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Author's Chapter Notes:
One Night Only!
MC Lovecraft, waxing arcane on why we're all insignificant specks crawling on a pale blue dot, spinning through a cold, indifferent universe! Good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the Nightgaunts bite! :D
On the horizon, it looms, in your darkest dreams
Shadows out of Time where reality's not what it seems
Amidst the screams that echo from Leng's cold plane
to the Empty Quarter's desert ruins without name
Remote, forgotten places to the Bermuda Triangle
and accounts of lost souls and wreckage found mangled
From Dunwich and Arkham, to the City of Angles
Gibbering, abnormal things found tangled
in Innsmouth fish nets or the Mountains of Madness
onward, to the dark side of Dreamland quests
On Lake Hali, heralding the fall of the queen
behold dim Carcosa, where we lay our scene
Where the King in Yellow reigns, we traveled
to places where reality comes unraveled
wholecloth, bringing new colors out of space
antediluvian relics, directions out of place
In Non-Euclidean Space, alien geometry
home to eldritch Things That Should Not Be
Dreaming deathless dreams to Unspeakable Cults
inhuman crossbreeding with horrific results
Hard to ignore the gore, from tomes of eldritch lore
You'll never sleep again if you read any more
from the Book of Eibon or the Necronomicon
a phonebook for calling on things from Beyond
human comprehension, whispers from another dimension
that science may one day unlock with thoughtless invention
not intention, a sight to behold, of horrors untold
Unleashing chaos and madness as events unfold
A bad moon rising this Unhallowed Eve Night
things will go all wrong when the stars come right
For that is not dead which can eternal lie
and with strange aeons, even death may die...
Chapter End Notes:

2012 was a rollercoaster year, and not exactly the fun kind. In addition to long weeks at a stretch "On Call" (basically job hunting... :| ), I spent parts of it directing traffic at Universal Studios. For what it's worth, the job itself wasn't so bad, just everything else, from the unreliable hours to the absurd commute from the Valley (which, ironically, would no longer be an issue now that I live in Hollywood, but would have made little difference in the long run, due to the hours' inherent instability outside of summer, but whatever... :( ), and it ended up costing us our old apartment (see "Photos" folder for pics :) ). It was also the year I started branching out into Nerdcore. Though I've been a lifelong fan of Weird Al, and had been following Lars and a couple others for a while by that point, this was the same year I got into Front-a-Lot, MC Hawking, Beefy, Dual Core, Jesse Dangerously, and Schaffer the Darklord, among others. So I was working Halloween Horror Nights, and frequently had "Bruce Campbell" stuck in my head, what with all the zombies walking around, and the whole Lower Lot getting converting into Silent Hill that year and all, coupled with my job at the garage mostly consisting of counting cars with a ticker. When it comes to horror, my mind often turns to the cosmic variety, especially Lovecraftian, so it's not surprising I found myself rhyming about the Cthulhu Mythos while I was standing around. Not exactly a mentally taxing task (which is why it basically pays Minimum Wage... :( ), but since I had this song stuck in my head, my mind started cranking out alternate verses, including this one, which I recently stumbled across while sorting out my old notes from that year. :D
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