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Chapter 6



Chloe had never been so relieved to see Kristen, her friend from two rooms down.


“Hey Kris.”

“Hi sweetie. I saw Cole leaving a while ago. What did he want?”

“He was here to get his money. Oh damn forgive my looking like a hot mess. Give me a moment to go change.”


Kirsten took a look at Chloe’s soaked nightgown and reddened cheek but decided not to ask. She had an idea of what that bastard had done so she opted to remain silent as Chloe changed.


“Done. So tell me how are you?”

“ I’m good. Liste Chlo, I heard some rumors floating around.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes and well I’m pretty much here for confirmation.”

“What did you hear?”

“What’s this about you getting dropped off by some rich guy the other night? Oh wait don’t tell me…you've got a client who’s loaded and is infatuated with you, right?

“Bahahaha, of course not! He’s a journalist doing an expose about prostitutes who asked me for some help. We’ve been chatting and well he pretty much offered to drive me home that night.

“Wow. So, do you like him?”

“He’s cute but he’s not really my type.”

“Damn, that sucks. Hahaha”-crossing her arms- “What time are you heading out there tonight?”

“At 7. I’ve got to pick up as many clients as I can to have the money ready for Cole next week.”

“You don’t have to keep on giving that bastard money.”

“If I don’t he’s gonna come after me Kris. He’ll take all my stuff and sell it, leaving me with nothing.”

“There’s no reason why you should be paying your aunt’s debt”- compassiomately touching Chloe’s arm- “But if you need money let me know. I can lend it to you. I’ve been doing pretty well and unlike you what I make for sleeping with those old farts is all mine.”


Chloe smiled at her, gratitude in her eyes.


“Thanks Kris, you are the greatest friend I could possibly have.”


At that moment the house phone rang, echoing in every corner of the boarding house. According to Mr. Kelly anyone who was near it had to answer it.  Someone actually did answer it and a few seconds later a deafening scream rumbled in each tenant’s ears.




Chloe ran down the stairs to the hallway where the phone was. A short chubby girl with dark brown hair was holding out the phone for her as she examined her green nail polish.


“Did they say who it was?”

“No, but it’s a man.”


The girl handed Chloe the phone and left.



“Hey Chloe, it’s Aaron”

“Oh Hey.”

“How are you doing today?”

“I’m well.”

“Glad to hear that. Listen, I’ve got some free time today. I was thinking maybe we could use it to talk a bit more. What do you say we meet up around 3 p.m?”

“Yeah, sure but…..”

“Don’t worry, I will pay for the time. Not a problem.”


Chloe couldn’t help but blush.


“Okay. Where do you want to meet up?”

“At the Belleview Park. Is that ok with you?”

“Sure. I’ll be there at three on the dot.”

“Great. See you then. Bye Chloe.”

“Bye.” – hung up and sighed.


She ran her hand through her hair, combing it a bit. A strange feeling boiled inside bher, as if something was going to happen and that something was very close….way too close.




The beautiful Maybach parked on the block accross the street from the boarding house remained still. There was no way of seeing anything from the outside due to the tinted windows and while passerbys wondered what was someone with that car doing in that neighborhood, the passengers wondered about another matter….


“Are you sure this is the place?”

“Yes, this is where she lives. Aaron has brought her here a couple of times”

“You had someone follow him?”
“ I had to. This morning when I went to the office Mark was waiting for me with the information.”

“You asked your mother’s driver to follow Aaron!?!”

“Yes I did.”

“ I really don’t get it Nick. Come on man, we were his age once upon a time and went out there in search of a little company a couple of times ourselves.”

“You said it well AJ, a few times.  Aaron has been with prostitutes since he came back from California.”

“Oh wow, okay  point in your favor. That’s a whole other level.”

“Do you think he’s in love?’

“It’s a possibility.”

“No! It’s not a possibility. My brother can’t be involved with a whore.”

“Do you know who she is?”

“ I don’t. The only proof I have are the shitty pictures taken from the celphone. All I can see is my brother’s face and a woman with black hair. Besides I decided to have Mark follow him only a few days ago but I don’t have to be a psychic to know that it’s the same one every night.”

“Well then let’s stop all the black-haired prostitutes and forcé them to stay away from Aaron.”

“ I fucking hate your sarcasm.”

“ And I hate that you’re stressing over something that you know you can’t do a damn thing about.”

“You see that’s where you’re wrong AJ and you know it. I’ve decided to keep this woman away from my brother and that’s exactly what will happen sooner or later…. and rest assured it will be sooner.


Nick ordered the driver to go as he settled back in his seat and put his dark shades back over his eyes. He had to come up with a good strategy to start this war and obviously win it. He would not allow some Jezebel to destroy his brother’s life and smear the family name.


Meanwhile, AJ shook his head, in the 15 years he’d known Nick  he had come to know well that he was a take action kind of man. Nick was spoiled- very spoiled- he was used to his will being done above all and the worst part was that he always got his way. This was why he was the way he was. He was no longer a teenage brat, he was a grown man nearing 30. Truth be told the years had only perfected his gift when it came to finance. That man was able to handle numbers just as well as he could women. He was an expert in the art of manipulating them and the women loved it, all those high class young ladies turning into groupies when they saw Nick.


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