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Chapter 5 

Jane was a smart woman, too smart honestly, but she focused that intelligence into being the best or to harm those she considered beneath her. She was a beautiful woman. At 49 years old she remained that elegant rose. Not a single wrinkle covered her face. She had birthed her first child, Nickolas, at the tender age of 21. Before Nick was born she and Bob had gotten married and contrary to popular belief they had done so for love, a love that remained strong after 30 years.  Along with their three children they appeared to be the perfect family, an image that was to be up-kept no matter what she had to do.


“What were you able to find out Nickolas?

“Not a thing.”

“ I think you’re hiding something from me. Where has Aaron been going every single night?”

“ I don’t know mom and I don’t think you should care this much.”

“You all are my children, of course I care”

“And Aaron is 25 years old. He’s no longer a child mom. He’s  a grown man and he knows what he’s doing.”

“What if he’s headed down the wrong path?”

“If he is, that’s his responsibility mom.”

“I won’t have that Nickolas! I don’t want my children to be the target of gossip.”

“Mom, would you please think about something other than what people will say for once? Where’s dad?”

“He headed off  to the office early. He had to sign some contracts. He asked me to let you know that he needs your signature for some permits.” 

“ Okay. Oh hey mom, by the way just to let you know I’m going back to my place tonight.”

“ So soon?”

“Yes, I got a call from Leighanne this morning telling me they were done with the renovations, so I can go home.”

“Now how will I find out what Aaron is doing?

“ For heaven’s sakes mom let it go. I already asked him and he didn’t tell me. There’s nothing else I can do.”- he kissed Jane’s forehead- “I’ll invite you guys over for dinner within the next few days.”- leaving the house.


“I can’t let Aaron waste his life away. No, I won’t allow it!”


And with these words she swore to find out, by all means necessary, what her youngest son was hiding.




Cole slowly backed away, tortuously pulling out of her, he pulled off the condom, threw it on the floor and zipped his pants. Chloe stayed still, clinging on to the dresser as her fury slowly grew, taking over every pore in her body and gnawing at her self control. She wanted to push him to the ground, take the penknife laying within her reach and stab him in the crotch over and over again  until she quenched her thirst of vengeance for the humiliation she had just endured. The shed tears burned her skin like hot steel.


“I don’t like broads crying while I fuck them.”


Chloe turned to Cole with fury filled eyes…


“Then go fuck your grandmother you sick bastard.”


A second after the words left her mouth Chloe felt a burning in her cheek from Cole’s slap.


“Don’t you dare insult me bitch, you have no right. You’re nothing but a whore just like your aunt. That conniving slut  coaxed my father and milked him for all his money while she ran around screwing God knows how many dipwads."


Chloe smiled at him mockingly.


“Need I remind you that your father was one of those dipwads?”


Cole let out another raged squeal and once again raised his hand at her. This time however, Chloe reacted quickly, grabbed the penknife from the dresser and held it up to Cole.


“Don’t you dare!! I swear to God I won’t hesitate to leave you looking like a sieve. I don’t care if I end up in jail.”


Cole saw the decision in he reyes, raised both hands in surrender and took two steps back. 

He then added:

“Next week I better be collecting the full amount or I’ll be fucking that pretty little body of yours again. If you thought this was bad, believe me next time it will be worse. Oh and just so you see I’m not so cruel stop by the bar tonight. Maybe you can make some extra money with one of your shows. Tonight is auction night and I’m more than sure that if one of those old farts that drool over you is there, he’ll pay top dollar for you.”


Chloe took a deep breath when Cole finally left the room.  She wouldn’t allow him to touch her again. Just the thought of his hands on her body or  his member thrusting inside her filled her with disgust. She silently moaned with shame and humiliation. She dropped the penknife and rushed to lock the door. Once she was sure that he had no way of getting back in Chloe ran to the bathroom and jumped into the shower, just sitting under the scorching hot water until the pain that was tearing on her insides subsided. After some time she got out and saw the used condom on the floor. She ran back to the bathroom grabbing some toilet paper, picked it up and threw it out. As she began to dry her hair she was interrupted by a knock on the door. Chloe looked through the peep-hole only to sigh with relief when she saw who was on the other side.



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