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I really didn’t know what to expect when the first day of university came around. I thought it would be full of introductions and slowly being led into the course. I left each class with essays and a load of books.
So much so I pretty much couldn’t carry everything in my messenger bag. I was juggling a couple of books and trying to see my way down a small flight of steps when I felt a couple of the books slip from my grip.

“Fuck..” I muttered to myself before jogging down the steps to grab my books. I bent down to retrieve them when someone rushed over to help. “Thanks..”

“Tough first day, huh?”

I bent down and grab the remaining book, but looked up when the girl spoke. It was Mila. “Something like that.”

We both stood up and she handed me my books. “You need a bigger bag.” She nodded at my messenger bag before showing me her backpack.

“Tell me about it. No class?”

Mila shook her head. “I’m done for the day. You?”


“Walk with me to the bus stop?”

I nodded. “Sure.”

We silently walked toward the bus stop. The sun was out, but there was a cool breeze in the air. It was nothing like home, and I was missing the warm weather a little.

“So how did you find your day?” Mila asked me as she sat on the bench in the bus stop.

“Eh.. Overwhelming. I’m not used to all this..” I looked down at the books before back at her.

“I know. They kinda sprung it on us right? Should of realized my days of freedom are over with now.” Mila sat beside me and sighed. “You wanna go for some food?”


“Food, you know.. you eat it, cook it..”

I rolled my eyes and laughed. “Sure, but I don’t really want to drag these books out. What about meeting up later?”

Mila nodded. “Sure! We could go for dinner and a couple of drinks. I know this great pub that serves the best food!”

I smiled as she started chatting wildly about the “awesome steak and chips” and how she used to go there to study. “Just one thing though…”

“Huh?” Mila stopped talking to look at me.

“Well, I’m not from around here, so I have no idea where this pub is. Maybe we should swap digits?”

“You want my number?” Mila pulled her cell out her pocket.

“Sure.. that way you can text me directions or something.” I slid my new phone out my pocket and we quickly swapped numbers. I actually was looking forward to going out than staying at the house. Darren was a great guy, but all he ever did was talk and it got boring quickly. Ste hid out in his room, and I was starting to think he had the right idea.

“Ooh my bus! I’ll text you when I get home! See ya!” Mila threw me a smile before jumping off the bench and waving the bus down.

I watched her climb on the bus and wave at me from her seat as the bus drove away. I kept on watching until the bus disappeared from sight before sighing softly.

Was it right to be looking forward to something after how I’d been feeling the past few months? It was a welcome feeling, but at the same time it felt so wrong.

I wish I knew what was write.



The house was quiet when I got home. MUCH too quiet.


I was greeted with no reply, so I walked into the living area and threw my bags on the couch. I hadn’t been home alone since before the summer, so I was willing to take full advantage. I turned the TV on, switching it to “The Vault” music channel and cranked the volume up before walking into the kitchen, singing along to an old Boyzone song on TV.

It had been a long time since I’d asked a guy out. I was pretty sure this wasn’t a date, but either way… I was going out with a guy for dinner.

That hadn’t happened in forever.

I poured myself a glass of juice before walking back into the living room. It seemed the TV was in full on boyband mode, for the Boyzone song ended, and an NSYNC one started. I wasn’t much of a fan of them, but I kept the channel on as I pulled out all my books from my bag and checked them over.

Course work was a passion of mine. I LOVED to write essays and research. I know, weird right? I made sure I had all my notes in the correct books when the song changed on the channel. I looked up, hearing something familiar and cracked up when I saw the beginning of Backstreet boys “Backstreets Back” video start.

“Man this is old..” I shook my head and finished off putting my notes in the right books before shoving them back in my bag. I pulled my phone out and sang along to the TV as I opened up a new text.

”Still on for food? I was thinking of meeting in 2 hours? What’s ur address and I’ll find out where the pub is to you. Mila”


I turned the TV off halfway through the song before grabbing my stuff and heading upstairs. Even though I wasn’t sure if this was a date or not, I still wanted to look better than the few times Nick had seen me. He always looked well dressed, whereas I was either rocking holey jeans or leggings. Anyone who knew me knew I was more of a dress girl.

I pulled out my favourite summer dress, a black and purple dress that skimmed my knee, and my sandals before changing. I didn’t want to come across like I was desperate or trying too hard, I just wanted him to realise I wasn’t a complete bum. I ran a brush through my hair, and jumped when my mobile beeped at me.

”Of course I’m still on for food, I’m a man! 2 hours is cool, 132 green road. Uh.. dunno the rest, Lol!


I smiled at the text before grabbing my laptop off the side. I opened it up and pulled up google maps before typing his address in.

Google maps was my friend.


I was a regular at The Trout Inn. So much so that the moment I walked in the bartender told me my usual table was free. I smiled and gave him a little wave before walking over and sitting down.

Nick said he would be there around the same time I would arrive, but I wasn’t surprised when he wasn’t. He was new to the country and probably lost. I pulled out my phone, ready to text Nick asking if he was lost when the chair opposite me was pulled out, making me look up.

“Oh, hey! I thought you got lost.” I put my phone away as Nick sat down.

“I nearly did. Nice place.”

I took the chance to look at Nick as he scanned the pub whilst taking his jacket off. His hair was all windswept and unruly. It made me want to run my fingers through it, so instead forward and chuckled. “It windy outside?”


I pointed at my head. “Your hair…”

“Oh..” Nick laughed as he ran his fingers through his hair. “..It’s a little long, I know.”

“I like it.” I said, making Nick look at me.

“You do?”

I shrugged. “Sure. It suits you. Some guys just look like Fabio gone wrong with long hair. You… well, kinda look like Prince Charming from Shrek.”

Nick laughed. “Well, at least I don’t look like Shrek.”

I snorted and grabbed the menus off the table. “Your menu, your highness..”

Nick was still chuckling as he took a menu off me. We both opened our menus and scanned it quietly. I knew what I wanted from the get go, but I didn’t want to seem like a pig.

“So, what’s good here?”

I looked up to see Nick looking at me. “Well.. the pie and mash is good.”


I nodded. “Yea, that’s good too.”

“I might get a burger.. and a beer.”

I smiled. “I think I’m gonna get the steak.. and a beer.”

“Beer for you too?” Nick raised his eyebrows, making me smile.

“What? Never met a girl who can drink beer?”

Nick shrugged. “I have, just… well.. uh..”

I looked at Nick amused as he blushed slightly. “You.. what?”

“I didn’t think girls drank beer over here.”

I cracked up laughing, making Nick blush more. I could tell that I needed to teach Nick about British girls, and how we weren’t as posh and well-spoken as we were portrayed.