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Road Trip Plans Cause Rift Between Backstreet Boys
Pop Stuff Online - Staff Writer

Seven weeks after the mysterious cancellation of their world tour, two of the Backstreet Boys have departed from Los Angeles on a road trip, much to the shock and surprise of the others.

Brian Litrrell and Nick Carter, long known for their antics and friendship, struck out over the weekend in the Backstreet Boys’ luxury tour bus on the trip.

Manager Kevin Richardson, who was unaware of the trip prior to the two Boys’ departure, was recently quoted saying that the Boys’ sudden disappearance was “alarming and uncalled for”. Richardson added, “It’s really immature, considering everything that’s been going on here in the last month. They both should’ve known better.”

However, Kevin still refused to give any details about the goings-on in camp Backstreet aside from the departure of the popular Frick and Frack team.