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Chapter Twenty Two

It was the strangest thing I had ever felt in my entire life. It was like I was waking up from a deep, sound sleep. The voices were incomplete at first, but became louder and louder as consciousness returned. The first thing I clearly heard was Brian's frantic sobs.

"I'm a Frick without a Frack!" he wailed.

"Aren't you Frack?" D asked.

"I don't know anymore!"

The next thing I heard was a lower cry. A much more mournful, much less spazz- tic cry. Kevin. For some reason, Kev's crying compelled me to open my eyes. The light burned my retinas; I fought to keep them open even a fraction. My head was killing me.

"Kev?" I croaked. "Whatsa matter?"

I don't know what I did, but a collective gasp filled the room. Bri crashed down on his knees so hard, I thought he probably broke them. His hands slapped together.

"It's a miracle!" he shouted.


Kev blinked furiously at the tears that were pooling in his eyes. Still more were streaming down his face.

"Hi," I said. Kev broke into a huge smile and took my hand.


"Welcome back."

It was the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. I turned my head ever so slowly to look to my left; my heart sped up. The woman smiling at me was stunning. Her blonde hair was framed by the horrible hospital lights in such a way that it almost looked like she was glowing. She seemed so familiar. I had dreamed about her...

"Can I have another?" I asked hopefully, my thoughts still fully unable to seperate fantasy from reality.

"Another what?" J asked in confusion. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Brian stand up and streak out of my room.

"Kiss," I said automatically. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the beautiful blonde. Her lips curved into a smile and she leaned down. The moment her lips touched mine I knew I was head over heels in love.

And I didn't even know her name.

"What's going on here?"

A very fat, very grumpy looking nurse stood in the doorway. Brian danced around her like a leprechaun.

"He woke up! He woke up! He's not dead!" Bri shouted gleefully.

"I was dead?" I asked in confusion. I looked back at Kev. He looked concerned.

"You don't remember...anything?" he asked.

It hurt to think, but I tried my best.

"The last thing I remember is that damn hobo," I said. Kris wrapped her hands around Kevin's shoulder.

"You don't remember the sharks?" Kevin asked.

"What sharks?"

"What about the bedroom?" Kev whirled around and started gesturing towards Kris' boobs. Her eyes widened and she slapped his hand away.

"We're going to have to talk about that later," Kris said.

"Are we sure I should be the one in the hospital bed?" I asked.

The beautiful blonde started to laugh.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nick was sitting up two hours later. He was weak, but Becky was carefully feeding him a cup of Jello. I was waving the picture of the sharks in front of him. "Great to know I'm dying and this one here goes and swims with sharks," Nick murmured, staring at Becky's boobs intently.

Becky laughed. "You were there, too, you nincompoop."

"THIS. IS. YOU." I ran my finger along the blurry outline.

"That is FILM," Nick replied.

He was freaking alive again for like 122 minutes and I already wanted to kill him again. God dammit.

"You did a lot more than see sharks," Becky laughed, her voice tingly.

Nick's eyes traveled up her neck to her eyes and he raised an eyebrow. "What in the hell did I miss?" he asked.

Becky leaned forward and kissed his nose, "Nothing you won't get the chance to see again."

"Well, maybe one thing," Kristin muttered. I'd told her about the boobs thing. She glowered at me.

"Hey I handed you a pillow," I mumbled.

"There! I told all the chirpsters he's awake!" Brian came back in the room, gleeful as all hell. He frolicked towards us. "Nick, smile!!" He snapped a picture with his blackberry.

"That's not supposed to be on in the ICU," Becky said, pointing at Brian with Nick's spoon. The jello on the spoon went flying and spattered on Brian's scarf.

"Aw man! Leighanne's gonna freak out!" He scurried out, presumably to go wash off his scarf in the bathroom.

I looked at Nick. I was both glad he didn't remember and hurt at the same time. I smiled.

Nick smiled back. "Thanks for being here," he said. "Even if it did make you go all psycho-Kevin and stuff," he added.

"Yeah, no problem," I answered. I couldn't help a big fat old yawn escaping me. I stretched. "God I'm exhausted."

Nick nodded, "You freaking look it, when the hell was the last time you slept?"

"About three days ago, and that was only for a couple minutes before some people I know started singing Henry the Eighth."

"Who sang Henry the Eighth?" Nick asked, looking blank, "Thats my trick to piss you off, who's stealing my tricks? OH MY GOD - is Mason stealing my shit now?"

I smacked my hand to my forehead.