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Past Featured StorySummary: This is something that life doesn't hand you... It throws it at you and you can't drop it. [Warning: Drug use: Nothing heavy, I promise.]
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Group
Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense
Warnings: Death, Graphic Sexual Content, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content
Series: None
Chapters: 41
Completed: No
Word count: 63046
Read: 5081
Published: 03/17/10
Updated: 02/19/12

1. Prologue by ficfriction [Reviews - 19] (239 words)

2. The day it all began... by ficfriction [Reviews - 3] (1689 words)

3. Trying to sort things out by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1348 words)

4. Nerves and herbs by ficfriction [Reviews - 2] (1380 words)

5. A little past and a couple of questions answered by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1269 words)

6. Another look into Pepper's world by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (901 words)

7. Flashback dreams Pt. 1 by ficfriction [Reviews - 3] (1607 words)

8. Flashback dreams Pt. 2 by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1204 words)

9. Flashback dreams Pt. 3 by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1598 words)

10. Back to a painful reality by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1498 words)
WARNING!: This chapter has a small scene that might make you hate me, but keep reading past it, it doesn't take long, I promise!

11. Twelve more days by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (1261 words)

12. Gas station conversation by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1876 words)

13. A hot shower and a phone call by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (2033 words)

14. It begins... by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1478 words)

15. That moment...never happened. by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (1775 words)

16. Pointless hope by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1629 words)

17. And behind door #1 is!...crap. by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1839 words)

18. So many questions... by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (2071 words)

19. Time for some answers by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (1765 words)

20. This...is my confession. by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (2071 words)

21. Plans set in motion by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1469 words)

22. Bad feelings by ficfriction [Reviews - 2] (1260 words)
I would just like to say that it makes me uber uber happy to come on here and see "Read Count: 1453". Because even if I'm not getting reviews from those readers, aside from Miss FFG, I still have the count to prove they are there and that is enough for me. =) Thank you to all of your guys for reading, even if you're not reviewing. ^_^

23. Hellogoodbye by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1508 words)
I won't lie... It is nice as Hell to see my read count go up almost 100 over night =) I love you all!

24. Day One: The boy who cried wolf pays the price. by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (1480 words)

25. Day One: Family, they never miss a beat. by ficfriction [Reviews - 2] (1677 words)
Warning: Drug use is in this chapter, sorry if you don't like it, though I promise it's still a good read =)

26. Day One: Night-time in New Jersey by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1348 words)

27. Day One: What would you do without family by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1449 words)

28. Day Two: Morning sickness by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (1620 words)

29. Day Two: Spies and Rides by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (1363 words)
I know it's been a while, but coming back to an over 2000 read count is awesome as all Hell =).

30. Day Two: Confessions and realizations... Who can argue with the truth? by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1964 words)

31. Day Two: Boys and secrets never mix well by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1101 words)
Okay, so I just wanted to say I'm very sorry for the lapse, but a lot has been going on. I only have this one chap to post for now, but I have 2 others that are done and ready for posting, I just have the on the other computer. I'll work on getting them transferred to this one and posted as soon as possible though =). Hope I still have readers after so long a wait. Here's one thing I can promise though, things are about to heat up =).

32. Day Three: Chris reveals a few interesting details by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1596 words)
As promised, I had the other two sitting at home =). Thanks to FrickFrackGirl for being the first to review on them.

33. Day Three: Oh boy... This isn't good. by ficfriction [Reviews - 2] (1292 words)
Second chap for you guys as promised. Thanks for the patience, and for sticking around til I got my oomph back. I'm working on more chaps at the house but sadly nothing more is ready. More reviews might push my creativity =).

34. Day Three: A little guilt goes a long way by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (1995 words)
So, we find out who found Nick, but I love the fact that I now have almost 2,900 views for this story. It makes me severely happy, you guys have no idea. Enough chatter, here's what you've been waiting for!

35. Day Three: Match in the gas tank, boom boom by ficfriction [Reviews - 1] (1363 words)
Last chap of the day, hope you guys like it. And I just wanna say I'm sorry now to FrickFrackGirl, you'll understand why soon enough lol.

36. Day Three: Who says Autumn isn't the best season? by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (1744 words)
I have to say, it is glorious and beautiful to see a reader count of 3005. This story has grown so much from where it started, and I'm sure if I had kept on it more the counter would be a bit higher than what it is, but that is in deed my fault, no denying it there. Here's to my readers and my commenters.

37. Day Four: Field trip to the hospital by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (2152 words)

38. A look into the past by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (2132 words)
You know, I went to post this last night, and the read count was 3355, but my net died before I could, so it had to wait til this morning and now the count is 3376. 21 new reads overnight really makes me happy. I love seeing my read count climb, it's inspiring. Not as inspiring as getting reviews, but it still works =) Seriously, reviews make my inspiration flow =).

39. Wildfire by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (1384 words)
Just a quick thing. Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, I got focused on my other story since I had a small flow on it and didn't want to lose it. I'm trying to be fair to both stories, since both are popular, but that one's a couple of chapters away from being completely finished and those readers have literally been waiting since 2009 for me to finish it. So, without further delay, I give you another flashback.

40. Memories... by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (1514 words)
Sorry for the delay, lost internet for a little bit, but here's another update for you =) I'm busy today, but I already have a chap written that I need to type up. As soon as things cool down, I'll be typing it up for posting =).

41. The doctor is in... by ficfriction [Reviews - 0] (1104 words)
The chapter a lot of you have been waiting for =)