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Hey everyone.

I know this story hasn't gone anywhere and it's been 2 years since me and my friend wrote last time. Well folks... Seems like I need to some day write it my own.

So sorry for the readers that likes to read this.

I would really like to write this with my friend, but she's not interested of it anymore.

So I might start to write this next year at least.
I do have so many ideas for this story, but I need you all to be patience.

Here's some ideas I've been thinking of to write:

- Anna's dad returns from the Vampire hunt and something happened to him.

- Mai has finally find out that she's half vampire and half human.

- Mai is going to fight against the Candice.

- Nick and Brian are scared of Mai, but why???

So here you go. Those are the ideas so far I had in my mind. I don't want to tell everything and spoils the story for you everyone. This story is going to turn into amazing!