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One is lost
One is broken
One is a prisoner
Two are trapped


Rated: PG-13
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Group
Genres: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama, Suspense
Warnings: None
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Chapters: 40
Completed: Yes
Word count: 97254
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Published: 08/07/13
Updated: 10/21/13

1. Chapter 1 by Mare [Reviews - 18] (2932 words)

Well, it seems that thanks to BSB's new incredible album and the return of Kevin, I have been reborn into the fandom! Here's a brand new novel from me! I hope you enjoy. It will be told from many points of view so I thought i'd start with good old Tim!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!! :O)

2. Chapter 2 by Mare [Reviews - 9] (2488 words)

Thanks for the love so far, I appreciate it! :O)



3. Chapter 3 by Mare [Reviews - 10] (2338 words)

Thanks for all the positive feedback so far. :O)



4. Chapter 4 by Mare [Reviews - 10] (2368 words)

It's so nice seeing some of my old readers back! I have missed you guys! :O)

5. Chapter 5 by Mare [Reviews - 7] (1998 words)

Thanks for reading as always! :O)

6. Chapter 6 by Mare [Reviews - 9] (2028 words)
I love seeing new faces in the mix this time around as well! Thanks for all the reviews! :O)

7. Chapter 7 by Mare [Reviews - 9] (2055 words)
And now we're back to Tim :O)

8. Chapter 8 by Mare [Reviews - 8] (2319 words)

9. Chapter 9 by Mare [Reviews - 7] (2302 words)

Testing...testing? I hope this works!! LOL If so thanks for reading and it not CRAP!

10. Chapter 10 by Mare [Reviews - 1] (2589 words)
Hey guys! Here is an AJ chapter. He hasn't had a say yet! LOL Enjoy!!

11. Chapter 11 by Mare [Reviews - 2] (2284 words)
Hey guys! I hope everyone is still reading and enjoying this story. We're now back to Howie! :O) Since reviews are disabled feel free to drop in on my update thread here: http://absolutechaos.net/fictalk/index.php/topic,3035.0.html
or my twitter @bitybella to let me know what you think. Nothing makes me happier than reading your reactions to the stuff going on and it really helps motivate me to write.

And now onto Howie!!

12. Chapter 12 by Mare [Reviews - 10] (2222 words)
The site and reviews are back up and running so here we go...

Nick's turn!

13. Chapter 13 by Mare [Reviews - 9] (2290 words)
Hey guys! Tim is up next and we have finally reached the cabin! I Hope you enjoy it! :O)

14. Chapter 14 by Mare [Reviews - 10] (1359 words)
Thanks for the continued support guys! As always I am loving all the feedback. It means so much to me and really does help me plow through writing these chapters.

Up next something that seems a little random.

15. Chapter 15 by Mare [Reviews - 9] (2299 words)
And now we're back to Kevin! :O)

16. Chapter 16 by Mare [Reviews - 9] (2513 words)
Howdy and we're back at the cabin trying to resolve at least a little something...

17. Chapter 17 by Mare [Reviews - 10] (2436 words)
And now we're back to Howie! :O)

18. Chapter 18 by Mare [Reviews - 7] (2701 words)
I decided to update tonight because I'm not sure about tomorrow! So, here's another chapter from the mind of our loving villain, Tim! Enjoy!

19. Chapter 19 by Mare [Reviews - 12] (1441 words)
Here's another interlude for you.

20. Chapter 20 by Mare [Reviews - 9] (2813 words)
Today we reunite Howie and Nick at the cabin. Hope you enjoy!

21. Chapter 21 by Mare [Reviews - 12] (2553 words)
Back to Brian at the van.

22. Chapter 22 by Mare [Reviews - 10] (2796 words)
Since so many of you were a little upset with the cliffy, I decided to switch up the order a tiny bit and post this chapter before the Nick one. I did ask for people to vote but only three of you did. One wanted van the other two didn't care. So, here you go! We're back at the van with AJ! :O) See? I didn't leave you hanging for as long as I wanted to. LOL

23. Chapter 23 by Mare [Reviews - 9] (2497 words)
Here is Nick's chapter. Just a reminder, this was supposed to be chapter 22 even though these chapters were designed to overlap anyway, there might be more of a sense of Tim being two places at once. He's not! lol Hope it's not too confusing, although I don't think it will be! Enjoy!

24. Chapter 24 by Mare [Reviews - 10] (2503 words)
We're still at the cabin, but this time with Howie! :O) Enjoy!

25. Chapter 25 by Mare [Reviews - 12] (2884 words)
We're back with Brian and AJ going one way while Kevin goes the other! :O)

26. Chapter 26 by Mare [Reviews - 11] (1649 words)
I'm back with another interlude! :O)

27. Chapter 27 by Mare [Reviews - 9] (2531 words)
Kevin is reunited with Howie and Nick :O)

28. Chapter 28 by Mare [Reviews - 11] (2260 words)
And now we have arrived at the hospital! :O)

Just wanted to take a minute to thank anyone who took the time to nominate and vote for this story at the Double Rainbow Awards! It won Best Suspense and Tim won Best Villain, although he probably threatened all the other villains to back off! LOL

29. Chapter 29 by Mare [Reviews - 12] (3329 words)
So, before you read I'm just going to say...sorry. It's all Tim's fault!

30. Chapter 30 by Mare [Reviews - 8] (1778 words)
Another Interlude! :O)

31. Chapter 31 by Mare [Reviews - 8] (2638 words)
Updating a day early because I'm cool like that.

So without further ado, here's Howie and Kevin...

32. Chapter 32 by Mare [Reviews - 10] (2408 words)
Back with Howie the Hero!

33. Chapter 33 by Mare [Reviews - 9] (2262 words)
I am really great, aren't I? :O) Well if you care if not you're all like Eh? I guess... Here is a resolution for you and yeah maybe another cliffy but not as bad as yesterdays!

34. Chapter 34 by Mare [Reviews - 11] (2829 words)
How about a little bit of everyone?

35. Chapter 35 by Mare [Reviews - 8] (1799 words)
And here is another interlude...

36. Chapter 36 by Mare [Reviews - 10] (2690 words)
I didn't think I'd get this out because of internet issues, but Tim wanted to talk so here he is!

37. Chapter 37 by Mare [Reviews - 11] (2514 words)
We started with bang but because of the timing of this story, I feel like I'm going out with a whimper. Remind me next time to not plan a story to end around the same time the entire fandom decides to go on vacation together. With that being said, here's the final interlude...

38. Chapter 38 by Mare [Reviews - 12] (2987 words)
Here's a little bit of everyone and the real answers from the summary. Ritz, you clever girl! ;o)

39. Chapter 39 by Mare [Reviews - 13] (2493 words)
Tim takes a final bow...

40. Chapter 40 by Mare [Reviews - 15] (4079 words)
Well here we are....