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Chapter 4 - Perks of the job

“What the fuck was that?” asked Kevin when they got backstage after the encore, his green eyes furious, his arms flying about like someone possessed, all aimed at Nick.

“It was fucking awesome” Nick said, the adrenaline still pumping through his veins from putting on a fantastic show, in his opinion.

“You what! What friggin planet are you on? You forgot the lyrics on more than one occasion, Howie here had to bail you out. And what fucking choreography were you dancing to, cause it sure as hell wasn’t what the rest of us were doing?” he said angrily, his face getting closer and closer to Nick’s, invading his space “you’re out of shape, you were all over the place man”

Out of shape, I’m a fucking Adonis, you should’ve seen how I looked two days ago!

“So I was a little off sometimes, big fucking deal. Did the fans notice?” Nick retorted, not flinching away from Kevin one little bit, in fact, standing his ground “no they didn’t, they fucking loved it, now go take a chill pill and get out of my face”

“Go take a chill pill? Are you fucking serious? You expect me to relax when you’re acting like someone who doesn’t give a fuck. Come on guys, back me up here” Kevin turned for the support of the rest of the band, who all stood looking a little awkward. They knew Kevin was right, but thought it better to sit and talk about this in an adult manner rather than shouting and yelling at each other backstage.

“I think we all need to talk, not here though, we need to be in a calmer environment and when we’re more relaxed, like say after the tour?” Howie suggested.

Kevin ran his hands across his short cropped hair and took in a deep breath and sighed “yeah, you’re right, tour’s nearly over and then we‘re gonna have to sit down and talk about what we really want, because the way things are at the moment, I don‘t think I can keep going”

“Don’t say that Kev” said AJ

“It’s the truth though” Kevin replied sadly, he’d seen AJ go through the same thing and now Nick. He wasn’t sure he could handle it again.

Nick thought about what Kevin had said, the guy was over-reacting big time! So what, so he’d messed up a little, he thought he’d done pretty damn good considering the circumstances. Now what he needed was to get laid, he was still full of energy and buzzing after the show and needed to take it out on someone, preferably the blonde chick from earlier, but hey, he wasn’t fussy, anyone half decent would do.

And so they travelled back to the hotel after showering and changing into clean clothes at the arena’s facilities. There were girls waiting outside the hotel, and Nick cast his eyes over them, looking to see if she was there, blondie from earlier. His eyes lit up when he saw her, this night just got better and better.

Brian, Howie and Kevin all went straight inside the hotel after getting out of the people carrier, they were tired and just wanted to wind down with a drink or two in the bar, although they did say a quick hello to fans as they walked past. AJ and Nick had other things on their mind, both being the single guys in the band, they weren’t going to turn down the chance of bedding some of these fit babes that were begging for their attention.

“There’s blondie from earlier” AJ said, giving Nick a nudge in her direction.

“I know man, she is so gonna get it” Nick replied. He’d forgotten just how much fun he and AJ used to have, before AJ had become all sensible and settled down with a wife and kids. Nick on the other hand, well, even a wife and kids hadn’t tamed his wild streak. But now was not the time to think about her or the kids, they didn‘t exist in this world. Now it was time to have some fun, make the most of it, for who knows when this little bubble would burst and he’d be back to reality.

“Hey Nick” she smiled seductively at him.

Could her skirt get any shorter? And check out that top, wow it‘s practically painted on it‘s that tight.

Nick flashed her the old Carter smile, the one that he remembered the girls all used to go wild for. Oh yeah, he was going to make the most of this.

“Good luck bro” he said to AJ, not that AJ needed luck where the ladies were concerned, he never went without, they were always throwing themselves at him, even if he did wear eyeliner and nail polish!

“Hi there gorgeous” he said walking over towards her, eyeing her up and down appreciatively, although she was petite she still had curves in all the right places. They made small talk for a few minutes and then he led her into the hotel and up to his room, not even bothering to get her name, what did that matter? It’s not like he was going to see her again, and she was getting something out of it too, she was getting a night with him, Nick Carter. He admired himself in the mirrored lift as they went up the couple of floors to his room, he was a fine looking guy, what the hell was Kevin on about calling him out of shape? He was in his prime. Fuck Kevin!

Once in his room, he closed the door behind them and pulled her tight against his body, wrapping his arms around her and bringing his mouth down on hers, kissing her aggressively. Before long they began tearing each other’s clothes off, hungry for one another, she was a stunner alright and knew exactly what she was doing as she pushed him down on the bed and straddled his thighs “you won’t ever wanna let me go” she whispered in his ear as she grinded down on him. He groaned as she moved her body to the rhythm of the music playing in the background. Well, he wasn’t letting go of her for tonight that was for sure. She was wild and that’s how he liked it, they spent the whole night in a vodka and cocaine fuelled sexual marathon, finally falling asleep as the sun was rising. Bliss!!

Nick woke the next afternoon to find that he was still in 2005. Maybe this was heaven. Maybe he’d gone to bed on his fortieth birthday and not woke up. He’d not thought of it until that moment, but it explained how he was here. He’d obviously gone back to a time he was happy, before all the shit had started.

But if he was dead, how come it felt so real?

He closed his eyes and contemplated silently for a few minutes, then heard stirring in the bed next to him. Blondie was still sleeping beside him, it was a shame to kick her out, she’d been a fantastic fuck, but he had to pack, they were leaving for Germany today. Another city, another bunch of girls for him to take his pick of, and more partying!