.

Mai: I don't afraid of her. *Look at Nick.*

Nick: Get out of gym. Principal can't know the truth

Mai: What about you?

Nick: Brian, Jesse and I?

Mai: Mai: Yes. You can't just take this all to your concern.

Nick: why not? you and Anna can't

Mai: *Puts her hands cross to her chest.* I won't let you take this all to your responsible.

Nick: Are you always this hard head?

Mai: Ask my parents. *Smiles.*

Nick: *Smiles.* I can do that if you wanna

Mai: Don't you dare to read my parents minds. *Hits Nick playfully.*

Nick: *Answers smiling.* I could if you want

Mai: No. Don't do it. *Points her finger at to Nick.*

Nick: *Laughs and puts Mai to a hug.* I wouldn't ever do that to you.

Mai: Good *Hugs Nick.*


Jesse: Now we need to tell principal what has happen to the school gym.

Anna: Yes how about Jesse and Nick? They were wrestling

Jesse: You and Mai should go stay out of this whole situation.

Anna: *Shakes her head.* No way we are already in this

Brian: Okay babe... *Puts her to a hug.*

Anna: *looks at Brian.* what?

Brian: We deal this together.

Anna: What? Aren't you mad?

Brian: No.

Anna: *Hugs Brian.*

Brian: *Hugs her back.* Sorry...

Anna: for what?

Brian: For everything. All of this what has happened.

Anna: No don't be. my father knew that when and if I was trained this world.

Brian: We should go. Think of the living with us Anna.

Anna: I will. Don't worry. I should get back to school.

Brian: But school is destroyed.

Anna: I go home then. What happens to Nick and Mai if they are in gym?

Brian: I think they are still inside. I think.


Principal: Walks to gym. Oh My God! What has happened here?!

Nick: hmm...we were just doing our gym.

Principal: But this gym is disaster! What did you do?

Nick: It's just playing basketball.*

Principal: *Looks at Mai.* You did this?

Nick: looks at Mai. Brian and I did Mai didn't

Principal: You and Brian to my office now. Walks out the gym.

Nick: Sure...

Mai: Looks at Nick. This is not fair... I was part of this, Nick.

Nick: looks Mai. Yes but it's better this way.

Mai: Not fair! This happened cause of me!

Nick: Mai! *Looks at her.* This all happened cause of me. Candice is behind all of this. Don't blame yourself cause of this.

Mai: She wants me. *She said quietly and angrily.*

Nick: I won't let that happen.

Mai: Why not?

Nick: Cause I like you Mai, okay?

Mai: Like me? Like me how?

Nick: I like you this much. *Moves to her closer and start to kiss her deeply.*

Mai: *Feels Nick's cold lips on her warm and soft lips.*

Nick: *Stops kissing and looks at Mai to her eyes.* Now I have to go Principal's office.

Mai: Okay. Good luck, Nick.

Nick: I need that. *Smiles and walks out the gym.*
Brian. Principal wants to see us both about gym. *Talks to Brian in his mind.*

Brian: *Hears Nick's voice.* Oh damn... I have to go Principals office.

Anna: *looks at Brian.* did you had history class with me?

Brian: Yes. I do. Please tell teacher I'll be little late. *Walks to school's Principal office.*
7 Attention by Jannika
Mai: *Walks to Anna.* Oh my god, Oh my god, oh my god... *Blushes while is smiling.*
Anna: *Sees Mai coming toward her.* What Mai? *Smiles.*
Mai: *Whispers.* Nick kissed me after he said he likes me.
Anna: *Whispers softly.* did you enjoyed it? I’ve seen how he came to you after that shit went down.
Mai: Who wouldn't? *Smiles shy.* Does this mean I'm his now?
Anna: *Smiles.* well, do you want that his yours. Remember they can read minds but yours not
Mai: Gosh I don't know. I never had a boyfriend before and I'm... Whispers Virgin.
Anna: Don't worry about it. I mean that doesn't happen with me yet and Brian is just hanging with me sometimes.
Mai: Oh and I don't think I can date guy like him. It would be wrong.
Anna: Why? What you mean guy like him? Don’t fool your heart. Besides we are going to live with them.
Gina: *Giggles and looks at Anna and Mai.* Did I just heard right? New girl is dating Nick?
Anna: *Sees Gina and looking at them.* What the fuck are you looking at Gina?
Gina: I'm just looking at new girl. She's too good for him. That's all.
Anna: *Walks at Gina.* Leave her alone. *Looks angrily.* She's been nothing but nice to you.
Mai: I'm not trying to take him. *Looks at Gina.*
Anna: Gina if you have a problem with her, say that to my face.
Gina: *Looks at Anna.* You both are such a geeks. *Walks away with her friends laughing.*
Anna: Geeks?! You are such freak Gina! *Raises her eye brown's and walks to Mai.* I'm so sorry that she was rude to you.
Mai: I'm new in here so I understand.
Anna: Yes but you shouldn't get so rough welcome you know. Come on, you want lunch after all action?
Mai: Yes sure. *Nods.*
Anna: *Nods and walks to school cafeteria.* Lunch is on me. So how it felt been kissed? *teases Mai playful.*
Mai: *Smiles little when walks with Anna to cafeteria.* Oh it felt nice, but cold.
Anna: *Smiles little and buys Mai's food and herselfs.*It is cold but you know reason.
Mai: Yeah I do. *Smiles and sits down with the food Anna bay for her.*
Anna: *Smiles and sits down with food across from Mai.* That's good. Too bad it can't be warm right?
Mai: I wish that kiss could've been warm.
Anna: *Eats and smirked.* I know why you wished that. Have you enjoyed these days you been here?
Mai: So far, no. Yesterday was terrible, today was terrible. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. *Sighs and eats.*
Anna: *Sighs and eats.* Welcome to my world. All days are terrible. Good we can go home end of the day and all is not so terrible *Smiles.*
Mai: I guess not. *Smiles.* That kiss made my day for better.
Anna: That's the way to think. Those do makes better days little.

Principal’s office

Brian: *Walks to principal office with Nick.* Nick? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: What? *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: You got bit some red on your lips. *Points to his face.*
Nick: *Rubs his lips.* Better?
Brian: *Nods and looks at principal.*
Nick: *Looks at the principal.*
Principal: *Looks at both.* So... Wanna tell me what happened to Gym?
Nick: We had gym class why you ask?
Principal: Whole Gym is ruined! Walls! Floor!
Nick: Well, Brian and I were dancing and wrestling
Brian: Yes. Wrestling... *Says word again after Nick.* We like to play rough. *Makes fake laugh.*
Nick: *Makes fake laugh also.* Yes you know how guys are with playing rough sometimes.
Principal: You both are in attention for 6pm after the school.
Brian: Great. Can we have our friends with us? *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* Yes I agree with Brian. With friends or just two of us?
Principal: Just you two. We are done here. This is last warning.
Nick: Yes sir.
Brian: *Walks out the principal's office.* That went well. What are we gonna explain next time?
Nick: *Walks out of the principal's office after Brian.* I have no idea, but I know I kissed Mai dude.
Brian: *Stops and looks at Nick.* You what?
Nick: *Stops and looks at Brian.* We kissed.
Brian: You had known her only 2 days and you are kissing her?
Nick: Dude, it felt right and it was just the kiss no big deal. How long you known Anna? Not long time too. And besides it's against the rules.
Brian: I've known Anna longer than you had known Mai.
Nick: Yes so there no difference. When was last time you just gone on the flow?
Brian: Let's go find girls.
Nick:*Follows Brian.*Let's find them before they get into trouble more.
Brian: Can you tell me reason why Mai?
Nick: *Sighs and thinks.*Cause I can't figure her out easily as others.
Brian: Wow... That is good answer. *Smiles.*
Nick: ‘Try to find girls with Brian.* I know right. Why you and Anna honestly?
Brian: I kept dreaming of her and I just told her how I feel about her. It's just meant to be.
Nick: But it's not easy road to forever, she's will die and you won't.
Brian: Maybe she wants to turn into one.
Nick: Maybe she will. I hope your right it's meant to be. *Looks around for looking girls.* Where are they? I can't see them.
Brian: Let's check cafeteria. *Walks to the cafeteria direction.*
Nick: *Follows Brian to Cafeteria direction.* Do you ever want more then kissing?
Brian: It could be nice. *Smiles.* You?
Nick: Yes that would be nice. *Smiles.*


Mai: *Drinks cola and sees Brian and Nick coming to cafeteria.* Troubles are here. *Smiles.*
Anna: *Laughs and sees same way as Mai.* I guess so Mai.
Brian: *Walks to girls and smiles.* Oh hello ladies.
Nick: *Smiles to girls and walks to them.* So what are you girls up to?
Mai: I just finished my food what Anna bought. *Smiles.* Thank you Anna.
Anna: *Smiles and finished her food.* No problem Mai.
Brian: *Sits next to Anna and smiles.* That's very nice.
Anna: What class you got next, Mai?
Mai: *Looks her schedule.* Looks like I got history. I like history. *Smiles.*
Nick: I got history in matter of fact but I'm bad at it.
Anna: I have English. Enjoy the history Mai and thanks for the company
Mai: You are welcome. *Smiles.*
Brian: I got English also. I should go too.
Anna: Oh you have English too. *Gets up and starts to go to English class.* Mai I find you after class.
Mai: Okay Anna. See ya. *Waves.*
Anna: *Waves at Mai.*

English Class

Brian: *Walks with Anna to English class.* Oh by the way... Nick and I got attention.
Anna: What? Why you two got attention? *Says surprise suddenly* I want to break the rule.
Brian: *Looks at Anna when walks to in the class.* Cause Nick and I wrestling and dancing in the gym.
Anna: *Looks back at Brian when walks to in the class.* But you didn't do anything well expect saved humans lives.
Brian: *Says quietly when sits to his seat.* Well we could've just say "Oh there was a vampire and Nick was wrestling with it."
Anna: *Laughs quietly.* No that can't be said. That I know better. Plus can I say what I do besides school?
Brian: Wait... Did you mention something about THE rule? *Whispers.*
Anna: *Whispers back.*Yes I said I want to break The Rule if you want to.
Brian: *Smiles wide.* Wow... Really?
Anna: *Smiles widely.* Really. I'm not always good girl.
Brian: You 100% sure?
Anna: Yes I'm not freaking out are you? But is it going to be loud cause you are, you know. *Smirked.*
Brian: Well... *Thinks and smiles.* You might be in danger... It's gonna be rough.
Anna: *Smiles and winks her eye.*But you can be sweet and I don't care rough or not.
Brian: Have you seen Twilight?
Anna: Yes I have seen them all. Why?
Brian: Remember part of the Edward and Bella making love, Bella still human?
Anna: I remember while she was human. I'm only myself and that is only a story.
Brian: Nope... That's totally true. I once did human she died...
Anna: *Rolls her eyes.*So what? You scared?
Brian: I might "break" you. *Whispers and sees teacher walking in.*
Anna: You won't break me. I'm tough human. Even I'm not like you.
Brian: Okay. How about tonight? *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smiles.* Okay tonight. After we had hunt Candice?
Brian: After Candice? Why did you bring that up?
Anna: Because you and Nick thought, me and Mai should stay with you two till she's gone.
Brian: Yes that's true. Let's listen teacher.
Anna: *Listens the teacher.* Just wanted go visited my dad before that.
Brian: Sure. *Start to write to his notebook.*
Anna: *Starts to writing her notebook also.* Should’ve I gone to bathroom before or now?
Brian: Before. *Whispers.*
Anna: *Whispers.*What you said?
Brian: *Looks at Anna.* You should've go to bathroom before class.
Anna: *Raises her hand.*
Teacher: Anna? Something important you wanna say? *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: Can I go bathroom I forgot before the class? *Looks at the teacher.*
Teacher: You got 5 minutes.
Anna: Nods her head and walks out the class.*

Back at cafeteria

Mai: *Takes her bag and looks at Nick.* So it's just you and me again.
Nick: *Smiles*Just you and me again. Brian and I got attention.
Mai: *Smiles.* Attention? Cause of the kiss? *Jokes and start to walk.*
Nick: *Smiles.*Attention because the gym is mess. *Laughs a little.*
Mai: Oh Cause of what happen between Candice? *Looks History book from her bag.*
Nick: *Nods his head.* Yes because of that and we couldn't say we just saved bunch of people.
Mai: *Looks at Nick and smiles.* Well the kiss made me feel save bit.
Nick: *Looks at Mai as walks into class.* Really? That was the plan.
Mai: *Walks in the class and sees that there's no free seats next to each other.* Looks like we can't sit next to each other.
Nick: *Walks to class and lift his shoulders.* Well, what you can do? Go find the seat.
Mai: *Sees free seat next to Gina.* Damn it... *Says quietly.*
Gina: Look. Geek Mai is next to me. *Smiles sarcastic.*
Mai: *Sits to seat next to Gina and sighs.* That's enough... I'm here to learn. *Looks at Gina.*
Gina: Amber, did I say something to Mai?
Amber: *Pops the bubble gum and shakes her head.*
Nick: Enough Amber and Gina. Leave her alone.
Mai: *Sighs and keeps her look on book.*
Gina: *Smiles and looks at Nick.* Why? No one can't keep me shut up. I'm queen, remember?
Nick: Queen of bitches. *Looks at his books.*
Gina: Whatever. *Flip her head behind her back and looks her nails.* Mai could never hurt me or take my place.
Nick: *Laughs and sees teacher.* Finally something good to learn
Mai: *Looks at Gina.* Gina?
Gina: Yes Geek?
Mai: *Stands up off her seat and punch Gina to face.* Never call me geek again! *Runs outside the class.*
Teacher: Oh my god! Gina... *Walks to Gina.* You alright?
Nick: *Raises his hand.* Can I go check how is Mai doing?
Teacher: *Looks at Nick.* No one else leaves, Mr. Carter.
Gina: Yes Ben. I'm alright. Did I do something bad. *Puppy eyes.*
Teacher: Depence on why did she punch you?
Nick: *Looks at Teacher.* Are you aloud bullying?
Teacher: Bullying? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Looks at Teacher.* Gina called Mai geek and now she acts like victim.
Gina: Shut up Nick.
Nick: What Gina? It's the truth and you got punched because of that.
Teacher: But punch is not allowed here also.
Nick: No, of course not but it's good to stand up for bullying and I go check Mai sir. I’ll come back.
Teacher: Alright. Gina... Let's take you to school nurse. *Is helping Gina.* Others start reading page 15!
Nick: *Shakes his head and reads page 15.*

Outside the school

Mai: *Sits down to school stairs outside and sighs when cries.*
Anna: *Notice Mai and walks to her.* Hey there. Why you are crying?
Mai: Oh... Hey. *Try to smile.*
Anna: *Smiles.* Did Gina do this?
Mai: Yeah. I punched her in the class. It felt so gooood. *Smiles and sighs.* But I think I'll get attention cause of it.
Anna: *Sits next to Mai.* Good. You are brave to get back to her. *Smiles and sighs.* You know, you're the victim here.
Mai: I know, but... I shouldn't punch her. She's not worth it.
Anna: No she's not worth it. Go back to class and say your reason to teacher. Tell him it was mistake. Maybe he will let it go easily.
Mai: Please don't... *Looks at Anna.* I can handle attention. And Nick will be at attention to give me company. *Smiles little.*
Anna: *Smiles.* Good girl. *Looks at Mai.* I will help you get used to this school. Now go back to class, I should go back to class also even I was going to bathroom.
Mai: *Smiles and gets up.* Okay. I will even I have to talk with principal.
Anna: *Smiles.* Tell me how that went after class.
Mai: I will. *Walks back to class.*

Brian & Nick’s mind talking

Brian: *Looks at the clock how 5 minutes is going so fast.* 1 minute babe...
Nick: *Reads Brian's thoughts.* What one minute babe, Brian?
Brian: Anna should be back in class soon. She will be late.
Nick: Maybe she got female problems. *Sees Mai walking back in the class and start to talk normal.* You okay Mai?
Mai: *Walks in class and sits back to her seat.* Don’t wanna talk about it. What we should do now?
Nick: Page 15. Read it. *Smiles and reads.*
Mai: *Start to read page 15.*
Teacher: *Walks back in and sees Mai.* Mai? To principal office now.
Nick: *Looks confessed.* Why she need to go?
Teacher: Cause of the punch.
Mai: *Smiles to Nick.* I'll be fine.
Nick: *Smiles to Mai and blow kiss to her.* Okay. See you.
Mai: *Catch the kiss and walks out the class to principal office.*

Anna: *Walks back to class.* Thank you teacher.
Teacher: Take a seat Anna.
Anna: *Goes back to her seat.* Did I missed anything? *Whispers softly.*
Brian: No but you are late. *Whispers.*
Anna: *Whispers.* I saw Mai in outside crying. I never got in toilet. Gina is bullying her.
Brian: *Looks at Anna.* WHAT?! *Says so loud that whole class turns their faces to them.*
Teacher: *Smirks.* Oh Littrell. Get's fired up.
Brian: Sorry Johnny... Just heard terrible news.
Anna: *Whispers.* CLAM down. Yes she did, but you are too loud right now.
Brian: *Is staying quiet and looks at Anna waiting for answer.*
Anna: *Whispers to Brian.* Mai punched Gina for bullying her and calling name.
Brian: *Whispers.* Can we talk about this later?
Anna: *Shut ups her mouth as focus on English.* Sure babe.

In Principal Office

Principal: *Opens door.* Mai you were the trouble maker. I never believed that.
Mai: So sorry. Should I come in then? *Looks at Principal.*
Principal: Did you punch Gina, Mai?
Mai: *Nods.* Yeah, cause she called me geek.
Principal: Gina didn't say anything about that.
Mai: Oh... Well she did... She called me twice today.
Principal: Well, if that is case, I need to talk to her and I still needs to send you in attention for hitting her
Mai: I knew you are gonna say that. *Offers her hand.* It won't happen again, sir.
Principal: *Offer his hand and nods.* I sure hope so.

Day has gone by and school ends and it’s time for attention.

Anna: *Waits Brian, Nick and Mai out of attention.* I should be there too? *Puts the poker face on.
Mai: *Walks to attention door and sees Anna.* Hey. Did you get attention too? *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smiles.* No just I wish. Thought I'm waiting you 3 to come out.
Mai: You don't need to wait for me. *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smiles.* I know I got plans with Brian tonight.
Mai: Oooeh... *Winks and smiles.* Nice...
Anna: *Winks.* Yes it's nice but now I wait you all.

Brian: *Drinks his water from bottle and sees Nick.* Yo... Heading to attention?
Nick: *Heads to attention.* Do I have choice not to come?
Brian: You have to. You got at least your girl there.
Nick: *Smiles* For punching Gina she got it's so wrong.
Brian: How was the punch? Was it awesome? *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles as walks in attention room.* Looked awesome I have to say.
Brian: *Walks after him and winks to Anna.* Hey Anna.
Anna: *Gets up from chair when sees guys.* Brian....hey. *Smiles to Brian.*
Mai: I should go too. See you in 1 hour.
Anna: See you in hour. *Walks around the hallway.* Good everyone else went home but me.
Mai: *Walks in the attention and sits next to Nick.* Hey. *Smiles to Nick.*
Nick: *Smiles.* And hey to you too. Nice punch you did to Gina.
Mai: Well... I promised to principal that I won't do it again.
Brian: *Listens music.*
Nick: To Gina good promise.
Anna: *Goes music class and takes guitar and starts to sing Britney’s everytime.*
Mai: So... Can we talk in attention?
Nick: I guess so. Never been in here
Mai: Me either.* Smiles and looks at teacher behind her desk.* Should we ask? *Whispers.*
Nick: *Whispers.* I’ll ask teacher. Can we talk in here or should we be quiet, sir?
Teacher: Do whatever you wanna do, but don’t do something what makes noises.
Anna: *Plays as sings to makes time flies faster.*
Nick: *Smiles and start to hear music.* Teacher? What is that music?
Teacher: Oh... Don't know.
Mai: Is making out forbidden? *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* I believe so.
Teacher: *Looks at Nick and Mai.* If it's quiet making out.
Nick: *looks at Mai.*Wanna make out?
Mai: We might do that, but... *Looks at Brian's way.* He might get bit jealous of that.
Nick: *Looks at Brian.*He got his music. He won't. *Smiles.*
8 A Vampire by Jannika
Mai’s Home

June: *Yells from downstairs to upstairs.* Mai! Time to get up!
Mai: *Walks in front door and smiles*. Hi Mom.
June: *Smiles.* You are already awake. Good. Eat before you go to school, dear.
Mai: I already ate. I'll go take a shower.
June: *Looks amazed.* When did you eat?
Mai: Before you and dad woke up. *Smiles and goes to upstairs.*
June *Smiles.* You are all grown up, Mai.
Mai: *Stops halfway at stairs and looks her mom.* Yes mom. I am. *Smiles.*
June: *Looks at her daughter as smiles.* You seem to be happy this morning. Must be cause of that nice boy.
Mai: There's no boy. *Smiles.*
June: *Smiles.* Alright. Go to the shower and remember, don't be late from school.
Mai: I won't mom. *Smiles and goes to her room’s bathroom.*
June: We have happy girl honey. *Walks to kitchen.*
Jin: *Reads newspaper.* Must be cause of the boy.
June: *Cleans up the table.* I hope she brings it home one day.
Jin: Doubt it. *Smiles and drinks his coffee.*

Anna’s Home
Anna: *Wakes up and walks to kitchen.* Good morning dad. *Sighs deeply.*
Lars: Morning sweetie. How did you sleep? *Looks his daughter.*
Anna: *Looks at her father.* I didn't sleep at all. How about you? *Makes a breakfast.*
Lars: I did sleep very well. *Looks his daughter and sees something is wrong.* Got a boy problems?
Anna: You could say that, but you won't help me right?
Lars: I think your mom would've done that, if she would've been still alive.
Anna: But Mom isn't alive. I wish she would.
Lars: You are right... So want to tell me?
Anna: There’s a boy who I like but...there's an issues with him.
Lars: I can't talk about this with you. *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: *Looks at her dad mad.* Why? Because you go hunting again?
Lars: Anna... *Looks his daughter.*
Anna: What, dad?
Lars: You know there's monsters out there.
Anna: Yes, because I've seen it dad.
Lars: And you know what I must do and I just can’t stay.
Anna: Oh yes. You then leave your only child in her school day.
Lars: You know I don’t want that, but you are big girl now and I know you can take care of yourself.
Anna: You make me do it. *Sighs.* Sorry, but I have to go soon dad. *Goes chances her clothes.*
Lars: *Sighs and thinks himself.* She's hiding something.

Mai’s Home
Mai: *Looks comfy clothes for the school after shower and looks herself from the mirror.* No...
Millie (Cat): *Looks Mai on the bed.*
Mai: *Puts tight jeans and "rock my heart" t-shirt with skull and guitar on it.* Ready to go. *Takes her school bag and walks to downstairs.*
Jin: *Sees what her daughter is wearing and looks her wife.* Darling. Look what our daughter is wearing. *Says quietly.*
June: *Looks at Mai and takes deep breath.* I don't know honey.
Mai: *Puts her shoes on.*
June: Mai darling, what you are wearing?
Mai: *Looks her parents.* What? I always wear these.
June: Always? No, darling. You don't.
Mai: Well now I do. It's just jeans and t-shirt, mom.
Jin: Darling. What your mom is saying, is that it doesn't cover up your beautiful body.
Mai: *Sighs and walks back upstairs.* Fine! I can't do anything I want!
June: Mai darling! I didn't mean that!
Mai: *Smash her room door.*
June: Great Jin. *Sighs when looks at her husband.*
Jin: What? You saw what she wears. *Looks at his wife.*
Mai: *Locks her room door and climb out from her window.* I'll wear this no matter what...
June: Mai isn't a whore. Even she might dress little sexier.
Mai: *Jumps to trampoline and gets to ground.*
Jin: I didn't say that she looks like whore. More like stripper.
Mai: *Start to walk to school fast.* I'm going to be late of cause of those two clowns.
June: JIN!

Anna’s Home
Anna: *Sighs and thinks herself as she gets ready for school.* If dad would know about Nick and Brian, he'd murder them.
Lars: *Thinks in his mind when reads newspaper.* Great… An another animal attack. Need to check this out.
Anna: *Walks out of her room.* Dad, I'm going to walk to school. See you at night if even you’re at home.
Lars: I won’t be here when you get home. *Walks to hallway to saying goodbye to Anna.* I'll be gone few days.
Anna: *Looks her dad.* Sure dad. Kill those bitches.
Lars: I’ll try to do my best. Be good okay?
Anna: Don't I always be good. *Walks out of the door.*
Lars: I wish you could go with me someday, but school is now more important. *Stands at the front door.*
Anna: *Sighs softly and looks at her dad.* Maybe someday.
Lars: *Smiles and walks back in.*
Anna: *Runs to school yard.* And back here.

At school yard
Nick: *Grins to Brian.* You had big secrets yesterday, bro.
Brian: Nothing happened. *Sits in the yard stairs.*
Nick: *Teases Brian.* But you so wanted to. Only there's a rules for them and us. *Looks at Brian and sits next to him.*
Brian: So you and Mai kissed at attention. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* I thought you wouldn't see it, but it was amazing bro.
Brian: I got my ears man. *Smiles.*
Nick: I know, maybe today you will get a kiss.
Brian: I've been kissed Anna many times. *Smiles.*
Nick: Don't you ever want more Brian?
Brian: *Looks at Nick.* More like what? Sex?
Nick: *Looks at Brian and winks his eye.* Yes sex, man.
Brian: We'll see. Anna is human and so is Mai. It's forbidden. They'll get hurt.
Nick: Yes they both are but you can't say you haven't thought of it.
Brian: *Looks at Nick and smiles.* I have. *Sees Anna.* Anna is here now
Anna: *Smiles and sees boys.* Hey guys .
Brian: You came without Mai? *Smiles.* Nick is totally missing her.
Anna: *Smiles.* Oh I had thing at home, so I ran here without her.
Brian: Your dad is back home? *Sighs.*
Anna: *Sighs.* Yes he was at home this Morning and I had to lie to him.
Nick: How long is he going to stay this time? *Ask curious.*
Anna: *Looks at both of guys.* Going to leave for few days again.
Brian: Awesome. You should then come to our nest those days. He doesn't have to know.
Anna: To your nest? You know I would get my guns there or they eat me alive.
Nick: It's just us and Jesse. *Looks at Anna.* We protect you.
Jesse: Wassup guys! *Smiles.*
Anna: *Looks at Nick and jumps when Jesse comes.* Where the hell you came from?
Jesse: Sorry. Did I scare ya? *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smiles and smirked.* No I don't scare ya. I could kill ya if I want to.
Brian: Yes you could, babe. *Smiles.*
Jesse: So what are you talking about?
Nick: Brian invited Anna to our nest, since her father is few days away.
Jesse: He's back in town!
Anna: No he left for the job and won't be home in few days Jesse.
Jesse: Thank god. And we got new roomie... *Smiles and hugs Anna.*
Anna: *Laughs and hugs Jesse.* Yes we are, my dad isn't that bad... And I haven't say I'll come there.
Mai: *Walks to others and smiles.* Morning.
Nick: *Notice Mai and smiles.* Morning.
Brian: Good morning! You are almost late.
Mai: *Looks at all.* What's going on?
Nick: *Holds the school doors open.*
Jesse: Anna's hunt dad is gone for few days. We are safe at least 2 days. *Smiles and looks at Mai.*
Anna: *Lifts her shoulders.* Those clowns asked me to go their nest since my dad is out of town.
Mai: Yay... *Smiles and walks inside the school.* Thank you Nick.
Nick: You are welcome. *Smiles to Mai and let’s go of the door.*
Brian: It's for your protection. Never know when Candice comes back with others. *Holds the door open to Anna after Nick let’s go of it.
Anna: *Walks in and smiles to Mai.* Do you wanna come with me if I go there?
Mai: *Looks at Anna and sighs.* I don't think I should cause my parents will freak out.
Jesse: You could say "I met this guy and he wants to help me with math." *Says girly voice and looks at Nick.*
Brian: *Laughs.* Dude... That was terrible.
Anna: *Laughs.* Jesse you are terrible as a girl.
Mai: I don’t sound like that. *Hits Jesse playful and laughs.*
Jesse: *Hit felt bad to his arm.* Damn girl. That really hurt.
Anna: *Looks confused.* Really? You know Vam.... You shouldn't feel that.
Brian: You are joking Jesse. *Looks at him.*
Jesse: *Looks at Brian.* No it hurt it man.
Mai: There's something wrong with me...
Brian: Jesse is just joking, Mai. *Looks at Mai.*
Jesse: *Looks at Brian.* No it hurts, man.
Mai: There's something wrong with me...
Anna: *Think's herself.* I was raised By Hunter...
Mai: I didn't feel a thing when I hit you. *Looks confused.*
Brian: We need to talk about this later.
Anna: *Walks to the class and sat down with a book about monsters and ghosts above math book.* Here have to be answer about hurting vampires.
Nick: *Nodded to Brian and Jesse*. Yes I agree
Brian: I got Gym. You? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Looks at Brian and smiles.* I got same as you do but we talk later all of us. Jesse where you go in meanwhile?
Jesse: I got math.
Mai: *Sighs.* I got art.
Nick: *Winks at Mai.* I see you after art. Show them what you've made of.
Mai: I will. *Smiles and walks to art class.*

Brian: *Walks to men’s locker room.*
Nick: *Follows Brian at the men’s locker room.* Do you think it's weird? *Whispers to Brian.*
Brian: About Mai's punch hurts us? *Whispers when changes.*
Nick: *Whispers to Brian.* Yes that's meant.
Brian: *Looks at Nick and whispers while changing.* Maybe she's some kind of thing that is stronger than us.
Nick: *Changes and looks at Brian.* And who are those whom can hurt us?
Brian: *Whispers.* Werewolf.
Nick: *Walks to gym choked with Brian.* But those are dead long time ago.
Brian: Then she must be something else. *Walk to gym and start to bouncing basketball.*
Nick: *Start to work out, but can't stop thinking the mystery.* I can't stop wondering all about this.
Brian: Me either. *Sighs.*
Nick: I want to know already that thing.
Brian: *Thinks for second and then gets an idea.* Nick? *Whispers and gets him aside.* I know what she is.
Nick: *Whispers.* What she is? Tell me.
Brian: She's us... *Whispers.*
Nick: *Whispers.* A vampire? Then sex isn’t forbidden.
Brian: You have to find out.
Nick: When? Tonight?
Brian: Duh! *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Looks at Brian and smirked.* I get sex tonight.
Brian: Lucky bastard. *Smiles.*
Gym Teacher: Brian and Nick! Keep working out!

Mai’s Home
Jin: So... *Looks his wife.* When are we going to tell our daughter that she's not what she think she is?
June: *Looks at Jin.* We can't crush her world now, cause she got friends.
Jin: She's 18 next year. She have to know about it.
June: But we just move here.
Jin: Fine. When she's 21, we tell her. *Calms his wife down.*
Candice: *Rings the Mai's family house door bell.*
Jin: Maybe it's Mai. *Hears door bell.*
June: Mai got keys.
Jin: *Opens the door and sees Candice.*
Candice: Hello Jin. Remember me? *Smiles to Jin.*
Jin: *Looks chocked.* You? What are you doing here?
Candice: *Walks in and smiles.* I heard you are in town.
Jin: What you want from us? *Close the door.*
June: *Sees Candice and yells. *You Bitch! How dare you to step in our house...
Candice: I came to take something what belongs to me.
Jin: She doesn't belong to you.
Candice: Oh she does. I made her. *Smiles.*
June: You devil bitch!
Candice: Enough with the names! Where is she? *Looks at both.*
Jin: She’s not here.
Candice: We shall then wait when she gets home. *Sits down to chair.*

Math Class
Jesse: *Sits to math class next to Anna.* What ya reading? *Whispers.*
Anna: *Reads the book deeply.* Shit... You got to stop doing that. *Whispers.*
Jesse: Sorry. *Whispers and looks at the Anna's book.* That's not math book.
Anna: *Looks at the Jesse and whispers.* No. This book is about things that my dad owes, but math book is under it. *Lift the other book up.*
Jesse: Smartass. *Whispers and smiles.*
Anna: *Whispers and smiles.* I know I am. This book tells who can do that what Mai did to you.
Jesse: Only thing can hurt us, is werewolves, but those aren't no more exist.
Anna: *Sighs.* Recording this book things can hurt you is Angels, Demons or Shapeshifters.
Jesse: Or... *Looks the book and points the book.* Vampire.
Anna: *Looks at the book and reads.* Vampire? *Whispers.* That’s impossible.
Jesse: Then what she is then? *Whispers.*
Anna: Or if she's half human and half your kind.
Jesse: Damn... *Says quietly.* She can really punch though...
Anna: *Keep listening teacher same time when reads the book.* Okay yes...but she would know it by now. Right?
Jesse: Yeah...
Anna: What happens if human and your kind are having sex?
Jesse: Nothing... Us can't make human pregnant. *Whispers and then looks at teacher.*

Art Class
Mai: *Reads art books and learns something until start to feel bit weird.* Oh shit… *Raises her hand.* Teacher? Can I go to bathroom quickly?
Teacher: Sure you can, Mai.
Mai: Thank you. *Walks out the art class to the bathroom.* Whatta hell is wrong with me? *Start to throw up.*Oh my god!

Math Class
Mr. Hudson: Okay class. That was for the day. Remember tomorrow is the exam. *Looks at students.*
Jesse: Let's go Anna. *Walks out the math class.*
Anna: I’ll be right up. *Graps the phone and texts to her father.* Was there a story about human and vampires?
Lars: *Reads the text and text her back.* About vampire putting his blood to human baby?
Anna: *Texts him back.* Yes. I remember you told me some kind of story when I was little.
Lars: *Text back.* Why you ask? You tracked one?
Anna: *Takes her backbag and goes out of math glass.*
Jesse: So you think others class had ended? *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: Dunno. I need to use bathroom.
Jesse: Sure. I’ll wait here.
Anna: *Texts back to Lars when walks the hallway.* No just, how much of it was truth?
Lars: *Text back.* It's true story. It happened 17 years ago in Japan.
Anna: *Reads the text and stops in hallway.* Oh my god.....
Jesse: *Looks at Anna.* What?
Anna: Nothing. *Walks to the girls bathroom.*
Mai: *Start to feel good again and gets up to wash her face.* Whatta hell was that?
Anna: Mai?

Gym Teacher: Okay class. That was done for today! See you next week. Good weekend everyone!
Nick: *Walks with Brian to locker room.* Let's find the others
Brian: *Walks to locker room and takes a quick shower.*
Nick: *Takes a shower as well.* Hopefully we find them.
Brian: *Takes towel and dry himself.* We will and we need to talk Mai.
Nick: *Dry himself.* Yes we really need to, but at school yard.
Brian: What if she really is one of us, but she doesn't know about it?
Nick: What? She should know about it by now?
Brian: Yeah... Poor Mai. *Puts clothes on.*
Nick: *Puts his clothes on.* Yes, on the other hand it's not forbidden to date her.
Brian: Keep saying that and then you'll end up marrying her. *Jokes.*
Nick: *Laughs.* Hahaa. Very funny, asshole.
Brian: It's not forbidden. *Smirked.*
Nick: *Smirked.* And you end up marrying a human and never get sex.
Brian: Shut up. *Smiles and walks out the locker room.*
Nick: *Laughs and follows Brian.*

Ladies bathroom/ Hallway
Mai: *Sees Anna.* Anna? Hey.
Anna: *Smiles.* Are you okay? You seem tried.
Mai: Yeah. I'm fine. *Smiles.* Class over?
Anna: *Nods and smiles.* Yes Math is over. Now we need to meet the others and talk.
Mai: I got my things at art class. I'll catch you later. *Walks to bathroom door.*
Anna: Mai? When your class ends?
Mai: *Turns back to Anna.* It might have ended by now.
Anna: Yes I think it had ended by now. I won’t keep you longer here.
Mai: TTYL *Walks out the bathroom.*
Anna: Few minutes later walks out of bathroom and whispers to Jesse when walks to him.* I know the truth.
Jesse: *Whispers.* Wanna share?
Anna: I'll tell when we all are together.
Jesse: You are devil.
Anna: *Smiles.* I know I am but I think it's way better that way.
Jesse: Should we talk about this without Mai? *Walk with Anna to School yard.*
Anna: I want to Mai to be here when we talk about this.
Jesse: *Sees Nick and Brian already in the school yard.* Let’s ask their opinion.
Brian: *Is sitting on empty school yard table.* You need to talk with Mai first before you move any further.
Nick: I know that.
Jesse: Hey guys. How was the gym?
Nick: Good. We were thinking about Mai a lot.
Jesse: We too. Anna knows something...
Nick: Really?

Art Class
Mai: *Walks back to art class and sees only teacher there.* Sorry... I didn't felt weird... Any homework?
Teacher Joy: nah, but next time, use a bathroom before class, okay?
Mai: *Takes her stuff.* I felt fine when I get to class ma'am. Just started to feel odd.
Teacher Joy: You feeling better now?
Mai: Yes. Much better thank you.* Smiles.* See you next week ma'am.
Teacher Joy: *Smiles.* Alright. Have great week end Mai.
Mai: Thank you. *Walks out the art class and walks to her hallway book locker.*

Anna & Mai Texting
Anna: *Pulls her phone from pocket and texts the Mai.* Can you come in school yard? I'll be waiting you.
Mai: *Hears her cellphone beeping and text back.* I'll be right there. You alone?
Anna: *Sees the text and text to Mai back.* No. Jesse's with me. You wanna talk alone then?
Mai: *Text back.* That's fine. See ya. *Locks her book locker.*

School Yard
Brian: We think she might be something bad...
Anna: She's not Brian. She's coming soon and she knows Jesse's with me.
Nick: Should we go then?
Brian: I want to hear this...
Nick: Me too.
Anna: *Sighs.* Whatever.
Mai: *Walks to outside to school yard.* Hey... I thought it was only you and Jesse? *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: *Looks at Mai.* It was till those two clowns showed up. *Smiles and looks at Brian and Nick.*
Brian: Nick and I were here first. *Winks to Anna.*
Anna: *Smiles and sits on Brian’s lap.*Whatever you say.
Mai: That’s fine. We were supposed to meet and talk. *Smiles and walks to Nick.* Hey… Had a fun at gym?
Nick: It was torture. *Looks at Mai.*
Mai: Torture? Why? *Looks confused.*
Anna: They are worry about you too.
Nick: Yeah. Anna is right. We are here to talk about you. *Touches gently Mai’s hair and smiles.*
Jesse: I move away just in case... *Moves further away from Mai.*
Nick:* Laughs* you scare of her?
Brian: *Looks at Jesse and laughs.* Sissy
Mai: Jesse… You don’t need to be afraid of me.
Jesse: What if you get mad and hit one of us again?
Mai: That’s why we are here right? *Looks at everyone.*
Nick: Yes we are. *Takes Mai around his arms and hugs her tight.*
Anna: Mai? Has your mom and dad tell you anything about your past?
Mai: *Looks confused.* Like what?
Anna: Well, like anything.
Mai: *Sighs and looks at Anna.* I don't come up with anything...
Anna: *Sighs.* I know what you are, but I want to be sure.
Mai: *Listens Anna.*
Anna: There’s a tale about Japan.
Mai: Do I wanna hear about this?
Nick: *Sighs and thinks in his mind.* This must be not good.
Anna: *Nods softly and friendly.* Yes I think you should.
Brian: If it’s something about her. Her parents should tell her. Nick? *Looks at him.*
Nick: I guess Bee is right.
Mai: *Start to feel dizzy and gets off Nick’s arms.*Excuse me... *Walks to inside to bathrooms.*
Anna: *Looks at Mai and then the boys.* I'll go after her.
Brian: *Nods to Anna and gives a kiss.* Go ahead.

Ladies Bathroom
Anna: *Follows Mai to bathroom* Mai, are you okay?
Mai: *Throws up and sees it's blood.* Whatta...?
Anna: *Sees her throwing up.* Shit... The tale is true.
Mai: What tale? *Sits on the floor and looks at Anna.*

Anna: *Sat down in the floor next to her.* About 17 years ago, there were vampire in Japan. Man wanted a child with his wife and they have healthy little baby girl. One day that vampire came to their house and feed her blood to baby. No one knew why, but in that baby’s vain is vampire blood. My father told me this when I was little.
Mai: *Looks at Anna.* Why are you telling me this?
Anna: Because you're that baby, Mai.
Mai: *Looks choked.* Are you saying I'm fucking vampire!?
Anna: *Looks at Mai.*Only half Vampire. I wonder why your mom and dad haven't told you the truth.
Mai: This is not true! You are lying. *Gets up and walks out the bathroom crying and same time mad.*
Anna: *Runs after Mai and tries to stop Mai.* Please listen to me.
Mai: What?! *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: I got the feeling Candice is behind all this.
Mai: *Start to walk again to school Yard and shouts.* That's a lie!
Anna: Have I ever lied to you? *Shouts to after her.*
Jesse: *Looks at Mai who is angry and hides behind Nick.* I told you...
Mai: *Stops and turns around.* I don't know! Are you?! I don't even know you and you guys! *Points at the guys.* This is just a stupid joke!
Jesse: Why don’t you ask your parents?
Brian: Jesse... *Looks at him.*
Anna: *Stops.* Jesse is right. Go ask your mom and dad the truth.
Mai: *Looks at Nick.* Did you knew about this?
Nick: *Looks at clueless.* Knew about what?
Mai: About me being half one of you.
Nick: What?! I just heard now...
Brian: So it is true... Says quietly.
Anna: She's half human too and half your kind.
Jesse: That explains her hard punch... She's stronger than us.
Mai: It can't be true... I have to go... *Walks away from all.*
Nick: *Follows Mai but gives her time to cool down.*

Mai’s Home
June: We should warn Mai. *Whispers to her husband.*
Jin: *Whispers to his wife.* Yes but how?
June: Text her...
Jin: *Texts to Mai.* Whatever you do, don't come home for a while. Go with your friends.
Mai's phone has dropped down to ladies bathroom floor and beeps.
Candice: Mr. & Mrs. Khan… Haven’t you forgotten that I can hear your thoughts. *Takes cellphone from Jin.*
June: Candice… Please leave us alone.
Candice: I will. After I get my baby girl.
Jin: She’s not yours!
Candice: *Start to choke Jin against the wall and looks mad.*
June: Don’t hurt him!
Candice: Why shouldn’t I? *Looks at June.*
June: We’ll do whatever you want. Let go of my husband, please…
Candice: *Release her hand on Jin.* Good… Now Jin… *Sits back to chair.* Drive to school and tell Mai that your wife is sick.
Jin: *Looks scared and unsure.* If I don’t?
Candice: Then your precious little daughter will find two loving bodies in her bedroom. *Smiles and start to laugh.*

School yard
Brian: *Walks to Anna.* How you know she is half Vampire?
Anna: Remember when the Candice didn't hurt her?
Brian: Wait... Mai is the job of Candice at Japan?
Anna: *Nods.* Yes, my father used to told a story about human to be half vampire. Those are rare but true. They start feeling dizzy after 17 years.
Brian: Wow... That's just bad luck... Poor Mai.
Anna: It's not to do with a luck....I wonder why her parents haven't told her.
Brian: Maybe they did wait for right moment.
Anna: I texted to my dad and asked him how much the story is a true.
Jesse: So what now?
Anna: In my count this year is the 17th year.
Brian: Damn it…
Anna: But good Nick is with her.
Jesse: I know it's not perfect time to say this, but... Nick's so going to get laid.
Anna: I have no clue what happens now. *Texts to her father.* What happens to half vampire after 17th years?
Lars: *Text back.* To keep eating human food to not turn to one... One blood in vain and turns.
Anna: *Sighs.* If she keep eating human food she stay the same but if she eats blood, it turns her.
Lars: *Text one more text.* Sex with vamp will also turn her, but sex with human keeps it her normal as she is.
Anna: *Looks at Jesse and Brian.* She can't have sex with Nick otherwise she turns into one of you.
Brian: What!? Nick's going to be crushed...
Anna: Can you tell Nick that? No sex unless she wants to stay human.
Brian: Okay I’ll do it.

Bus stop
Mai: *Sighs and sits to bus stop bench while start to think all in her head and cries.*
Nick: *Comes out of shadows.* You okay?
Mai: No. I'm not okay. *Tries to dry her tears away.* This must be just bad joke.
Nick: *Hugs her.* I know hunters hunt us but one thing is true, they don't lie.
Mai: *Crawls to Nicks arms and cries to not saying anything.*
Nick: *Holds her close.* It's okay. I'm right here as long you need me to.
Mai: I don't wanna go home. Can I come at your place after school?
Nick: Of course you can come. *Smiles softly.* If you want.
Mai: *Smiles and start to kiss him.* Thanks. You are sweet.
Nick: *Smiles and kisses her back.* So are you, Mai. I like you.
Mai: *Takes his hand to her and leans to his shoulder.* I wish I could be just human and having normal life.
Nick: *Smiles.* I understand that very fucking well, but I'm happy I got know you.
Mai: *Laughs little.* That's one dollar to curse jar.
Nick: *Laughs.* What jar?
Mai: This jar. *Opens her mouth wide open and smiles.*
Nick: *Takes a dollar in his pocket and puts into Mai's mouth.*
Mai: *Laughs and takes a dollar from her mouth.* Thank you.
Nick: I just heard that you are normal human if you continue your life eating normal human food.
Mai: Yeah... I love pizza. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* I haven't eat that ages.
Mai: It's delicious... Oooh and lasagna... I'm getting just hungry to think of the food.
Nick: Let's go get some food Mai.
Mai: What you are gonna eat? Squirrel? *Jokes.*
Nick: *Smiles.* Something like that.
Mai: Yuck…

Brian & Nick Mind talk
Brian: *Speaks to Nick in his mind.* You can't have sex with her. DO NOT!
Nick: *Reads Brian's mind and speaks back.*Why? She's one of us right?
Brian: *Speaks back to Nick's mind.* If you do, she turns to vampire for good!
Nick: *Talks in his mind to Brian.* Does condom help about that?
Brian: *Speaks back to Nick.* I’ll let you know soon.

School Backyard
Anna: *Sat down.* Did I do right thing for telling her?
Brian: *Sits next to Anna.* You did right thing...
Anna: *Looks sad.* I broke her world.
Brian: *Puts her to a hug and gives a kiss to her forehead.* No you didn't. Candice did.
Jesse: Wait... You said sex will turn her to one of us... What if they have protections? Like condom. What we vampire don't usually use...
Anna: I don't know, I'm not full Hunter yet.
Jesse: It should help...
Brian: Yeah. Jesse might be right, but it’s not your fault you broke her world.
Anna: *Looks at Brian.* I know. I gotta check Jesse's idea from my dad.
Brian: Nick actually asked that too. Please hurry.
Anna: *Text to his father.* Can half human and vamp have sex if they uses comdom?
Lars: *Text back.* Yes! You are smart.
Anna: Dad says condom will help your kind, Bee.
Brian: That's great... *Smiles.*
Anna: Tell Nick. *Smiles.*
Brian: *Talks to Nick’s mind.* Condom will work, bro.
Anna: I don't wanna do what my father is doing. Too much pain.
Brian: You mean you don't want to be hunter? *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: *Looks at Brian* Yes too much shit and rules. Besides I don't know what my mother did.
Brian: *Sighs.* You are soon 18 so... You can decide what to do.
Anna: *Sighs.* Sort of I can....but I can't decide.
Brian: Family business?
Anna: Something like that.
Brian: Sometimes things were meant to be broken.
Anna: You are so amazing. *Smiles.*
Brian: I know. *Smirks.*
At School gate
Nick: * Reads Brian's mind and tells him back.* Thank you.
Mai: *Looks at Nick.* You okay?
Nick: *Looks at Mai.* Yes. We can have sex but only if we use condom.
Mai: *Looks at Nick surprised.* Since when we started to talk about that? *Looks curious.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai.* Since I don't know.
Mai: *Smiles and start to feel much better.* Since never.
Nick: *Smiles and puts his hands to her weist.* Since Brian talked to me in my mind.
Mai: So Brian thinks we should have sex? *Puts her hands around his neck.*
Nick: Yes Brian thinks that with condom.
Mai: I can see that you want to try that. Am I right?
Nick: You are right Mai, but I don't do anything you don't want to me to do.
Mai: Sounds good. *Smiles and start to kiss Nick deeply.*
Nick: *Kisses her back.*
Jin: *Sees Mai with Nick kissing at the school gate.*MAI!
Mai: *Hears her father and breaks the kiss.* Dad? What are you doing here?
Jin: It’s your mother. She’s not doing well.
9 "She's my baby" by Jannika
Author's Notes:
Finally I manage to continue all by myself! :)
This chapter took me 3 hours to write. I hope you all enjoy it.
At School gate

Jin: *Sees Mai with Nick kissing at the school gate.* MAI!
Mai: *Hears her father and breaks the kiss.* Dad? What are you doing here?
Jin: It’s your mother. She’s not doing well.
Mai: What’s wrong with mom? *Looks shocked*
Jin: I tell you at home. *Sighs*
Nick: I have bad feeling about this? *Says to Mai’s ear.*
Mai: *Looks at Nick.* What do you mean?
Nick: *Stands up and walks to Mai’s father.* Sir… You sure that’s it?
Jin: Mai… Who is this? *Pointed Nick for not answering him.*
Mai: Dad… This is Nick. He’s my friend.
Jin: Friend? Do you usually kiss your friends? *Looked at Mai worried.*
Mai: *Sighs* Dad stop. So what if I kissed him?
Jin: You are turning 17 soon. Can I be worried about my daughter?
Nick: *Writes something to paper and shows it to Jin.* I hope her mom is fine.
Jin: *Reads the paper and sighs.* She’s not.
Nick: *Sighs and swears ugly.*
Mai: What? *Looks at Nick.*
Jin: *Gives paper to Mai for read.*
Nick: I really think I should go with you and your dad. *Sighs*
Mai: *Gulps and looks at her father.* Let’s go then.
Nick: *Touches Mai’s arm gently and whispers.* It’s dangerous.
Mai: I don’t fuc….
Nick: *Covers her mouth to stop her talking.* Stop…
Jin: Please, Nick… I have to take her home. *Looks scared.*
Mai: *Moves Nick’s hand on her mouth.* I’m going Nick.
Nick: *Pulls her to a hug and sighs.* Then I’ll come too.
Jin: We are fine without you, Nick.
Nick: I had enough with this shit… Sir? *Looks at Jin*
Mai: Nick please don’t. *Pulls him close to her.*
Nick: *Whispers quietly to Mai.* I can sense her. And I can read your dad’s mind.
Jin: What is going on?
Nick: Mai… I have to tell him. *Sighs and gulps.*
Jin: Tell me what?
Nick: *Turns to look at Jin and sighs.* I’m vampire.

At School Backyard

Brian: So… Do you usually trust you dad’s information? *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: He’s been hunting vampires his whole life. Why would he lie?
Brian: It’s just sounds… *Try to find words*
Anna: Sounds what?
Brian: Unreal. How Mai could turn from having sex with Vampire? She’s half blood.
Anna: I’m only learning, but I trust my dad.
Brian: I never had met half-blood before until Mai.
Anna: Me either. These 2 days has been crazy. Mostly to Mai.
Brian: You know… We have old library at our home. Maybe we can find something from there about this.
Anna: Are you saying my dad is wrong?
Brian: Of course not. Just want to be sure cause… *Sighs and looks to Anna’s eyes.*
Anna: What? *Notice Brian staring to her eyes.*
Brian: *Smiles and leans to kiss her.*
Anna: *Smiles and moves back.* Brian… Cause what?
Brian: Isn’t it obvious? *Touches her hands with his and smiles.*
Anna: Oh… *Smiles*
Brian: Yeah, but… It’s risky. *Sighs and sits on bench.*
Anna: The risky that I will take. *Smiles and sit on his lap to face him.*
Brian: Anna… I could break you. *Puts his hands behind her back.*
Anna: Yeah you could. *Looks at Brian smiling.*
Brian: *Is about to say something, but feels like someone is staring at them.* Jesse? I can hear you.
Anna: *Looks to right, but doesn’t see Jesse and then turns to look left to see Jesse smiling.*
Jesse: Sorry. I didn’t want to interrupt your make out. *Smiles*
Brian: We aren’t making out. *Looks at Jesse.*
Anna: We kissed. *Whispers to Brian reminding him*
Brian: *Chuckles and nods.*
Jesse: Just wanted you to know that Nick and Mai are gone.
Anna: *Turns to look at Jesse shocked.* What? Where?
Jesse: I felt Nick’s sense and read his mind. Mai’s parents are in danger.
Brian: What kind of danger?
Jesse: *Tells Brian in his mind and lifts his eyebrows.*
Brian: Fudge! *Looks shocked.*
Anna: What? *Looks at both confused.*
Brian: *Looks at Anna worried.* It’s not good.
Anna: Please tell me. I can’t read your minds like you two.
Jesse: It’s “you know who”. *Tried to tell Anna about Candice.*
Anna: Can… *Felt Brian’s hand on her mouth.*
Brian: *Shakes his head.* No…
Jesse: Are we gonna go and… *Shows with his fingers killing signs*
Brian: *Nods and looks to Anna.* But not you.
Anna: *Looks at Brian shocked mouth open.* Why? I’m slayer! I kill…
Brian: *Puts his hand once again on her mouth.* I know, but she’s too strong for you.
Anna: *Moves his hand away.* Bullshit! I had killed her brother and he was stronger than her.
Jesse: Yeah… There’s good point, but… *Walks closer to Anna.* It almost cost your life.
Brian: Jesse is right, babe. Please stay back on this one.
Anna: No way. If Mai is there then so will I. *Stands up off Brian’s lap and started to walk.
Jesse: Damn… How you can stand her? *Looks at Brian who looked after Anna.*
Brian: I know she’s hard to handle, but she’s kind of protecting us from her dad. And I love her. *Looks at Jesse when stands up from bench.*
Jesse: Wow… You never said those words before. *Looks surprised.*
Brian: *Smiles.* I know. I might say to her when is the right time.
Jesse: By the way… *Stands next to Brian.* Nick told Mai’s father that he’s vampire.
Brian: *Looks at Jesse surprised shocked.* He did what?

At Mai’s home

Candice: *Waits with June, who is tied on chair, to Jin coming back with Mai*
June: *Looks at Candice angrily and feels her wrists feel numb*
Candice: June… I can read your mind. *Looks at June.*
June: *Only stares her.*
Candice: *Chuckles* She will come with me, June. She’s my baby.
June: *Tried to scream through the scarf that is around to cover her mouth.*
Candice: She got my blood. Kind of yours too, but after all… She’s mine. *Smiles and sits on her lap.*
June: *Tear fall to her cheek.*
Candice: Oh don’t cry, June. I will take good care of her. *Smiles and taps Junes cheek*
June: *Shakes her head away from Candice’s hand.*
Candice: *Chuckles and stand up to window.* They are here June. They brought 3rd wheel with them. Your husband didn’t do as I asked.
June: *Her eyes gets wide open from shocked.*
Candice: I can sense other vampire near. Familiar sense. *Walks to June and touches June’s hair.*
June: *Feels helpless and starts to cry more.*
Candice: Shush, June. *Stands behind her and smiles.* Enjoy the show.

Mai: *Looks at the house and sighs.* Dad… Something is wrong. I can feel it.
Jin: *Has been staying quiet since he find out that Mai has been with other vampire.*
Mai: Dad… *Looks at Jin* Dad?
Jin: *Lifts his chin up looking at Mai.* Huh?
Mai: Are you okay? *Looks at Jin worried.*
Jin: No I’m not. I’m afraid. *Looks at Mai.*
Mai: You should be. I can’t still believe that you and mom kept secret from me. *Sighs*
Jin: We so wanted to, but you started to be happy.
Mai: I was until I found out to be half vampire. *Started to be pissed.*
Jin: How should’ve we know those things are exist?
Mai: Let’s just go inside. I want to know what she wants. *Sighs and walks to front door.*
Jin: Let me go first. *Touches Mai’s shoulder.*
Mai: *Moves aside and looks around if she can see Nick anywhere, but she didn’t.*
Jin: *Opens the door and walks inside, but stops suddenly to see June on chair tied up on chair. Dead.* JUNE! No! *Walks to dead body.*
Mai: *Sees her mom dead and screams.* Mom! *Runs inside.*
Jin: Oh baby… *Cries and touches June face.*
Mai: Dad… Please say she’s not… *Cries*
Candice: She surely is, my dear. *Close the front door and stands front of it.*
Jin: *Stands up and looks at Candice angrily* You killed her! You promise to not kill her!
Candice: I didn’t kill her, Jin. You did. *Points to Jin.*
Jin: You bitch! *Shouts so loud*
Candice: Tsk tsk tsk… Jin Jin Jin… I only asked to bring Mai. No one else. *Shakes her head.*
Mai: It is only us. *Looks at Candice angry.*
Candice: Mai dear… Don’t lie. *Smiles and moves fast to against her.* I sense him. And you know who.
Mai: *Looks to Candice eyes.* He must’ve follow us. We came here alone.
Candice: *Pushes Mai against the wall with strong force* DO NOT LIE TO ME! I CAN READ YOUR DADDY’S MIND!
Jin: Candice… Don’t hurt her, please. *Begs on his knees.*
Mai: *Feels to choke.* He… will… kill… you. *Looks to Candice when tries to get her hands off her.*
Candice: *Looks at Mai and chuckles.* He had tried many times, but had failed.
Jin: Please let her go! *Cries.*
Nick: *Jumps through window to inside and moves Candice fast off Mai.* He said let her go!
Mai: *Falls on the floor and start to cough.*
Jin: Mai, sweety. *Crawls to Mai and hugs her.*
Candice: *Stops herself and Nick before going through another window.* Good to see you too, baby.
Nick: I’m not your baby! *Shouts and growls to strokes her neck.*
Candice: *Hits him away from her against the wall and throws chair after at him*
Mai: Nick! *Looks at Nick hit on the wall and is about to go to him*
Jin: Mai don’t. *Takes her hands around her.*
Nick: *Gets up and looks at Candice.* What do you want from her?
Candice: What do I want? She’s my baby. *Walks to Nick and lifts him up from throat.*
Nick: *Hits Candice as hard as he could but she doesn’t move.* She’s not…
Candice: Awwwwe… *Smiles and push him against the wall still her hand on his throat.*
Mai: Please stop, Candice! *Shouts at her.*
Jin: Mai… Let them fight. *Whispers.*
Candice: *Looks at Nick to his eyes and notice his eyes move to look at Mai.*
Nick: Mai… Go. Leave. Now! *Tries to shout*
Candice: *Start to choke Nick harder to make him stop talking* She knows very well that if she goes, dear daddy is gonna die just like her mommy.
Mai: *Stands up and pushes Jin’s hands away when he tried to stop her.* Yeah… I do know, but… I want you to let him go.
Candice: *Looks to Mai* Or what? You gonna kill me? *Chuckles*
Nick: *Looks at Mai also and shakes his head.* Mai don’t.
Mai: Let’s find out. *Looks at Candice when takes sharp wood statue from the book shelf.*
Candice: You don’t want to do this, dear. *Looks at Mai still choking Nick against the wall.*
Mai: I think I do. You have no idea how strong you had made me.
Candice: *Let’s her hand go off of Nick and looks at Mai surprised.* Wait… You turn 17 today?
Mai: *Only smiles.*
Candice: *Smirks and walks closer to Mai.* I won’t hurt you Mai. I made you. You belong to go with me.
Mai: I don’t think so. You are evil monster! *Walks backwards away from Candice.*
Candice: Monster? Your dad is the monster to let your mother die. Put the statue down, dear.
Mai: I won’t. Leave us alone.
Nick: *Walks behind Candice to hold her tight to let her not move.* Aaaargh! Do it now, Mai!
Candice: *Groans loud to get off of Nick and push him once again.*
Mai: *Runs as fast as she can to Candice to stick the sharp part of the statue on Candice, but Candice stops her hand faster.*
Candice: *Holds Mai’s hand away from her* Naughty little girl. Tsk tsk tsk…
Mai: I might be naughty, but very smart too. *Moves herself closer to Candice.*
Candice: Not very smart. *Smiles* You failed to kill me. Now I shall kill your dad.
Nick: Candice no! *Shouts on the ground*
Candice: *Moves Mai on the ground next to Nick and moves fast to Jin and start to choke him.* Say hi to June. *Snaps his neck.*
Mai: Dad! No! *Shouts and try to get up but Nick holds her tight.*
Nick: We have to go. *Pulls Mai with him to the front door.*
Mai: No! Let me go! *Tries to get off of Nick’s grip*
Candice: *Moves fast to them and pulls Nick backwards away from the front door.* No one leaves!
Mai: YOU SON OF BITCH! YOU KILLED MY PARENTS! *Shouts angrily and hits Candice hard on the face*
Candice: *Felts Mai’s hit on her face surprised and fell on the ground hard.* Aaaargh!
Mai: *Looks at Candice angrily and this time kicks her hard force through the wall.*
Candice: *Groans loud and gets up.* How this is possible!?
Mai: *Walks to room through the hole she threw Candice.* You are dead.
Candice: Mai please… They kept you away from me. *Stands back away from Mai.*
Mai: Liar! You bled your blood on me! Turn me on to half-blood! You ruined my life! *Throws vases at her after another.*
Candice: *Blocks every vase and try to move to Mai to stop her.*
Mai: *Notice Candice moving fast to her and keeps small stick hidden on her back pocket.* Bring it on, bitch!
Candice: *Stops near to learn her.* Be smart now, dear.
Mai: Oh I’m smart alright. *Looks at Candice still angry and walks closer to her.*
Candice: *Stops Mai for walking to touches her chest.* You don’t want to do this.
Mai: Yes I do… *Holds stick on her hand and hits it on her chest hard.*
Candice: *Start to yell hard when feels sting on her chest and screams.* No! Noooo!
Mai: *Push Candice body backwards and yells.* Bitch!
Nick: *Stands at the hole on the wall eyes wide shocked.* Did you just…?
Mai: *Looks down to Candice’s ashes on the floor.*
Nick: *Walks to Mai and puts her to a hug.* It’s over now.

Anna: *Runs inside to Mai’s house.* Mai! *Stops and screams when sees Jin’s and June’s dead bodies.*
Brian: *Runs inside with Jesse after Anna and notice bodies too.* Oh no… Nick!? Mai?!
Jesse: Start to look the house fast.*
Nick: *Walks through the hole and sees Brian and Anna.* Here…
Anna: What… *Cries* What happened? Is Mai Okay?
Nick: *Nods and points to room where hole leads.* In there.
Anna: *Runs past Nick through hole.*
Brian: Dude… *Walks to Nick.* You look like a crap.
Nick: I’m alright. No worry. *Taps friendly on Brian’s shoulder.*
Brian: Was Candy really here? Where is she?
Nick: Dead… Believe it or not… Mai killed her. *Looks at Brian whose eyes went big.*
Brian: Mai killed her? *Looks surprised*
Nick: *Nods.* Unfortunately that cost her parents life. *Takes deep breath and sighs*
Brian: *Looks at the bodies on the ground.* What should we do with them?
Jesse: *Walks to Nick and Brian and answers to them.* Burn them.

Anna: Mai… *Walks to Mai who stares at the ashes on the floor.*
Mai: *Doesn’t move and cries angrily.*
Anna: Mai? *Touches her shoulder gently.*
Mai: *Groans at Anna when felt her touch.*
Anna: *Sees Mai’s eyes turn to red and fangs* Mai…
Mai: Stay away! *Moves backwards away from Anna.*
Anna: What happened here, Mai? *Looks at Mai scared*
Mai: *Hisses at Anna and then jumps through the window out to the woods.*
Anna: Brian! Nick! *Shouts and runs to window to look after Mai*
Nick: *Runs first to room before Brian and Jesse.*
Brian: What’s wrong Anna? *Looks at Anna worried*
Anna: *Start to cry and keeps staring to woods.*
Nick: *Walks to Anna.* Where’s Mai?
Anna: *Points to woods.* She ran there. Nick…? *Sniffs*
Nick: *Looks at Anna.* What happened?
Anna: She have fangs and red eyes. *Looks at Brian.*
Nick: *Looks at to woods and sighs.* Shit…
10 First Blood by Jannika
Mai was running in the woods far away to not looking back. She just killed Candice, her maker. And now she turned into one. She doesn’t understand how that is possible. Only way she could’ve turn was drinking blood or mating with the vampire. She didn’t do either of those so what the fuck?

Mai: *Climbs to tree and looks around the woods.* Oh My God… Mom… Dad… I’m sorry… *Cries*

Mai start to finally hear noises and smelling blood miles away. She start to move fast tree by tree when finally finds a cabin where comes fresh human blood to her nostrils. She’s hearing woman voice. She smells other blood, but it comes from smaller thing. Maybe a dog or a cat? No. It’s the baby.

Mai: Don’t go in there, Mai. They are innocent people. Just turn back and run away. *Hisses quietly just staring the cabin*

Mai is about to move forward, but someone stops her by pushing her against the tree. Mai hissed to person and stopped the person on the ground.

Nick: Wow! Hey! Mai! It’s me!
Mai: *Hisses at Nick angrily.* Nick! What are you doing?!
Nick: Stopping you to do big mistake of your life.
Mai: *Backs away off of him and hisses.* Yeah? What’s that?
Nick: Killing woman and baby.
Mai: I’m so hungry! I need to drink!
Nick: I’ll have to stop you if you walk in that cabin, Mai.
Mai: Please make my hunger go away. How the hell did I turn into this? I didn’t drink any blood or…
Nick: Mai… *Walks closer to her.* I have no answer for that, but I know for one thing.
Mai: What? *Sighs and try to keep herself together.*
Nick: I can teach you to live the way I live.
Mai: Like how? Eating squirrels?
Nick: What else? If you want to live that the way it goes. Or just burn to death.
Mai: I’m just too young for die. *Starts to suddenly cry and be mad same time.*
Nick: Come with me, Mai. You don’t want to hurt the baby, right?
Mai: No I don’t, but maybe the woman… I’m so hungry…
Nick: Mai. Don’t. *Looks at Mai serious.*
Mai: Don’t tell me what I can’t do. *Runs fast to cabin.*
Nick: Fuck. Mai! Stop! *Runs after her and stops her by pushing her through the cabin door to make woman inside scream.*
Mai: *Hisses at Nick and roars loud at him* Stay away from me!
Nick: *Keeps Mai down on the floor and hisses at her.* Stay still! You are not bad guy! You are not Candice!
Mai: She made me! She’s my maker! *Gets off from him and throw him on the wall.*
Woman: Oh God. What is going on? *Looks scared and holding her crying baby*
Mai: *Looks at woman hungrily.* It’ll be over soon, darling.
Woman: Please don’t hurt us. *Cries.*
Mai: *Walks closer to woman and smells her very close.* Mmm… You smell so good.
Nick: *Walks behind Mai and pulls her away from the woman.* Leave her alone!
Mai: *Stops him from choking him.* Leave me alone!
Nick: *Start to choke and try to speak.* Mai…
Mai: Shut up! *Throws Nick again through the window*
Nick: *Screams and groans loud.* Shit! She’s too strong for me!
Mai: *Turns back to look at the woman, but notice her being gone.* Okay. Take out is good too.
Nick: *Walks back in and sighs.* Mai… Let her go.
Mai: *Groans and turns to look at Nick.* Want me to kick your ass again?
Nick: I know you will, but this is not you. What happened to the girl I kissed earlier?
Mai: Her parents died! And it’s your fault!
Nick: My fault?! How is my fault that Candice killed your parents?!
Mai: You didn’t come sooner to help! *Walks to Nick and push him.*
Nick: *Falls hard on the floor and groans.* I’m sorry for that, Mai. I really am.
Mai: Shut up! *Yells and hits her hands hard on the wall.*

Mai was about to go after the woman, but Jesse and Brian stands in front of her.

Brian: Going somewhere?
Mai: Move aside, Brian.
Brian: Can’t do. You are about to hurt the woman.
Mai: She’s food for us. Move aside or I’ll will do it for you.
Jesse: *Whispers to Brian.* She’s changed.
Brian: *Whispers back.* Keep her distracted so Nick can tie her up.
Jesse: So Mai… You are part of the family now. *Try to distract her.*
Mai: I’m not your family! Step aside! *Yells and runs past them fast.*
Brian: Damn it… *Looks at Nick shocked* Go after her!
Nick: We all go or it’ll be too late. *Starts to run fast after Mai*
Brian: You did awful with the distracting her, Jesse.
Jesse: What am I was supposed to say?
Brian: Maybe you should’ve stayed quiet. *Runs to way Nick went*

Nick ends up to dirt road and no sign of Mai. He can smell blood strongly and was afraid it’s too late. He runs the way he smells the blood.

“No Please! Don’t hurt me!”

Nick hears familiar voice of woman screaming and this time it sounded louder. He ran to direction of the scream that he heard and finds Mai biting the woman on the neck on the ground. There wasn’t sight of baby. Nick runs to Mai and pulls her away from woman.

Nick: What did you do?! You killed her, Mai! *Walks to check the woman.*
Mai: Oh that tasted so good. *Laughs and licks her lips*
Nick: *Sighs and looks at Mai.* Do you have any idea what you just did?
Mai: *Looks at Nick smirking.* Oh I do. Don’t you miss it? Taste of fresh blood?
Nick: *Flows fast to Mai and push her against the brick wall.* You’d just killed innocent person!
Mai: *Only smiles to Nick.* It was only one person, Nick.
Nick: It’s murder! Now the baby is motherless cause of you!
Mai: *Bits her lips innocently* What baby?
Nick: You didn’t? Tell me you didn’t touch that baby?! *Screamed loud at Mai*
Mai: *Only shrugs her shoulders innocently.*
Nick: *Start to choke her angrily.* I swear god, Mai! If you touched your fangs on the baby, I’ll kill you.
Mai: You won’t kill me, Nick. You care about me too much. *Smiles and doesn’t care how mad Nick is.*
Nick: You are acting like Candice. Don’t make same mistake that she did. Say you didn’t hurt the baby.
Mai: *Looks deep to Nick’s eyes and mind talks to him.*
Nick: *Hears her voice in his mind and sighs for releave.*
Mai: *Takes advantage of Nick’s calming and hits his head against the brick wall hard.*
Nick: Aaaargh! *Shouts hard and falls on the ground.*
Mai: Sorry baby. I gotta go. *Runs fast away from Nick to streets.*
Nick: Mai! *Gets up and sighs* Fuck…

Nick hears baby crying behind him and starts to look for it. Baby was in the box safely unharmed. What is he going to do? He heard footsteps behind him and turns to see Brian and Jesse standing there in horror. Nick takes baby to his arms and try to calm the baby.

Brian: What happened? *Was shocked what he saw on the ground*
Nick: Mai. She killed this baby’s mother. She’s into blood. This is only a start.
Jesse: What are we going to do with the baby?
Nick: I’ll take the baby to orphanage. You two try to track Mai.
Brian: Why us? She’s your girl. You track her?
Jesse: Yeah. I agreed with Brian.
Nick: Then you take baby to orphanage. *Gives baby to Jesse.*
Jesse: Wow Hey… *Holds baby* Brian… You take him or her… *Offers the baby to Brian*
Brian: *Takes the baby carefully and looks at Nick.* Now go look for her or she will kill again.
Nick: I know she will kill before I find her. That was me once 100 years ago. Blood is like a drug for her now.
Jesse: Oh I remember my first time of thirst of blood.
Brian: *Looks at Jesse.* Do you?
Nick: I’ll see you guys later. *Flows fast to look for Mai.*
Jesse: Is it me or has he get faster with the flowing?
11 Sexual Moment Alone by Jannika
Mai is sitting on the roof of her house. She looks at Anna sitting on the porch. She looks worried. Should she go down and talk to her or just stay up here staring at her. Nick jumps to roof and sees Mai staring at Anna.

Nick: *Walks closer to her and gulps.* Mai… *Whispers*
Mai: *Whispers* I can hear her heart beat. Taste her blood on my tongue.
Nick: *Sits next her and looks at Mai.* She’s your friend. You don’t want to hurt your friend. *Whispered*
Mai: *Sighs and cries quietly.* I’m fucked up. I’m sorry. How am I vampire? I didn’t drink blood or mating with… *Whispered.*
Nick: I don’t know, but Mai… *Sighs and whispers.* You killed someone and made a baby homeless.
Mai: I know, I know… Where is baby now? *Whispered*
Nick: Brian and Jesse are taking the baby to orphanage. I need you to come with me. *Whispered*
Mai: *Nods and sighed.*
Nick: Good. I’m taking you to my house where Brian and Jesse are living too. You’ll be safe there.
Mai: Am I going to live there now rest of my life forever? *Sighed*
Nick: If you want. I would love to have you there forever. *Whispered and smiled*
Mai: What about Anna? I can’t be near her now. I’ll bite her. *Whispered*
Nick: She knows what you are. She’s not afraid of you. *Whispered.*
Mai: She should be. I’m so strong. I can’t control myself. *Whispered and sighed*
Nick: I can teach you many things for control the hunger. *Smiles and whispered*
Mai: *Looks at Nick smiling at her.* Yeah? Teach me one right now.
Nick: Are you graving any blood now? *Whispered.*
Mai: Since I turned. *Whispered*
Nick: Close your eyes. *Smiled and whispered.*
Mai: *Looks at him confused* Okay. *Closed her eyes.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai and touches her cheek gently.* You’ll be fine. I’ll promise.
Mai: *Smiles* I’m still graving.
Nick: I know. I did too. *Leans closer to Mai and start to kiss her slowly first.*
Mai: *Got surprised by the kiss and moans little.*
Nick: *Deepens the kiss and touches her cheeks.*
Mai: *Opens her eyes and sees Nick’s clear blue eyes.*
Nick: *Stops kissing her and looks to her eyes that are turning from red to her green eyes.*
Mai: Mmm… Now I’m definitely graving something else. *Smiles and licks her lip.*
Nick: Your eyes are green now. *Smiled and touched her cheeks.*
Mai: Maybe we should keep kissing to keep my graving away. *Smiles and touches his lower lip with her thump.*
Nick: Maybe we should go to house. It’s going to be morning soon and you can’t be in the sun.
Mai: And you?
Nick: I’m Daywalker as they call us.
Mai: How you can walk on day light?
Nick: With this. *Shows ring on his finger.*
Mai: And if you take it off? *Looks at the ring*
Nick: I’m ashes for sure. *Smiles.*
Mai: Have you ever thought that you had enough living as vampire?
Nick: Many times. Over 100 years is long time. I shouldn’t been even alive.
Mai: What did you do before being vampire?
Nick: Brian and I were musicians together. Candice came to one of our shows and pretended to be all charming. I fall for it and one thing lead to another. She turned me to a vampire during sex.
Mai: That’s kind of hot. *Smirks*
Nick: It was until I realize what she was. I was her lover for over 50 years until I noticed what kind of monster she truly was.
Mai: I know I’m monster cause she made me. *Sighed*
Nick: You don’t have to be. I used to be blood sucker all the way until I changed.
Mai: *Smiles and almost laughs.*
Nick: What? *Smiles*
Mai: Blood sucker… That’s funny. *Giggles.*

Anna hears laughter and looks up to roof and sees Mai and Nick sitting up there laughing.

Anna: Hey! Are you stalking me!? *Shouts at them*
Nick: Hey Anna. No. She was actually, but not anymore. *Laughs and holds Mai close to him.*
Mai: Hey… *Looks at Nick hurt*
Anna: Please come down, Mai.
Mai: *Thinks for second and looks at Nick who nods.* Okay…
Nick: You’ll be fine. *Whispers to her ear.* Think of kissing.
Mai: Easy you to say. *Smiles and jumps down to land perfectly*
Nick: *Jumps down after her and smiles*
Anna: Oh Mai… I’m sorry what happened to you. *Walks closer to Mai to hug her.*
Mai: Don’t come closer. *Steps back away.*
Anna: What’s wrong?
Mai: I can hear your heart beat and smell your blood.
Nick: *Hugs Mai behind and calms her down.* You are going to be ok.
Anna: What now?
Nick: You go home, Anna. Mai is coming with me to my house. *Smiles.*
Anna: I want to come too. I don’t want to be alone in my house. Dad is gone.
Mai: But Anna… Who knows what I’ll do to you.
Anna: You are my friend, Mai. You need me as much as I need you.
Mai: I had only known you few days. *Looks at Nick now.* All of you actually.
Nick: So what? I already think you as my…
Mai: Lover? Soulmate?
Nick: Girlfriend. *Smiles.*
Anna: Way better than lover.
Mai: You think me as your girlfriend?
Nick: Is it too soon?
Mai: I don’t know. I never had been someone’s girlfriend before.
Anna: My first was Brian actually. And he’s a vampire.
Brian: *Sneaks behind Anna and whispers.* I still am.
Anna: *Scream and turns to hit Brian.* You are jerk!
Brian: *Smiles.* Sorry. Scare you?
Anna: *Jumps to his arms smiling.* Not at all.
Brian: *Holds her in his arms.* Then why to scream?

Nick: *Smiles and looks at Mai who is happily looking Anna and Brian.* Hey…
Mai: *Looks to Nick smiling.* What?
Nick: We are all here for you. We help you. *Touches her cheeks gently.*
Mai: I know. I’m about to graving again. *Looks to Nick’s eyes*
Nick: We should go then. *Smiles and looks to Brian and Anna.* Brian… I’m taking Mai to our house.
Brian: *Turns to look at Nick smiling.* And what about Anna? We said she could come too.
Anna: I don’t think it’s good idea. *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: But I want you there. *Looks at Anna.*
Anna: And I want to be there, but Mai need to be taken care of. *Turns to look at Mai.*
Mai: *Hugs Nick aside of his body and looks at Anna.* Why won’t Brian be with you at your house?
Brian: *Sighs deeply and looks away.*
Anna: He can’t. Not any vampire can’t. *Sighs*
Mai: Why not?
Nick: Her father Lars has all kind of hidden Vampire traps. Even Anna doesn’t know about them.
Anna: I do know, but they are hidden symbols on the walls.
Mai: That means I can’t step on my foot on your house.
Brian: This is not fair. *Looks at all 3 of them.*
Nick: What is not?
Brian: Anna not coming with us because of Mai being hungry of her blood.
Anna: *Looks at Brian.* Baby… It’s okay. I’ve been at my house alone many times.
Brian: Well why won’t Nick stay with Mai in her house? *Looks at Nick*
Nick: Did Jesse and you burn Mr. & Mrs. Khan bodies?
Brian: We did. I’m sorry Mai what happened.
Mai: *Stays quiet and hugs Nick tight.*
Nick: *Whispers quietly to Mai.* It’s ok.
Anna: Brian… I’m going to be fine. I’ll see you later, okay?
Brian: *Sighs and looks at Anna.* Okay. I’ll walk you to your house.
Anna: That’s better than nothing. *Smiles.*
Brian: *Looks at Nick and Mai.* You two go ahead. I’ll walk Anna home.
Nick: Alright. Goodnight, Anna. *Smiles to Anna*
Anna: Goodnight. *Looks at Mai.* Goodnight, Mai.
Mai: Goodnight, Anna. *Smiles.*

Nick’s Hidden House
Nick: *Opens front door to Mai.* Ladies first.
Mai: *Walks in smiling.* I’m not a lady. Just a teenager, remember?
Nick: *Close door behind him and smiles.* Not just any teenager.
Mai: *Looks around the house.* I am teenager *Turned to look at Nick.*
Nick: Teenager that will never grow old. *Smiles to Mai.*
Mai: If you can do it then I can too. *Looks at Nick smiling*
Nick: We should find out how did you turned to one of us without drinking blood or mating with me.
Mai: I bet you would’ve wanted me to be turned by you mating with me. *Smiles and twirls around to search the house more.*
Nick: *Follows Mai smiling and follows her every move.* You know it.
Mai: *Looks at the pictures on the wall and smiles.* Whose are these?
Nick: *Walks behind Mai and looks at pictures.* My family. 100 years ago.
Mai: Oh… Must been hard to watch them die when you can’t.
Nick: It was hard, but I manage to “kill” myself to make them think I’m dead. I kind of am.
Mai: I didn’t die when I turned. Maybe when I was just a baby when Candice bled on me.
Nick: *Hugs Mai behind and kiss her neck gently.* Don’t think like that. We’ll figured it out.
Mai: *Sighed deeply.* What do I eat for now on?
Nick: Squirrels, birds, deers… *Whispers*
Mai: No… I won’t. *Giggles.*
Nick: Have to admit that it’s not good first, but you’ll get used to it. *Smiles*
Mai: It’s just sounds gross. *Smiles and turns around in his arms to look at him.*
Nick: It does, but need to survive somehow. *Puts his hands on her waist.*
Mai: What happens if I eat human food? *Looks at Nick curious.*
Nick: You choke on it 2 minutes after eating and then throw up. Not nice. *Pulls her body close to his.*
Mai: That’s unfair. I’m so going to miss eating hamburgers. *Puts her hands behind his back.*
Nick: You can eat raw beef. *Smiles*
Mai: Let’s just change subject or do something.
Nick: Do something, huh? What you want to do? *Smiles*
Mai: Where is your bedroom? *Smiles*
Nick: *Chuckles and lifts her to his arms.* Want to see my bedroom? As you wish.
Mai: *Giggles loud when Nick flows both of them fast to upstairs to his bedroom door.*
Nick: *Puts Mai down to her feet.* Fast enough?
Mai: *Smiles and chuckles.* Very fast. What now?
Nick: You tell me. *Smiles.*
Mai: *Opens the door to his room and walks in.* Wow… Nice decoration.
Nick: Thanks. *Walks in and close the door behind him.*
Mai: *Looks around and looks curious.*
Nick: What? *Smiles*
Mai: No bed? *Looks at Nick curious*
Nick: *Chuckles* I don’t sleep. Neither will you for now on.
Mai: Really? *Looks shocked*
Nick: Yeah. *Smiles and walks to Mai.* One of the good things of being vampire.
Mai: Is there other things than that? *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Nods smiling and touched her face gently.*
Mai: And that is? *Smiles*
Nick: You kind of have taste of it already few times. *Smiles.*
Mai: Oh… *Looks surprised*
Nick: *Smirks and leans down to kiss her.*
Mai: *Kisses him back smiling and puts her hands behind his neck.*
Nick: *Smiles and pulls away from kiss.* So… What you think?
Mai: Think of what?
Nick: Is kissing better being vampire or not?
Mai: *Smiles and moves away from him little.* Oh it’s so way better.
Nick: *Smiles and touches her hand with his.* So…
Mai: *Looks at Nick smiling.* What?
Nick: What shall we do for this weekend? We can’t go outside while sun is up.
Mai: You can. I can’t. *Sighs and walks to window to look darkness.*
Nick: Are you going to look sunrise? *Walks next to her.*
Mai: Maybe I’m just imagining things. *Closes her eyes.*
Nick: Yeah? *Hugs her behind and holds her tight.* If it’s imagining then I’m not here.
Mai: *Smiles and moans little.* Please let this be just a dream.
Nick: *Smiles and kisses her shoulder.* Why just a dream?
Mai: Because I want you so bad. *Smiles and turns to face Nick.*
Nick: Really? *Looks at Mai smirking.*
Mai: *Nods smiling and kisses him deeply.*
Nick: *Kisses her deeply back and moves them both on the floor.*
Mai: Should we… *Moans little.*
Nick: Should we what? *Keeps kissing her neck and touching her breasts.*
Mai: Close the… *Moans heavily.* The curtains.
Nick: Huh? *Looks at Mai.*
Mai: Curtains… *Looks at Nick smiling.*
Nick: *Smirks and flows fast to shut the curtains and back to Mai.*
Mai: Wow… I never get use to you being fast. *Smiles and touches under his shirt.*
Nick: Mmmm… Your hands are feeling still warm. *Smiles and starts to remove his shirt off.*
Mai: Yeah? *bits her lip when stared his pare chest.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai staring at him.* I wonder why, but now… *Looks down to Mai’s body and smiles*
Mai: *Waits to Nick continue sentence.* but now what? *Puts her hands to his beltbuckle.*
Nick: Now I want to spend the whole day with you. *Smiles and removes her shirt off to find her to wear nothing.*
Mai: *Gets little shy, but lets him look at her.* I can’t believe I’m doing this.
Nick: I had done this many times. *Touches her gently and starts to kiss her breasts gently.*
Mai: *Looks what is Nick doing and smiles.* I haven’t. Never. I’m… *Sighs*
Nick: *Stops Mai talking by kissing her mouth passionately.*
Mai: *Kisses him back, but stops him before going any further and moves fast away from him.* I can’t.
Nick: *Looks at Mai confused.* Mai… I thought you want it.
Mai: *Turns around to look at him and covers herself with pillow.* I know. But Nick…
Nick: *Flows fast face to her.* But what?
Mai: I’m virgin. *Whispers quietly and sighs.*
Nick: That won’t stop me some day. *Sits on the armchair and looks at Mai.*
Mai: What you mean? *Looks at Nick curious.*
Nick: I mean that soon is mating season for vampires and you’ll be horny as heck. Virgin or not.
Mai: *Her eyes got big from being terrified.* Now I’m so scared.
Nick: Well I’m sorry, but it’s true. Ask from Brian or Jesse.
Mai: Damn… I wish I was human still… *Sighs deeply.* How long I get before the mating season?
Nick: 2 months or less… *Looks at Mai.*
Mai: *Close her eyes and takes deep breathe.* Have you had sex with virgins before?
Nick: *Smiles and flows close to her.* Yes.
Mai: *Opens her eyes and looks at Nick.* Do I need to be afraid?
Nick: Well you did just find earlier. *Smiles.* If we are not doing this before mate season, I won’t promise you’ll enjoy the mating with me.
Mai: Who says I’m going to be mating with you? *Smiles*
Nick: Cause you are my girlfriend. In our case you are mating partner. *Smirks.*
Mai: Oh great… Can I just think about this whole thing for few days?
Nick: I’ll give you whole weekend. *Touches her hair and smiles.*
Mai: Thanks. I’m going to shower. Where’s the bathroom?
Nick: *Points the door in his room.* There. Want me to come with you?
Mai: Why? *Looks at Nick shy*
Nick: You know. Taking small steps towards sex. *Smiles*
Mai: Okay… *Turns towards to bathroom door.*
Nick: I’ll be good. *Smiles and walks to bathroom door.*
Mai: Says the guy who just earlier kissed my breasts excited. *Walks in the bathroom when Nick opened the door for her.*
Nick: You enjoyed. Admit it. *Smiles.*
Mai: I surely did. I may let you do it in the shower.
Nick: Lucky me. *Smiles and closed the door after him.*
12 Queen of Vampires by Jannika
Chapter 12

Sun was getting up and Mai notice it on the curtains. She walked little closer and saw small light of sun coming and puts her finger closer to it. She was waiting to get burned, but she didn’t feel any burn. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to make sure. She wondered where Nick is. After shower together last night, she and him lay down on couch in his room. She was surprised that she could still sleep. She woke up alone and couldn’t see Nick anywhere. She turned to look at the curtains once more and thought should she open curtain or not. She waved her hand through small light that came inside. No burn or any kind. She was walking towards curtain until she heard Nick’s voice behind.

Nick: Mai? What are you doing? *Walks to her and goes between her and curtains.*
Mai: It doesn’t burn me. Let me show you. *She moved Nick aside from curtain.*
Nick: How would you know it won’t? *Looks at worried.*
Mai: *Shows him what she did earlier with small light.* See? It doesn’t hurt at all.
Nick: *Walks closer to her and looks at her hand.* How this can be?
Mai: *Looks at Nick and shrugs her shoulder* I don’t know.
Nick: Stay back. *Moves Mai carefully aside and touches curtains.*
Mai: I’m not scared, Nick. Open them. *Smiles to Nick.*
Nick: *Sighs and opens the curtain wide open.*
Mai: I never thought I’m going to see light ever again. *Looks out little and then moves her whole hand to light.*
Nick: *Looks at surprised that light is not burning her.* This is amazing, Mai. You are daywalker.
Mai: *Steps to light and smiles.* Mmm… This is miracle.
Nick: *Looks at Mai smiling.* You must had Candice’s powers or something after you killed her.
Mai: *Turns to look at Nick.* Powers? You mean I can read people’s minds?
Nick: Yes and so much more. *Smiles and pulls her close to him.*
Mai: *Looks up to him and smiles.* Tell me more.
Nick: *Lifts her to his arms from her butt cheeks.*
Mai: *Puts her feet around his waist.* Please tell me more.
Nick: *Moves his hands from her butt to behind her back.* You can make people do whatever you like.
Mai: Like if I want them to kill someone for me? *Looks to Nick’s eyes and puts her hands behind his neck.*
Nick: Yes, but I don’t want you to. If I were you I would make them admire me. *Sounds very seducing*
Mai: Hmmm… I got an idea. How about we go to England and ask Queen to step aside and make me Queen?
Nick: *Chuckles and touched her cheeks* I’m afraid not, but maybe this make you feel little better.
Mai: *Smiles when Nick’s carries her to couch.* And that is?
Nick: *Puts her down to lay down on couch and moves on top of her.* Candice was the Queen of Vampires.
Mai: *Looks at Nick surprised.* Wait what? Are you saying I killed the Queen of Vampires?
Nick: *Smiles nodding and leans to kiss her.*Yes… My Queen… *Whispers after the kiss.*
Mai: *Looks confused at him.*I only joked about being Queen.
Nick: You don’t need to be. Someone else can be. It’s up to you. *Smiles and kisses her softly.*
Mai: Mmm… What that would make you? *Says thorough kisses.*
Nick: You tell me Your Highness. *Smiles and kisses her neck.*
Mai: You can’t be my King. We are not married. *Giggles*
Nick: *Moves up to look at Mai and smiles.* Shall we then get married?
Mai: *Looks at Nick surprised.* Please tell me you just didn’t propose to me.
Nick: Maybe I did. *Looks down to Mai’s button shirt and start to open buttons one by one.*
Mai: We are so young… *Says but Nick’s stops her talking.*
Nick: I’m over 100 and you… You are the one who I was meant to be with. I love you, Mai.
Mai: *Looks at Nick surprised and sees him only smile.* I’m only 17. And you are kind of too.
Nick: *Chuckles and continues opening her buttons.* We are vampires and we can do whatever we like.
Mai: *Swoosh fast to push Nick other side of the couch to be on him.* Don’t forget I’m stronger than you.
Nick: *Smiles wide and pulls her down on him to kiss her deeply.* Never.
Mai: *Moves off of him smiling and stands up.* I want to go outside.
Nick: And do what? *Looks at Mai smiling.*
Mai: Everything. You said we can do whatever we want. *Smiles*
Nick: We have all the time in the world. Let’s just stay here. *Moves to sit position on the couch.*
Mai: I want to travel and see the world. *Smiles and moves closer to him.*
Nick: We shall. I’m still waiting the answer to my question. *Smiles and touches her hand.*
Mai: Others would think that we are crazy. *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Pulls her on his lap and smiles.* Let them think what they want.
Mai: Are you asking me to marry you so you can eventually have sex with me?
Nick: *Looks at Mai shocked.* No. How could you think of that?
Mai: Well cause… I’m virgin and all. When we are married, we need to.
Nick: Oh Mai… I can wait as long as it takes, but I warned you about mating season. *Smiles*
Mai: I remember. It’s just… *Sighs and touches his chest.* I’m scared even I’m vampire, but same time I’m so horny.
Nick: *Smiles and touches her back under her shirt.* Vampires do scare things. That means we have some humanity left on us. I scare of heights.
Mai: *Looks at Nick disbelieve.* Yeah right…
Nick: I do. That’s one of the reasons I asked to go down the roof.
Mai: You didn’t ask to go down. It was Anna. *Smiles.*
Nick: Great… *Sighs.*
Mai: You really do scare of heights? *Touches his face gently.*
Nick: I do. *Looks at Mai all serious.*
Mai: I need proof. *She said and started to float both of them off the couch.*
Nick: Mai… What is happening? *Looks scared when they move up.*
Mai: We are floating. Scared? *Smiles and looks at Nick.*
Nick: Yes! Terrified! *Looks at Mai scared*
Mai: Let me distract you. *Smiles and kisses him softly and keeps float both.*
Nick: *Closes his eyes to not look and kisses Mai.*
Mai: *Feels Nick still being tight and looks to his eyes.* Nick… Relax…
Nick: I… I can’t… *Starts to shake and shuts his eyes.*
Mai: I can only let you make love to me if we are floating like this. *Looks at to Nick getting some kind of sign.*
Nick: No way… You are making me do something I can’t… *Stays still tight and shakes.*
Mai: Please… My king… *Whispers to his ear softly and then bites his earlobe.*
Nick: Ouch… *Felt her bite him and opens his eyes to look at Mai.* Wait… Did you just say what I think you did?
Mai: *Smiles.* I will marry you if our first time will be us floating while we make love.
Nick: That’s… cruel… *Gulps and tries not to look down.*
Mai: I’m cruel. I like to be bad. *Smirks and tights her legs around his waist tighter.* Do we have a deal or not?
Nick: *Was about to answer but hears Brian walk to his room and fall to couch with Mai.*
Brian: Nick?! *Walks in and looks at Nick and Mai on couch.* Hey… Am I interrupting?
Mai: No. What’s up? *Smiles and moves to sit position on Nick.*
Brian: Anna and I… *Looks at Mai and how bright is in the room.* Shouldn’t you been burning?
Mai: *Smiles and shakes her head.* Seems like I’m the Queen of Vampires.
Brian: The what now? *Looks confused.*
Nick: Candice was Queen and now she’s dead. Mai killed Candice so she’s new Queen.
Brian: Huh… And that would make you King then? *Looks at Nick.*
Mai: Yes if he could do one thing I’m wanting. *Looks down to him.*
Nick: *Looks up to Mai and sighs.*
Brian: And do I want to know this? *Looks at both.*
Mai: Nick proposed to me and I say yes if he… *Feels Nick’s hand on her mouth.*
Nick: You were about to say something about you and Anna. *Looks at Brian*
Mai: *Bites Nick’s hand to make him remove it.*
Nick: Ouch. Stop biting me! *Looks at Mai.*
Mai: *Smirks to him.* Don’t give me a reason.
Brian: Well I think I interrupted something so I should go.
Nick: No. Brian. What is it? *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: *Looks at both and sighs.* She’s in the hospital.
Mai: *Looks at Brian shocked.* Why?
Nick: What happened, Brian?
Brian: It’s my fault. When I took her home…

Brian’s Flashback
Anna: *Walks with Brian to her house.* It’s been crazy night.
Brian: Yes it had been. Mai is strong to handle her parents’ death so well.
Anna: Her life is going to change. She’s going to be 17 rest of her life.
Brian: I don’t want this to anyone. I’m mad to Candice to change me and Nick. Now I’m glad she’s dead.
Anna: You make me feel so safe. *Smiles and touches his hand.*
Brian: You should go inside. I’ll stay here to make sure you are safe. *Smiles.*
Anna: I don’t want to go inside. Follow me. *Takes his hand and lead him backyard.*
Brian: *Walks right behind Anna and sighs.* Anna… What are we doing back here?
Anna: *Let go of his hand and turns to look at him smiling.* Guess…
Brian: *Looks at Anna walking backwards to bench and unbuttoning her shirt.* Anna please. Don’t.
Anna: I trust you. Come here. *Smiles and begs to sit next to her.*
Brian: *Thinks for minute and listens.*
Anna: What’s wrong, Brian?
Brian: *Walks closer to her and sits down.* Just making sure neighbors aren’t home.
Anna: I don’t care if they are. *Removes her shirt off and sits to his lap.*
Brian: Anna… We can’t… I’m going to hurt. *Gulps and tries to not all in his power to not give up.*
Anna: It’s okay. I’ve wanted this for a while. *Smiles and kisses him passionately.*
Brian: *Tries to control himself, but gives up when Anna is kissing him.*
Anna: *Removes his shirt off him.* I trust you.
Brian: *Lifts her up and moves them both to ground.*
Anna: Oh Brian… *Moans when feels him touching her body and kissing her neck.*
Brian: *Keeps kissing her roughly on her neck and removes his jeans fast.*
Anna: *Moans and keeps eyes closed.* It’s okay. I’m ready.
Brian: *Moves to kiss her lips rough and rips off her skirt like nothing.*
Anna: *Touches him all over while he kisses her breasts.* Oh Brian….
Brian: *Not able to stop and doesn’t realize that his vampire teeth are out and bites her breasts.*
Anna: Aaah… Brian… *Felt the bite.*
Brian: *Holds Anna still on the ground and keeps sucking her blood from her breasts.*
Anna: Brian… Stop please. You are hurting me. *Starts to feel so weak.*
Brian: *Doesn’t stop and start to thrust himself inside of her so fast that he didn’t notice to break her rib.*
Anna: Aaaah! Please stop! *Tries to shout and move him off her, but is not strong enough.*
Brian: *Taste of her blood make him wanting more and moves to her neck to suck her.*
Anna: Brian… Please… *Gets even weaker and then stops moving.*
Brian: *Breathe heavily when is done with sucking.* OH gosh… That was great. *Looks down to Anna.*
Anna: *Stays still and doesn’t react to him.*
Brian: Anna? Anna! *Tries to wake Anna, but nothing.* Oh no, no… Anna, wake up! *Starts to panic.*

Brian’s flashback Ends
Nick: Oh My God Brian. Is she alive? *Asked in shock*
Brian: She’s in coma. She doesn’t wake up. God I might’ve killed her. *Cries and sit to couch.*
Mai: Remember this Brian. She asked for it. She knew the risk.
Brian: I’m keep thinking what she was thinking while I... *Shakes his head and cries.*
Mai: *Sighs and looks at Brian worried.* How long you think she was unconscious when you stopped?
Brian: I don’t know… I called ambulance and told them I found her like that.
Nick: You are stupid. You weren’t thinking. *Growls angrily*
Mai: Nick! Calm down! *Yells at him.*
Nick: I can’t! Now we need to go there and turn her so she won’t die!
Brian: Nick’s right. I was stupid. I should’ve just left.
Mai: No… We can get through this. I can make her forget… *Looks at both.*
Nick: She’s in coma, Mai! She might not wake up! *Growls to her*
Mai: Don’t you yell at me! She’s my friend and I don’t want her to be part of this endless life!
Brian: And when her father finds out…
Mai: You are not helping at all Brian! I should be punishing you for doing this!
Brian: Please do. *Looks at Mai.* I deserve it.
Nick: Are you crazy?! He just made mistake! *Looks at Mai angry*
Mai: Shut up or I’ll punish you too! *Growls at Nick.*
Brian: What is my punishment?
Nick: Brian… No… It’s not your fault. It’s not his fault, Mai. Please…
Mai: *Looks at Nick angrily to make him stay quiet.*
Nick: I’m not afraid of you. Do whatever you need to do, but I’m not letting you to hurt Brian. *Stands between Mai and Brian.*
Mai: I’m Queen. I decide who get punished and who not! Step aside! *Yells*
Nick: No. I won’t let you.
Mai: Fine… As you wish. *Growls and jumps on Nick in powerful force.*
Brian: Mai stop. Nick! *Looks at them fight like lions.*
Nick: *Chokes on Mai’s hands and looks at Mai.* You need to kill me if you want to punish him.
Mai: *Looks at Nick surprised and same time angry.* You are an idiot! That’s cruel! He wants to be punished!
Nick: If you hurt him, Mai… I don’t want to see you ever again. *Looks at her angrily.*
Brian: *Walks behind Mai and looks at Nick.* Don’t talk to her like that. She’s your Queen.
Nick: Brian… No… It was mistake. *Looks at Brian.*
Mai: Mistake or not… He’s punished. *Lift him up from his throat.*
Brian: Mai stop… You are killing him like that. *Begs*
Nick: Go ahead, Mai. Kill the man you love. *Talks hoarse voice*
Brian: *Touches Mai’s shoulder gently.* Let him go.
Mai: *Looks at Nick mad and start to lose her hand from his throat.* He needs to be punished.
Nick: *Stays still on the ground and looks at Mai.* Whatever you say.
Mai: *Walks away from both out the room.*
Brian: *Looks at Nick and shakes his head.* You are crazy to make her mad like that. What is the wrong with you?
Nick: You are my best friend Brian. I always stay on your side. *Gets up and looks at Brian.*
Brian: Were you really going to let her kill you?
Nick: Yes. And yes I was going to ask her marry me, but now… I’m not so sure anymore. She has become like Candice. *Walks out of his room.*
Brian: What about my punishment?! *Yells loud to get attention, but Nick or Mai didn’t walk back to room.*
Writers (Jannika) Notes by Jannika
Hey everyone.

I know this story hasn't gone anywhere and it's been 2 years since me and my friend wrote last time. Well folks... Seems like I need to some day write it my own.

So sorry for the readers that likes to read this.

I would really like to write this with my friend, but she's not interested of it anymore.

So I might start to write this next year at least.
I do have so many ideas for this story, but I need you all to be patience.

Here's some ideas I've been thinking of to write:

- Anna's dad returns from the Vampire hunt and something happened to him.

- Mai has finally find out that she's half vampire and half human.

- Mai is going to fight against the Candice.

- Nick and Brian are scared of Mai, but why???

So here you go. Those are the ideas so far I had in my mind. I don't want to tell everything and spoils the story for you everyone. This story is going to turn into amazing!

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