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Nick was ready for tonight. It was New Year’s Eve, and he was taking AJ, Rochelle, Yolanda, her boyfriend, and Elisa to the club for the festivities. He dressed in his black leather coat, blue jeans, and black tank top. He was driving his SUV over to AJ’s first, to pick him and Rochelle up.

“What the fuck you mean not yet?” AJ said as he and Rochelle rode with Nick to Elisa’s house. “Don’t you think you’ve waited long enough for some sex?”

“It’s not always about sex, Jay.” Nick said. “It’ll be soon, man. But what I have with Elisa is special. How long you’d wait with- no wait, Rochelle, how long was it before you two had sex?”

Rochelle laughed. “Seven months. Don’t let him lie to you. I think you and Elisa are really sweet, but I don’t think that you would hurt it if you got some sooner rather than later. You two have made it to about where we were.”

They pulled in and AJ whistled.

“I think sooner than later is correct, Chelle,” he said.

Elisa had a black sparkly shirt on, with a blue denim mini skirt and black Converses. Nick’s body immediately responded as he took in the sexy sight that was his woman.

“To the back, AJ,” Nick said.

AJ grumbled a little, but hugged Elisa as he got out. Elisa slid in the front seat and kissed Nick quickly.

“Okay, Yolanda, you know Nick. That’s AJ and his wife Rochelle. Guys, this is Yolanda and her boyfriend, Sam,” Elisa said, as Nick drove to the club.

“I’m still trying to figure out why you think Converses are club attire?” Yolanda asked Elisa.

“I told you, Yo, I’m not wearing heels. If I’m going to dance, I’m going to do it in my tennis shoes or my Converses. Unless you want me in a hospital?”

Yolanda grumbled. Rochelle laughed.

“I’m on Elisa’s side here. I’m wearing heels but they’re coming off when I hit the dance floor.”

Nick could barely keep his mind on the road, because he was so turned on by his hot girlfriend. This was the most skin he’d seen on her since he met her. And the fact that she planned on dancing tonight made it better. All he wanted to do was run his hand up her bare thigh, but, being in mixed company, he decided against it.

They arrived at the club and the guard showed them in.
Nick kissed Elisa and headed to the DJ booth, where he began to play music to get people out there and dance.
Elisa and Yolanda got out on the floor and began to dance. The first song was “Shake” by Jesse McCartney. Elisa loved this song, and began to move immediately
Nick watched Elisa move out on the floor, and he grinned. She was swaying her body seductively and biting her lip as she danced. She knew how to pop and lock her body, and soon her and Yolanda had attracted a crowd.

“Nick, who is that?” his fellow DJ asked, impressed.

“That, my friend, is someone you better not even think about having. That’s my woman,” he replied, smiling bright.

“Damn, son, you hit that?”

“Hey, man, watch it. I love that girl.”

Elisa caught Nick’s eye and shot him a sexy smile. He winked at her as he played the next song, which was “Love in this Club”.

“I’ve got to say, I’m impressed, she is hot as hell.”

“Yeah. I don’t know what I did do get her, but I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to find out if it means I can keep her,” Nick replied, observing Elisa.

AJ decided to dance with Elisa, mainly to make Nick jealous. Nick knew his boy wouldn’t do anything out of the way, he just wanted to be the one out there dancing with his girl.

Elisa laughed as AJ tried to twerk on her a la Miley style, and Nick laughed as well.

After about an hour, he relinquished the turntable and went to find his girl.

“Come dance with me,” he said, taking her hand.

Elisa smiled as he led her out to the floor. “How to Deal” by Frankie J started playing, and he took her in his arms.

They swayed back and forth, looking into each others eyes. Nick kissed her sweetly.

“You look so sexy tonight,” he whispered to her.

“You too,” she said, weaving her fingers around his.

As they danced, AJ and Rochelle watched.

“What’s on your mind, baby?” she asked him.

“Nothing. Just thinking how lucky Nick and I are. We both came close to losing it all, and now we have it all. Backstreet’s back again, I have a beautiful family, and Nick out there is in love with Elisa and couldn’t be happier.”

Rochelle kissed her husband’s cheek.

“You’re proud of him, aren’t you?”

“Damn straight.”

“Well, I know I didn’t marry a wallflower. How about asking me to dance?” Rochelle asked.

AJ grinned and took his wife’s hand, and led her out to the dance floor.

As the song ended, Nick spun Elisa around and hugged her from behind.

“I love you so fucking much,” he said in her ear. Elisa laughed as his breath tickled her neck. A new slow song came on.

It was “O” by Omarion, and Nick began to dancing with Elisa again, this time in a more sensual manner.

“Damn, Nick, get it!” he heard AJ yell from across the room. Elisa looked up at Nick, who looked at her with the hottest gaze she’d ever seen. She grinded up against him as he took the lead. He had one hand on her lower back as her arms were around his neck.

He moved his body against hers intimately, biting his lip and pressing his forehead against hers. This was definitely the hottest dance she’d ever shared, and she didn’t want it to end.

They moved as if they’d danced like this all the time. It was turning Elisa on big time, and she knew Nick was as hot as she was. She only wondered how long they were going to last before one of them broke and dragged the other off to a bedroom somewhere.

After a few more heated dances, they both needed a glass of water. After she downed her glass, she went to the bathroom. Yolanda went with her.

“I think someone is going to get laid tonight,” Yolanda sing songed.

Elisa blushed but said nothing.

Yolanda gasped.

“Someone IS getting laid tonight!” she said.

“Shut up! More than likely, yes, but don’t be announcing it to the rooftops,” Elisa hissed, wiping the sweat off of her forehead.

“Girl, I bet he is goooood. The way he was dancing with you just now, there were flames.”

“If he is as good in bed as he is with his hands, I may have to quit my job. I’d never want to leave my bed…” Elisa said, then clapped her hand over her mouth.

“He’s had his hands on you? Oh sweet baby Jesus!, I’m going to die!”

“Yeah you are if you don’t shut the fuck up!” Elisa hissed.

Yolanda grinned.

“Whatever, girl.” Yolanda left with a knowing smile.

After Elisa was done calming her nerves, she walked out to see Nick waiting for her.


She was silenced as his lips crushed hers. Picking her up, he pressed her back to the wall, which shattered her nerves all to hell again.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned as she grinded her hips against him.

After a few more kisses he let her down.

“Sorry, I had to.”

“Nick…I can’t take this anymore. I need you,” she whimpered.

Nick kissed her again.

“Tonight, I promise.”

Elisa grinned.


They joined their friends at the table, and waited for the clock to strike midnight. He snuck his SUV keys to AJ, saying he’d be catching a cab back to Elisa’s once midnight struck. AJ smirked and said “About damn time,” as he took them.

Elisa and Nick sat close together as they watched the TV. He was running his hand up and down her thigh as they waited, despite her half hearted attempts to stop him.
“Five, four three, two, one…Happy New Year!”

Nick pulled Elisa in for a long, searing kiss as everyone else welcomed in the New Year with cheers. He took his time kissing her, combining his tongue with hers. Breaking apart, he looked into her eyes.

“Let’s get out of here.”

Elisa could not get into her house fast enough. Once they were in and the door was shut, Nick claimed her mouth again.

This kiss was slow, but hot. Taking off his coat, he let it drop to the floor. Breaking his kiss, he took off his shirt and did the same with Elisa’s.

“Damn, Elisa,” he said, staring at her body with heat in his eyes. “You are so beautiful.”

Elisa couldn’t tear her eyes away from his beautiful, hard earned body. She ran her hands up and down his torso, feelng his muscles tighten underneath, something she had wanted to do for so long. It felt just as good as she had imagined it would.

“How did I get so lucky?” she asked softly, looking up at him.

He kissed her again, pressing her body to his. She moaned at the skin to skin contact.

He kissed her neck, then unhooked her bra and began kissing her breasts. She gasped when he took her nipple and bit down on it softly.

Picking her up, he carried her to her bedroom, where he laid her down on her bed. He took off her shoes, and her skirt. He then stripped down to his boxers and sat on the bed next to her.

“Lay on your stomach,” he said softly.

She did, and he straddled her and began rubbing her back softly, dragging his fingers up and down her spine. The hitches in her breathing turned him on even more, and he placed kisses all over her back. He then turned her over, and did the same thing to her front.

He reached down and pulled her panties off, leaving her completely naked in front of him. She was already hot and wet, and he wanted nothing more than to be inside of her, but he had a promise to keep. He promised to worship her body, and dammit, that's what he intended to do.

He placed kissed along her lower stomach as he began to massage her clit with his hand.

“Oh, God, Nick,” Elisa moaned, arching her back as he worked his magic on her. His hand was replaced by his tongue, which drove Elisa crazy. The same tongue that had made beautiful music, was now on the verge of making her come.

Before she did, he quit.

“You fucking tease,” she choked out, as he gave her a sexy smirk. He pulled her up to him and stood up.

She took his boxers off and froze. She had pictured Nick’s dick before, she had felt it once, but the sight of it was better than her wildest dreams.

She took him into her mouth, slowly at first, and only a little bit at a time. She sucked him slowly, enjoying the groans he made.

She began to go faster, and he moaned her name. Soon, he came into her mouth, and she spit it out into a napkin.

“I’ll be back,” she whispered, going to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth, because she was sure he didn’t want to kiss her after that, but she wanted more of his kisses.

Once she returned, Nick pulled her onto the bed with him and laid her on her back. He hovered over her and kissed her deeply.

“You have condoms, right?” she asked softly.

He reached over into his jeans and pulled several out.


He rolled it onto himself and got in between her legs.

“You sure you want this?” he asked her tenderly.

She nodded, looking into his eyes. Giving her a sexy smile, he kissed her as he pushed deep into her, making her cry out.

He went slowly, savoring every minute of being in her. He kissed her neck as he went in and out, and she dug her nails into his back as she begged for more.

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear as he pushed in again.

Elisa looked at him with tears in her eyes.

“I love you, too, baby,” she said, pushing upwards, begging him to go deeper.

He pumped in faster and she came, gasping his name as she did. Wrapping her legs around him, he adjusted where he was sitting on the bed and she was in his lap. She rode him until he was coming and she was having her second orgasm of the night.

If Nick had it his way, it wasn’t going to be the last.


Elisa woke up the next morning in Nick’s arms. He was still asleep, so she thought back to the events of the night before.

Nick had made love to her, had fucked her, and had turned her inside out all night long. Her favorite memory was when he fucked her against the wall.

“I have wanted to do this to you for a while now,” he growled, pressing her back against her bedroom wall.
Still gasping from her last orgasm, she cried out when he rammed into her again.
“You like this?” he whispered as he pushed into her.
She couldn’t speak. She could only nod as she clenched her walls against him, which made him moan.
“Shit, Elisa,” he said roughly, going faster.
“Baby, faster, please,” she gasped out as she felt it building up again.
“Come for me, Elisa,” he whispered, looking in her eyes, which were heavy with lust.
“I love you,” she moaned as she came again and again, closing in tight around him as she did.
“Oh, Elisa,” he groaned as he reached his own orgasm.

Elisa smiled at the memory, yet winced when she realized how sore she was.

Nick stirred, and smiled.

“Morning beautiful,” he said, stroking her back. “What are you thinking about?”

Elisa smiled sleepily.

“Last night.”

He grinned, and kissed her sweetly.

“Told you it’d be worth it.”

“Oh, it was, baby. It was.”

Nick turned to her and caressed her face.

“What are your plans for today?”

“I don’t know. Half of me doesn’t want to get out of this bed,” she said, a playful glint in her eyes.

“I have to go get more condoms, we used all of mine,” he said. “We can get breakfast while we’re out.”

“Sounds good to me.” She went to get up and winced again.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah, just a little sore. I guess that happens after a year and a half.”

“Yeah, your neck looks pretty rough, too,” Nick said, pointing. “I bet I have some deep scratches on my back.”

“Sorry,” she said, getting up and grabbing some clothes out of her closet. Nick propped up on his elbow, watching her with a sexy grin.

“What?” she asked, putting her jeans on.

“You. You’re so fucking beautiful.”

Elisa blushed as Nick drew her back onto the bed and kissed her.

“Nick, condoms,” she gasped, as he sucked on her neck.

“Don’t need one for this,” he said lowly, reaching his hand into her jeans. He rubbed her clit sensually, enjoying her moans as she came.

“We need to go. Sooner we get done, sooner we can come back here,” he said, getting up and getting dressed.


They spent the rest of the day in bed, and Elisa learned that Nick definitely had amazing bedroom skills. He could go from rough and fiery to sweet and loving in seconds. He definitely focused on getting her off first, saving himself for last.

Nick learned a lot about Elisa as well. He learned that she loved being against the wall, and she loved it when he placed her legs over his shoulders. She was sensitive behind her earlobe, and she loved when he used his hands to get her off. He also discovered a tattoo of a cardinal on her hipbone that he intended to ask about later.

At night, when they were both finally spent, Nick held her in his arms. She was wearing his dress shirt from the night before, and nothing else. She was peacefully sleeping against his chest, as he looked up at the ceiling. This woman was the one of his dreams. She’d been everything he’d ever hoped for, and he never wanted this moment to end.