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Chapter 10


It  had been quite a while since Nick had set foot in a place like that. Men of all social clases were sitting in tables all around the three stages with steel tubes in which topless women were dancing suggestively.


An average height blonde made her way to him and took him to a table. Just as she was about to sit on Nick’s lap he stopped her. The loud music stopped and an older man dressed in a blue suit cameo ut to the stage replacing the nude girls.


“Gentlemen it is my pleasure to present to you the world’s hottest women.”

 Mark turned to Nick and asked- “Sir, would you like me to get you a drink?”

“No Mark, just take a seat and tell point out Aphrodite.”

“As soon as I see her I’ll let you know.”


Mark took a seat right next to Nick just as the older man on stage spoke once again.


“Here they are….The Angeeeeeeeels!!!!!!”


The lights turned red as Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls started playing and smoke emerged from the stage. The lights began to change and six girls paraded from all over. The first girl, wearing a white mini skirt and matching top came from the side, another came from behind the stage candles wrapped in a shocking white dress. A very blonde third girl came out of the mist laying in a sort of giant shell. A fourth walked in from out nowhere blowing kisses and the fifth appeared from among the tables with a white corset and hiphuggers. Finally, from the ceiling descende the last girl with short black hair sitting on a swing. She was wearing an extremely shimmery white mini dress that left very little to the imagination.


A man behind Nick sighed and yelled out…


“Good God, we’ve been invaded by angels!”


Nick rolled his eyes at the remark and turned to Mark.


“Angels don’t dress like that.”


He automatically turned around to look at the stage and noticed that the one with the short black hair had gotten off the swing. Her mini dress, barely covering anything, looked more like a sinful pajama; the fishnets stockings  were sensually caressing her thighs and when she moved Nick could see a white and blue garter resting on her right thigh. Nick looked up and found plum[ breasts pressed against the fabric filling up the cups. The ebony black hair fell barely above her soulders. A strange chill went through him and all his blood rushed over to his crotch.


“That’s the girl sir.”

“What? Which one?”

“The one with the black hair.”

“There’s two with black hair Mark. Which one is it?”

“The one with the short hair and the white mini dress.”


Nick turned his gaze back to the goddess that had captivated his attention. All desire automatically was restrained and a feeling of resentment began to emerge. In the blink of an eye the girl was clutching on to a tube as a multitude of men offered money and the boldest of the bunch threw pieces of paper with phone numbers. It was undeniable that the girl had perfect curves and those legs….Damn it!!! She had the sexiest pair of legs he had ever seen.


"Sir, what are we going to do now?"

“We confront her.”


Just as Nick was about to get the voice of the man who had been on stage minutes before was heard from overhead.


“Let’s give the angels a big round of applause! And now for tonight’s auction…..APHRODITE.”


The audience began to cheer as the goddess stood beside the old man. Nick rubbed his temples. An uction? Damn, this wasn’t going to be good. All the other dancers left the stage smiling and blowing kisses to the crowd as “Aphrodite” stood next to the old man who grabbed her hand and made her turn.


“This little angel will go to whoever is willing to pay the most  to have her tonight. Gentlemen the bid begins at $1500.00.”


 A man stood up and yelled out 2000 having another one counter bid with 3000.


“Well gentlemen will this little angel be going with the young man in the trenchcoat for 3000? What do you think Aphrodite?”

“Hmmmmm…..”- as she smiled seductively.


She hadn’t said much but that sound made Nick’s mind rage.


“Ten thousand”




Chloe stod in a state of shock. The man was extremely handsome. Truth be told he was more than handsome, he was completely intriguing. His shoulders were broad, his hair was sleekly combed back and a bit of stubble adorned his jaw. An exclamation pulle her out of her daze.


“Did you say ten thousand?”


“Okay ten thousand going once…”

“Fifteen thousand”

“Fifteen thousand going once, fiteen…”

“Twenty thousand”

“Thirty Thousand”

“One hundred thousand”

“Five hundred thousand and that’s my final  offer.”


Everyone remained silent including Nick. Damn it, HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! He wasn’t really going to pay that much for a prostitute. He was about to retract when…


“Sold to the gentleman  for five hundred thousand dollars.”


Chloe smiled and Nick came closer to the stage. She reached out her hand and Nick had no other option but to take it. When she came close he realized that he could not lose his mind over a pair of breast and an ass so he leaned over to her.


“Go change woman, I will be waiting for you outside.”


He let go of her hand and walked out the door. Chloe stood there petrified.  That  man had paid an outrageous amount of money. She had assumed that he wanted some action fast but that didn’t seem to be the case. She headed to the dressing room and  changed.


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