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The Honey Hunt


"Baylee, hurry up! Your mom's gonna have a cow if I don't get you there on time!"

I was a mouse today. I had found a nice mousey place underneath the big staircase. I made mousey munches on the piece of cheese I had grabbed from the ginormous refrigerator. I twitched my mousey nose.

My new brown pajamas made me feel extra mousey. I clamped my teeth around the cheese and ran my hand over the softness. It was perfect brown mousey fur.

I liked this new house, but I was still having a sad day. Mommy had told me and Coley that our real house had been burned two days ago. Mr. Fluffers was in that house.

Mr. Fluffers wasn't soft anymore. He was crunchy.

But I was a mousey now and mousey's didn't like kitties anyhow, even if Mr. Fluffers wasn't a real cat. I pulled at the slice of cheese and used my sharp mousey teeth to chew.

Cheese was good.


Mr. Duck was hurting my ears. But, I really liked Mr. Duck. I wished Mr. Duck was my real daddy. He was nice and he gave big hugs and he had big muscles in his arms to lift me up and swing me around. Bestest of all he wore really big cool shoes. I didn't know if my real daddy had all those things. Mommy and Coley told me my real daddy wasn't a nice guy.

That's why I'm a mousey today. Mousey's aren't nice either sometimes.

"Hey, I'll be back in about an hour and a half. Want me to bring lunch back?"

I peeked out from my mousey hole. Mr. Duck was touching mommy really softly and smiling at her. Mommy's cheeks always turned pink around him.

"If you want."

"Of course I do," his voice got really soft, but luckily mousey's have good hearing. "We need to talk about enrolling the kids in school."

Mommy frowned. "I still don't know if we're staying."

Mr. Duck looked sad. "Jilly..."

"I just don't want to rush anything. Besides, I feel like we're taking advantage."

Mr. Duck laughed, but it was a weird laugh. "You are not. I love having this house so full."


Mr. Duck's hand left mommy's side and touched the side of her face. "Please," he added. He was a polite duck. He was also a leaning duck. My nose wrinkled and I turned away.

He was a kissy duck!

My hidey hole was getting warm. I snuck past Mr. Duck kissing mommy and scurried along the wall. The kitchen made my hands feel all sticky and slappy but it was the fastest way to the back door. Once I got there, I de-moused. It was better to be a bear outside. I bear stomped out the door and closed it behind me.

Mr. Duck's backyard was really big. It was big enough for a pony. I really hoped he did get me a pony. I let my shoes squish in the mud. My white shoes turned brown. I had bear paws!

"Grrrr," I growled. I licked my hand and ran it over my ear. The cheese in my tummy wasn't enough. Now I wanted honey. I had to look for the honey pot.

I pounced around the backyard, but everywhere I looked, I couldn't find honey. I heard car doors open and close and then a real loud noise. I growled and the noise went away. I looked around and stretched. My tummy was starting to growl.

Way across the yard, towards the trees where we had our fire, I saw a big shed. It looked old. It was the perfect place to hide honey! I stretched my claws and walked towards it.

The door was closed and there was a big rusty square that made the door not open even as hard as I jiggled. The grass smelled really good here, all nice and wet. I bet the wormies really liked living in this grass. I held onto the rusty square and leaned back, but my big bear muscles couldn't do it.

"Need some help?"

I looked over at the trees and growled. I held up my bear claws. There was a big guy leaning against the trees. He had long dark hair tied back in a ponytail and his shirt was dirty.

Hey, it's okay. I'm sorry if I scared you."

His voice sounded nice but he scared me so I was still mad. Bears have a very short temper. I kept my claws up.

"Did you want to get in there?"

I glanced back at the shed and bit my lip. Yes, I did! I really did. "There's honey in there," I said shyly.

"Do you like honey?" the guy asked. He took a step toward me. I took a step back, flexing my claws.

"I'm a bear," I said. I growled again.

The guy laughed. "You make a very good bear, Tabitha."

I lowered my claws. "How do you know my name?"

The guy walked closer. I took another step back. He grabbed the rusty square and yanked. It came off easy for him. He threw it on the ground and smiled at me.

"You don't know who I am, do you?"

I shook my head. I forgot my claws. The guy had a big tattoo on his arm. It didn't look like Mr. Duck's. It was a scary skull with a snake coming out of one of the eyeball holes.

"I'm your daddy. I've been waiting a long time to see you again. I got the door open, see? Do you want to check for honey?"

The look in his eyes scared me. They weren't sparkly like Mr. Duck's. I glanced back towards the house.

"I got to go tell my mommy first."

"You don't have to tell her anything."

He growled the words and I started to cry. I turned and began to ran.

"Oh no you don't!"

I squealed, but before I could get real loud he put his hand over my mouth. It tasted salty and dirty and his fingers pushed into my cheek making it hurt. I kicked, but he didn't let me go.

"That's no way to say hi to your daddy. Jesus, you're a bitch just like your mother."

Coley had said the 'b' word one time and mommy had washed his mouth out with our dish soap. He coughed up bubbles for three minutes and I thought it had been so funny. But I knew the 'b' word was bad too. I wiggled my head. I decided that being a mousey again could help since mouseys bite small things real good. I grabbed his finger and chomped it.


One time not too long ago mommy had told me what to do if a stranger tried to talk to me. Even if this scary guy was my daddy, he was a stranger.


The back door swung open and I threw out my arms. Mommy came running towards me.


"I don't think so."

The big guy grabbed me again. His arm wrapped around me so tightly that my stomach hurt really bad! I wanted to throw up my cheese.

"Let her go, Gregg!" mommy screamed.

"Not on your life Jillian!" he screamed back.

"She's mine."