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Nick sat in his room while his boys prepared for bed. As they fought in the bathroom over who was in whose way he sat texting Sara.

‘How are you?’ He sent.

Almost instantly she replied, ‘Fine, just tired. I had a long day.’

He felt slightly disappointed. He had been looking forward to a moment to talk to her. If she was tired he didn’t wanna keep her awake. ‘Oh, well I’ll let you sleep then.’

“Dad,” Jake came out of the bathroom.

“I’m not getting into with you and your brother.” He warned. He was too tired to argue.

“No, I wanna ask you something.” He said.

Nick sat his phone on his lap and looked at him, “What?”

“Can I cut my hair?” He ran his fingers through his locks of blond hair.

“Why?” Nick looked at him funny.

“I look too much like Justin. No one can tell us apart.” He argued.

Nick’s phone lit up from Sara texting him back. “Uh, yeah sure. I’ll take you when we get some free time.” He wanted to hurry and get back to texting Sara.

“Yes!” Jake cheered and walked away.

Nick quickly read Sara’s message, ‘No, I wanna talk to you.’

He sent her back a smiley face.

‘You like talking to me don’t you?’ She replied.

‘Yeah, I can’t explain it. I just feel connected to you.’

“Sara again?” Justin came out of the bathroom asking.

“Yes, is that crime?” Nick wanted to know.

“No.” Justin casually replied.

“So did you ask her to marry you yet?” Jake butted in.

“What, no! We aren’t even dating.” Nick quickly told them. Nick text Sara telling her what Jake had just asked.

She replied, ‘That’s crazy. I’m not even your girlfriend yet.’

‘Yet?’ Nick replied. He smiled and his boys noticed.

“There’s the puppy face again.” Justin told Jake.

“Yeah, it’s the same face Drew was giving Emmie.” He replied.

“Would you two leave me alone?” Nick asked.

‘Yeah, I really like you. Sorry if that sounds forward.’ Another message from Sara read.

“Hang on, what do you mean it was the same face Drew was giving Emmie?” Nick suddenly caught the comment.

“Drew is totally into her.” Justin flopped down on a bed.

“Yeah dad, you should have seen him. He even told her that her name was beautiful.” Jake laughed.

“Wait till Uncle Brian finds out.” Justin laughed.

“No, you two aren’t gonna say a word to him. Let me take care of it.” Nick gave each of them a warning look.

They rolled their eyes and shook their heads. Nick just turned back to his phone.

‘It’s not forward at all. I like you too Sara.’

Meanwhile Howie and Max were trying to sleep. On the other side of their room Kevin was being badgered by his son again.

“Dad, please. I’m sorry for what I did. It won’t happen again.”

“Daniel, if you don’t stop I’ll keep your cell phone even longer.” He was getting sick of hearing about it.

“Then you send her a message for me. Please, I like her so much and I don’t want her to be freaking out.”

“If I text her will you leave me alone about it till Friday?” Kevin began to cave a little.

“Yes, I swear.” Danny was fully prepared to take whatever he could get.

“Alright fine.” Kevin retrieved the cell phone from his belongings and turned it on. As he waited he looked to his son, “So, what do you think of your new cousin?”

“She’s ok. Something seems off about her though.” He wasn’t trying to be mean. He was just being honest.

“Yeah, Brian said she’s had a really rough past. I trust you to keep that between us though.”

Danny nodded as he watched his dad type on his phone.

“There, now not another word.” Kevin warned him shutting off the phone.

“Yes sir.” He nodded getting into bed.

A crossed the hall Drew was lying in bed waiting on his dad to do the same.

“So pop, what’s up with Emmie? Brian is so outgoing and she’s… not.” Drew yawned after speaking.

“I’m not sure.” AJ half lied. “I imagine trying to get used to our kinda lifestyle is a lot to take in.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I mean, she did say her mom died too.”

AJ was caught off guard. That’s not what Brian had told him. He mentally made a note to ask Brian about it.

As he climbed into the bed next to the one his son was in he asked, “Whose idea was the nickname?”

“Well, it was Jake’s idea to give her a nickname cause she said she didn’t like her name.” Drew explained as they lights were switched off.

“…and who came up with Emmie?”

Drew smiled a bit thinking of her, “I did.”

“Well I heard Brian even calling her Emmie so you did good.”

Hearing that made him a hopeful that she would like him too.