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Author's Chapter Notes:
Last chapter Nick and Candice were fighting in the schools gym. Candice wants to revenge to Anna for killing her brother.
Nick: *Smiles and Throws Candice roughly.* You wouldn't dare.

Candice: I think I leave this party! *Gets off the Nick and runs fast away from school to woods.*

Nick: *Roars after Candice.* Candice! You won't move a finger to her!

Candice was gone now and Mai runs inside to Nick.

Mai: Nick! You okay? She's gone.

Nick: Mai. She will be back for you.

Mai: What did I do?

Nick: You're human with blood just like Anna and you are untouched.

Mai: So she wants to turn me into Vampire?

Nick: *Shakes his head.* Not only that. She doesn't want me to like you.

Mai: Oh she's jealous. I see... *Walks away.*

Nick: *Walks after her.* Yes she is with everyone like that. Males one in 1000 years.

Mai: Where are you gonna go now?

Nick: Protect you from my own kind.

Mai: I think she's gone. And maybe I should stay away from your kind.

Nick: *Shakes his head.* No she will get you even if you stay away from us.

Mai: I should then stay home.

Nick: No live your normally life.

Mai: Do you mean I have to live my life normal? After this?

Nick: yes after this. we will handle her.


Jesse: *Sees Candice running to woods and looks at Anna and Brian.* I'll go after her.

Anna: *looks at Brian.* I can hunt her and kill. That's my skill and I was teach.

Brian: Nick will handle it! *Looks at Anna.*

Anna: *looks at Brian and gets away from Brian.* You are freaking me out! You never shouted at me before!

Brian: I am freaking out too!

Anna: *Runs to the woods.* Get away from me Brian!

Brian: Get back here Anna! You are getting yourself killed! *Runs after her and stops her.*

Anna: *Hits Brian.* I never get killed I know what I'm doing. besides your the shouting like my dad.

Brian: *Doesn't feel any pain of hitting.* Someone have to cause you never listen. She's all gone Anna.

Anna: *Fights for Brian.* Let me go! I do listen? Where Jesse went?

Brian: Jesse is following her. *Says calm.*

Anna: *Breaths heavily.* Jesse, what he got do with her? Let me go.

Brian: *Holds Anna in his arms to not letting her go.* You are gonna kill yourself if you go after her.

Jesse: *Runs back to Brian and Anna.* I can't find her tracks. She's gone.

Brian: Son of Bitch!

Anna: *Looks at Brian.* I can track her down.

Jesse: Not possible. *Looks at Anna.* She has removed her tracks perfectly.

Anna: *Looks at Jesse and Brian.* What Mai and I should do in meanwhile?

Brian: You live with us for while? *Looks at Jesse question on his face.*

Jesse: Yes. You two are safe with us from Candice.

Anna: And my family or friends?

Jesse: They are not in dangerous. Just you and Mai.

Anna: Of course they are for them.

Brian: But you don't have to. You can life with at your home, but I bet Candice will be there someday.

Anna: But... My family. I can't leave them and you can bite me.

Brian: No I won't bite you until you let me. And like I said, you choose what is best for you.

Anna: Until I let you? what if I don't ever?

Brian: *Winks.* You can't resist me.

Anna: I can resist you


Mai: So what now?

Nick: You should live with us for while. We can protect you from Candice.

Mai: *Looks at Nick choked.* What?

Nick: Your family and friends are safe.

Mai: So I should live with you? Cause of I'm in danger?

Nick: *Lifts his shoulders.* Jesse's idea.

Mai: Oh right you hear what they are talking.

Nick: Yes we are vampires who has supernatural skills, but you choose what you want.

Mai: I don't want to leave my family. I just moved here.

Nick: Sure but I'm serious. Candice will get you there and your family.

Mai: I don't afraid of her. *Look at Nick.*

Nick: Get out of gym. Principal can't know the truth

Mai: What about you?

Nick: Brian, Jesse and I?

Mai: Mai: Yes. You can't just take this all to your concern.

Nick: why not? you and Anna can't

Mai: *Puts her hands cross to her chest.* I won't let you take this all to your responsible.

Nick: Are you always this hard head?

Mai: Ask my parents. *Smiles.*

Nick: *Smiles.* I can do that if you wanna

Mai: Don't you dare to read my parents minds. *Hits Nick playfully.*

Nick: *Answers smiling.* I could if you want

Mai: No. Don't do it. *Points her finger at to Nick.*

Nick: *Laughs and puts Mai to a hug.* I wouldn't ever do that to you.

Mai: Good *Hugs Nick.*


Jesse: Now we need to tell principal what has happen to the school gym.

Anna: Yes how about Jesse and Nick? They were wrestling

Jesse: You and Mai should go stay out of this whole situation.

Anna: *Shakes her head.* No way we are already in this

Brian: Okay babe... *Puts her to a hug.*

Anna: *looks at Brian.* what?

Brian: We deal this together.

Anna: What? Aren't you mad?

Brian: No.

Anna: *Hugs Brian.*

Brian: *Hugs her back.* Sorry...

Anna: for what?

Brian: For everything. All of this what has happened.

Anna: No don't be. my father knew that when and if I was trained this world.

Brian: We should go. Think of the living with us Anna.

Anna: I will. Don't worry. I should get back to school.

Brian: But school is destroyed.

Anna: I go home then. What happens to Nick and Mai if they are in gym?

Brian: I think they are still inside. I think.


Principal: Walks to gym. Oh My God! What has happened here?!

Nick: hmm...we were just doing our gym.

Principal: But this gym is disaster! What did you do?

Nick: It's just playing basketball.*

Principal: *Looks at Mai.* You did this?

Nick: looks at Mai. Brian and I did Mai didn't

Principal: You and Brian to my office now. Walks out the gym.

Nick: Sure...

Mai: Looks at Nick. This is not fair... I was part of this, Nick.

Nick: looks Mai. Yes but it's better this way.

Mai: Not fair! This happened cause of me!

Nick: Mai! *Looks at her.* This all happened cause of me. Candice is behind all of this. Don't blame yourself cause of this.

Mai: She wants me. *She said quietly and angrily.*

Nick: I won't let that happen.

Mai: Why not?

Nick: Cause I like you Mai, okay?

Mai: Like me? Like me how?

Nick: I like you this much. *Moves to her closer and start to kiss her deeply.*

Mai: *Feels Nick's cold lips on her warm and soft lips.*

Nick: *Stops kissing and looks at Mai to her eyes.* Now I have to go Principal's office.

Mai: Okay. Good luck, Nick.

Nick: I need that. *Smiles and walks out the gym.*
Brian. Principal wants to see us both about gym. *Talks to Brian in his mind.*

Brian: *Hears Nick's voice.* Oh damn... I have to go Principals office.

Anna: *looks at Brian.* did you had history class with me?

Brian: Yes. I do. Please tell teacher I'll be little late. *Walks to school's Principal office.*