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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey, I posted this chapter up last night but I felt that I had to add a bit more before moving on to the next. so those who have already read this chapter please check out the extra paragraph I added. 

Chapter 3

Aaron: Tuesday April 8th, first interview with Chloe. To protect her identity we shall call her Nicole. (looking at Chloe) Is that okay with you?

Chloe: Yes

Aaron: Tell me a bit about you, your age, what you like to do, what you dream about….everything.

Chloe: I’m 19 years old, I like to read, I’m a year away from graduating and if possible I’d like to go to college (smiling) I’m saving up for it.

Aaron: (smiles) Do you remember how you got into this business?

Chloe: How could forget. I was an innocent little girl back then.

Aaron: Tell me exactly how it happened.

Chloe nodded and started to recall that moment, one of the many she had locked up and started to tell it exactly the way she remembered.

Chloe: I got home from school a little later than usual. The bus had broken down so we had to wait. When I got there my aunt was waiting at the door. She looked mad, annoyed….(the images began to take over in her mind)

Flash Back...

Whitney: Why are you getting home at this time little girl?

Chloe: There was a problem with the bus.

Whitney: Do I look stupid to you?

Chloe: No ma’am

Whitney: I’m sick and tired of supporting you little girl. You’re nothing but a burden. It’s about time you pulled your weight around here and pay me back for all I’ve given you.

Chloe: (clenching her backpack) You want me to work?

Whitney: Yes. You will work. (with a sly smile) Your first client awaits upstairs.

That was the moment Chloe’s innocence was ripped from her hands. She was handed over to a bastard who had no respect for her nor had he been delicate when taking her virginity. She had lost all ownership of her body. Chloe understood that from that day forward her body belonged to her aunt and she was to use it as a work tool making it the easiest and fastest source of income for Whitney.

The guy was fat, about 35 years old with yellow teeth, so hairy that  it looked as though he had a carpet glued to his chest.  His nails were bitten off and filled with dirt, his hair disheveled and he reeked of weed. He had the had the worst possible physical aspect and having with his rugged and greasy hands all over her body had been horribly ungratifying. She had felt nothing but shame and pain.

Chloe: and thats how it happened. Apparently the guy gave my aunt good feedback and she decided it was a great way to make money. Later on she took me to a whore house claiming that I would make more money if I went out searching for men. I had no other choice. I owed her money and had to pay her back.

Aaron: Have you ever searched for another job?

Chloe: Many times. Nobody wants to hire a prostitute with no experience other than one of a sexual nature. It’s like a brand that everyone seens to easily perceive.

Aaron: If you had the opportunity to work….

Chloe: I wouldnt think twice about jumping on it. I really would not mind cleaning houses everyday if it meant leaving this life behind.

And so they spent the rest of the night chatting about Chloe’s life, squeezingevery bit of information. By little past 4 a.m., Aaron felt disgusted and appalled by everything Chloe had told him. He’d always complain about having a difficult life yet had never stopped to look at others’…and Chloe’s was truly sad. He got home at a quarter past 5, going up the stairs making as little noise as possible unaware that someone was wide awake and awaiting his arrival.

-----------This is no time to be getting in

Aaron: what are you doing in my room Nickolas?

Nick: I was waiting for you to get home.

Aaron: Well I’m home, now you can leave.

Nick calmly stood up from the chair he had been sitting on, his 6’2 frame overtowering Aaron. His older brother always intimidated him when he stood that way, as upright as a metal rod.

Nick: Where were you?

Aaron: Around 

Nick: (Frowning) Mom was worried.

Aaron: Sorry

Nick: Cut the crap. You’re not sorry Aaron. It’s time for you to grow up, you’re 25 years old! You’re not a child anymore, be responsible for once.

Aaron: (gritting his teeth) Oh you mean responsible like you, right?

Nick: That’s not what I mean.

Aaron: Oh really? My mistake (smiling) I’m going to bed.

Nick: You are not behaving up to standards, little boy. What will the press say if they find you with mixed company or doing something inappropriate?

Aaron: You have no moral grounds to tell me that. Come on Nick the press doesn’t stop talking about your torrid affairs with those supermodels you switch up on a monthly basis yet you have the nerve to ask me not to give them something to talk about? You know what? You need to get yourself a wife, one who has the patience to deal with you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I want to go to bed.

Nick clasped his hands attempting to hold back his fury and keep from swinging at his brother. He gave Aaron a death glare and left the room slamming the door behind him not caring who he migh wake up. Aaron boasted to himself. He rarely had the upper hand on Nick and picking at his fuse had been a secure win from the get go.

Nick got to his room and sat at the edge of his bed. He wanted to punch something to get out all his frustration. Aaron knew exactly where to strike. Truth be told he was growing tired if his rich womanizing Casanova lifestyle. He grabbed the silver frame from the night stand. The frame contained a picture of Aaron, their little sister Angel and himself smiling and hugging at their uncle’s wedding. How he wished things were like that all the time, but instead they were full of family drama. Angel, the youngest, was a willful and capricious girl; Aaron was the clown and didn’t  care about anything; and Nick, the eldest of the three was cold and distant. His siblings would sometimes call him “iceberg”…..a nickname which wasn’t too far from the truth.


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