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Chapter 12

Sun was getting up and Mai notice it on the curtains. She walked little closer and saw small light of sun coming and puts her finger closer to it. She was waiting to get burned, but she didn’t feel any burn. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to make sure. She wondered where Nick is. After shower together last night, she and him lay down on couch in his room. She was surprised that she could still sleep. She woke up alone and couldn’t see Nick anywhere. She turned to look at the curtains once more and thought should she open curtain or not. She waved her hand through small light that came inside. No burn or any kind. She was walking towards curtain until she heard Nick’s voice behind.

Nick: Mai? What are you doing? *Walks to her and goes between her and curtains.*
Mai: It doesn’t burn me. Let me show you. *She moved Nick aside from curtain.*
Nick: How would you know it won’t? *Looks at worried.*
Mai: *Shows him what she did earlier with small light.* See? It doesn’t hurt at all.
Nick: *Walks closer to her and looks at her hand.* How this can be?
Mai: *Looks at Nick and shrugs her shoulder* I don’t know.
Nick: Stay back. *Moves Mai carefully aside and touches curtains.*
Mai: I’m not scared, Nick. Open them. *Smiles to Nick.*
Nick: *Sighs and opens the curtain wide open.*
Mai: I never thought I’m going to see light ever again. *Looks out little and then moves her whole hand to light.*
Nick: *Looks at surprised that light is not burning her.* This is amazing, Mai. You are daywalker.
Mai: *Steps to light and smiles.* Mmm… This is miracle.
Nick: *Looks at Mai smiling.* You must had Candice’s powers or something after you killed her.
Mai: *Turns to look at Nick.* Powers? You mean I can read people’s minds?
Nick: Yes and so much more. *Smiles and pulls her close to him.*
Mai: *Looks up to him and smiles.* Tell me more.
Nick: *Lifts her to his arms from her butt cheeks.*
Mai: *Puts her feet around his waist.* Please tell me more.
Nick: *Moves his hands from her butt to behind her back.* You can make people do whatever you like.
Mai: Like if I want them to kill someone for me? *Looks to Nick’s eyes and puts her hands behind his neck.*
Nick: Yes, but I don’t want you to. If I were you I would make them admire me. *Sounds very seducing*
Mai: Hmmm… I got an idea. How about we go to England and ask Queen to step aside and make me Queen?
Nick: *Chuckles and touched her cheeks* I’m afraid not, but maybe this make you feel little better.
Mai: *Smiles when Nick’s carries her to couch.* And that is?
Nick: *Puts her down to lay down on couch and moves on top of her.* Candice was the Queen of Vampires.
Mai: *Looks at Nick surprised.* Wait what? Are you saying I killed the Queen of Vampires?
Nick: *Smiles nodding and leans to kiss her.*Yes… My Queen… *Whispers after the kiss.*
Mai: *Looks confused at him.*I only joked about being Queen.
Nick: You don’t need to be. Someone else can be. It’s up to you. *Smiles and kisses her softly.*
Mai: Mmm… What that would make you? *Says thorough kisses.*
Nick: You tell me Your Highness. *Smiles and kisses her neck.*
Mai: You can’t be my King. We are not married. *Giggles*
Nick: *Moves up to look at Mai and smiles.* Shall we then get married?
Mai: *Looks at Nick surprised.* Please tell me you just didn’t propose to me.
Nick: Maybe I did. *Looks down to Mai’s button shirt and start to open buttons one by one.*
Mai: We are so young… *Says but Nick’s stops her talking.*
Nick: I’m over 100 and you… You are the one who I was meant to be with. I love you, Mai.
Mai: *Looks at Nick surprised and sees him only smile.* I’m only 17. And you are kind of too.
Nick: *Chuckles and continues opening her buttons.* We are vampires and we can do whatever we like.
Mai: *Swoosh fast to push Nick other side of the couch to be on him.* Don’t forget I’m stronger than you.
Nick: *Smiles wide and pulls her down on him to kiss her deeply.* Never.
Mai: *Moves off of him smiling and stands up.* I want to go outside.
Nick: And do what? *Looks at Mai smiling.*
Mai: Everything. You said we can do whatever we want. *Smiles*
Nick: We have all the time in the world. Let’s just stay here. *Moves to sit position on the couch.*
Mai: I want to travel and see the world. *Smiles and moves closer to him.*
Nick: We shall. I’m still waiting the answer to my question. *Smiles and touches her hand.*
Mai: Others would think that we are crazy. *Looks at Nick.*
Nick: *Pulls her on his lap and smiles.* Let them think what they want.
Mai: Are you asking me to marry you so you can eventually have sex with me?
Nick: *Looks at Mai shocked.* No. How could you think of that?
Mai: Well cause… I’m virgin and all. When we are married, we need to.
Nick: Oh Mai… I can wait as long as it takes, but I warned you about mating season. *Smiles*
Mai: I remember. It’s just… *Sighs and touches his chest.* I’m scared even I’m vampire, but same time I’m so horny.
Nick: *Smiles and touches her back under her shirt.* Vampires do scare things. That means we have some humanity left on us. I scare of heights.
Mai: *Looks at Nick disbelieve.* Yeah right…
Nick: I do. That’s one of the reasons I asked to go down the roof.
Mai: You didn’t ask to go down. It was Anna. *Smiles.*
Nick: Great… *Sighs.*
Mai: You really do scare of heights? *Touches his face gently.*
Nick: I do. *Looks at Mai all serious.*
Mai: I need proof. *She said and started to float both of them off the couch.*
Nick: Mai… What is happening? *Looks scared when they move up.*
Mai: We are floating. Scared? *Smiles and looks at Nick.*
Nick: Yes! Terrified! *Looks at Mai scared*
Mai: Let me distract you. *Smiles and kisses him softly and keeps float both.*
Nick: *Closes his eyes to not look and kisses Mai.*
Mai: *Feels Nick still being tight and looks to his eyes.* Nick… Relax…
Nick: I… I can’t… *Starts to shake and shuts his eyes.*
Mai: I can only let you make love to me if we are floating like this. *Looks at to Nick getting some kind of sign.*
Nick: No way… You are making me do something I can’t… *Stays still tight and shakes.*
Mai: Please… My king… *Whispers to his ear softly and then bites his earlobe.*
Nick: Ouch… *Felt her bite him and opens his eyes to look at Mai.* Wait… Did you just say what I think you did?
Mai: *Smiles.* I will marry you if our first time will be us floating while we make love.
Nick: That’s… cruel… *Gulps and tries not to look down.*
Mai: I’m cruel. I like to be bad. *Smirks and tights her legs around his waist tighter.* Do we have a deal or not?
Nick: *Was about to answer but hears Brian walk to his room and fall to couch with Mai.*
Brian: Nick?! *Walks in and looks at Nick and Mai on couch.* Hey… Am I interrupting?
Mai: No. What’s up? *Smiles and moves to sit position on Nick.*
Brian: Anna and I… *Looks at Mai and how bright is in the room.* Shouldn’t you been burning?
Mai: *Smiles and shakes her head.* Seems like I’m the Queen of Vampires.
Brian: The what now? *Looks confused.*
Nick: Candice was Queen and now she’s dead. Mai killed Candice so she’s new Queen.
Brian: Huh… And that would make you King then? *Looks at Nick.*
Mai: Yes if he could do one thing I’m wanting. *Looks down to him.*
Nick: *Looks up to Mai and sighs.*
Brian: And do I want to know this? *Looks at both.*
Mai: Nick proposed to me and I say yes if he… *Feels Nick’s hand on her mouth.*
Nick: You were about to say something about you and Anna. *Looks at Brian*
Mai: *Bites Nick’s hand to make him remove it.*
Nick: Ouch. Stop biting me! *Looks at Mai.*
Mai: *Smirks to him.* Don’t give me a reason.
Brian: Well I think I interrupted something so I should go.
Nick: No. Brian. What is it? *Looks at Brian.*
Brian: *Looks at both and sighs.* She’s in the hospital.
Mai: *Looks at Brian shocked.* Why?
Nick: What happened, Brian?
Brian: It’s my fault. When I took her home…

Brian’s Flashback
Anna: *Walks with Brian to her house.* It’s been crazy night.
Brian: Yes it had been. Mai is strong to handle her parents’ death so well.
Anna: Her life is going to change. She’s going to be 17 rest of her life.
Brian: I don’t want this to anyone. I’m mad to Candice to change me and Nick. Now I’m glad she’s dead.
Anna: You make me feel so safe. *Smiles and touches his hand.*
Brian: You should go inside. I’ll stay here to make sure you are safe. *Smiles.*
Anna: I don’t want to go inside. Follow me. *Takes his hand and lead him backyard.*
Brian: *Walks right behind Anna and sighs.* Anna… What are we doing back here?
Anna: *Let go of his hand and turns to look at him smiling.* Guess…
Brian: *Looks at Anna walking backwards to bench and unbuttoning her shirt.* Anna please. Don’t.
Anna: I trust you. Come here. *Smiles and begs to sit next to her.*
Brian: *Thinks for minute and listens.*
Anna: What’s wrong, Brian?
Brian: *Walks closer to her and sits down.* Just making sure neighbors aren’t home.
Anna: I don’t care if they are. *Removes her shirt off and sits to his lap.*
Brian: Anna… We can’t… I’m going to hurt. *Gulps and tries to not all in his power to not give up.*
Anna: It’s okay. I’ve wanted this for a while. *Smiles and kisses him passionately.*
Brian: *Tries to control himself, but gives up when Anna is kissing him.*
Anna: *Removes his shirt off him.* I trust you.
Brian: *Lifts her up and moves them both to ground.*
Anna: Oh Brian… *Moans when feels him touching her body and kissing her neck.*
Brian: *Keeps kissing her roughly on her neck and removes his jeans fast.*
Anna: *Moans and keeps eyes closed.* It’s okay. I’m ready.
Brian: *Moves to kiss her lips rough and rips off her skirt like nothing.*
Anna: *Touches him all over while he kisses her breasts.* Oh Brian….
Brian: *Not able to stop and doesn’t realize that his vampire teeth are out and bites her breasts.*
Anna: Aaah… Brian… *Felt the bite.*
Brian: *Holds Anna still on the ground and keeps sucking her blood from her breasts.*
Anna: Brian… Stop please. You are hurting me. *Starts to feel so weak.*
Brian: *Doesn’t stop and start to thrust himself inside of her so fast that he didn’t notice to break her rib.*
Anna: Aaaah! Please stop! *Tries to shout and move him off her, but is not strong enough.*
Brian: *Taste of her blood make him wanting more and moves to her neck to suck her.*
Anna: Brian… Please… *Gets even weaker and then stops moving.*
Brian: *Breathe heavily when is done with sucking.* OH gosh… That was great. *Looks down to Anna.*
Anna: *Stays still and doesn’t react to him.*
Brian: Anna? Anna! *Tries to wake Anna, but nothing.* Oh no, no… Anna, wake up! *Starts to panic.*

Brian’s flashback Ends
Nick: Oh My God Brian. Is she alive? *Asked in shock*
Brian: She’s in coma. She doesn’t wake up. God I might’ve killed her. *Cries and sit to couch.*
Mai: Remember this Brian. She asked for it. She knew the risk.
Brian: I’m keep thinking what she was thinking while I... *Shakes his head and cries.*
Mai: *Sighs and looks at Brian worried.* How long you think she was unconscious when you stopped?
Brian: I don’t know… I called ambulance and told them I found her like that.
Nick: You are stupid. You weren’t thinking. *Growls angrily*
Mai: Nick! Calm down! *Yells at him.*
Nick: I can’t! Now we need to go there and turn her so she won’t die!
Brian: Nick’s right. I was stupid. I should’ve just left.
Mai: No… We can get through this. I can make her forget… *Looks at both.*
Nick: She’s in coma, Mai! She might not wake up! *Growls to her*
Mai: Don’t you yell at me! She’s my friend and I don’t want her to be part of this endless life!
Brian: And when her father finds out…
Mai: You are not helping at all Brian! I should be punishing you for doing this!
Brian: Please do. *Looks at Mai.* I deserve it.
Nick: Are you crazy?! He just made mistake! *Looks at Mai angry*
Mai: Shut up or I’ll punish you too! *Growls at Nick.*
Brian: What is my punishment?
Nick: Brian… No… It’s not your fault. It’s not his fault, Mai. Please…
Mai: *Looks at Nick angrily to make him stay quiet.*
Nick: I’m not afraid of you. Do whatever you need to do, but I’m not letting you to hurt Brian. *Stands between Mai and Brian.*
Mai: I’m Queen. I decide who get punished and who not! Step aside! *Yells*
Nick: No. I won’t let you.
Mai: Fine… As you wish. *Growls and jumps on Nick in powerful force.*
Brian: Mai stop. Nick! *Looks at them fight like lions.*
Nick: *Chokes on Mai’s hands and looks at Mai.* You need to kill me if you want to punish him.
Mai: *Looks at Nick surprised and same time angry.* You are an idiot! That’s cruel! He wants to be punished!
Nick: If you hurt him, Mai… I don’t want to see you ever again. *Looks at her angrily.*
Brian: *Walks behind Mai and looks at Nick.* Don’t talk to her like that. She’s your Queen.
Nick: Brian… No… It was mistake. *Looks at Brian.*
Mai: Mistake or not… He’s punished. *Lift him up from his throat.*
Brian: Mai stop… You are killing him like that. *Begs*
Nick: Go ahead, Mai. Kill the man you love. *Talks hoarse voice*
Brian: *Touches Mai’s shoulder gently.* Let him go.
Mai: *Looks at Nick mad and start to lose her hand from his throat.* He needs to be punished.
Nick: *Stays still on the ground and looks at Mai.* Whatever you say.
Mai: *Walks away from both out the room.*
Brian: *Looks at Nick and shakes his head.* You are crazy to make her mad like that. What is the wrong with you?
Nick: You are my best friend Brian. I always stay on your side. *Gets up and looks at Brian.*
Brian: Were you really going to let her kill you?
Nick: Yes. And yes I was going to ask her marry me, but now… I’m not so sure anymore. She has become like Candice. *Walks out of his room.*
Brian: What about my punishment?! *Yells loud to get attention, but Nick or Mai didn’t walk back to room.*