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Story Notes:
This story is something I've been working on for a while. I've been struggling with some self confidence when it comes to writing and trying to get back into it. So any feedback you guys can give me would be great. It took a lot of pushing to get me to post this as it's something I don't normally write. I hope you like it.
Chapter One: Wide Awake

Crystal clear skies.
Deep blue ocean.
White sand beaches.

Nick was in heaven, pure bliss as he ran barefoot along the calm waters surrounding the island he made his home. The wind blowing gently through his hair, the sun warm on his face....it was paradise. He had lived happily on the island, fishing and doing whatever he wanted in peace.

Without a care in the world.

Until the day he woke up.

Until the day he discovered none of it was real.

His blue eyes opened slowly, as if he'd been in a deep slumber - but he didn't remember going to sleep at all.

"Well, his vitals seem to be normal. Looks like he's finally ready to wake up." a voice said above him. He could see a room with many machines, all of them blinking and beeping as people darted through his peripheral. His fearful eyes moved around the room in rapid motion.

Where did the beach go?

"Hello! Can anyone hear me?" he called, but nobody responded. Nobody seemed to hear him under the glass. He tapped with his hand and surprisingly it opened. Cold air rushed over his body and he shivered.

"It's so good to see you awake. You've been through a lot."

The woman had bright red hair, that fell to her shoulders in curls- and violet eyes. Nick had never seen anyone like her before. She smiled at him, her teeth were very white. He found himself staring at her, feeling uneasy...untrusting. He did not trust anyone in the room that examined him as if he were something fragile. None of this felt right.

"Where am I?"

"First thing is first, you need to clean up and put some fresh clothes on. Then we can talk some more. I have much to discuss." the woman explained. Nick opened his mouth to speak but felt it was better not to. He didn't know where he was or how he got there. He felt afraid. That beach was his sanctuary and it had been snatched away. Taken from him as if it never had existed. He resented waking up, even though he couldn't remember ever falling asleep. Last thing he remembered was fishing with Brian.


He wasn't even sure where Brian was. Would he be worried?

Then it dawned on him- He didn't know who Brian was.

Nick was led down a hallway with no windows. He wished he could distinguish if it was night or morning, or anytime at all. Everything felt so wrong. He wondered if he'd ever get home....but where was home? How would he get there?

"I'm sure you feel confused, that is normal after what you went through." the woman said softly. She began to ask questions as they talked, Nick growing more and more frustrated as the seconds passed.

"Give me one good reason why I should tell you anything. I don't know you. I don't know what happened to me. I don't know if you're my friend or an enemy. How can I trust you?" he snapped. He felt bad afterwards but it was well deserved.

"My name is Sienna. We found you after your accident. You were in a crash. We were just trying to help you back on your feet."

"I'm Nick."

She smiled. She waved her hand, and a door in the wall opened. The room inside was a blinding white. White bed, with a end table holding a lamp. A dresser along the left wall. No windows or any other decorations. A door on the right led to a stocked bathroom.

"You should find everything you need, Nick. Just take a shower and rest. I will be by later."

He turned to speak to her, but the door closed behind her - shutting him in. He supposed a shower would not hurt. Undressing what little clothes he had, he tossed them to the floor and stepped in, turning on the chrome faucet. He let the water get hot and breathed in the steam, feeling a bit relaxed. As the water ran over his face he had many thoughts. How would he get home, and where was that exactly? He supposed the beach was home. That was the last place he felt safe. The last place he was happy. The last place...he didn't feel alone. Sienna was different, colder than he thought. He didn't trust her and had no idea why. She was kind but he felt uneasy. Something was off.

After Nick showered, he walked out of the bathroom, a towel draped around his waist. He spotted a pair of clothes on the bed, laid out neatly in a pile. He dressed in the plain grey pants and black shirt, brushing the wrinkles out. The floor gently shook, surprising him as he sat down on the bed, running a hand through his hair. He had a headache, thinking about everything that she had told him and wondering if he could get any more information.

"I brought you some food."

Sienna was standing near the door, smiling. She walked over and she set down a food tray, Nick throwing it a hesitant gaze.

"Nick I know you don't trust me but I am sure you're hungry. Please eat something. It's good, I promise."

"I want answers."

Sienna dropped her shoulders, sighing as if she had almost expected him to act this way.

"You will get them, but for now you need to trust me and eat something. You have been through a lot and need to get your strength back, Nick. Please. If I wanted to harm you, I already would have. I just want to help you." she said softly. Nick turned away from the tray of food even though he was hungry. He didn't trust her and he didn't care that she knew it. Sienna almost looked hurt.

"I'll leave this here. I know you're upset but you can't just push everyone away. This is your home now." she told him as she walked out. Nick grabbed his pillow and screamed into it. This place was not his home. He did not feel safe here. He'd never accept it. He knew he was going to get there no matter what it took, he didn't care who got in his way. He just wanted to be happy again.

Nick sat in silence for what seemed like forever, wondering if he would be trapped here for the rest of his days....alone.

He just knew one thing, that he was going to get out of here- by any means possible. Not without answers.

Not without a plan.
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