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 She’d been lucky that she found a road after the train disappearing. She had followed it until a good Samaritan picked her up and took her to the next town over, Now Izzy sat behind the steering wheel of the car staring at the wires she held in her hands.  If she could pick a lock, hotwiring a car seemed like another skill she should know. She had been sitting there for at least ten minutes willing her hands to take over and get the car started, but it was to no avail.  Either she was too stressed over being separated from Brian and Megan or she never knew how to hotwire a car in the first place. 

“Need help?” A man’s voice standing outside the car caused her to jump.  She quickly got out of the car and stood ready to fight.  The man comes closer and Izzy sees that it is Kevin.  Millions of thoughts raced through her mind.  How did he find her?  Was he one of the nine? Why is he standing there grinning at me like an idiot?  She tried to make her face look like she didn’t know who he was. He was placed with Brian so maybe she could play it off that she didn’t know him at all.

“I’m fine, just can’t find my keys,” She dropped her hands and her stance and said in a sing-song voice. She hoped he would just leave, the sweat was beginning to form on her brow and if he saw it he could probably tell she was lying.

“Isabelle,” He stated calmly and stepped forward. 

Her hands were instantly up again ready to guard herself from attack.  How did he know her name?  And it wasn’t Izzy, he called her Isabelle.   He was still moving towards her so she took her opportunity and charged at him.  He wasn’t going to get the jump on her again. 

She swung her elbow towards his face but he easily moved out of the way and shoved her elbow to the side.  The momentum of his shove gave her enough to throw a punch towards his side.  He put his hand out and blocked the move grabbing hold of her fist.  Izzy moved to kick his knee but he stepped out of the way still holding her fist.   She moved to swing her other arm towards him but he pushed it away with his free hand.  Why was she unable to connect? She just fought several people but trying to fight this man she couldn’t get a punch in?

“Stop,” He commanded.  “Where is Brian?” He asked her.

Maybe he would leave her alone; maybe he was only after Brian.  Maybe she could send him on a wild goose chase, get the car started and find Brian before him.   After what Howie had told them, she found it highly unlikely that this man would not take the opportunity to capture both of them.

“Is there a bigger reward to bring us both in?” She practically spat the words at him.

Kevin’s face showed no emotion change, he continued to hold her wrist and block any attacks on her.  She knew she was beaten, how was he able to block her?

“He needs to be with you, he is safer with you,” He finally said letting go of her hand and taking a step back.  He held both of his hands out showing he had nothing in them. 

Izzy moved closer to the car and stood with her hands crossed.  She knew he wasn’t going to attack her, but how did she know?   “So, what, I’m his bodyguard?”

“No, you are his wife.” Kevin said the words and even though she knew that for herself, hearing someone else say it made it all the more real.   She nodded in agreement with him. 

“I remember,” She admitted.  “Brian still thinks he is going to go back to Leighanne when this is over, despite her admitting she was one of the nine.”

“It was smart of them to make them have that child.  Brian will stay devoted to the mother of his child.” 

Izzy stood facing him trying not to show what he had just said hurt.  No matter how she felt towards Brian, even if Brian’s memories came back he would always go back to her for Baylee’s sake.   He had told her as much but having another person say it made it all the more real. 

“We need to get to him,” He said taking a step forward.  Izzy put her hands up again ready to attack. Kevin smiled at her and continued to come closer.  “You aren’t going to attack, and even if you do your heart won’t be in it and I’ll easily block you.”

“Why? How do you know?”   He moved her out of the way and motioned for her to get in the passenger’s side of the car. 

“You know why you just have to remember,” he said with a smirk.  Izzy wanted to punch the smirk off his face and force him to give her the answers, instead she sat in the seat and put her seat belt on watching him mess with the wires.

“Who are you?”

“You know that too.”

He was infuriating her with his vague answers but what was more infuriating was that he was starting the car and she was just sitting there.  He could get the car started and take her in. Why was she just sitting there? 

The car soon came to life and Kevin put it in gear.   

“I’m not going anywhere until I get a few more answers. How do I know that you aren’t just going to turn me in the next chance you get?”

“Isabelle,” Kevin sat there with the car running.  “There isn’t time for this; we can talk on the way.” Kevin started to turn the car towards the open road.   But Izzy pulled the steering wheel causing them to swerve off to the side of the road.    

“Give me one thing that I can use to trust you.”  Izzy looked at him.  There was something in his eyes that she trusted but she had trusted Dr. Thompson and he was part of it. 

Kevin sighed and reached into his pocket producing a picture.  He tossed the picture on her lap and turned the car back onto the road. 

Izzy picked up the picture and stared.  Could this have been faked, it was possible yes?  It was a picture of her wedding day, she was standing next to Brian beaming and on his right was Kevin looked towards them smiling. 

“You were at our wedding?”

“In your wedding.”

“You were the one who performed the ceremony.” Izzy announced.

“See you are already starting to remember.” Kevin turned the radio on and let the soft music waft through the car.  Izzy continued to stare at the picture then turned to look out the window watching the Texas scenery fly by.    

“Let’s get my husband back,” she said with determination and Kevin pressed the accelerator to the floor as they passed a sign announcing how far until they reached the next largest city in Texas.   They were far behind the train, but with any luck they’d catch up before anything more could happen to Megan and Brian. 

Chapter End Notes:

I'm sorry, this one is even shorter.... but there is some exciting stuff coming up.  Well exciting for me, we are going to start finding out what is really going on.... thanks for sticking with me, let me know what you think. :)