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Nick: *Walks to Brian.* I found her, Brian. Where's the killer?
Brian: You mean Slayer... *Whispers.*
Nick: *Whispers.* Yes I mean Slayer.
Brian: I don't know where Anna is. Did you bite the new girl? *Whispers.*
Nick: *Whispers.* No I did not.
Brian: *Looks at Nick.* She knows?
Nick: *Looks at Brian.* Yes. She over heard us.
Brian: Do you think Anna could tell her the truth about us?
Nick: Maybe. We could ask.
Brian: She's so bad ass.

Anna: *Takes her books and tries to find normal girls*
Alison: Anna... *Smiles.* I heard and saw we have new girl in school. What is her deal?
Anna: *Smiles to Alison.* Yes I know we have new girl at school. Are you giving her hard time?
Alison: She's so weird... She just were in the ladies room and suddenly she climbed out the window and ran away.
Anna: You know where she live?
Alison: No... But I guess Nick does.
Anna: He does? Thank you, Alison. *Goes to find a Nick.*

Anna:*Walks to Nick.* Hey Nicky
Brian: Babe... *Smiles.* Wow... *Touches her hair where is ash*. Who did you kill?
Anna: *Smlies.* Babe... I was choked by Timmy. He was trying to bite me. I had no choice.
Brian: Timmy was a vampire? *Start to scratch his head and wonders.*
Anna: Yes he was. Nick where that new girl lives?
Nick: *Gives the address to Anna.*
Anna: Babe go eat. You too, Nick. I gotta go.
Brian: Where are you going?
Anna: To save someone. See ya. *runs away.* Mai is in danger.
Brian: *Looks at Nick.* Shouldn't we go too?
Nick: *Reads Anna’s mind* Mai is in the danger. She needs help. *Runs after Anna*
Anna: *Runs* Now would be vampire run skills coming handy.

Mai: *Is in her bedroom and is scared that Nick will come to her house.*
Stranger Vampire: *Has followed Mai from school, but waited Nick to be gone.*
Mai: *Looks out for the window and sees someone looking her house and shuts the curtains quickly.*
Stranger Vampire: *Jumps to the roof to make Mai scare.*
Mai: *Breathes heavily and thinks it’s Nick.*
Stranger Vampire: *Gets in the Mai's house from back door.* Here kittie kittie. I won't harm you.
Mai: *Hears voices downstairs and scares.* Oh god...
Stranger Vampire: I smell you... *Walks to upstairs.*
Mai: *Runs to window to escape, but vampire already has walked in.* No. Please stop.
Stranger Vampire: *Pulls Mai against the wall and growls* Lunch!
Mai: *Scream loud when Vampire holds her.*
Anna: *Runs to upstairs and kicks the door open.* You! Get away from her!
Stranger Vampire: Mmmmm.... I think I have you as a dessert.
Anna: *Hits vampire and hoping Mai was dropped.* I don't think so you piece of... jackass.
Stranger Vampire: *Drops the Mai and roars.* You son of bitch!
Mai: *Start to run fast downstairs out her house.*
Stranger Vampire: You can't kill me. *Attacks her and push her through the window.*
Brian: *Runs to the house and sees Anna falling down to window.* Anna!
Anna: *Shouts.* Brian... Help!
Nick: *Runs to Mai’s house and sees Mai.* What's happening?
Mai: *Start to scream when sees Nick and start to run away.*
Nick: Mai… How's Anna? *Shouts after her*
Brian: Nick... Kill that motherfucker! *Runs to Anna and holds her.*
Stranger Vampire: Ooooh... Nick and Brian... Welcome to the party...
Nick: *Jumps to Mai’s room through broken window*

Anna: Two bullies in same day. Brian, let me kill that motherfucker!
Brian: Shush now... Nick will handle him.
Anna: *Looks at Brian.* Mai was near to get killed.
Brian: Oh no... Mai. *Looks around.*
Anna: *Looks around.* yes oh no. now let me kill that vampire.
Brian: Nick's fights with him

Stranger Vampire: Well is it famous boy toy. Welcome to the human lunch party.*Smiles and looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Throws vampire to the wall.* Thanks, but I don't kill humans no more.
Stranger Vampire: *Roars and fights with Nick.* You are vampire also.
Nick: *Roars and fights.* That’s not your business.
Stranger Vampire: *Only laughs and start to choke Nick hard.* I will get that sweet angel of yours.
Nick: Angel? *Looks confused*
Stranger Vampire: What’s the name again? Oh right… Sweet Mai.
Nick: Do not dare fucking touch her! *Roars and tries to get off him*
Stranger Vampire: Or what?
Nick: I’ll kill you.
Stranger Vampire: *Starts to laugh.*
Nick: *Chokes and sees Anna tools.* Wish there was help. *Thinks in his mind*

Anna: *Gets more power back.* I shouldn't kill Timmy, Brian
Brian: He was a vampire. You kill those.
Anna: I was raised by kill your kind.
Brian: I'll go in check out how Nick is doing.
Anna: *Nods her.* Okay, go check out, but be careful.

Mai: *Decides to run back and gets back inside backdoor and hears voices upstairs.*
Nick: Argh! Let me go you motherfucker!
Mai: *Runs to her room and sees Nick being choked by other vampire.*
Nick: *Looks at Mai.* Take those tools, Mai.
Stranger Vampire: *Smells Mei and smiles.* Lunch came back. *Still choking Nick.*
Nick: *Hits Vampire hardest as he could.*
Mei: *Looks at the wooden stick near her and takes it.* Let him go... *Threats him.*
Stranger Vampire: Oh this is just so sweet. *Feels the hit and hits Nick back.*
Nick: *Drops on the floor.* Just. Kill it. Or you’re next.
Mei: *Looks vampire scared when is holding a wooden stick and suddenly something goes through the vampire and he turns in to ashes.*
Brian: Yeah... Who saved the day? *Smiles holding own made wooden stick.*
Nick: *Smiles and looks at Brian and then the wooden stick* Dude…
Mei: *Drops the other wooden stick and looks both.* You are... *Gulps.* Vampires.
Nick: *Nods his head.* Yes. People scares us, but we are good ones.
Mei: This can't be happening. *Close her eyes.*
Brian: *Looks at Nick and Anna.* We should go.
Nick: *Looks at Brian* Yes we should go. She's normal girl.
Mei: *Feels big wind blow and opens her eyes to see them all been gone.*

What would happen tomorrow if she goes to school? Will she be safe? Is there other vampires after her? Are Nick and Brian good guys after all?