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Nick Carter Falls For Amanda Golde in Boulder, CO
Pop Stuff Online - Tobias Winterson

Over the weekend the trio known as the Traveling Backstreet Boys (plus one) made its way from Santa Fe, NM to Boulder, CO, where the group is currently midway through a white water rafting trip with Lost Paddle River Adventures.

While details have yet to reach us here at Pop Stuff Online about the group's experience on the river, we do have this interesting photo of Nick Carter and his girlfriend, Amanda Golde, bungee jumping from a footbridge over a waterfall.

Looks like all has been forgiven from last week's controversial kiss between Brian Littrell and Amanda Golde as the couple jumped in a pair face to face and were seen putting on a bit of PDA for their co-adventurers shortly after.

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Photographs by staff photographer, Tobias Winterson.