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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thanks for the continued support guys! As always I am loving all the feedback. It means so much to me and really does help me plow through writing these chapters.

Up next something that seems a little random.

~ 14 ~


An Interlude: Random, but Important.


Jennie was your typical average teenager. She hated school and was more than happy that the summer had finally arrived. She had a lot of things to look forward to this month. A new car, as long as she passed her road test, a new job where she just received her very first paycheck and most importantly the Backstreet Boys brand new CD.

She wasn’t able to get it when it first came out which bummed her out like no one’s business. She knew she should have gone to the store first thing in the morning but she also didn’t think they would sell out. Maybe she should have had more confidence in her favorite boy band on the planet, but she actually threw a full blown hissy fit when she went to Target and they didn’t have it in stock. It probably wouldn’t have been such a big deal if she had just succumbed to peer pressure and listened to all the leaked songs like everyone else in the fandom, but she wanted to be surprised so she waited patiently until she was able to hold it in her hands, read the lyrics and sing along to every song.

She had begged her mother to take her to the Wal-Mart right across the way but she would have none of that. If she wanted the CD so badly, she’d just have to wait until the next time her mother was able to take her back to Target.

Luckily that time was tonight. She was so excited to finally get this CD that she barely ate her dinner and all but pushed her mom out the door. Of course her mother thought she was absolutely ridiculous. “Why don’t you like those One Direction boys like everyone else your age? The Backstreet Boys are old men now.” She enjoyed making fun of her daughter, but in all actuality it was her mother that used to be the fan. It was through listening to her old CD’s that she fell in love with the group in the first place.

She managed to get most of her friends on board the BSB train, even though none of them were quite the level of fan that she was. Whenever they came over to her place, she had their music blaring on her Ipod and would force her friends to memorize their names and faces. Her favorite was Brian. There was just something about him that she found attractive. Maybe it was his playful nature or his love affair with God, but he just made her feel warm and fuzzy. All her other friends thought Nick was the cutest and she kind of did like him too, but in the end it was Brian that had her heart, which is why when she finally had the CD in her hands she was taken aback when she thought she saw him just standing there at the display case.

She grabbed her mom’s arm as soon as she placed the CD in the cart, whispered in her ear, “Oh my God Mom doesn’t that look like Brian?”

Her mother looked over at the man in question as he stood in the checkout line and nodded, “Kind of, but he’s a bit too tall. He actually looks like the love child of Nick and Brian.” Jennie laughed at her mother, she was right. He looked like both of them.

Even though she agreed with her mom and knew that wasn’t Brian, she still couldn’t take her eyes off of him as she stood a few lanes away in her own checkout line. She grabbed her IPhone and took a picture of him and texted her best friend Sarah. “I was standing by BROK at Target! HAHA” it said.

Her friend just replied with a *SMH* and that was it.

“Look mom, we’re following Brian to the car!” She joked as she lovingly hugged her, “Thanks for taking me to get the CD! I can’t wait to get in the car and put it on full blast!”

Her mother kissed the top of her head as she opened the trunk to put the rest of the things she had bought away. “Can I drive home?” Jennie begged as she stood by the driver’s side door ready to open and climb in even though she knew the answer was going to be a big fat no.

“Don’t press your luck!” She joked but Jennie wasn’t listening. She was too busy staring at the man sitting in the passenger seat of the car right next to hers, aka Brian’s car. He was a dead ringer for Nick Carter. She even squinted into the car to get a better look. It was right at that point he stared back at her. “It can’t be him.” She said, but she was almost positive. He didn’t look very good; in fact he looked like he might have been in a fight of some kind. She thought she saw blood on his face but it was a little hard to tell. “Let’s go!” Her mother said pushing her out of the way of the door.

“Mom…” she looked into the car a second time but, his head was facing the other direction. As the truck was pulling out of its spot, she tried to look at him from the front but he was still turned towards the Brian lookalike. Even from the side view though, there was no mistaking that the guy in that truck was Nick Carter! Even though she couldn’t really get a great picture, she decided to take out her phone and try, so as they were pulling out she aimed and clicked.

Her mother’s beeping made her jump, “Let’s go Jennie, I don’t have all night! I still have to get your brother to bed and lord only knows what kind of mischief your father has been up to while we’ve been gone.

“Mom, I swear on my life, that Nick Carter was in that truck!”

She shook her head, “First Brian and now Nick?”

“Mom, that was definitely him, I swear!!” She pulled up the picture she took and even though it was kind of blurry and he wasn’t facing front, in her mind there was no mistaking it. That was Nick Carter! “See?”

Her mother looked at the picture for a few moments, Jennie could tell that maybe she was thinking the same thing.  She handed the phone back to her daughter, “What would he be doing at a Target at this time of night with someone who happens to look like his band mate?”

“They’re on tour so maybe they are passing through here!”

“Jennie, don’t be ridiculous!”

“I think we should follow that truck!”

Once again her mother shook her head, “Even if it is him, I’m sure the last thing he wants is a pair of random fans following him all over the place. Now put your CD on already. I kind of want to hear what the new stuff sounds like.”

She didn’t bring it up on the rest of the drive home, but the second she got into her room and closed the door, she once again felt the need to text Sarah to tell her that without a doubt, she did see Nick Carter at the local Target along with the picture and the word “See?”

She was on her second complete listen to the CD when her friend finally replied, “OMG! DID YOU SEE THE NEWS? HE’S MISSING THEY ALL ARE!”

Her eyes went wide as she ran to turn on her TV, just as the local news was reporting the boys had never made it to their next tour city.

Jennie opened her bedroom door, “MOM! Call the police!” She screamed as she ran down the hall to let her mother know that maybe she wasn’t imagining things after all.