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Chapter 3

Rowena’s POV

It was finally the end of the week, thank god! How I was managing to keep my cool with the boss was beyond me, he was just so infuriating. I was beginning to hate him with a passion and be in awe of him all at the same time. There was no doubt about it, he was good at his job and brought in a lot of revenue to the company, he was even very charming with the clients and prospective clients. But it was the way he treated everyone else that bothered me, he could be so…I don’t know…not rude exactly, but not very pleasant either. Towards me though, he showed his true asshole colours! I don’t know what I’d done to warrant the way he treated me, but he wasn’t going to get the better of me, I wasn’t the type of person to buckle under pressure.

I was just getting ready to leave when Mr Carter called me into his office, telling me to bring him a coffee on the way in as he was going to be working late.

“What did his last slave die of” I muttered under my breath. Surely he could see I was finished for the day and it’s not like I got paid any overtime. Was he trying to work me into the ground or something? All week, I’d not got out of the office before 6.30, sometimes being here as late at 8pm. Didn’t he have a life out of work? He must have, judging by the amount of girls who flung themselves at him at every opportunity. Obviously I didn’t find this out from the man himself, but office gossip got around and it couldn’t all be rumour, could it? Not that I cared. Not one little bit. He could sleep with the whole office (apart from me) for all I cared!

“Put it down there” he indicated for me to put the cup of coffee on his desk, he didn‘t even have the good manners to thank me. Asshole. But my god he was a stunner of a man. His blonde hair was slightly dishevelled and sticking up where he’d obviously been running his hands through it throughout the day, his tie was loosened and the top button of his shirt was undone. The light stubble on his face just added to the whole sexy, rough and ready look and I bit down on my bottom lip at the sight of him. Stay calm and focused Rowena, remember, he’s your boss and also a complete dick, don‘t go getting any stupid ideas.

I walked over to the desk and put the cup down, but unfortunately I didn’t notice the pen which was in the way and the cup tipped over, spilling hot coffee everywhere and dripping down onto his expensive trousers.

“Fuck” he exclaimed and stood up, the coffee seeping into the material.

“I’m so sorry” I began apologising and ran to my desk to grab some tissues from the box I kept there. I rushed back and began mopping up the coffee from the desk and then moved towards him. I knew he’d be furious if the coffee stained those designer trousers, so I began dabbing at them to try and soak up as much of the spill as I could.

“Leave it” he said gruffly and grabbed my wrist, a look of pure hatred in his eyes. His grip on me didn’t loosen and he continued to stare into my eyes. All of a sudden, I felt a jolt of lust rush through my body as his eyes looked deep into mine. Before I knew what was happening, he brought his mouth down hard onto mine, kissing me aggressively, the stubble on his face scratching me. Oh my fucking god, please don’t stop.

I knew I should pull away from him, maybe even slap him and tell him to get the hell away from me, but I just couldn’t. My mind took a backseat and let my traitorous body lead the way.

He backed me towards his desk, all the while, never taking his mouth away from mine, as his hands ran over my body. When my thighs came into contact with the solid oak desk, I fell backwards onto it and he pushed all of the paperwork out of the way and onto the floor.

“I want you, right here on this desk” he said breathlessly, breaking away from the kiss for a moment, then kissed me again whilst one hand slowly made it’s way up my leg and crept under the lace of my underwear.

Oh my fucking god, why does this feel so damn good when it’s oh so wrong?

I didn’t care that I was lying over the desk, I wanted him and I could feel just how much he wanted me. But then, just before anything else could happen, the phone rang. I thought he might’ve ignored it, but with the coolness of a cucumber, he reached across his desk and picked up the phone.

“Nick Carter” he answered. A few seconds later, he covered the mouth piece of the phone “that’ll be all Miss Bloom, you can go now”.

I slid off the desk and straightened my clothes; my cheeks were burning with embarrassment. He completely blanked me; it was as if the little tryst we’d just shared had never happened. I felt so…used.

Well, two can play that game!

Chapter End Notes:
Oooo he's an asshole isn't he!! Hope you like bad boy AU Nick :)