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Under the Bleachers

- 1992 -

"And the home of the...braaaavvvvve..."

I pulled Brian's varsity jacket closer, not because of the cold, but because it smelled like him and clapped like crazy. Even from my viewpoint on the bleachers I could see Brian's ear-to-ear grin. He waved at the crowd and blew a kiss in my direction.

It was the first home game of the season. We were Seniors.

And I was in love.

Most of the kids around me were still strangers, but I didn't care. The Summer had been magical. Since that first kiss in the kitchen when we had made our stove s'mores, Bri and I had been inseparable. My mom liked him. My dad tolerated him. Life couldn't get any better.


Brian's hand tickled my waist and I shrieked. I had successfully zoned out. The team was already playing on the field and Bri had managed to sneak up behind me. I whirled around and threw my arms around my neck.

"You scared me!" I pouted for a second before breaking into a smile. "You were terrific."

"Scary and terrific," he said, tilting his head back. "I like it."

"I like you," I said softly.

"Just like?" he whined. I blushed. His smile grew wider. "C'mon."

"Where are we going?"

He laughed. "You'll see."

He tugged at my hand and I went with him without a second thought. The smell of popcorn hung heavy in the air. The band members were shifting uncomfortably in their section, dying under the weight of their hats and the metal instruments they held in their hands. A couple girls from my homeroom waved at me and I waved back. Bri yanked me on faster.

"What are you--"

We hit the bottom step of the main section of the bleachers and took the steps back down to the ground. Instead of heading right to the concession stand, he hooked a quick left. Before I could speak again, he brought his finger to his lips. I clamped my own shut.

It was like I had stepped into a spy thriller. Brian surveyed the area intently, his grip tightening on my hand. Finally, he gave an almost imperceptible nod. The next section, he was ducking under the bleachers, bringing me along for the ride.

I had never been under bleachers in my life, but my first thought was that it was dark. Voices were loud all around us, but muted. We stood there for at least a full minute if not longer until finally my eyes began to adjust. The first thing I noticed was a blanket laying on the ground as if it had been waiting for us.

"I think the game might be funner to watch here," Bri said softly. His tone made my stomach flutter.

"Hmm," I said, hoping my voice wouldn't come out a serious of Chipette squeaks. "Difficult view."

"I like the view," he said quickly.

I pulled my hand from his and put my hands on my hips. "Now Brian Littrell," I said, trying to adopt the thicker southern accent that everyone, included him, carried. "What would your mama think?"

"It's not my mama I'm worried about," he said. I could see how shiny with excitement his eyes were. He made the sign of the cross. "I'm gonna haveta go to confession for this."

I frowned. "Wha--"

Before I had a chance to get more details, his arms were around me and we went toppling backwards. The blanket didn't provide the softest of falls, but all was forgiven when he began to kiss me. He pressed his hands, palms down, on either side of my face. I eagerly tipped my head back, loving the way our tongues touched and playfully dueled. His breath always smelled like spearmint mouthwash and Fruit-by-the-foot. The combination was surely make any dentist pull his hair out, but to me it was the best flavor in the world. I reached out and grabbed his tie, my fingers sliding over the smooth silk easily. His lips left mine and trailed down to the sensitive spot directly below my ear.

"You look really good in my jacket," he whispered, the tone of his voice stirring something in me I hadn't felt before. His right hand slid along my arm, to my shoulder, and then down. My breath caught as he palmed my breast through the jacket and my shirt.

"B-Bri," I stuttered.

He ran a line of soft kisses back across my cheeks and back to my lips. My hand left his tie and rested on his upper arm and his kiss slowed. His face hovered over mine. "I love you, Jilly," he said. Even though his face was slightly shadowed, I saw the seriousness there. My heart rate was going insane.

"I love you, too."

His body hovered over mine and his mouth crashed against mine in a way that it never had before. My breasts suddenly felt lonely as his hands left them, only to have the jacket pulled open a second later and those strong, wandering fingers to find their way under my shirt. His fingertips brushed the edge of my underwire bra and I couldn't restrain my body from wiggling.

It was suddenly like I had the angel and devil on my shoulders. The angel was perched on my left, shaking her head, her halo bobbing slightly. She was telling me calmly that if he loved me we should wait. And then there was the devil. The nymph was swinging the varsity jacket over her head clad only in her bra. She was reminding me of all the steamy daydreams I had been losing myself in lately in which I found myself obsessed on what it would be like if we were to go just a little farther. Maybe not the whole way, but...

Even though it was a fairly decent night weather-wise, I wasn't prepared for the feel of air on my bared breasts. Brian's groaned sent all my nerve-endings on edge. His mouth went from my lips to my chest in a flash. The foreign feeling was entirely too pleasant.

"Ohh!" I gasped. My hands connected with his hair and my fingers connected with the gel that was keeping everything in place. I sucked in my bottom lip, relishing in the feeling of laying on this blanket with the best guy in the world and having my body caressed like I had never thought possible. It was amazing. It was perfect. It was--

"Hey, you two!"

A flashlight lit up the area like the 4th of July. Brian bore the brunt of our discovery, purposely shielding me.

"You two can't be under here!"

I could tell by the semi-embarrassed voice that it was just one of the dopey volunteers that walked around during games. I prayed it wasn't the creepy janitor who all the girls claimed leered at them as they walked in and out of the second floor bathroom by the science rooms.

"Sorry," Brian said, not sounding very sorry. The light faded, but the damage was done. He sat back and I quickly fixed myself, my skin still alive. I tucked my legs under myself. We sat in silence, our breaths heavy in the night.

"That didn't end the way I planned," he said.

I was just about ready to agree with him when he yanked me up to my feet. He pulled me in towards him and kissed me hard. It was the first time I felt just how much he had been enjoying our tryst. The thought that I had this effect on him made my feminine pride skyrocket.

"How about another try soon?" he asked when we finally broke apart. I knew it had taken him a lot of self restraint.

"Yes," I whispered.