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“Mom, there’s no way I’m asking him.”

“Why not Angel?”

“Cause I just won’t. What do you expect me to go up to his room and say hey bro what exactly is it that you do every night that keeps you out until the wee hours? For the love of God mom, it’s more than obvious Aaron has a girlfriend and doesn’t want us to know about it. And do I really need to tell you what’s going on between them?”

“Don’t talk to me like that Angel.”

“I’m being realistic mom. I get your butting into my life, as much as it annoys me, but come on…getting involved in Aaron’s life  is as ridiculous as doing so in Nick’s.”

“You know I still do with Nickolas.”

“Exactly my point, it’s ridiculous.

“I dont think it’s ridiculous to wanting to know what my children are up to. Evem more so when the family’s reputation is at stake.


Angel set her cup down on the table. Jane knew just which buttons to push. If there was one thing that worried Angel was people talking about her or the family. It wasn’t as if she didn’t like the attention, after all she loved being the center of attention, but the tone that Jane had used left no doubt that the talk about them wouldn’t be good.


“What do you mean?”

“I mean that your brother is resorting to inconvinient company.”

“Get to the point mom,”

“First promise me that you will help me out”

“Tell me first.”

“Promise or we will cancel your  sweet 16.”


Angel gritted her teeth. Her Masquerade-themed sweet 16 was a mere two weeks away adn although her parents had spent tons of money on it, she was sure that her mom was more than capable of cancelling.


“Fine, I promise I’ll help in any way I can.”



Jane explained to Angel the clues that she had found which led her to believe that Aaron was involved with mixed company. Clues rangin from the smell of cheap women’s perfume on Aaron’s black leather jacket to the red strand of nylon hair that she had found stuck around the collar. Angel was completely in shock at her mom’s discoveries and even more at her theories these discoveries had led to.


“The strand of hair comes from a wig no doubt about it.  The way I see these are the only possibilies: A- the wig belongs to a transvestite; B- it belongs to a bald woman; C-it belongs to your brother who developed a liking to cross-dressing or D- it belongs to a prostitute.”

“Did you ever stop to think that maybe it could be a decent woman who simply likes wigs?”

“Yes, but I discarded it when I recalled a decent woman would not spend entire night with a man. Which one would you wager on the transvestite, the bald woman, your brother cross dressing or the whore?”

Angel couldn’t help but frown at her mother’s question.


“Oh God, I don’t know. I guess I’d have to go with the prostitute. I still don’t get why you are obsessing over this. Aaron isn’t the first man to pay for those kind of women. It’s just a quick lay for a good time.”

“And that good time has turned into a nightly thing. God only knows what kind of STDs that woman carries or even worse what her intentions are.  That’s the reason I really need your help, Angel. I want you to follow Aaron. ”

“You want me to do what!?!? You’ve lost it mom! I’m 15  years old for Christ’s sake.”

“Which is why you are perfect for the job, it’s easier for you to hide.”

“At timees you frighten me mom.”

“Shall I take this as a compliment?”

“Not at all. Listen I’ve got to go ot I’ll be late for school.”

“You promised you’d help me Angel.”

“I know. But I’ll come up with a better idea than following Aaron.”

“Fine. You’re a clever girl, I trust you.”



2:30 PM….


“You’re telling me that mom is planning on having Aaron followed because she believes he’s a transexual?”

“Yes, that’s one of her theories. That’s why I stopped by the office before going home. Mom is determined on finding out what Aaron is hiding.”


Nick turned to face the window thinking how ludicrous his mother’s theories were. Most of them, anyways. She had hit a bullseye about the prostitute.  Now how the hell was he to tell Jane that “Little” Aaron has a relationship with a hooker?


Angel walked up to her brother and squeezed his arm


“You know something.”

“Me? No, why do you ask?”

“It wasn’t a question. I hate it when you treat me like a little girl. Come on Nick I may only be 15 but I don’t think like one. I worry about Aaron and even more about mom, she’s gonna go insane.”


Nick turned to his baby sister and caressed her hair.


“Aaron is involved with a prostitute.”

“uhmmmm so one of mom’s theories was right.”

“Right but we both know that mom would rather Aaron be a cross dresser than find out that he’s involved with one of those women.”

“She’s not the only one Nick. The idea terrifies me. Those women are only meant to have sex with. What if he falls in love with her?”


Nick frowned at Angel’s question.


“When the hell did you grow up little girl?”


Angel smiled. Suddenly the door opened and Aaron walked in.


“Well, well, well are you having a sibling meeting and left me out?”

“Aaaron!!! It’s great to see you. I haven’t seen you in like three days and we live in the same house!”

“What can I say Gellie, I’m a very busy man.”

“I still wonder with what because it sure as hell isn’t with the stuff here in the office.”

“I’m a business man bro. Always where duty calls.”

“Are you boys hungry? How about all three of us go get something to eat?

“Sounds good to me.”

“Oooops sorry Gellie, I’ll have to pass. I’m meeting someone in half an hour and can’t cancel.”

“Why don’t you invite the person to come join us.”

“I don’t think that’s appropriate sis. I really don’t think she’d feel comfortable.”

“Oh, so it’s a she? I thought it was a business meeting.”

“It is Gellie but you wouldn’t understand. I’m sorry I won’t be able to join you but  we could go to the movies or out to dinner one of these days.”

“Yeah  sure.”- Angel pulled out a scrapbook from her backpack- “Here, maybe this will help you remember the meaning of FAMILY.”

“Great, thanks Gellie. I’ve got to go. See ya!”


The second Aaron left the office, Angel turned to Nick with a horrified look in her face.


“He’s going to meet up with her!! With a whore Nick!!!!

“I can see that.”

“He’s ditching us for her!!”

“Call mom and tell her that you’ll be home later."

“Nick I’m no longer in the mood to go out for lunch. I’ve completely lost my appetite…”

“We’re going to follow him.”

“We’re what?”

“ You heard me.” We’re gonna seize this opportunity, sis. Call mom and make it quick before we lose track of him.”


Angel did just as Nick told her and the immideately rushed down the stairs to the office parking garage where they quickly got into Nick’s car and  followed Aaron as he drove off. 


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