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Story Notes:

Hello everyone. So after reading many fanfics I felt compelled to give it a shot and write one up myself. This is the very first story I have ever written, so I'm not really sure  how good it's going to be...so please be kind..lol. 

Author's Chapter Notes:




Chapter 1


   Midnight had slowly arrived just like it did every single day. Ever day was the same, days that were hard to change because that was reality…crude and yet fresh. It invaded every second of her life. A putrid and repulsive life filled with sins and frustrations. A life she didn’t wish even upon her worst enemy.

Cars came and went just like they did every night. Cars with men in search of company…some single others married and looking elsewhere for what their wives couldn’t or wouldn’t give them. Hideous and handsome men, robust and thin, tall and short and of all kinds of sizes, taste and odors. Odors that clung to the skin tormenting her conscience, reminding her of hands that touched, lips that kissed sucked and nibbled, stiff members thrusting in and out with no contemplation.

Night after night she felt dirty after some high class lady’s “perfect husband” abandoned her bedside leaving behind a few bucks as payment for her services. In the process and although they didn’t know it, the shame was also left floating in the atmosphere of the decadent and frustrated solitude of a prostitute.

Chloe softly took in the air permeated with moisture by the rain. The smell of wet asphalt seduced her senses transporting her for a few seconds somewhere outside of that hellhole. She slowly opened her eyes and plastered on a fake smile for one of the women stationing herself in the parallel corner.

The woman was a tall blonde with waist length hair. Red pumps, blue leggings and a red sequined corset was the chosen attire for this 40 year old “lady”. She was somewhat old, but this did prevent the men from “purchasing” her services and in that precise moment an old Chevy stopped in front of the woman. Seconds later the woman hopped inside and soon after the old pick-up truck was out of sight. It was going to be a long night. It had been raining and those turned out to be the slowest of days. If she wasn’t able to find customers on the street, chances were she would have to move to some nearby bar or if all else fails to “Fantasy Island” (a brothel) and pick something up to meet her daily quota.

Chloe ran her hands through her barely shoulder lengthed burgundy wig. She felt tired, weak and dirty. She tightly clutched the sequin bag in her left hand as tears, driven by the intense pain that emanated from every pore of her body, forced their way out of her eyes. But like every time she felt like crying, she didn’t. Chloe took a deep breath and allowed for everything to get stored deep down in her soul where it would no longer hurt her.

Two cars drove by, one of them calling out her attention. It was ocean blue and as it stopped right in front of her the tinted window slowly rolled down and a dirty blonde head with glasses popped out with a radiant smile….. 


----------: How much do you charge pretty lady?

Chloe: $50.00, plus whatever tip you want to leave me sweetheart.

---------: Well then hop right in.

Chloe hesitated; these were the times in which fear would take over her thoughts. She has no clue as to who this man was, he could be a twisted psycho who could hurt her but in her field of work there were no other options. She had to live from day to day without worrying about tomorrow.

She gave the man a fake smile which could easily pass off as sincere, rounded the car and jumped in to the passenger seat admiring the interior like she always did. It was all about becoming accustomed and for her that was more than the case. Night in and night out it was the same thing, perfect monologues rehearsed every single day she was out to “work”.

----------: What’s your name?

Chloe: (looking suspiciously at the man) Nicole, what’s yours?

----------: Aaron.

Chloe: Nice name.

Aaron: Thanks.

Great, now to wait a few moments to make comment on the weather, followed by a discussion of the location they’d head off to, small talk about what he liked and finally the “delivery”. Chloe was about to start the conversation when the car came to a stop in front of a 24 hour diner.

Chloe: I don’t perform public services.

Aaron: You won’t. We’re getting a cup of coffee.

Chloe: (shaking her head) I’m sorry but the 50 I’m charging you only covers an hour. My time is precious and I suppose you don’t want me charging you extra for a cup of coffee.

Aaron: (removing his glasses) I will pay whatever and for however long as long as you have a cup of coffee with me.

Chloe was completely baffled, not even noticing when he got out of the car and opened her door.

Aaron: So, are you coming?

Chloe: (swallowing hard) yes

Aaron: Ok then come on.

Chloe got out of the vehicle with a strange sense of curiosity. Truth be told she wasn’t scared but a bit anxious, a feeling that was gnawing on her inside. Both crossed the glass door and sat at a distant table.  An older waitress instantly approached them and quickly left two menus on the table, not without giving Chloe a harsh look before leaving.

Aaron: (skimming over the menu) What will you be having?

Chloe: Coffee…Wasn’t that what you brought me here for?

Aaron: (Set the menu down on the table and folded his arms over his chest with a smile on his face) You don’t have to adhere to my very word. You can have whatever you want. Have you had anything to eat tonight?

Chloe: uhmmm no. Well yes, a cookie.

Aaron: A cookie? That’s not filling. Well then what do you say to eating a decent meal? How about (flipping over the menu) a burger and fries?

Chloe: Okay


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