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Author's Chapter Notes:
Long Chapter. Enjoy!
Anna: *walks next Morning in Mai's front door as knocks the door.*
June: *Walks to door and opens it smiling.* Yes?
Anna: *smiling and sighs.* is Mai Home? I was hoping to walk with her at school
June: Oh that's very nice of you. What's your name, dear?
Anna: *Smiles.* my name is Anna. yes i am trying to be nice
June: Sorry Anna... She's sick today and won't able to go to school today.
Anna: is she badly sick? hmm... may I have just 5 minutes with her, I will bring her homework if that's alright
Mai: *Looks her neck on the mirror.* Damn...
June: She really need to rest to get ready for tomorrow. *Smiles.*
Anna: *Smile.* yes Mrs...can you tell hi's and get well to her for me?
June: I will. Nods.
Mai: *Looks her eyes and start to scream.*
Anna: *hears screaming and runs inside.* Mai?... what's wrong?
Jin (Mai's father): *Hears Mai screaming.* Mai?
Mai: *Looks all three of them on her room door crying.* What is happening to me?
Jin: Oh god... *Sees his daughter different.*
Anna: *looks scared.* mother.... Did it bite you last night? I've seen this once few years ago. *sees different girl then other day.*
June: who are you and where is my daughter?
Mai: *Starts to act different now and smiles very satisfied.* Oh, I'm still here mom... I feel much better, thnx.
Jin: This can't be happening. *Start to run away.*
Anna: June.... Jin wasn't it....she is vampire....run!!!!!! as fast as you can!
June: Vampire? How she can be a vampire? *Start to run.*
Mai: *Jumps out of her room window and stops their running to front door.* Where are you going daddy?
Jin: *Falls back and start to run back inside.* No...
Anna: *starts runs.* June, bad Vampire was here last night but, it was trying to bite Mai. *thinks herself* hope Brian can hear. Brian....help get to Mai....She is vampire
Brian: *Gets a headache when get mind message from Anna.* Damn...
June: *hugs Jin.* babe....I just wanna my girl back
Nick: what the f**k Brian, what is damn it....
Mai: *Sees neighbour staring her and smiles.* What the fuck are you staring, moron!?
Brian: Mai... She has turn into one of us. Vampire last night bite her.
Anna: everyone run! there's fire on the loose. *gets a good reason*
All neighbors start to run.
Nick: *looks at Brian.* we need to go help them....or do you want?
Mai: *Start to feel burn in her skin and start to scream and runs to hide to somewhere dark.*
Brian: *Looks at Nick.* We maybe have to kill Mai if she wont change her behavior.

Mai... Mai.... Mai...
Mai: *Start to hear someone calling her name and opens her eyes and sees her dad.* Dad?
Jin: honey.....
Mai: What's up, dad?
Jin: Mai, you saw bad dream....
Mai: *Looks her dad and hugs him* Sorry dad.
Jin: *looks at Mai and hugs her.* it's okey, your mom is in door with someone
Mai: *Gets off the bed and runs downstairs and sees Anna.* Anna?
Anna: *Smlies.* hey....wanna come to school with me?
Mai: Sure. I'll go change and take my backbag. *Smiles and runs quickly to upstairs.*
June: *Smiles and whispers to Jin.* Glad she had got new friend.
Jin: *whispers as Smlies.* me too, our girl get friends soon right.
Mai: *Start to look good outfit for school and looks herself from the mirror.* Will do... *Smiles and gets back downstairs.* I'm ready.
Anna: *Smlies.* good I'm ready to go too...boys are waiting right? *She laughs thinking herself.* what she remembers?
Mai: *Start to walk and talk.* Last night was rough... What happened?
Anna: *starts to walk and listens to her.* Last night was rough...do you believe in supernatural?
Mai: I do now. Vampires are exist and Brian and Nick are those...
Anna: *Sighs and nods her head.* Yes they are....and Brian just killed their own kind and I'm human. *she walks and tries to be no too much info at ones*
Mai: I think it as sexy that Nick is a vampire. *Start to go blush.* Oh please don't tell him that.
Anna: *Noticed to Mai blushing.* Mai...I was teached to kill vampires but those two aren't on the hit list...my dad was slayer
Mai: I kind of have thought vampires are interesting. *Smiles and sees boys talking.*

Nick: *looks at Brian worrying.* you killed last night. your own kinda how that sick is that?
Brian: What...? He was gonna bite Mai.
Nick: yes... but, your with Anna...she will kill you if you don't wanna some human pie.
Brian: What you want me to do? Not kill bad guys?
Nick: *grins at Brian.* I don't know kill. what you want do at least?
Brian: Help people.
Nick: right me too, but we are not allow to have that way human pie
Brian: But humanpie is so gooooooood... *Smiles and makes a evil laugh.*
Brian: *Looks at Nick thinking and smiles.* Humanpie good... *No reaction of Nick and then he snaps his finger.* Yo Nick...
Nick: *grins at Brian.* you have humanpie on your back.... Anna I mean.
Brian: You were thinking Mai. Oh someone is crush on her. *Punch little Nick's arm and smiles.*
Nick: *Smlies.* maybe, but you did good to saved girls.
Brian: Girls digs me. *Smiles and winks to ladies.* Wassup ladies?
Nick: *Smlies and looks at him.* yes....getting laid...or you get bad fight to Anna
Brian: I haven't had sex long time cause it's getting rougher than usually.
Nick: *walks over the girls with Brian.* becuase Anna wasn't giving you in long time.
Brian: No... Bang bang and girl is dead... We can't have sex with humans.
Brian: *Smiles to some student girls and reads their mind and laughs.*
Nick: no...Brian...don't read their minds! you should have sex soon
Brian: I couldn't help it. Dana wants to suck your cock. *Laughs.*
Nick: *Laughs.* right and you my bro . *he hits him*
Brian: *Whispers to Nick.* Read Mai's thoughts.
Nick: *whispers to Brian.* no freaking way. you never done it to Anna.
Brian: *Whispers.* I did once.
Nick: *whispers and srimked.* what she thought...Oh Brian....take me... *jokes about it and takes sip of blood.*
Brian: Dude... Not in the public... *Puts blood down.*
Nick: *wipes his face.* I had to...I was get hungry for human blood.
Maya: *Smiles to Nick when walks past him.* Hey Nick. You look hot today.

Anna: *Smlies and sees boys at school stairs.* Mai. Vampires can read our minds
Mai: Really? Oh no... How I'm gonna explain the sexy part to Nick? *Looks scared and shy.*
Anna: really?...oh yes....you can explain to that to Nick, how ever you want. but if he doesn't choose to read your mind
Mai: Is every girl in school around him? *Looks at Maya.*
Anna: *looks at Maya and Nick.* yes ever girl wants them. sexy guys in shcool. but players
Mai: And they think only sex?
Anna: walks with her in hallway. Yes they do. there's rule that us and they can't do it or. we dead
Mai: You mean by sex?
Anna: Yes isn't so. *She asks Brian.*
Nick: *Pokes in to back to Brian.* there your fighting bubby man
Brian: *Walks to Anna and Mai.* Morning.
Anna: *looks at Brian and Mai.* Morning. right we can't have sex
Mai: Morning. *Says in Japanese.*
Brian: *Looks at girls.* Since when you two had started to talk about sex? *Flirts.*
Nick: *listens to Japanse as walks over.* now that is sexy sounded
Mai: Just said morning in Japanese. *Smiles.*
Anna: *Flirts with Brian.* since, Mai, was going to need to know that rule, I know you lost of that
Brian: Can we have foursome? *Looks all three.*
Nick: I'm down to that. Are you girls?
Anna: *srimked and taps Brian's chest.* sorry, you could kill us for that Mai and me
Mai: *Looks at Nick and smiles.* Read my mind and you'll get the answer.
Brian: We promise to be gentle. *Gives a kiss to Anna.*
Nick: *looks at Mai and reads her mind.* isn't it ansrew no?
Anna: *gives a kiss to Brian.* gentle, what happends if we broke that rule?
Mai: Anna? May I talk to you for sec... *Smiles to Nick and pulls Anna aside.*
Anna: *walks aside to from Mai. Smlies.* what you wanna talk to that?
Mai: Nick read my mind but read it wrong.
Anna: *Smlies.* he didn't want to read your mind at loud front of Brian and other pepole
Brian: Check this out. *Smiles to Nick and start to read Mai's mind, but suddenly stops.* I can't get anything out of her.
Mai: No you don't get it. I was gonna say yes, but he said I said no...
Nick: *Smlies.* what you can't get anything out of her...how's that possible?
Brian: I can't read her mind at all. But sure I can read Dana's. She dreams of you.
Anna: *thinks faster.* are you Angel or something?
Mai: *Looks at Anna.* No. I'm just human being.
Nick: can you read Anna's does she wants it?
Brian: *Reads Anna's and smiles wide.* Oh yeah...
Anna: *Looks confused.* Mai. Only Vampires can't read mind if your Angel or half of it, but if he can't reads your then I need to get it over
Mai: Can they... *Thinks for sec and sighs.* Can they read other vampires thoughts?
Brian: Too bad I can't get to your head man. I wanna know what you think of Mai. *Smiles.* Dirty dog.
Anna: *sighs and thinks for sec.* yes they can but last night no one didn't bite you
Nick: *Smlies.* you dirty vamp you want a huampie sexially ways

School bell rings
Mai: Time to go class... *Takes her schedule.* I got gym.
Nick: *takes his schedule.* what you have?
Brian: *Smiles and winks.* Theater...
Anna: I have history....with Johnny and his gang again... *noticed them* even Brian would be better company
Mai: What Nick got? *Ask quietly hoping nick won't read her mind.*
Nick: gym.....
Brian: Oh dagn... You can got to see half naked girls. Wanna switch?
Nick: *shakes his head.* no way in hell. you go to the teather....
Anna: *asks Mai* you know where gym is?
Mai: *Shows the map.* Principal gave me school map. *Smiles.*
Anna Good Mai. *Smiles.*
Brian: *Walks to girls.* Babe... I got Theater...
Anna: babe... I got history.
Nick: I'm going to gym class. Mai what you got?
Mai: *Smiles to Nick.* I got gym too.
Brian: *Whistles and smiles to Nick.*
Nick: *Smlies and walks to gym way.* come on...I show you
Mai: See you at lunch, Anna. *Start to follow Nick.*
Anna: see ya at the lunch *Smlies.* you would be nice company in the history. *Looks at Brian and walks to classroom*
Brian: I can skip the Theater and join to History class. *Smiles*
Anna: *laughs and Smlies.* nice one but no way....sorry
Brian: Okay. *Smiles and gives a kiss ad start to walk to theater class.*
Anna: *Gives a kiss to Brian and walks to class room.* Johnny-boy....around two again? *looks angry to bullying gourp.*

Mai: *Start to feel strange and doesn't know what got into her and push Nick on the wall hard.* Forgive me to do this. *Start to kiss Nick deeply.*
Nick: *Deeply kisses her back choked.*