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Author's Chapter Notes:
Years ago, a friend of mine tried to start a band while I was in college, and I took some time out from writing fiction (in the couple year gap between the older Tradewinds manuscripts and The Book of Hondo) to write song lyrics. A lot of what I wrote was pretty lame, though it did yield a few that had a chance of becoming songs if the actual band itself had ever managed to fully form. This was a fragment of something I wrote, what was supposed to be a multi-part piece, though, looking at it years later, this was the only verse I think is actually worth anything.
No global warming, no nuclear winter
not with a bang, but a whimper
Hear the whisper, prosperity reverses
Plutopia, dreams rolled away in hearses
It's all the mind-numbing routines
just the extremes with no in-betweens
the lies that flash across the screens
It's the children chained to machines
while the world ignores their screams
and watches ads to buy their jeans
The end that always justifies the means
it's the chronic early loss of innocence
Decisions that don't make any sense
It's the TV news that always lies
who edit reality right before our eyes
tucked away in a digital disguise
It's all the things that we're denied
They promised us the world, but they lied
It's their endless corporate greed
their backs turned on those in need
The brain-dead masses who can't read
the everyday madness we all feed
The Code of Silence, children can be so cruel
who play by it to fit in, to be cool
The unwritten laws, the playground rules
and those who stand by & watch like fools
'til the Ignored shoot up their schools
The riots & looters, catacombs of computers
loopholes for murderers & polluters
Bandwagon recruiters & the American Jesus
We've met the enemy & he's us
To watch the Grid go crashing down
as lights blink out without a sound
They traded the future for the past
but it'll be lots of fun while it lasts
Common sense always stands trial
quick-fixes might work for awhile
just backups of all the lies on file
Plugged-in, turned-on world in denial
The fools who feed their minds junk-food
with over 100 million screwed
The sacred cows we all appease
while they do just as they please
That you can't trust what you've seen
on the all-knowing TV screen
MTV & Fox, peacocks & eyes
hijacks the facts, no big surprise
No one will realize 'til it's gone
Sit & watch the world Move On
In the Almighty Dollar we trust
while all we value turns to rust
I’ll show you culture in a handful of dust...
Chapter End Notes:
-circa 1999

As you can see, "Flawed Logic" mostly just turned out to be a long, angry paranoid rant written by a college-age insomniac, but I can't help thinking this verse, at least, might have made some decent song material.
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