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Author's Chapter Notes:
the first of the Lost Verses...
Come give your spine a chill down in Silent Hill
small town of dark secrets & a violent will
Living a nightmare, trapped inside there
armed with just a radio & flashlight there
Downright scared, at the end of your wits
everytime static spits, signal's on the fritz
Thru the mist, unhallowed shapes twist, fear-inspirin'
before the total blackout & the air-raid siren
Tryin' to solve the mystery of this town's history
before the dark forces here do this to me
too, it'll swallow your soul, swallow it whole
once it's too late and this town takes its toll
No vacation, salvation or damnation?
In this otherworld town, both are waitin'
for you, along with your past, five steps ahead
Unless you catch up & face it, you're as good as dead
Pyramid Head or red lights of death, will depend
on if you keep running or stand up to defend
hard truths from fears no one comprehends
In darkness it waits, until the silence ends...
Chapter End Notes:

2012 was a rollercoaster year, and not exactly the fun kind. In addition to long weeks at a stretch "On Call" (basically job hunting... :| ), I spent parts of it directing traffic at Universal Studios. For what it's worth, the job itself wasn't so bad, just everything else, from the unreliable hours to the absurd commute from the Valley (which, ironically, would no longer be an issue now that I live in Hollywood, but would have made little difference in the long run, due to the hours' inherent instability outside of summer, but whatever...), and it ended up costing us our old apartment. It was also the year I started branching out into Nerdcore. Though I've been a lifelong fan of Weird Al, and had been following Lars and a couple others for a while by that point, this was the same year I got into Front-a-Lot, MC Hawking, Beefy, Dual Core, Jesse Dangerously, and Schaefer the Darklord, among others. So I was working Halloween Horror Nights, and frequently had "Bruce Campbell" stuck in my head, what with all the zombies walking around, and the whole Lower Lot getting converting into Silent Hill that year and all, coupled with my job at the garage mostly consisting of counting cars with a ticker. Not exactly a mentally taxing task (which is why it basically pays Minimum Wage... :( ), but since I had this song stuck in my head, my mind started cranking out alternate verses, starting with this one, which I recently stumbled across while sorting out my old notes from that year. :)
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