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Every Road Leads Back

By Dottie

Copyright 2012


Chapter 07

            As AJ and Kendall sip punch, AJ says, "Kendall, I'm serious, I'm really sorry about Shawn."

            She smiles at him and says, "I know, I appreciate that AJ. I just...I hated admitting you were right.  He never really acted like he wanted to...well, not with me anyway. Apparently Stacy had what he needed."

            Hearing the undisguised hurt in her voice, he says, "Kendall, if he wasn't the right guy, then he wasn't." Knowing he probably shouldn't be saying it, he whispers, "I'm glad you didn't sleep with him."

            Her startled eyes meet his and she says, "Why?"

            He traces the side of her face and says, "He's not good enough for you Kendall. You deserve the best."

            She smiles at him, glad to see ‘her' AJ is back, at least for tonight. She says, "I always thought you and I..."

            He says, "Yeah, me too. So have you...with anyone else?"

            She looks a bit uncomfortable and says, "Not all the way. But you have, right?"

            He blushes and says, "Sort of." At her confused look, he says, "I got a blow job."

            She giggles and he laughs with her. He hugs her close and says, "I guess I'm still holding out for you, Kendall."

            Seeing the twinkle in his eye and feeling his heartbeat under her hand, she says, "Maybe tonight we should..."

            His eyes bore into hers and he whispers, "Kendall, I've always wanted you. Always."

            She smiles shyly and says, "So, does that mean what I think it means?"

            He leans closer to her and gently covers her lips with his. After a tender, probing kiss, he pulls away enough to whisper, "I want you Kendall."

            Before they have a chance to sneak away, Meagan and Brian walk up, oblivious to the sexual tension in the air, and Meagan says, "Hey, where's Giselle and Nick?"

            Both AJ and Kendall have a hard time breaking their eye contact, but when they finally do, Kendall says, "I don't know."

            Brian says, "They're dancing."

            Everyone's eyes move to the dance floor. When Kendall sees how happy Giselle looks with Nick, she starts crying. Meagan moves beside her and hugs her, saying, "Kendall, what's wrong?"

            AJ wraps his other arm around her and Brian looks on with deep concern. Kendall hiccups and says, "It's just, she looks so happy. After everything she's been through...I didn't think she'd ever smile like that."

            Meagan hugs her and says, "Ken, I know what you mean. I honestly never thought we'd convince her to come to prom, let alone ask someone."

            AJ looks between the girls and says, "Why? What did I miss?"

            Kendall takes his hand and Meagan grabs Brian's. They move to a table and sit down. Kendall watches Giselle dancing with Nick and recounts the long talk they had with Giselle after she had moved in with Paula and Hoke Dorough.


            Kendall and Meagan are sitting on Giselle's bed, not sure what to do. Giselle is curled up in a ball, crying her eyes out. Paula had called Kendall because she wasn't sure what to do to help Giselle. When the girls arrived, Paula had let them into Giselle's room and for the last half hour, they watched their friend sob her heart out.

            When the tears finally subside, Giselle sits up and grabs a tissue. As she blows her nose, Kendall says, "Want to tell us what's wrong?"

            Giselle sniffles and says, "My mother, what else?"

            Meagan says, "What happened, G?"

            She says, "She was shopping at the market and got in line at my register. When she realized who I was, she started yelling at me."

            Kendall says, "What did she say, G?"

            Giselle says, "Same thing she always did.  She blamed me for my dad leaving. Said if she had just had the abortion like he wanted her too, they would still be together and she'd be happy."

            Meagan gasps and whispers, "What a cold hearted bitch!"

            Kendall starts crying with Giselle, Meagan not far behind. Kendall says, "Giselle, you can't let her do that to you. It's not your fault."

            Giselle sniffles and says, "What's wrong with me?  Neither of my parents wanted me!"

            Meagan says, "STOP IT! There's nothing wrong with you G! You're beautiful, you're smart, you're fun...it's not your fault."

            Kendall says, "She's right. G, it's their loss, not yours."

            Giselle looks at them both and says, "I know what you guys are trying to do, but you didn't see her. She hates me. My own mother hates me."

            Meagan says, "Maybe she's just not capable of feeling love, G. Maybe it's not hate. Maybe it's jealousy. She sees you for what you are and she's ashamed she was never like you."

            Giselle sniffles and says, "Yeah, right. She has boyfriends out the wazoo. I can't even get a date."

            Kendall says, "They aren't boyfriends, G. They are out for sex. She has no self-respect and spreads her legs for any man with a hard dick." When Giselle gasps, Kendall says, "I'm sorry, but it's true. Your mom is easy. You're not. I think Meg is right. She's jealous of you because you respect yourself."

            Giselle says, "I don't know."

            Kendall says, "G, listen. If she feels that way about you, there's nothing you can do that's ever going to change it. I'm sorry. Damn, I'm so sorry but you can't spend the rest of your life letting her make you feel this way."

            Before Giselle can reply, Paula knocks on the door before gently opening it. She says, "Is everything ok in here?"

            Giselle nods and says, "I'm sorry for the way I was acting Paula."

            Paula says, "You don't have to apologize. Everyone falls apart now and again. It's ok. I'm sorry I called your friends but I wasn't sure you'd be comfortable talking to me about whatever was upsetting you."

            Giselle says, "It's ok, Paula. Thanks for caring."

            Paula comes over and leans down, kissing her on the forehead. She says, "You're one of my girls now, Giselle. Of course I care." Stepping back, she says, "Dinner's at 6. You can both stay and eat if you want."

            After she leaves the room, Meagan says, "See Giselle, it's not you. Your mom just doesn't know what it is she lost."

            Giselle sniffles and says, "Thanks guys. I mean it."


            When Kendall finishes the story, Brian says, "Her own mother said that to her?" Meagan nods and he says, "Wow. I thought Nick's mom was bad."

            Kendall says, "Wait, what? Nick's mom?"

            AJ says, "OH yeah, she's something else. A real piece of work. Maybe that's why they bonded so well. Both their mothers are bitches."

            Kendall squeezes his hand and whispers, "Maybe that's why you and she are best friends, AJ. No Dad."

            He puts his head against hers and whispers, "I know. I need to talk to her about this."

            Meagan says, "Tomorrow AJ. Looks like tonight, Giselle is going to be Cinderella."

            Looking at his best friends dancing together, AJ says, "She deserves it."



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