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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

If you've never slept on thousand count Egyptian cotton sheets, you can't imagine waking up feeling like you've slept on a cloud. You can't imagine how the feel of the cool sheet as it slides against your naked skin feels like water cascading from a gorgeous waterfall. Paired with a gorgeous man's arm draped around you and the way his body curves around your own and you have heaven. Absolute heaven.

Except when a five year old is staring at you, her eyes barely able to peer above the insanely thick mattress.


My first instinct was to jump up, but considering I was stark naked under the sheet, I had to fight the urge. Brian's left hand was cradling my breast and his breath was warm on my neck. He had promised me that he wouldn't fall asleep! I was supposed to have gone back to my room. Now it was morning.

And we were caught.

"Hi, baby," I whispered, my voice unable to rise any higher.

"Didja have a bad dream?" she whispered back.

I was so tempted to look down to make sure I was covered, but it was like I was frozen in place. "A bad dream?" I repeated. I tried to put myself in her place, waking up in the morning and not finding her mommy in her room. Finding her mommy in bed with a guy. A guy that had was a hero in her eyes.

A guy that would protect someone from bad dreams. Ah-ha.

"Yeah," I said, clinging to the opening she gave me. "I had a bad dream."

She reached up but she couldn't quite touch my face. "It's okay, mommy," she cooed.


The sound reached all the way to my toes, shot back up to my girlie bits, and then got my heart pounding. The hand on my breast squeezed it gently. The breath on my neck moved to my shoulder. The body against mine became hard and wanting again, shifting slightly, and then--

And then he realized we had a visitor.

"Tibby," Brian said quickly. "G-good morning, peanut."

"Hi," she said, happily oblivious. I was beginning to sweat, afraid to move a muscle lest a sheet would move in a wayward direction and I'd be faced with a talk I so didn't want to have for a very long time. "I'm hungry," she added.

"Hungry," Brian repeated as if it was a foreign word. I ever so slightly nudged his chest.

"Why don't you go downstairs and I'll be right down. We'll make Coco Wheats and you can help me remember the words to the song. Sound good?"

She pulled back and then immediately swung forward. I was sure she was going to crawl up into bed, but she stopped with her leg dangling. "Can we put lotsa sugggggar in it?"

I think I would have promised her the moon if she had asked right then. "Absolutely."

"YAY!!" She dropped back down on the floor and ran to the door. "Coco Wheats, Coco Wheats, the creamy hot cereal with the coco treat!"

The door closed behind her. I pressed my face in the pillow. Brian's hand drifted down to my hip.

"So I take it we don't have time for--"

I flipped around. "Are you kidding me?!"

He sat up and laughed. "Your face is beat red!"

"My five year old just walked in on me--and you---and naked--and--"

He turned, pressing his arm into the mattress on the other side of me. He shut me up with a kiss. By the time he pulled away, I had almost forgotten what I was so upset about.

Almost. I sat up, holding the sheet against me. Brian fell back. "My foot hurts too bad to get up."

"The rise in the sheet says differently," I mumbled. His eyes sparkled.

"I can be quick."

"I thought your foot hurt?"


"I find it impressive," I said, running my hand down the sheet. His mouth opened slightly. "That you were able to carry me into the room without us both falling considering you're confined to that cast."

"Motivation," he said thickly as I stroked him. "Strong motivation."

"Well use that motivation," I leaned over, sucking him through the thousand count Egyptian sheets. "to get up and eat some Coco Wheats." I ran my tongue along the length. He was struggling to get the sheet off him. "We've got a little school issue to take care of."

"School," he repeated. He got the sheet off just as I slipped out of bed the other way, almost stopping in surprise at how sore I felt. Muscles I hadn't used in a very long time protested loudly. Unfortunately, I could have stared at him lying there erect forever, but instead I grabbed my shorts and slid them back on.

"If we're staying, the kids have to go to school," I said.

"Could we talk about this in oh, say, three minutes?" he begged. My tank top was harder to find, but I grabbed it from the corner and threw it on. I locked the door and drifted back over to the bed. Crawling up on the end, I took him back into my mouth.

"Fuck," he growled.

"Make it five."


"I like the playground."

"The gym's really big."

"I want a Barbie bookbag!."

"The whole 'no uniforms' thing is awesome."

Brian squeezed my hand as we watched Tibby flip upside down on the monkey bars. She grinned.

"So is that a yes?"

Her two thumbs flipped up. "Yes!"


He was staring across at the nearby junior high where a group of boys were playing flag football. He turned his attention back to me and nodded.

"Yeah, let's give it a try. Can I get another pair of sneakers?"

"And a pony!" Tibby squealed. She flipped herself back onto the ground.

"Yes to the sneakers," I said. I looked at Tibby. "No to the--"

"I'm working on the pony," Brian said, interrupting me. Tibby's face lit up like a sparkler on the 4th of July.

"You're the best," she gushed. "Isn't he mommy? Isn't he?"

I shook my head, still absorbing the information on the pony update. Yet, at the same time, I could tell he was waiting for my response.

"Yeah Tibs," I said, sure that the love in my voice was evident.

"He is the best." He let go of my hand then, wrapping his arms around me. I started to glance over at the kids, but he stopped me.

"I love you, Jillian Bridges..."

"Yesterday, today, and for a million tomorrows."