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Every Road Leads Back

By Dottie

Copyright 2012


Chapter 18


            After getting over the initial shock, she says, "Hi Nick. How are you?"

            He says, "Good. You?"

            She says, "I'm great. Just moved into my own place and I have a new job."

            He says, "Great. That's great."

            When he lapses into silence she says, "What's wrong, Nick?"

            He says, "I miss you."

            Hearing the longing in his voice she's feeling herself, she says, "I miss you too."

            He says, "Really? You do?"

            She says, "Yes, Nick, I do. Things might have ended badly when you were here, but I never stopped caring."

            He says, "I'm glad. I, umm, I wanted to know...can I visit you?"

            She says, "You're back in the US now?"

            He says, "Yeah, we have a 2 month break.  I was hoping I could maybe spend some time with you. We could talk. I mean really talk."

            Covering up her sadness that they are back and she hasn't heard from Meagan or AJ, she says, "I'd like that Nick. When will you be in town?"

            He says, "Couple of days. We're all in New York right now.  Brian and Meagan are heading to Kentucky. Howie is going to see Paula and Hoke, Kevin's going to work on his wedding and AJ went to LA with Shelby."

            Fighting back tears, Giselle says, "I'd love to see you Nick. What about your family?"

            He says, "I haven't spoken to them in forever. I'd much rather spend it with someone that means something to me. YOU!"

            His words make her feel all tingly. She says, "I have to work four days a week, but I'd love having you here."

            He says, "What about school?"

            She says, "In another week and a half I'll have a 3 week break. How long would you like to stay?"

            He says, "Forever. But we'll play it by ear. I don't want to get in your way."

            Something's telling Giselle Nick's really depressed. She says, "You're not gonna be in the way. Call me and let me know when to pick you up at the airport, ok?"

            He says, "Great. Thanks." After a minute, he says, "How's Kendall and Grant?"

            Smiling, she says, "Doing great. They are planning a Christmas wedding.  She's so excited."

            Nick says, "That's good.  Seems like everyone's happy these days."

            Giselle says, "You're not, Nick. What's wrong?"

            He says, "Can we talk when I get there?"

            She says, "Of course we can."

            He says, "Thanks, G. I knew I could count on you."


            When she sees Nick at the airport on Friday, she's amazed at how he's changed. He looks so tired. When he pulls her into a bear hug, she feels the tension leave his body as he whispers, "Thank God!"

            She steps back and says, "What?"

            He says, "I'm tired of all this shit. I missed you like crazy."

            Falling in step beside him, they head to baggage claim.  As he's pulling his suitcases from the belt, he says, "You look good, G. How's the job?"

            She says, "It's intimidating, but I kind of love it. Everyone's been very helpful."

            He says, "If you were my boss, I'd do ANYTHING you wanted."  When he wiggles his eyebrows up and down, she laughs. He says, "I'm serious. One look at you, and I'd get on my hands and knees and scrub the floor."

            She slaps his arm and says, "I'll remember that."

            Once his bags are in her trunk, she turns to move to the driver's side door. He stops her, swinging her around to face him. When their eyes meet, he says, "God I've missed you!"

            When his lips land on hers, she's stunned...and also thrilled. After a kiss that makes her blush from head to toe because an airport shuttle full of people drove by cheering, Nick says, "So, you have your own place. Sure you have room for me?"

            After getting into her car, she says, "Of course I do. I have to work tonight, but I'll be home by 10:30. If you want to drop me off and pick me up, you can use my car."

            He puts his hand on her thigh and says, "Nah, I'm just gonna chill out. Maybe watch a movie.  I'm tired."

            Covering his hand with hers once they are out of the parking lot, she says, "You look tired Nick. Now why don't you tell me what's been going on?"

            He sighs and says, "When we're performing it's amazing.  I love being on stage.  But then, well...off stage, the guys...we're all changing."

            I say, "What do you mean changing?"

            He says, "Well Kevin and Howie both are serious with their girls.  Kevin's getting married and I think Howie will too.  Brian used to hang out with me all the time but now that Meagan's on the road with us, I hardly get to see him.  And AJ..."

            When he trails off, she says, "What about AJ, Nick? Is he ok?"

            Nick says, "Honestly, I don't know. He's gone crazy getting tattoos. He's smoking more and, well..."

            She says, "Please tell me, Nick."

            He says, "I caught him once doing coke.  He said he just tried it and he wasn't gonna do it again."

            She's stunned by what he said.  She pulls into a Wendy's parking lot and turns to Nick, saying, "Drugs? AJ?"

            Nick says, "I don't know. But...he's different. Don't you hear it when you talk to him?" When she lowers her eyes, he says, "OH G, I'm sorry. I thought he was..."

            She says, "Don't worry Nick. He's got a lot going on. I didn't expect daily calls." Taking a deep breath, she starts the car again. Once on the road, she says, "What's the deal with this Shelby girl? I thought his girlfriend's name was Kate."

            Nick says, "He's got a different girl in every country it seems.  He's...he's different G. I'm kind of worried about him."

            The rest of the ride is made in silence that's only broken when a song comes on the radio Nick likes. Once at Giselle's apartment, he says, "You're not mad at me, are you G?"

            She shakes her head and says, "No, not at all. I always worry about AJ. He's just...He doesn't call me so I don't know what's going on."

            Nick flops down on the sofa and pulls her down beside him. Hugging her close, he says, "Thanks for letting me come here, G. I really didn't feel like spending my time off alone."

            She says, "You're welcome to stay as long as you want, Nick."

            He kisses her cheek and nibbles across her face to her lips.  He slowly works his tongue between her lips, sliding it along her teeth.  She whimpers and lets her tongue meet his in a sensual dance.  He runs his hand up her arm to her neck and strokes her cheek with his thumb. When their lips part, he says, "For all the ways I hurt you before, I am sorry, G. I didn't mean to."

            She leans against him, snuggling under his chin. She whispers, "It's ok, Nick. We were young and neither of us ready for what happened."

            They lay in silence for a while. Finally, she sits up and says, "I have to get ready for work. Do you need anything?"

            Giving her what has become dubbed ‘the Carter smirk' by the fans, he says, "Only thing I need is you."

            She smiles and says, "Still horny like a teenager, huh?"

            He blushes and says, "When it comes to you, yes."

            She laughs and says, "Yeah right. I'm gonna go get ready for work."

            Before she can stand, he pulls her onto his chest and leans back, working his knee between her legs.  Pulling her face to his, he grinds his knee up into the cleft of her thighs, moving his hands down to her butt to pull her even harder against him.

            She whimpers in his arms, her body writhing under the heat of his touch. When she pulls back to look at him, he whispers, "I meant it, G. You make me ache. I need you."

            She puts her hands on his chest and says, "But Nick..."

            He says, "Just...think about it, ok? I mean, if you say no, then you say no. I'll just jack off a lot. But I want to touch you again, G. I want to hold you and feel your body against mine. I've missed that. I've missed YOU!"

            She stares into his eyes...not sure if she can trust him.  Finally, she whispers, "I have to get ready for work. Can we...talk about this tonight?"

            He sits up and kisses her gently, saying, "Yes. G, I swear...I've missed you like crazy."

            Putting her forehead against his, she says, "Against my better judgment, I've missed you too."

            He smiles and says, "Need help getting ready for work?"

            She giggles and says, "Nope. I can do it. Why don't you take a nap."

            He hugs her tightly and says, "You're JUST what I needed Babe. Thanks for letting me stay."

            After she slips into the bathroom to get ready, Nick pulls out his cell phone to make a quick call to his bodyguard, Tim. When he answers, Nick says, "I'm here dude. That's $500 you owe me."

            Tim says, "Nuh huh, the bet was you get in her pants.  And you have to have PROOF Nicky boy.  I'm not taking YOUR word for it."

            Nick says, "If you think I'm...forget Tim, I am NOT taking pictures of myself fucking her."

            Tim says, "Good. I don't want to see your dick. But surely you can find SOMEWAY to prove it. Otherwise, you owe Billy and me EACH $500."

            Nick says, "Don't you worry, Asshole. You'll get your proof."

            After hanging up, Nick laces his fingers behind his head and closes his eyes. His body tightens when he thinks about how tight Giselle was when he first made love to her. He can't wait to feel her wrapped around his dick again. He really hopes he can get her to blow him this time and let him cum in her mouth. That's his new fantasy.

            When she comes out of her room wearing black slacks, a blue blouse with a black blazer over it, he whistles and says, "Wow, look at you. All professional!"

            She laughs and smoothes her hair out.  Picking up her purse, she says, "Sure you don't need anything?"

            He walks over to her and cups her face to kiss her gently. When his lips leave hers, he says, "I only need you G. Come home soon."

            She smiles and says, "I'll be here at 10:30. See you later."


            Once in her car, she closes her eyes and tries to control her breathing. She had wanted to stay strong, but his kisses drove her insane. Her whole body is throbbing with lust.

By the time she gets to work, she's managed to get herself under control. She sits down with the manager and goes over what is expected of her for the night. Pushing aside all thoughts of Nick, she focuses on the tasks at hands. Soon enough, she's going to be home. Then she has to decide whether or not to let Nick in again. If she does, how can she stop him from hurting her this time?




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