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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey everyone, so after getting feedback from one of my friends I will be changing up  the format a bit when it come to the conversation portions. 

Chapter 4





Chloe sat on the small wicker seat in her room, took off her faux fur coat and designer knock off stiletto heels. She sighed as she removed the bright pink wig and placed stored it along with the rest. She used wigs to look different. Very rarely did she go out to “work” sporting her natural jet black hair. She lazily got up and headed to the bathroom which was across the small room separated only by a torn up curtain. She slid off her fishnet stockings along with her underwear and looked in the mirror as she loosened the tangle of  black curls that fell down to her waist. Once she was done she grabbed a jar from the shelf, with the liquid inside it she wet a tissue and removed her make up. She stood there and stared at her reflection seeing nothing but misery, desolation, sadness….a lonely and emotionless tear rolled down her cheek.


She had never bitterly wept, screamed or cursed between tears. Tender tears had grazed her cheeks, but nothing more. Chloe wiped her moistened cheeks with the back of her hand and smiled at her reflection. Though the smile was as empty as could be she didn’t want to lose the habit, didn’t want to forget what a tender and sincere smile looked like.  She exited the bathroom and headed to the corner where Mr. Kelly, the man who rented her the room, had placed a portable stove which was barely good enough for her to make her morning coffee. She glanced over to her bedside table where she had an old alarm clock which after four years of countless hits still perfectly displayed the time…5:30 AM.


That night she had gotten home much later than she would on the busiest of days.  Aaron had no idea how happy she was that for the past week a man was interested in spending nights talking to her. Fort he first time the routine had been broken. No, that wasn’t entirely true because as much as Aaron paid her she still had to work to make ends meet. That night they had talked until 3 in the morning and soon after she picked up two customers. Aaron had provided her with a small breather in her smothering existence and for that she was truly grateful.


Chloe placed a pot of water on the stove as she undressed in the middle of the small room, put the clothes in a basket next to the wicker seat, puto n  a ragged knee-length nightgown she pulled out of the closet and draped a blue wool shawl over her shoulders to keep warm. She then pulled a small jar from the closet in which she kept the money Aaron gave her but first took half of it and placed it in an envelope before hiding the jar with her clothes. She turned her attention to the pot of boiling water, turned off the portable stove and prepared some steaming coffee. She set the cup on her bedside table and slipped into the covers to drink it. When she had finished, she pulled the blankets over her and waited for a deep slumber to overtake her.



7:13 A.M...


Birds flying in the midst of an extensive forest, hovering over the top of leafy tres full of ripe fruit and beautiful flowers waving with the breeze when suddenly….one, two, three loud blows. The angry rumbles made the birds scatter off frightened. The ground shook and fruit fell crashing down, some getting bruised others bursting and spilling all their contents. Another loud blow, followed by another and then another. All the while in between each one she heard her name being called in the distance…Chloeeee, Chloeee, CHLOE!


Chloe awoke shaken up by someone pounding repeatedly at the door. She quickly got up and climbed on the wicker seat to look through the peep hole and see who it was. Her heart raced when she saw the man standing on  the other side of the door. She considered not opening but truthfully she had no other option. She opened and there he stood, imposing and fearsome with ferocious eyes and a lascivious smile.


“Hello Chloe.”


Cole was her aunt’s boyfriend’s son and was just as corrupt and malevolent as his father. He was a cheater and a manipulator. Unfortunately Whitney had a debt with Cole before dying and the bastard claimed it was now Chloe’s responsibilty to pay it off,  hence why he was there that morning.


“Do you have the money?”

“Not all of it. I’m still missing a bit.”


Cole’s smile vanished and he barged into the room closing the door behind him.


“Why the fuck isn’t it complete?”


“Maybe because I haven’t had much work”

“Not much work?”- raising an eyebrow and chuckling- “Don’t make me laugh. I’ve seen you Chloe and there’s nights you don’t get a breather. Men line up around the corners for you doll.”


“Don’t call me doll.”

“Don’t like me calling you that?  Sorry, DOLL but I will call you what I fucking please…now where’s my money?”


Chloe bit her tongue holding back the desire to answer back and headed over to the closet. She pulled out the envelope which she handed to him. Cole opened it, counted the money and looked up nailing his eyes on her.


“What’s wrong?”

“There’s more than a bit missing.”

“That’s all I have.”

“I want you to pay in full, little girl.”

“I don’t have any more money.”

“Ok then you’ll have to pay the only way you know how to.”

“You’re insane. I won’t do it”

“The hell you won’t. I want it all little girl and I want it NOW!!!”- pulling her by the wrist.


Chloe fought but defeat was evident. Cole was taller and stronger, his hands tightly gripping her wrist like steel chains. Everything about him was frightening, one look at him and he exhuded fear. Chloe moaned in pain as he pressed her against his muscular torso. Cole really was handsome at first glance but once you got to know him his obnoxious nature took from the physical appeal.


Chloe gave him a swift kick in the shin and ran past him towards the door. He yanked her by the hair and slammed her against the dresser, bruising her stomach with the drawer handle.  He came up to her ear still holding her tangled hair tightly between his fingers.


“Don’t fucking play with me you cheap whore”


Chloe wanted to cry, she wanted to scream but couldn’t, her throat closed  up and she knew the inevitable would happen…Cole was going to have his way with her right there without giving a damn.  She clenched her fists over the dresser, knowing there was nothing left to do but take it as she felt Cole’s member rubbing up against her folds. A few seconds later she felt as he pulled away. Had he changed his mind?  Maybe deep inside there was a shred of compassion. When she saw him pull a condom out of his jean pocket and put it on she once again felt repulsed by the man.


“I’d rather not take any risks. God only know what shit you’ve caught you dirty fucking slut”


Once again he pushed her against the dresser and this time entered her with one thrust. Contained tears rolled down Chloe’s face but like many times before she didn’t scream in agony nor moaned as she felt her vaginal walls brutally stretched. She just stood there, feeding her anger and alllowing the tears to soak the wood on which Cole was fucking her like what she was ….a vile prostitute.


Chapter End Notes:

I know this chapter is a bit long but I felt the need to give a bit of a glimpse into Chloe's life and add a little bit of tragedy into it. Hope you guys enjoy. PS: thank you all who have commented. Very much appreciated :)

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