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Mai was running in the woods far away to not looking back. She just killed Candice, her maker. And now she turned into one. She doesn’t understand how that is possible. Only way she could’ve turn was drinking blood or mating with the vampire. She didn’t do either of those so what the fuck?

Mai: *Climbs to tree and looks around the woods.* Oh My God… Mom… Dad… I’m sorry… *Cries*

Mai start to finally hear noises and smelling blood miles away. She start to move fast tree by tree when finally finds a cabin where comes fresh human blood to her nostrils. She’s hearing woman voice. She smells other blood, but it comes from smaller thing. Maybe a dog or a cat? No. It’s the baby.

Mai: Don’t go in there, Mai. They are innocent people. Just turn back and run away. *Hisses quietly just staring the cabin*

Mai is about to move forward, but someone stops her by pushing her against the tree. Mai hissed to person and stopped the person on the ground.

Nick: Wow! Hey! Mai! It’s me!
Mai: *Hisses at Nick angrily.* Nick! What are you doing?!
Nick: Stopping you to do big mistake of your life.
Mai: *Backs away off of him and hisses.* Yeah? What’s that?
Nick: Killing woman and baby.
Mai: I’m so hungry! I need to drink!
Nick: I’ll have to stop you if you walk in that cabin, Mai.
Mai: Please make my hunger go away. How the hell did I turn into this? I didn’t drink any blood or…
Nick: Mai… *Walks closer to her.* I have no answer for that, but I know for one thing.
Mai: What? *Sighs and try to keep herself together.*
Nick: I can teach you to live the way I live.
Mai: Like how? Eating squirrels?
Nick: What else? If you want to live that the way it goes. Or just burn to death.
Mai: I’m just too young for die. *Starts to suddenly cry and be mad same time.*
Nick: Come with me, Mai. You don’t want to hurt the baby, right?
Mai: No I don’t, but maybe the woman… I’m so hungry…
Nick: Mai. Don’t. *Looks at Mai serious.*
Mai: Don’t tell me what I can’t do. *Runs fast to cabin.*
Nick: Fuck. Mai! Stop! *Runs after her and stops her by pushing her through the cabin door to make woman inside scream.*
Mai: *Hisses at Nick and roars loud at him* Stay away from me!
Nick: *Keeps Mai down on the floor and hisses at her.* Stay still! You are not bad guy! You are not Candice!
Mai: She made me! She’s my maker! *Gets off from him and throw him on the wall.*
Woman: Oh God. What is going on? *Looks scared and holding her crying baby*
Mai: *Looks at woman hungrily.* It’ll be over soon, darling.
Woman: Please don’t hurt us. *Cries.*
Mai: *Walks closer to woman and smells her very close.* Mmm… You smell so good.
Nick: *Walks behind Mai and pulls her away from the woman.* Leave her alone!
Mai: *Stops him from choking him.* Leave me alone!
Nick: *Start to choke and try to speak.* Mai…
Mai: Shut up! *Throws Nick again through the window*
Nick: *Screams and groans loud.* Shit! She’s too strong for me!
Mai: *Turns back to look at the woman, but notice her being gone.* Okay. Take out is good too.
Nick: *Walks back in and sighs.* Mai… Let her go.
Mai: *Groans and turns to look at Nick.* Want me to kick your ass again?
Nick: I know you will, but this is not you. What happened to the girl I kissed earlier?
Mai: Her parents died! And it’s your fault!
Nick: My fault?! How is my fault that Candice killed your parents?!
Mai: You didn’t come sooner to help! *Walks to Nick and push him.*
Nick: *Falls hard on the floor and groans.* I’m sorry for that, Mai. I really am.
Mai: Shut up! *Yells and hits her hands hard on the wall.*

Mai was about to go after the woman, but Jesse and Brian stands in front of her.

Brian: Going somewhere?
Mai: Move aside, Brian.
Brian: Can’t do. You are about to hurt the woman.
Mai: She’s food for us. Move aside or I’ll will do it for you.
Jesse: *Whispers to Brian.* She’s changed.
Brian: *Whispers back.* Keep her distracted so Nick can tie her up.
Jesse: So Mai… You are part of the family now. *Try to distract her.*
Mai: I’m not your family! Step aside! *Yells and runs past them fast.*
Brian: Damn it… *Looks at Nick shocked* Go after her!
Nick: We all go or it’ll be too late. *Starts to run fast after Mai*
Brian: You did awful with the distracting her, Jesse.
Jesse: What am I was supposed to say?
Brian: Maybe you should’ve stayed quiet. *Runs to way Nick went*

Nick ends up to dirt road and no sign of Mai. He can smell blood strongly and was afraid it’s too late. He runs the way he smells the blood.

“No Please! Don’t hurt me!”

Nick hears familiar voice of woman screaming and this time it sounded louder. He ran to direction of the scream that he heard and finds Mai biting the woman on the neck on the ground. There wasn’t sight of baby. Nick runs to Mai and pulls her away from woman.

Nick: What did you do?! You killed her, Mai! *Walks to check the woman.*
Mai: Oh that tasted so good. *Laughs and licks her lips*
Nick: *Sighs and looks at Mai.* Do you have any idea what you just did?
Mai: *Looks at Nick smirking.* Oh I do. Don’t you miss it? Taste of fresh blood?
Nick: *Flows fast to Mai and push her against the brick wall.* You’d just killed innocent person!
Mai: *Only smiles to Nick.* It was only one person, Nick.
Nick: It’s murder! Now the baby is motherless cause of you!
Mai: *Bits her lips innocently* What baby?
Nick: You didn’t? Tell me you didn’t touch that baby?! *Screamed loud at Mai*
Mai: *Only shrugs her shoulders innocently.*
Nick: *Start to choke her angrily.* I swear god, Mai! If you touched your fangs on the baby, I’ll kill you.
Mai: You won’t kill me, Nick. You care about me too much. *Smiles and doesn’t care how mad Nick is.*
Nick: You are acting like Candice. Don’t make same mistake that she did. Say you didn’t hurt the baby.
Mai: *Looks deep to Nick’s eyes and mind talks to him.*
Nick: *Hears her voice in his mind and sighs for releave.*
Mai: *Takes advantage of Nick’s calming and hits his head against the brick wall hard.*
Nick: Aaaargh! *Shouts hard and falls on the ground.*
Mai: Sorry baby. I gotta go. *Runs fast away from Nick to streets.*
Nick: Mai! *Gets up and sighs* Fuck…

Nick hears baby crying behind him and starts to look for it. Baby was in the box safely unharmed. What is he going to do? He heard footsteps behind him and turns to see Brian and Jesse standing there in horror. Nick takes baby to his arms and try to calm the baby.

Brian: What happened? *Was shocked what he saw on the ground*
Nick: Mai. She killed this baby’s mother. She’s into blood. This is only a start.
Jesse: What are we going to do with the baby?
Nick: I’ll take the baby to orphanage. You two try to track Mai.
Brian: Why us? She’s your girl. You track her?
Jesse: Yeah. I agreed with Brian.
Nick: Then you take baby to orphanage. *Gives baby to Jesse.*
Jesse: Wow Hey… *Holds baby* Brian… You take him or her… *Offers the baby to Brian*
Brian: *Takes the baby carefully and looks at Nick.* Now go look for her or she will kill again.
Nick: I know she will kill before I find her. That was me once 100 years ago. Blood is like a drug for her now.
Jesse: Oh I remember my first time of thirst of blood.
Brian: *Looks at Jesse.* Do you?
Nick: I’ll see you guys later. *Flows fast to look for Mai.*
Jesse: Is it me or has he get faster with the flowing?