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Chapter 2


The blonde raised his hand and the waitress returned to take their orders not without once again nastily looking over at Chloe and murmuring something between her teeth as she walked away.


Chloe: (relaxing into the chair) You’re not spending the night with me are you? I mean intimately.

Aaron: No, but I will be paying you for the time you spend with me. I know you need the money.

Chloe: (frowning) Then what is it that you want from me?

Aaron: Information

Chloe: (hurriedly got up) I don’t know anything. I don’t even know what kind of information I can give you. I think you made a mistake I…

Aaron: (grabbing her hand) Please sit down and let me explain.


Chloe swallowed hard for the umpteenth time and with a tightly clenched heart sat down.


Aaron: I’m a reporter. I’m writing an expose about women who sell their bodies and I’m hoping you can help me out.

Chloe: How?

Aaron: By telling me your story.

Chloe: Why do you want to write about me and a thousand other hookers? Who cares?

Aaron: That’s exactly my point. I want to raise awareness. I want people to care about this issue. I want people to see the reality of it and I know you’d be able to help me do that.

Chloe: Why me? I’m not the only street walker.

Aaron: Because out of all the ones I saw out there you were the one who looked the most distressed, absorbed in thought and dare I say…bored.

Chloe: Who wouldn’t be bored doing this?  Selling yourself to random guys for a few bucks gets boring you know.

Aaron: Why don’t you stop then?

Chloe: Because that would be taking a luxury I can’t afford. Getting into this business is easy, leaving it not so much. You have to understand sir that nobody wants to know about prostitutes. We’re like a plague that society sweeps under the rug.

Aaron: And I will change that with my expose. I will uncover the truth that you are as human as any of the women of the highest class but first I need your collaboration. Do you think it’s fair that the waitress looks at you the way she does not even knowing the reasons behind why you do what you do?

Chloe: No it isn’t fair but few things in life are and sadly there’s others that can’t be changed.

Aaron: Yet there’s others that can if we set our minds to it. So what do you say?

Chloe: (shrugging) It’s worth a try. What is it you want to know?

Aaron (triumphantly smiling) Whatever you want to tell me. I won’t pressure you.

Chloe: Okay.

The waitress set down the plates and walked away, this time not bothering to look at Chloe.

Chloe: I’d feel more comfortable if you would ask me exact questions.

Aaron: Okay. What’s your name?

Chloe: Cassidy

Aaron: You told me it was Nicole

Chloe: If you remembered then why did you ask again?

Aaron: Because I knew you were lying. What’s your real name?

Chloe: Chloe. I’m not supposed to be giving out my real name because it can be dangerous.

Aaron: I can imagine. How old are you?

Chloe: 19

Aaron: (placing the napkin on the table and intensely looking at her) At what age did you start?

Chloe: At 14. Don’t be shocked, I know of a place where there’s 11 year old girls doing this (Chloe watched as the man’s expression compressed). Do not be surprised, this is nothing compared to all there is to tell, believe me there’s worse things.

Aaron: I can just imagine.

Chloe: How old are you?

Aaron: 25

Chloe: You are very young. Have you written a lot of exposes?

Aaron: No, this will be my first and I hope that it takes me to the top.

Chloe: What if it’s a flop?

Aaron: If it’s a flop I will admit defeat and accept my place in the family business.

Chloe: Family? (biting into a french fry) You have a mom and dad?

Aaron: Yeah, don’t you?

Chloe: Yes but I don’t know them. All I have is a picture of them. I have never talked to them face to face but I have gotten letters.

Aaron: Do you have siblings?

Chloe: No. Well at least I don’t think I do. They have never mentioned anything in any of the letters.

Aaron: If you don’t know your parents…who took care of you?

Chloe: I took care of myself. (shrugging) I did live with an aunt though, my mom’s sister. Her name was Whitney.

Aaron: Was?

Chloe: She passed away five months ago, after moving in with her boyfriend. They were in a car accident while under the influence.

Aaron: I’m sorry

Chloe: (shrugs) I’m not.

Aaron studied Chloe’s fixed stare, she really was not sorry so he rushed to ask.

Aaron: Why aren’t you sorry? She was the only relative you had right?

Chloe: Yes but she’s the reason why I’m a hooker and death was her punishment for all the bad shit she did while she was alive.

Aaron: Would you mind if I record this conversation?

Chloe: what for?

Aaron: It’s easier to record the conversation and then write. That way I won’t miss any details.

Chloe: Okay.

Aaron smiled, pulled out a recorder which he placed on the table and pressed the record button.


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