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Every Road Leads Back

By Dottie

Copyright 2012


Chapter 11

            While the boys are hitting it big in Europe, the girls settle into routines with their jobs and prepare to go away to college. When AJ calls Giselle to tell him they are on their way home for some much needed relaxation, she's almost giddy. Nick had been calling her almost every day. Even though she gets the feeling he's lost his virginity, she isn't really mad. As much as she likes him, she's not sure she's ready for a physical relationship with him. She wants to get to know him.

            After talking to AJ, Giselle jogs to Kendall's house. Once there, they settle out by the pool and Giselle says, "OK, talk. Why do you seem so sad that AJ is coming home?"

            Kendall says, "I don't know if I can face him Giselle. We had a huge fight after prom."

            Giselle says, "No kidding. It was so cold when you two were around I needed a jacket. So what happened?"

            Kendall sighs and says, "We did it."

            Giselle is quiet for about 30 seconds before saying, "And?"

            Kendall says, "We had a fight after. I thought...well, I was stupid and thought he'd ask me to go steady. Be his girl. Wait for him. You know, like Brian did Meagan."

            Giselle says, "But he didn't?"

            Kendall says, "No, he said he was glad Shawn didn't pop my cherry."

            Giselle groans and says, "He didn't."

            Kendall nods and says, "It's ok, Giselle, really.  I'm not mad anymore or even hurt. I mean, how can I be? I've got Grant."

            Giselle smiles and says, "Yeah, you've got him wrapped firmly around your little finger. So how's that going Ken?"

            She laughs and says, "It's great. I can't believe we were friends in school but he was too afraid to ask me out."

            Giselle laughs and says, "Why was he afraid?"

            Kendall says, "AJ. He thought AJ and I was a hot item. Maybe we were then, but..."

            Giselle says, "How do you feel about AJ, Ken?  How do you really feel?"

            She thinks about it for a long time before she says, "I love him. But what I feel for him isn't what I feel for Grant. I mean, I'm glad he was my first. It seemed right. But, well, I don't think about him like that anymore."

            Giselle says, "Then don't worry about it. Treat him like you always have when he gets home. He seems to be really happy for you and Grant. Maybe friends are all you're supposed to be with him."

            Kendall says, "What about Nick? Are you excited to see him?"

            Giselle smiles and says, "Yeah, I am. I just hope he's...never mind."

            Kendall says, "Come on, talk! This is me; you know you can tell me anything."

            Giselle says, "Kendall, he wanted me to be his first after prom. I just...I'm not ready for that. I think I hurt his feelings when I said no."

            Kendall laughs and says, "Giselle, he's a GUY, they don't have feelings. Well, one. They get horny. I'm sure he's gonna try getting in your pants again when he gets here."

            Giselle blushes and says, "Geesh, Kendall!"

            Kendall laughs and says, "Giselle, do what feels right. If it doesn't feel right, say no. Nick's a nice kid. A bit on the rowdy side, from what Brian told Meagan, but I don't think he'll hurt you."

            Giselle smiles and says, "Can I tell you something kind of silly?"

            Kendall says, "Sure, shoot."

            Giselle says, "I really think Meagan and Brian are going to end up together forever."

            Kendall says, "Really? You think he wants that?"

            Giselle nods and says, "AJ's been telling me how Brian always talks about Meagan. How he misses her. His bunk on his bus is covered in pictures of her. He says he's never seen a guy this into a girl."

            Kendall smiles and says, "I hope he's right. Meagan is as nuts for Brian."

            Giselle says, "I know." After a brief silence, she says, "Ken, you gonna be ok with AJ?"

            Kendall says, "I think so. You're right; he's always going to be one of my dearest friends. Maybe that's all it's supposed to be."

            Giselle says, "Good. Now, for the other reason I came over."

            Kendall says, "What?"

            Giselle says, "I found us an apartment close to school. I think we can swing the rent if you, Meagan and I room together.  That is, if you still want to..."

            Kendall smiles and says, "Want to? Are you kidding? I'm so ready to get into my own place. Where Grant can come anytime he wants and my dad doesn't sit in the kitchen playing with his rifle."

            Giselle laughs and says, "Well, I've already talked to Meagan. We can move in next week. Paula and Hoke paid the deposit as a graduation present for me."

            Kendall says, "Giselle, that's...WOW!"

            Giselle says, "I wish they had been my real mom and dad. Everyone in their family has been so great to me. Howie calls me once a week to check on his ‘baby sister' as he calls me now."

            Kendall says, "You know, I think AJ hooked up with some great guys. And they sound amazing together."

            Giselle says, "I know. How is it we had AJ around all these years and we never knew he was THAT good?"

            Kendall says, "Cause we also know he's the AJ that farted in the lunch line and left slime on our locker doors at school."

            The girls both laugh and Giselle says, "I'm so glad he's coming home. I asked if he wanted to stay at our apartment. Is that ok?"

            Kendall says, "It's fine, but where will he sleep? He sure as hell isn't getting in my bed."

Giselle laughs and says, "He can sleep in my room. I'll get an air mattress. You sure you're ok with it?"

            Kendall says, "Yeah, but what about Nick?"

            Giselle chews on her fingernail and says, "I want him to stay too, but I don't want to get his hopes up.  I guess he can take the couch."

            Kendall says, "Or you can let him and AJ both sleep in your bed with you. AJ can keep Nick off your ass!"

            Giselle is shocked at what she said. Kendall jumps up laughing and starts to run. Giselle chases her until they both collapse in the grass. She says, "Kendall, I don't want to get all mushy and sentimental, but thanks for being my friend."

            Kendall hugs her and says, "Thanks for being mine. Don't worry, we'll figure out sleeping arrangements so the boy wonder can stay with us too. Who knows, maybe this time you'll tell him ‘yes'."

            As Giselle jogs back to Hoke and Paula's, she thinks about Nick and says to herself, ‘Yeah...maybe I will say yes.' 


Chapter End Notes:

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