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Author's Chapter Notes:

I want to apologizie profusely for not updating sooner.  It's been a crazy, crazy week.  I hope you all are still willing to give the story a chance.  And thank you for your patience and understanding. ~ D


Every Road Leads Back

By Dottie

Copyright 2012


Chapter 08

            Nick and Giselle are talking quietly about the upcoming album release when Tammy Thompson sidles up to them and says, "Hey, Giselle, right? I almost didn't recognize you." Batting her eyes at Nick, she says, "Who's your friend?"

            Once again feeling self conscious, Giselle says, "Umm, this is Nick. He works with AJ. Nick, this is Tammy."

            Nick smiles at her and says, "Nice to meet you Tammy." Turning his attention back to Giselle, he says, "Come on, let's get some punch and find the guys."

            As they walk away from the dance floor, Giselle says, "I think Tammy wanted to dance with you."

            He shrugs and says, "I'm not here to dance with her. I'm here to dance with you."

            Giselle can't help but feel giddy at his words. When they sit down with the others, she can tell something's going on. She looks around the table and says, "What?"

            Kendall laughs and says, "I just can't believe YOU weren't coming to prom, yet you're the only one of us that's danced tonight."

            AJ says, "Brian, I think that's our cue." Standing, he holds his hand out to Kendall and bows low before saying, "Milady, may I have this dance?"

            Everyone laughs as she puts her hand in his and says, "You big dork."

            Brian leads Meagan to the dance floor, once again leaving Nick and Giselle alone.  Giselle says, "Did I remember to tell you how handsome you look?"

            He sort of grins and says, "Yeah, but it's kind of nice to hear."

            Giselle says, "I think you'll hear it a lot when the record comes out. I can't wait to hear it."

            Nick says, "What, AJ didn't give you a sneak peak yet?"

            Giselle says, "No, he didn't."

            Nick says, "Shame on him. He should."

            She smiles and says, "I'm so excited. All he's ever wanted to do is perform."

            He says, "Me too.  Of course my mom always pushed me to do it. I don't think I would have been allowed to do anything else."

            Hearing his animosity toward his mother strikes a chord in her heart. She says, "I'm sorry Nick."

            He shakes his head and says, "Don't be.  As soon as I turn 18 I can do what I want.  Yes, now I only want to sing, but she won't be able to tell me what to do anymore."

            Hearing the animosity towards his mother in his voice, Giselle feels as if she's finally found someone who understands how her mother made her feel. Taking his hand, she says, "I know how you feel. I think if I had stayed with my mother, I'd be dead right now."

            He looks shocked and says, "For real?"

            She says, "No...I guess not. I just wasn't very happy living with her."

            He brushes the side of her face with his fingers and whispers, "I'm glad you got out."

            She smiles and says, "Me too."

            He looks around and says, "Hey, come with me."

            He takes her hand and pulls her across the banquet hall to a door hidden by a potted plant. She says, "What are you doing, Nick?"

            He says, "Trust me. We've been in enough hotels lately, I know what this is." He opens the door flipping on a light as he pulls her inside what turns out to be a storage room. Lining the walls are folded tables and chairs. 

            She looks around and says, "Nick, why are we here?"

            He steps closer to her and cups her face in his hands. She knows he's going to kiss her. She licks his lips as his head lowers. He sees the small action and smirks as he lets his lips capture hers. At first, she's kind of shocked. Then her body takes over and wills her mouth to open, inviting his tongue inside.

            He pulls her against his body and holds her tightly, his hands moving up to rub the bare expanse of her back. She shivers in his arms. He pulls back and says, "Are you cold?"

            She sighs and says, "No, just nervous."

            He smiles and says, "Me too."

            He steps away from her and pulls her over to the corner where one table is set up. He lifts her up and sits her on the table before letting his lips cover hers once again. She slides her hand inside his open coat and around to his back, allowing him to crush her breasts into his chest.

            He pushes her gently onto her back on the table, his body hovering over hers. Sliding his hand down to her knee, he finds the slit in her dress and lets it creep inside. When his fingers touch the flesh of her inner thigh, she gasps and pushes him away, saying "We can't, Nick. Not here."

            His eyes find hers and he realizes she's really not ready. Even though he's MORE than ready.  He sighs and says, "I'm sorry. I just...I like you a lot Giselle. You're so pretty...and so nice..."

            She sighs and says, "I'm sorry. Please, Nick, I want too...but I can't. Not here."

            He smiles and helps her sit up. He says, "It's ok. But I'm going to need a minute before I go back out there."

            She makes the mistake of glancing down and blushes badly. She says, "Umm, I'm going to the ladies' room. I'll meet you at our table in a few minutes."


After she leaves, Nick leans back on the table, trying to calm down. He's 17 and every chick he comes into contact with makes him hard. He can't deny he really likes Giselle. He'd love for her to be his first because he knows he'd be hers. That way, if he bungles it, she won't really know it.

Before he can leave the storage room,  the door opens and in walks Tammy.  She says, "I thought I saw you come in here. What, did little Miss Sweet and Innocent not put out?"

Feeling the overwhelming urge to defend Giselle, Nick says, "I got exactly what I wanted. And you better keep your mouth shut about Giselle."

Tammy says, "What?  Me say something? I would never."

He says, "Good. Thank you."

As he starts to walk away, she says, "Now hang on a minute." When he stops to look at her, she says, "I'm just curious..." Before he knows what happens, she pushing her body against his and pulling his head down to meet hers.

Without hesitation, he hauls her body against his and lets his hands creep down her bare back to cover her ass. She squirms against him and pulls her lips away enough to say, "You got a condom?" When he nods, she says, "Good."

Nick watches as she slowly unzips her dress.  He can't believe what's about to happen. Then they hear the announcement.  "This year's prom queen is Tammy Thompson!"

Tammy squeals and says, "OH MY GOD I WON!" She rushes out, leaving Nick wondering why the hell he can't just get laid.


By the time prom is over, everyone is back to feeling somewhat normal. Nick managed to ask Giselle if she was mad at him and the smile on her face assured him she wasn't.

When they go outside, Brian says, "Well, since we have separate cars to take us home, have a great night y'all." Meagan smiles and follows him to their waiting car. 

            AJ hugs Kendall close as he looks at Giselle. He says, "Elle, you really do look beautiful tonight."

            She blushes and says, "You should wear a tux more often AJ."

            He steps away from Kendall long enough to sweep Giselle into a bear hug. Turning to Nick, he says, "Take care of her Nick. Or I'll kick your ass."

            After Kendall and AJ leave, Nick says, "So...you're sure you aren't mad at me for what happened?"

            She smiles and says, "No, Nick. I'm flattered. I'm beyond flattered."

            He says, "No pressure here, but can I...can I kiss you again?"

            Looking around quickly, she turns her face to his and whispers, "Yes."

            He lowers his lips to hers; all the while hoping that once they get into the car things will get a LOT more intense. He really, really wants to get laid.


Chapter End Notes:

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