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Every Road Leads Back

By Dottie

Copyright 2012


Chapter 04

            Thanksgiving actually turned out to be fun for Giselle.  After dinner, AJ invited Kendall and Meagan over, Kendall's boyfriend Shawn was invited too. At first, he and AJ seemed to size each other up, but AJ could see Kendall really liked the guy. Besides, he kind of has a girlfriend too...no one knows yet though.

            Nick was pretty quiet the first few days, but when all the "kids" are there, he starts opening up. Everyone treats him like a new friend, not like the "youngest" as the case is when he's with the group.  When AJ makes a comment about the rest of the guys coming to Florida to work on new material, Giselle sees Nick lose some of his happy mood. When he leaves the living room, saying he's getting another drink, she follows him.

            When he sees her behind him in the kitchen, he says, "Uh, hi."

            She smiles and says, "I get it Nick."

            He says, "What?"

            I say, "They treat you like a little kid, huh?"

            He blushes and turns around, saying, "No, it's..."

            She says, "Nick, have you noticed how they treat me? Like I'm gonna break." When he turns to look at her, she says, "OK, I was a basket case when AJ got me from that house, but seriously, they always hover and protect me. It used to bug the crap out of me till I realized it's only because they care so much."

            He says, "So how do I make them stop treating me like a kid."

            I laugh and say, "Throw it back in their faces."

            He says, "No, seriously."

            I say, "Seriously, don't act like a kid. I mean, sure, today we're having fun and goofing off, but when it comes to your music, don't. Show them how serious you are about making it work." When he doesn't say anything, she says, "Know what AJ told me?"

            He rolls his eyes and says, "I can imagine."

            She says, "AJ told me you're one of the most gifted singers he's ever listened too and if the group succeeds it's going to be because of you."

            He seems stunned. He says, "You're lying."

            She shakes her head and says, "No, I'm not. Nick, I've known AJ forever. He, Kendall, Meagan and I have been friends all through school. They always accepted me for who I am. They never tried to use me to help their grades, even though at one point I'd have gladly cheated to keep them as my friends. We understand and accept each other for who we are. If you give AJ a chance, he'll be the best friend you've ever had."

            Nick says, "Yeah, I've noticed. Even though he teases me, he always sticks up for me."

            She smiles at him and says, "You've got more friends now too, Nick. You've got Meagan, Kendall and me."

            Even though he's 15, Giselle can still see he's quite shy and naïve. She says, "Come on; let's go see what they are up to."


            The Monday after Thanksgiving, the Backstreet Boys get to work on new music while Kendall, Meagan and Giselle go back to school. During fourth period, Giselle is called to the guidance counselor's office. When she gets there she's surprised to find her case worker waiting.

            When she sits down, Mrs. Tubbs says, "Giselle, we received an application for a private family to foster you until you graduate. We'd like to talk to you about it."

            She says, "OK," still not sure where it's leading.

            Mrs. Tubbs opens the door and in walks Howie, with a couple Giselle assumes is his parents. When they are seated, Mrs. Tubbs says, "I believe you know Howie, this is Hoke and Paula, his parents."

            Giselle says, "Hello, it's nice to meet you."

            Howie sits beside Giselle and says, "How's it going?"

            She smiles at him as his mother says, "It's nice to meet you too Giselle. Denise explained to us your situation. We have plenty of room at our house. All of our kids are out on their own now."

            Giselle looks at Mrs. Tubbs and says, "Is that going to be ok?"

            Mrs. Tubbs says, "They passed the initial interview. We're going to let you stay with them on a trial basis for a week. If you don't have problems, it will be permanent. You'll be in their custody until you graduate from high school."

            Giselle looks at them and says, "I don't know how to thank you."

            Hoke says, "You don't have to thank us. You're a friend of the boys and you need help. We're glad we can do it."

            Giselle looks at Howie and he winks at her and says, "Dad's a big push over. Mom's the one you gotta watch out for."

            Giselle laughs and looks at Mrs. Tubbs and says, "Thank you."

            Mrs. Tubbs smiles and says, "You don't have to thank me Giselle. It's my job to make sure you are in the safest environment possible. Mrs. Jenkins called me in on Dean and Greg. They will be moving to a juvenile detention center. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that."

            Mrs. Tubbs gathers her papers, leaving Giselle alone with Howie and his parents. Paula says, "Giselle, we know you're really good friends with AJ, but since we are going to be watched for the next week, I think you better sleep at our house. AJ can come and visit and all your other friends are welcome anytime. We ask only that you let us know if you want to have guests and if you plan on going out, you will have a curfew."

            Giselle says, "You don't have to worry about that. The latest I ever stayed out was 10:00 and that was to see a movie with Kendall or Meagan. I'll help out around the house too. I'll cook, do chores, whatever you need me to do."

            Hoke says, "Now, Giselle, we don't need a maid. You focus on your education."

            Paula says, "Hoke's right. You have to focus on your school work."


            The next few weeks were ideal for Giselle. With nothing to worry about at home, her friends see her opening up and smiling more. Howie confided in AJ that having Giselle around wasn't so bad. She even clued him in to the fact that her friend Meagan has a crush on Brian.

            After New Year's it's time for the boys to go back on the road. This time, they are going to record their first record. The night before they leave, Hoke and Paula let the kids all get together at their house for a farewell dinner. Kevin and Howie skipped the party, deciding to spend the evening with their girlfriends.

            After they have stuffed themselves with pizza and hot wings, the kids all move to the living room. AJ says, "You know, we should play a really fun game."

            Giselle knows AJ is up to something. She says, "What are you thinking, AJ?"

            AJ says, "I think we should play Truth or Dare."

            Everyone seems to think it's a great idea.  Except Giselle.  But she keeps her mouth shut, not wanting them to realize how uncomfortable she really is. AJ says, "OK, so who's first?"

            Kendall says, "Your idea AJ, I say you go first."

            AJ can tell she's really pissed her boyfriend wouldn't come with her so he says, "OK, Kendall, I pick you. Truth or Dare?"

            Knowing he's going to embarrass the hell out of her, she says, "Truth."

            He says, "Has Loverboy felt you up yet?"

            Nick blushes and averts his gaze, his eyes colliding with Giselle's. She's as embarrassed as he is, but she's managing to hide it. He scoots closer to her and whispers, "Is this fun?"

            Giselle whispers back, "It's supposed to be."

            Kendall looks AJ dead in the eye and says, "Yes, he has." After AJ's mouth drops in shock, she says, "Meagan, truth or dare."

            Meagan says, "Dare."

            Kendall says, "I dare you to flash the guys."

            Giselle says, "Kendall, I think you need to tone it down. Howie's parents ARE in the other room."

            Brian says, "No, they aren't. They went to bed forty five minutes ago."

            AJ says, "Yeah, come on, Elle. It's just a game. We're not asking her to get naked." Leering at Kendall, he says, "Yet."

            Giselle never noticed the tension between AJ and Kendall until just then. It's like they are staring holes through each other. Then it dawns on her, they still like each other. LIKE, like each other.

            She turns her attention back to the game in time to see Meagan lift her shirt up briefly, giving them a glimpse of her bright red bra. Embarrassed and trying not to show it, she says, "OK, AJ, truth or dare?"

            Looking at Kendall, he says, "Oh, definitely a dare."

            Giselle's turn to slide closer to Nick. She whispers, "Why do I get the feeling Kendall and AJ need to be alone?"

            He chuckles and whispers, "They do. AJ hates her boyfriend."

            They turn back to the game in time to hear Meagan say, "I dare you to PROVE you go commando."

            AJ sputters and says, "Now wait a minute..."

            Kendall says, "You can always refuse, AJ."

            Gritting his teeth, he unbuttons his pants, turns his back to them and pushes them down far enough that his bare bottom shows. Everyone cheers his courage. Giselle steals a glimpse at Kendall and sees her friend is really bothered by what she sees. Hot and bothered.

            AJ says, "So I get to go again?  OK, Brian, truth or dare?"

            Brian knows AJ well enough to know to try to play it safe. He says, "Truth."

            AJ says, "Who is the one girl you have a mad crush on?" Before Brian can answer, AJ says, "Shania Twain doesn't count. I mean a real girl."

            Brian shoot daggers with his eyes at AJ. Giselle inches a little bit closer to Nick and whispers, "What don't I know?"

            He whispers back, "He likes Meagan."

            Brian blushes under his tan and says, "Meagan." Looking at AJ he says, "I'll get you for this."

            Meagan's mouth drops open as her eyes collide with Brian's. He says, "I was going to ask you out when we came back for the summer."

            She blushes and says, "I hope you still do."

            Brian smiles and says, "OK." Looking around he says, "Kendall, truth or dare?"

            She eyes AJ and says, "Dare."

            Brian says, "I dare you to give one of us a lap dance."

            She looks at him and says, "One of the guys or anyone?"

            The idea of seeing her giving another girl a lap dance makes Brian stop and think, but he says, "One of the guys."

            She looks at AJ then back at Brian and says, "I need music."

            Brian turns on the stereo, keeping it low so as not to awaken Howie's parents. After finding a nice, mid tempo song, he sits back down and waits, fully expecting Kendall to pick AJ.

            Imagine everyone's shock, including Nick's, when she picks him. After grinding on him for a full two minutes, she sits back down, smirking at AJ.  Nick looks uncomfortable as he tries not to blush too badly at the turn of events.

            Kendall looks around the room and says, "G, truth or dare?"

            Giselle knows she's hopelessly screwed, thanks to the mood AJ's put Kendall in, so she says, "Dare."

            AJ looks at Giselle and says, "What?"

            Kendall says, "G, I dare you to kiss one of the guys."

            Giselle wants to kill her friend. After Brian's confession, she knows if she chooses him, Meagan will be upset. And AJ is her best friend. It would be too weird to kiss him. She turns her gaze to Nick. Before she can do anything, Kendall says, "You can even take him out of the room if it's too embarrassing to do it in front of us."

            Giselle grabs Nick's hand and pulls him behind her into the kitchen, ignoring the whistles and catcalls from her friends. Once in the kitchen, she says, "We don't have to. We can lie and say we did."

            He lowers his head and says, "OK, whatever...I understand if you don't want too..."

            She says, "Nick...do you WANT to kiss me?" Without meeting her gaze, he nods. She steps closer to him and whispers, "Nick." When his eyes meet hers, she says, "I want to kiss you too."

            Surprise lights his eyes. When he sees her lick her lips, he gets all nervous. She steps closer, her body touching his and lifts her face up. He meets her half way and covers her lips with his. Considering this is the first kiss for both of them, neither is sure of what they are doing. Then his hands find her hips and his tongue gently touches her bottom lip.

            The world tilts as Giselle opens her mouth and allows Nick to slide his tongue along hers. The feelings he awakens in her shocks her. She never knew kissing a guy could feel like this. Then Nick pulls her closer and she can feel his dick is getting hard. As much as it scares her, she doesn't want to stop.

Nick presses her fully against his body, loving how it feels when she runs her fingers through his hair and holds him tight. Knowing she's enjoying it makes him want to keep going. Until he hears AJ whisper, "DAMN, my boy's got GAME!"

When she hears the rest of them giggling Giselle is pulled from the sexual fog Nick has her in. She pulls back and stares into Nick's eyes. This is a turning point in her life. But a turning point to what?




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