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Nick paced back and forth in his office holding his cellphone in one hand and a financial report on the other. He was growing tired of waiting for Mark’s call when the phone rang.


“Sir I’ve got the information. Her name is Chloe. One of her neighbors told me that she indeed works the streets. She goes out every night and doesn’t come back to the wee hours. The girl also said that there’s days she doesn’t come hom so she most likely goes away with her clients. I couldn’t really ask much more because I didn’t want to raise suspicion but I did find out where she stations herself”

“Perfect Mark, come pick me up so you can take me there.”

“Sure thing sir. There’s plenty of women stationed in that corner from what I was able to see the other night. Just have to ask for “Aphrodite”, that’s her.”

“Thanks Mark. I appreciate your help since Peter is busy right now, I’ll be here waiting for you.”

Nick hung up the phone and an almost evil grin appeared on his face.

“Aphrodite, you will soon learn not to mess with my family.”


10:30 PM...

“You look so pretty today Chlo.”

“Yeah right, I barely had any time to get ready. Almost came out naked. I’m heading to Cole’s bar tonight.”

“I’m sure coming out naked  wouldn’t have been a problem ha ha. I don’t really like the idea of you going to Cole’s bar. You know that the auctions are not that good. You don’t get the option of picking your clients.”

“I know that but what can I do. I gotta get going or I’ll be late.”

“Did you eat?”

“I didn’t have time Kris. I just grabbed a sándwich earlier today.”

“That’s why you are so thin Chlo. Do you remember that short old chubby man from last weekend? Uhmmm… Dwayne”

“Of course I do.”

“He hired Rachel last night and told her that you’d been good but that you’re too thin.”

“If he doesn’t like me then don’t buy me.”

That’s what I said. But it did raise my concern for you. You are a bit thin Chlo.”

“The problem is that I don’t eat well.”

“ Do you need money?”

“I don’t have the luxury of having 3 meals a day Kris. If I did I wouldn’t have any savings. Plus I don’t really get hungry.”

“You’re exaggerating on the savings thing. But fine. I’ll drop it.” – Kristen pulled out some money out of her bra. – “Go and get something to eat before going to Cole’s.”

“ Kris, I can’t accept this.”

“Chloe Marie Johnson, take the damn money or I swear that I will scare off your customers.”

“Don’t even joke with that.”

“I’m not joking sweetie. You accept it or I will follow you around all night. I don’t mind not working tonight to scare potential customers. Now go get some food.”

“You are so manipulative.”

“ Ha, thanks. Now go.”- she gives Chloe the money.

“Fine.”- she hugs her friend- “Thanks Kris, don’t know what I’d do without you.”

As  Chloe disappered in the distance on her way to “Heaven” a limo came to a halt in front of Kristen.

“Holy shit! This one’s mine!”

“You’re  such a gold digging skank Rachel.”

“Ha  ha ha,  the pot calling the kettle black.”

The brunette walked up to the limo. Rachel was a beautiful woman standing at 5’7  with a supermodel body. The driver’s side window rolled down exposing a middle-aged man.

“Hi handsome. Need some company?” – smiling as she unbottoned her jacket showing off her goods.

“Uhmmm….are you Aphrodite?”

Rachel’s smile was quickly replaced with a look of disgust.

“No but I’m better than her.”

“Sorry Miss but I’m looking for Aphrodite.”

“Well she’s not here so you’ll have to chose from the ones here.”-The man thanked her and started rolling the window up.- “Hey hey aren’t you going to scope one out? Believe me the only desireable thing about Aphrodite is her name.”

“ But….”

“What the hell are you saying Rachel?”

“Buzz off skeezer, this one’s mine.”

Kris was about to snap back at Rachel but then decided to turn to the man.

“Picking her would be a mistake sir. She tends to zonk off.”

“That’s a damn lie!!”

 “Enough ladies!”- Turning to Kris- “Are you Aphrodite?’

“No but I can tell you where to find her.”

“Great”- rolls up the window and turns to Nick- “Did you hear that sir?”

“Yes, Thanks Mark. Get the information from her and let’s go look for her.”

“Yes sir.”



Chloe arrived at the bar and after an uncomfortable running into Cole she was no in the dressing room getting dressed. That night “the angels” would be auctioned so she she put on a skimpy  tight white dress that barely  covered what it must and a pair of white heels. Once she was dressed, she put on a sparkly white mask and adjusted her short black wig.  She would step onto the stage in a few minutes and await for someone to start the bidding. She prayed that who ever won would bid enough and that he was at least a nice guy.


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