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Chapter 2


Being a bit of a film maker myself, I wondered why we hadn’t encountered any cameras or film crew so far. If I’d been the producer, I’d have been filming from the moment we walked into that room. I would’ve filmed our reaction to that note and the ugly overalls we were going to have to wear. Maybe they didn’t think that was worth it. Who knows.

My wonderings were soon answered when we reached the plane and found a small camera crew waiting for us.

“We’ve got some great footage so far, that’s the beauty of hidden cameras” I heard the producer saying to the cameraman “now we just need a few shots here and we’re done for now”

“Hey” I couldn’t resist butting in to the conversation “you had hidden cameras planted? Don’t you think that’s invading our privacy?”

“You lost your right to your privacy when you signed up for this show” he laughed “and anyway, we didn’t want any of that fake bullshit, we wanted to capture the real people behind the famous face”

I suppose he had a point.

It was here that we met the host of the show, a British guy called Duncan James. He’d presented shows in the UK and had gone down well with the audience, so had been approached for this one. He seemed like the kind of guy who liked to have a laugh, both on and off camera. Over the years we’d come across so many fakes, the kind of people who were your best friend on camera and then as soon as filming stopped, were complete assholes. I’d learned to accept it, it was showbiz.

Eventually it was time to board the flight. The film crew got their footage of us climbing the steps of the plane, looking like criminals or something in our ugly overalls. The film ‘Con Air’ came to mind. We didn’t have a direct flight but would eventually end up in Lima in Peru, and would travel from there to wherever Duncan and his team were taking us.

The flight was long, but we passed the time with tour stories, seems us and the New Kids weren’t so different. The airline food was not great but it was edible, I filled up as who knew what kind of shit they’d make us eat when we got there.

As the plane came down to land, I looked out of the window and remembered some of the wild concerts we’d done down in South America. But we weren’t here for that this time.

“Welcome to Peru guys, we’re gonna have a blast” said Duncan in his very British accent as we collected our bags and headed out of the airport. As we travelled to our hotel, I looked out of the ancient taxi’s window and couldn’t help noticing the poverty, how could parts of the world still be living like this? It just didn’t seem right.

We arrived at our hotel a little while later, and I was pleased to see it looked habitable. Of course I wasn’t bothered about luxuries or anything like that, but after a long flight there was nothing like a nice clean and inviting bed.

We spent that evening just chilling over a meal and a few (OK, more than a few in some people’s cases) drinks. It was a very enjoyable evening, no cameras, no fans, just a bunch of guys bonding.

“Come on then dude, are you gonna tell us what we’re gonna have to do?” I asked Duncan, hoping that the numerous Jack Daniels he’d knocked back would loosen his tongue and make him spill.

“And spoil the surprise? You’ve got to be fucking kidding. Let’s just say I hope you aren’t afraid of heights though” he chuckled and tipped the last of his drink down his throat. He’d told us about one of the shows he’d presented called ‘Scream If You Know The Answer’ in which the contestants took part in challenges whilst riding some of the scariest roller coasters in the world.

Brian paled a little at the mention of heights and roller coasters. He hated heights with a passion and made no secret of it. But no matter how hard we tried, Duncan wasn’t giving in, so we gave up in the end. We’d find out soon enough. Couldn’t be that bad, could it? I could handle roller coasters. No problem!

We carried on drinking and chatting until late into the night, coming up with outrageous situations they might put us in, all trying to scare one another.

“Right then guys, film crew will be here in the morning so I think it would be a good idea to try and get some sleep” Duncan said as he stood there swaying.

We all said goodnight and went to our rooms, I looked out of my window at the city and wondered to myself what was in store for us over the next few days. I closed the blinds and undressed down to my boxers and climbed into bed, sleep came to me easily; it had been a long day.

The next morning, after a surprisingly sound sleep, I took a shower and dressed then went to see who was about, and maybe see about some breakfast, I was starved. Most of the others were already there, looking like shit, drinking large mugs of coffee and scoffing a hearty breakfast to no doubt ease the hangovers. I was so glad those days were over. That’s not to say I don’t have a drink, because I do. I just do it in moderation these days and don’t overdo it. Nothing like a health scare to make you see sense.

“That’s what I like to see, eager celebrities” said Duncan, arriving in the restaurant and pouring himself a coffee. “Just had a call from the crew, they’ll be here in about half an hour, I’m gonna grab some breakfast and then round up the others if they aren’t here before I’m done”

“So we’re actually doing one of the challenges today?” I asked

“No, today the film crew are just going to do the interviews and take some footage of us all relaxing. The calm before the storm if you like. Then later on they’ll go on ahead to the location and set up there” he answered in between mouthfuls of food.

“Great, so what’s the plan for today? Y’know after that?” AJ asked.

“Whatever you want dude” he replied.

I had a feeling AJ and Howie would want to check out a club whilst we were here. But as it turned out, by the time we’d finished filming, none of us really had the energy to go out clubbing, so we went out for a meal and drinks then back to the hotel for an early night.

Chapter End Notes:

The action will begin in the next chapter!