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Timmy: *Comes to Johnny after the nurse.* Johnny… Why you let that freak girl get away. My penis is a mess. I will pay her back.
Johnny: Why on earth did you show her your penis anyway?
Timmy: We have to scare her out in our male parts.
Johnny: You are stupid shit.

School bell rings and everyone start to get their stuff to walk out the class.
Mai: *Sitting quietly waiting that everyone is out the class.*
Anna: *Sees everyone going out and walks out the door but stopped.* Hey Mai, you wanna come? There's one gang of bullies that you should watch out.
Brian: *Hugs Anna behind and gives a kiss to her neck.* Don't worry sweetie... Nick will protect her. *Smiles.*
Mai: *Doesn't say anything and walks out the class.*
Shadows: You two scared her. *Looks at Brian and Anna.*
Anna: *Gives Brian a kiss and then looks to Shadows.* But Mrs. Shadows, I'm telling the truth.
Brian: We will find her and show her around. *Smiles.* Anna: *Walks after Brian.* Where we are going? *Smiles*
Brian: Come on, Nick. Let's find that sweet pie. *Notice Nick being gone already* I think Nick went to find Mai.
Anna: You might be right. *Stops walking and looks at Brian.* You kissed me. Vampires shouldn’t do that. *Whispers his hear*
Brian: Well they don’t know that I’m Vampire. *Whispers*
Anna: *Smiles and walks outside the hall way and bites her lip.* Hmm... Why me?
Brian: You never want to kill me.
Anna: *Shakes her head.* No. I never would kill you. Although I should, my dad told me that.
Brian: Your dad sucks. *Holds the pen in his hand and breaks it by only his hand.*
Anna: *Sighs when is impressed.* How... strong you are. My dad is dad I guess.

Mai: *Walks to library and start to find perfect place to be hidden.*
Nick: *Walks to library and smiles to Mai when finds her.* I'm sorry about Anna. She's nice, but I was willing to show you around.
Mai: I... *Not able to say a word and looks at Nick embarrassed.*
Nick: *Looks and listens to Mai.* You what, Mai? *Asks softly.*
Mai: *Takes paper and start to write to it and gives it to Nick.* "Can't talk to strangers."
Nick: *Sit down to floor and reads it and then writes back to her.* "I'm Nick Carter and Mrs. Shadows asked me to show you a school."
Mai: *Smiles when reads the paper and says out loud not knowing saying it.* Cute name.
Nick: *Smiles softly.* Thanks. I hate it.
Mai: *Looks at Nick and kept her mouth shut when realize she talked.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai* You have great voice.
Mai: *Writes to paper and gives it to Nick.* "I need to go bathroom. Can you show me? Please talk. Your handwriting sucks. LoL"
Nick: *Reads piece of paper chuckling.* Yes it sucks big time you got that right. I will show it to you. Come on, Mai.
Mai: *Follows Nick and start to suddenly talk.* Do you live here in Miami?
Nick: *Nods his heads smiling and gets surprised how beautiful her voice is.* Yes I live in here Miami. Do you like it?
Mai: *Nods.* Yes. Very much. I moved here from Japan and this place is different.
Nick: *Smlies.* I love Japans tv-shows.
Mai: They are very strange. *Smiles*
Nick: *Smiles and stops at the ladies room* Here's ladies bathrooms.
Mai: *Looks the ladies room door.* Thank you. I think I can do this by myself. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Laughs.* Smart girl.
Mai: Very funny. *Smiles and hears school bell ringing.*
Nick: That means is lunch time. *Smiles to Mai*

Brian: He found her. *Sees Nick with Mai and hears school bell.* Lunch time.
Anna: *Smiles.* You go ahead. I forgot books in class. I’ll come to find you. *Goes to get her books from classroom.*

Mai: *Sees Brian walking to them and walks to bathroom quickly.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai when she walked to rest room and smiles to Brian when waits Mai outside the bathroom.* She doesn’t scare me anymore, but why she scares you man?
Mai: *Listens them behind the door and ignores girls in the bathroom.*
Brian: Maybe she knows what we are. *Says quietly.*
Nick: Hope not. Everyone scares vampires. *Says to back to Brian quietly.*
Mai: *Looks at the door scared and start to look around to escape.*
Brian: But we are good guys. *Smiles.*
Nick: *Smiles.* Of course we are good guys.
Mai: *Sees the window and start to climb out of it.*
Brian: *Looks at the ladies room door.* She's taking long in there.
Nick: *Takes a deep breath.* Yes agree with that.
*Opens the door and glances the ladiesroom.* Mai? Are you here?
Mai: *Is outside just before door opens when hears Nick voice and start to run fast away from the school back to home.*
Alison: Nick? This is ladies room. Boys room is cross the hall. *Smiles sarcastic.*
Nick: *Smiles.* Thanks Ali, but I was looking for new student that's all.
Alison: I think she climb out the window. *Points the window in the ladiesroom.* Whatta a freak. *Start to make up herself like some kind of princess.*
Nick: *Looks at Brian and shuts the door.* I will go looking for her. You ask around.
Brian: Can we just hunt her down and bite her? *Says quietly.*
Nick: Dude. We can't just hunt her and bite her. Just like you don't bite Anna. *Runs out of the school look for Mai.*
Brian: *Looks after Nick and sighs.* I guess I need to go eat a rat or something... *Sees students staring at him when he said that.* I was kidding. *Smiles and walks to school restaurant.*

Anna: *Walks to classroom and sighs.* Just great... Where they are? *Looks for her books*
Timmy: *Comes after Anna.* You hurt me before class started. Now you’re gonna pay. *Yells angry*
Anna: *Takes her books and breaths deep.* Why am I going to pay, Timmy? *Doesn't scare at all.*
Timmy: You kicked my poor Mini Timmy. *Shouts and is about to hit her*
Anna: *Looks at Timmy lauging.* Sorry Timmy, but now your gonna hit little girl?
Timmy: You are not little. This is just a payback. *Start to choke her against the table.*
Anna: I can't breathe, Timmy. You don't need to kill me. If you do, cops will find me death.
Timmy: Oh I waited this moment so long. *Suddenly start to turn into Vampire.* Hello Slayer...
Anna: *Looks at Timmy to turning into vampire and is shocked.* You are…
Timmy: Give up, Slayer. You must taste so good. *Moves closer to her neck.*
Anna: *Reach out her vampire tools so she can kill him.* I taste so bad, Timmy.
Timmy: *Is closer to bite her and roars like hungry vampire.*
Anna: *Hits her stick in Timmy’s heart.* Sorry, I'm not gonna be your lunch.
Timmy: *Feels the stick and turns into ashes.*
Anna: *Breaths heavily and cleans her stick.* That was too close. *Thinks about Brian.* Hopefully I don't need to kill a friend.

Mai: *Run to her home door and start to find her keys when her hands are shaking badly of scared.*
Nick: *Runs faster and sees Mai at her home.* Mai... Mai: *Freezes when hears Nick and doesn't move.*
Nick: *Sees her being scared too much.* I'm just normal guy.
Mai: *Turns around and looks at Nick.* No you are not. I heard you two! Stay away from me.
Nick: I won’t hurt you. Let me show you school.
Mai: I don’t want you to show me anything. You are bad!
Nick: *Sighs and looks at Mai* I don’t want to lie but if I tell you the truth, will you hear me out? I don't... *Not able to finish his sentence.*
Mai: *Cries and start to open the door.* Go away.
Nick: Mai. My mission is protecting you from bad ones.
Mai: Bad ones? You are bad!
Nick: No I’m not. I’m a good guy. Let me show you. *Takes step closer to her.*
Mai: *Shakes her head and gets inside the house not letting Nick in.* Leave me alone!
Nick: *Rubs his hair.* Why she have to hear too much? *Runs back to school.*