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Author's Chapter Notes:
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Chapter 21


It’s been eighteen months since I sprained my ankle and we had that talk, along with lots and lots of hot and steamy make up sex. A lot has happened in that time. One of those things was moving in with Nick shortly after the incident, it just made sense as we spent so much time together at either my place or his. Why keep paying for two houses?

There have also been a few surprises along the way, but I wouldn’t trade what I have right now for anything in the world. I’ve never been happier in my life.

Shortly after our talk, Nick did indeed contact Joey and they arranged to meet up for a drink and try to mend their broken friendship. I don’t know exactly what was said but Nick told me more or less how it had gone. It took a while, but he and Joey eventually struck up a comfortable friendship again. They weren’t as close as they had been in the past, which was totally understandable. I think there were still a few trust issues, but they were getting there. Gabby and Joey are now married and very happy together, they were obviously made for each other (now that he’s hit the big time and can give her everything she could possibly need) and although we didn’t go to the wedding (it had been too soon in Nick and Joey’s new friendship at the time), we’d wished them all the best.

So now, I’m sitting here waiting for Nick to come home from work, it’s been a long day and I’m tired out. I no longer work for Nick. I have a different kind of job to do now.

Our baby, Ellie, is now two months old and keeps me busy most of the day, but she does sleep at night and has done right from day one, which is lucky so I‘m told! She wasn’t planned, and came as quite a surprise to us both when I realised I was pregnant, but once we’d got over that initial shock, we were thrilled. Nick is the perfect father and I just know that she’s going to be a Daddy’s girl and have him wrapped around her little finger in a few years. She’s already smiling whenever he picks her up for a cuddle.

As for the wild sex life we had before Ellie – nothing could tame that! I have surprised him with a trip to his office (without Ellie obviously) and we closed and locked the door behind us. But we don’t usually sneak around like that anymore…well…not much anyway!

And marriage, who needs it! I love Nick and he loves me. A piece of paper and a wedding ring isn’t going to change that. But if he did happen to change his views on marriage and propose to me, then I’d happily accept his offer.


Chapter End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it :)